Aries Relationship Compatibility: March 21st-April 19th


Everyone has a relationship with their favorite Aries! It goes something like this:

You’ve just finished your entire story about your third date with your new beau. Dinner, drinks, went back to his house for some smoochin’, and then he walked you home and gave you a piggyback ride on the way.

It was a perfect night. He’s handsome, fit, and a divorcee, but that’s not a problem. He’s older than you, after all, almost twelve years older, according to Google. Let’s be real, and older men have their you-know-what together. They’re not about games. Any uncertainties you may have are probably the result of your exes whose issues still penetrate your consciousness to this day (damn them!).

Are there any red flags? Well, he hasn’t texted you more than like once–you had to ask him on the second and third dates.

But technology just isn’t the same for that generation. He also really wanted to go to your house, but you insisted you two go to his place instead. He caved, but he was kind of weird about it.

There’s also that whole churning in your stomach. The ‘hmmm’ buzz of “am I searching for red flags because of my past? Or am I picking up on a gut feeling that I just can’t see?”

Your three besties give you their opinions:

“I’m sure you’re just overthinking it.

“Men burned you in the past. These are natural thoughts..

Your third friend hesitates. Your stomach drops. You know that look on her face.

She’s going to tell you something direct, something you don’t like… but isn’t that why you asked her over anyway? To rip off the bandaid and hear the truth others are too hesitant to say?

“What do you think?” You ask.

Man Wearing Suit - A Natural Leader - Aries

“I think he has a girlfriend and is cheating on her with you.

That gut feeling in your chest spikes, and on some level, you know this friend is right. And you’re grateful to have someone like them.

Enter the Aries.

Aries Traits

You are a natural leader, a trendsetter, the first of your kind–Vincent Van Gogh was an Aries, and hell, those people who hopped on wagon trains to settle the United States and built space stations to reach the moon. Yep, they were Aries too. And if people disagree with that theory, then you really don’t care because, as an Aries, you say it like it is, and if people have a problem with that, then ohhhh, well. And the reason you know Aries were those types of people? Because you’re the person who doesn’t follows in other people’s footsteps, you’re the person who creates the path to walk on.

Aries’ Likes & Dislikes

As a fire sign, a spark is always lit beneath you, driving you forward to the next best thing. You’re active, always moving, taking risks, and trying new things. Adventure–and competition–call you ahead. You aren’t afraid of expressing your thoughts, and your no-nonsense directness can often rub people the wrong way. But it’s also why people flock to you. With an Aries like you, people always know what to expect.


You’re fearless, Aries. As a child, you bolted to the front of the line for the biggest roller coaster in town. You may still be a thrill seeker in adulthood, but now you enjoy a different type of risk-taking. You say things other people only think. You offer ideas that people call impossible. You love trying new things and biting off more than you can chew in pursuit of your goals. Nothing is off-limits for you. Your intuition is spot on and is often your guiding force in your personal and professional life.


The traditional confines of society are smothering to you, Aries. You felt it when your parents grounded you in high school, your teacher sent you to the principal’s office, and when your boss penalized you. It’s not that you go looking for trouble; you just don’t hesitate when stepping outside the box, and not everyone jives with that. That spark that drives you, however, is more like a short fuse, a ticking bomb waiting to go off. You have no patience for people who try to control you and tell you what to do or think.

How Aries’ Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

Imagine a bonfire on a cold beach. It’s intense, passionate, and warm. And also short-lived. That’s you, Aries. You’re not one that people will forget; you strike a match everywhere you go. Your strong opinions will create some interesting conversations, and when it comes to the bedroom–whew, turn on the fan, because you’re not getting out there without losing some pounds in sweat.

What to Watch Out for When Dating an Aries

As an Aries, you are always a step ahead of the rest, your mind taking you into new realms others have yet to consider. This isn’t an issue if you can find someone to keep up with you. The problem is most people can’t. And your impatience can create some difficulties, especially in your personal relationships. You have thicker skin than most, and when you snap at people, it’s rarely out of anger. It’s not personal. It’s more frustrating that people don’t understand where you’re coming from. What you lack in patience, your partner will need to make up for if you two have any hopes of having a cohesive, positive relationship.

Aries’ Relationships Preferences

Your impatience, mixed with your pursuit of freedom, makes relationships tricky for you, Aries. You fall fast, your impulsivity and spontaneity driving your relationships. Skydiving on a first date isn’t unheard of and is probably one of the less crazy things you’ve done on a date. You pursue relationships like you pursue ideas, but if you find that the feelings aren’t reciprocated–or, more likely, that your partner struggles to keep up with your passionate nature–you have no problem letting go and moving on.

Tips for Keeping Aries Engaged and Interested

If ADHD is a sign, it’s probably an Aries. You, Aries, need constant focus, motion forward, and movement. If the sex isn’t doing it, then the dates better because without either/or, you won’t last long in your relationship. You need to be in the middle of the action, and date nights for you do not mean Netflix and Chill. While you don’t necessarily need someone willing to go rock climbing and skinny dipping at midnight, for a partner to keep your interest, Aries, they have to challenge you mentally–but they mustn’t underestimate you. As strong as you are, love and affection matter to you, and if you’re not feeling the love, you’ll quickly shut that door because you often already have three other windows open.

Aries’ Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Because you’re a fire sign, you, Aries, don’t do well with anything unlike you. You burn the other, repel the water, and the air suffocates you. There’s just one problem with that. Two competing fires can also become explosive, so while your physical attraction may be another fire sign–like a Sagittarius or Leo–often, it can be more beneficial to have a balance. Air doesn’t need to be suffocating my Aries, because remember, without oxygen, fires wouldn’t be able to start. So don’t write off your opposites–air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius–can often offer a balance you didn’t know you needed.

Most Compatible with Aries

Least Compatible with Aries

Final Thoughts

“How could you say that he has a girlfriend?
“Don’t put those thoughts in her head! That’s just insensitive.

You roll your eyes, Aries, biting down your frustration. It’s soooo obvious. Beyond your intuition, the facts that you aren’t “the one” are all there…and why waste your time even if they’re not? If you’re having doubts and uncertainties three dates in, what the hell does that look like further down the road?

Life is too short for that. There’s too much to see, too many people to do, and an entire world to be explored.

Why stay where you’re unhappy? If only other people could understand that, they might be as happy as you.

But as you look at your friend, the one who’s clearly unsure about this guy–you see it all over her face. You knows she’s right. You had a gut feeling about him, and like usual, she spoke the truth others only feared. And hopefully saved you a whole lot of time.

Not all your friends agree with those methods, but when this one smiles at you, you grin back. You don’t need everyone to like you, because the ones who do are the relationships worth having in this fiery thing called life.