Capricorn Relationship Compatibility: Dec 22nd – Jan 19th


It’s your best friend’s wedding day, and as her Maid of Honor, you have a lot you want to say. Who is she, exactly? That’s a pretty loaded question, mainly because although you two met in elementary school, carpooled in middle school, shared lunch in high school, and roomed together in college, sometimes you wonder how much you know about her.

She knows everything about you–I mean, let’s be honest, you can’t stop talking, so even a stranger on the bus probably knows about your breakup–and there is something to be said about that.

Although she doesn’t often express her feelings about your friendship, and getting her to say she loves you is like pulling nails, you know she’d have your back in a heartbeat. In other words, if you killed someone, she’d be the person you’d call to help you bury the body. (Thank God that joke sells at the wedding because, whew, some people can’t take a joke, and fortunately, despite the bride’s serious nature, she does know how to laugh).

At the end of the day, she is one of the most stable friends you have. Surefooted, determined, and there for you no matter what. And you’re glad to call her your best friend.

Man Looking at a Mountain - Ready to Conquer - Capricorn

Enter the Capricorn.

Capricorn Traits

You, Capricorn, are as steady as they come. If you’ve ever seen the Brad Pitt movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you can probably relate. As a child, you felt like an old soul in a child’s body. You didn’t take pause to crawl or walk–no, you hit the ground running, ready to conquer whatever goal you had in mind.

You didn’t have time for the lies your parents fed you. Santa Claus, who? ‘C’mon, mom, tell me how I can make a job that gives me enough to pay for my own presents because we definitely have different tastes.’ Your serious-minded nature has made you incredibly goal-oriented, which has helped you achieve many things in life. Still, your studious nature has also made you a worrier, and it’s a combination that can create challenges in your relationships.

Despite your tough exterior, you’re a softy at heart, and although you don’t always show it, you do care deeply about the people in your life. Often, they just have to figure that out on their own.

Capricorn Likes & Dislikes

Like your symbol, the goat, you, Capricorn, are surefooted and steady, unassuming but constantly moving. You like order and directness, and you never doubt your ability to accomplish anything you set out to achieve. However, for the same reason, you dislike laziness and don’t have patience for those who complain about not getting that promotion but are constantly late to work. Sometimes, you feel like you see the world just a little too clearly, and it gives you a headache when people don’t understand that the path from point A to point B really isn’t that difficult to cross.


You, Capricorn, thrive on discipline to the point that when others call you an overachiever, you smile and thank them for the compliment. Planning is second nature to you, and you most likely have a type A personality, and even when you try to relax, your mind is always on the move, focusing two steps ahead. While you rely on your discipline to keep your motor moving, the older you get, the more you understand the value of compassion. While you may never outwardly show how much you value the people in your life, you’ll communicate it in other ways, usually through acts of service and quality time. Professional success is important to you, and although you’re typically good at saving money and your purchases lean toward the practical, you won’t hesitate to splurge on something, significantly if the purchase can benefit you and your goals in the future. Slow and steady is the name of your game, and when you stay focused, you know you’ll always get where you’re going.


You don’t understand how some people jump straight into love, jobs, and friendships without considering every angle first. Rose-colored glasses are the one thing you will never own, and you’re just fine with that. Trust is something that’s earned, and even then, you won’t hesitate to drop a profession or a person if they’re no longer serving you. You don’t like surprises, mainly because you prefer to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Because of your fondness for structure, you dislike spontaneity or last-minute plans, and it bothers you when people show up unannounced.

How Capricorn Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

Relationships are not something you take lightly. The last thing you want is to be held back from accomplishing your goals, and as soon as you feel smothered in a relationship, you’ll back out before they can pull you down. Although you’re serious-minded, depending on your mood, you prefer your company to have a flux, a bit of groundedness, and a bit of humor. Even laughter can have a purpose…sometimes.

What to Watch Out for When Dating a Capricorn

Planning is essential when dating you, Capricorn. You keep a schedule for your appointments, your jobs, and your oil changes–and relationships are no different. Date night is every Thursday, and your partners shouldn’t be surprised if you schedule in sexy time, as well. Your determined attitude can often come off as aloof or disinterested, and more than once, you’ve been accused of being unemotional; however, that’s far from the case. Your emotions run deep, but you don’t let them control you, and while you do feel intense love for those special few you let into your life, you sometimes have difficulty expressing yourself to them. And even when you manage to find that balance, you still value solitude.

Capricorn Relationships Preferences

The start of romantic relationships is always the most difficult for you, mainly because your calm and composed exterior can appear abrasive. In reality, you have a fragile compassionate interior, one you don’t express until you really start to trust someone, which like most other things in your life, is a slow and gradual process. Not all people have this kind of patience, and as a result, you often find your relationships are short-lived, and being single is something you’ve become very good at. Even then, you don’t mind because you thrive best in solitude. If you’re lucky to find someone as patient and grounded as you are, you’re mindset toward your relationship will become similar to your viewpoint about work–love will become something you want to succeed at, and succeed, you most definitely will.

Tips for Keeping Capricorn Engaged and Interested

Your focus, Capricorn, will always be on the future. You need to know that whatever you’re putting your time and effort into will pay off. Therefore, half-hearted relationships are something you will not partake in. If someone is to win your heart, they need to see it like that, an exchange, a game, a path toward success. That’s not to say your love isn’t genuine–if anything, your heart is wide and your love plenty. You just tend to reveal this affection in a steady, slow drip instead of a raging river. For that reason, you need a partner who has your patience, independence, and understanding that things are greater in life than just love.

Capricorn Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

You do well with other earth signs like Virgo and Taurus, although you may sometimes find their picky and fixed mentality a bit much. Water signs, like Scorpios and Pisces, possess too much intensity and require too much attention for your independent nature. Still, Cancers can make an ideal match because, like you, they revert back to themselves to stay focused on their direction in life. Your best match, however, is probably someone who shares your same sign.

Most Compatible

Least Compatible

Capricorn – The Epilogue

Your best friend finishes her Maid of Honor speech, and it’s a miracle your 95-year-old grandma didn’t faint at some of those jokes. Still, you can’t help but smile. You and she have come a long way in your friendship. She’s learned to give you space when you need it, and you’ve learned to tell her you love her…like once a year on her birthday. But still, she knows you mean it, even when you don’t say it. And even though you’re different, you appreciate that because although you’ll always stay focused on where you’re going, it can be nice to have someone lighthearted like her to accompany you along the way.