Virgo Relationship Compatibility: August 23rd -September 22nd

You’re seven and a half months pregnant, your feet are killing you, and you crave the future day when your back isn’t breaking in half, your boobs aren’t massive, and you have a glass of wine (or four). Baby showers are part of this whole thing called pregnancy, but the idea of sitting in a room while your extended family and friends get drunk and you open presents for stuff you really don’t need–no, thank you.

How did it come to this? You and your best friend used to joke that you’d never be that woman. You’re excited to be a mom, but why do you have to jump all these hurdles to get there?

Your best friend told you not to worry and that she would plan this whole thing for you, so you didn’t have to think about anything other than the Epsom Salt you wanted to buy for your next hot bath.

The day arrives, and as you walk into the venue, the wad of dread you’ve been carrying around suddenly dissolves.

Woman Lying in Bed - Overthinking - Virgo

The decorations are incredible. The tables are perfect. Even the seating chart keeps your two cousins who despise each other apart on opposite ends of the room. And hell, there’s alcohol, but your best friend’s guest list has eliminated the dramatic alcoholics you were afraid would drink all the champagne before the rest could even have a sip. Even the games are entertaining, not the boring ones you used to make fun of.

How did she do all this? You smile at your friend, impressed.

Enter the Virgo.

Virgo Traits

Oh, Virgo, you are bright, analytical, and sometimes a bit too aware for your own good. Your mind never stops moving, and you’re constantly five steps ahead, planning your next goal and discovering what new skill you can adopt to improve yourself and your life. Logically you know that ‘perfect doesn’t exist… but you’ve never been very good at listening to yourself.

You strive to be the best version of yourself in work, friendships, and relationships, and the only person you’re hard on if you fail is yourself. While most people consider Virgos picky, critical, and super tidy, you know that those traits have a flexible element.

There is no permanence when it comes to your traits. On the day the dishes are piling up in your sink, it’s because you’re being overly critical of how you did in that work meeting. Likewise, when you’re scrubbing the bathroom tile until it’s bleach white, you’re stuck with the feeling that you forgot to do something important until your friend calls you and says you didn’t show up for dinner. You’re never one thing all at once, usually a bit here today and something else tomorrow, and that’s generally because you don’t know when to turn your brain off.

Virgo’s Likes & Dislikes

Virgo, you’re a bit unique when it comes to your likes and interests, mainly because your impatience means your interests are constantly changing. You love learning new things, but you don’t like when someone talks to you like they know more than you. You like focusing on the details of things, which gives you a propensity for creativity.

If you’re an artist or a musician, you probably take your time on your projects or songs, overthinking every brushstroke or flick of your guitar pick. If you’ve gone the more traditional route in your career, you are constantly trying to figure out how to improve your skills and increase what you bring to the table. You often have a pool of nervous energy bubbling inside you, and you need some kind of outlet to funnel that force outside of you.


Virgo, you like order and patterns in your life, but that doesn’t mean you will turn away from a spontaneous adventure, especially if it means getting you outside.

Your work probably requires you to stay indoors as you enjoy a focused environment when getting things done. Still, in your free time, you flock to activities that mute some of that chatter in your mind: activities like running, being on the water, or being around animals allow you to get outside of your own head and interact with your environment in a way that pleases you.

Still, when it comes to your personal life, you like things the way you have them, and everything meaningful to you has a specific place. You find ease in knowing where things stand–whether this means returning material items to their usual spot or having conversations with friends and loved ones about the state of your relationships; it gives you a sense of peace to understand the world around you.


To that note, you dislike being in muddled waters. Uncertainty and indirectness bother you, and although you don’t like confrontation, you’re quick to address something that is bothering you; however, your attempts to discuss your disgruntled feelings with your loved ones don’t always unfold as planned.

You’re a planner, and this includes planning what you intend to say to someone, but if you feel like the object of your attention is disrespecting you, either by ignoring your feelings or fighting against your thoughts, your calm plan can quickly dissolve into disarray. Conflict bothers you, but not as much as feeling disrespected.

How Virgo’s Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

Communication is everything to you when it comes to dating, Virgo. You’re probably an external processor who needs to talk your thoughts out loud, and if you don’t have a sounding board in the form of a friend nearby, you’ll often grab a journal or your phone to jot your thoughts in.

Because you’re constantly overthinking things, allowing your thoughts to get out of your head can offer you peace. However, this can cause an issue in your romantic relationships, especially if your partner processes things differently than you or doesn’t have the patience to listen to your word vomit every time you hang out. As a result, you may tend to shut down, which doesn’t help anyone’s cause.

What to Watch Out for When Dating a Virgo

Even though the symbol for the Virgo is a virgin, you are probably far from it. You love deeply and consider yourself a sensual individual; physical touch is perhaps one of your top love languages.

Partners who date you must understand your need to express yourself, and they must either be capable of sharing in your conversations or being good listeners who don’t mind offering you support when you need it. However, it’s not all emotional for you, Virgo.

You connect best with those you can have intellectual conversations with, someone who can stimulate your mental and spiritual mindsets. As a result, you enjoy a bit of a spark in your relationships, and you enjoy having just enough differences to keep you both on your toes.

Satisfaction and challenges are equally important to you; if you don’t have a mental connection, the physical one won’t come either.

Virgos’ Relationships Preferences

If you find the right match, you’re likely to end up in a long-term relationship, Virgo, as pairing with a partner is always something you desire. But link up with the wrong sign, and you may find yourself jumping from one casual fling to the next, bringing out your clinginess or commitment-phobe nature, one you’d rather not have.

You’ll know the right match when you see it. It will be easy and effortless, and the conversation won’t feel like a problem, but something encouraged. Once you find that, you’re in it for the long haul, and your loyal, loving nature is something you will enjoy exploring.

Tips for Keeping Virgo Engaged and Interested

To keep you intrigued, Virgo, your partner must understand your need to work through matters of the heart with them. You’re not the sign to lift the carpet and sweep problems under the rug. You don’t like to go to sleep angry, and if your partner shuts down your attempt to talk, your calm, organized manner can sometimes snap into an irritated frustration.

As a Virgo, your need for perfection will eventually lead you to apologize for your mistakes, but you also expect the same respect from your partners. If they can’t take responsibility for their own actions, you’ll give them another chance, but eventually, you won’t hang around to convince them where they messed up.

You, Virgo, might seem critical of your partner at times, but you are the most critical of yourself and constantly working to improve yourself. Words of affirmation mean a lot to you, especially if your partner genuinely means it, not just because it tugs at your love for communication, but because you often don’t give yourself the compliments you deserve and when someone else gives you credit for a job well done, it can be a gratifying reminder of your hard work, and something that can draw you even closer to your partner.

Virgo’s Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

You and other Virgos have a strange magnetic pull toward each other, but unless you’re able to strike a mental balance, you may find that dating someone too similar to you can be a bit of a headache, so this sign can go either way when it comes to being a good match for you. Sometimes there’s only enough room for one overthinker in a relationship.

Geminis offer a nice balance because, as the twin sign, they offer a balance that other signs don’t. The grounding presence of other earth signs is appealing, but only on a surface level. In the long term, the best signs for you are those who are flexible–the water signs who can flow over the earthiness you offer and balance out your occasional neuroticism with relaxed ease.

Most Compatible

Least Compatible

Virgo – The Epilogue

Planning the baby shower has gone off without a hitch, and you’ve never been more excited to see your friend’s expression when she comes to the venue. But as you’ve been quick to learn in life and love, not everything always goes to plan.

The two cousins, who hate each other, manage to cross paths, the alcoholic has already drank half the wine, and the games are not going well. People are too drunk to play. You’re half a second away from having a panic attack. This is not going how you wanted it to, and it was supposed to be perfect. But as you look at your pregnant friend, you find her laughing, and you cannot help but join in.

She’s just grateful you tried and even happier you’re here. She’s a perfect reminder of why you need more people like her in your life. Someone who remembers to laugh things off if they don’t go as planned, and someone who reminds you that sometimes the perfect unfolds in the imperfection of life.