5 Best Dating Apps for Professionals


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As a professional single, you might use online dating apps to find a serious relationship or true love. Or perhaps you want to find singles interested in casual dating. How do you know the dating app you’re using will provide you with a great set of daily matches and safeguard all your personal and financial information to ensure your assets are secure?  

Check out our best professional dating apps and find a great platform that will allow you to meet the broadest range of professional and non-professional singles possible. These are safe and secure dating apps that value your personal privacy and your desire for ultimate discretion!  

These are our 2024 top picks regarding dating apps for professionals. Begin a free trial account today to get an idea of these dating apps’ features. Find out what kind of professional singles use these platforms so you can find serious relationships, true love, or casual dates.  

Dating App Key Facts Free Trial
elite singles logo Elite Singles

• Number of Users: 2+ million
• Gender Ratio: 44% men and 56% women
• Best For: Finding professional singles
• Pricing: Begins at $31.95 per month

eharmony logo eharmony

• Number of Users: 16+ million
• Gender Ratio: 48% men and 52% women
• Best For: Finding love and professional, compatible connections
• Pricing: Begins at $35.90 per month

The League Logo The League

• Number of Users: 7.5 million
• Gender Ratio: 48% men and 52% women
• Best For: Finding single professionals with academic and professional backgrounds
• Pricing: Begins at $67.00 per month

Christian Mingle Logo Christian Mingle

• Number of Users: 16 million
• Gender Ratio: 44% men and 56% women
• Best For: Finding serious relationships with Christian singles
• Pricing: Begins at $14.99 per month

zoosk logo Zoosk

• Number of Users: 40 million
• Gender Ratio: 47% men and 53% women
• Best For: Professional Singles looking for a wide dating pool
• Pricing: Begins at $10.00 per month

Why Are These the Best Dating Apps for Professionals? 

How can I know whether one of these dating apps will help me meet professional singles? Good question. Check out our reasoning and rationale for hand-picking these particular dating apps for taking on the task of matching you with successful, professional singles.

Large Dating Pool  

With a professional niche dating app, you will be dealing with a smaller selection of singles. We recommend apps with a more mainstream appeal because they will help the average single professional widen their search significantly and open up more options. Casting a wider net will ensure no missed opportunities in the search for professional singles.  

Compatibility Testing 

Each dating app, in some shape or form, comes with personality or compatibility testing as a part of its sign-up process. Members can express interest in finding singles in certain lines of work, have achieved a particular level of education, or have the drive and passion to better themselves. Each dating app will cater its matchmaking method to help you find professional singles.  

Good Pricing

Compared to many other dating apps out there, the dating apps that we recommend for professional singles are reasonably priced, especially Christian Mingle and Zoosk. Just because you’re a professional and have a good income doesn’t mean you should get gouged on the price of a premium membership. Except for The League, each of the best professional dating apps on our list comes with a really cheap, affordable price point for premium membership.  

Modern Features  

One of the most significant hallmarks of being a professional is keeping up with the latest technological trends and updates in the market to ensure you’re on the cutting edge of the action. We chose professional dating apps with the latest innovations and features that keep up with larger platforms like Tinder or Bumble. These dating apps come with advanced search filters, top-notch compatibility testing, and their own answer to swipe-style dating, so you can find great candidates fast and easily!  

Meet Other Types of Singles  

We didn’t want to solely focus on niche dating services for professionals because they typically cost more and feature fewer options when it comes to the number of members. We chose to stick with mainstream dating apps because many of these platforms have many users who happen to be professionals, highly educated, and working in high-paying career fields. We figure you have a much better shot at meeting a wider variety of people (including non-professionals), and you don’t have to pay as much to join.  

Our Top Professional Dating App Recommendations

#1 Elite Singles: Best Overall for Professional Singles

Best For:Professionals over the age of 30
Active Members:2+ million
Best Features:Have You Met Feature
Cost of Membership:Starting at $19.95 per month

Without a doubt, Elite Singles is the best dating app for finding professional singles. This is because Elite Singles is branded around having a highly educated user base, 85% of which have completed some form of higher education. These singles are a part of high-paying career fields like medicine, business, education, and law. This makes Elite Singles a fantastic venue for meeting singles who value education and personal or professional success. It’s also one of the best places for professionals over 30 to meet other singles!  

Professional members can use the “Have You Met” feature to go through an extensive catalog of singles with potential and also take advantage of the Favorites List. This tool allows members to sort their favorite singles for future reference. As for its success rate, Elite Singles is responsible for bringing 2,000 couples together each and every month. Most members at Elite Singles are looking for serious relationships or commitments. This app uses compatibility testing based on personality-based algorithms and a curated matching system, ensuring daily matches are made to last the test of time.  

#2 eharmony: Best for Compatibility in Professionals Singles

Best For:Professionals looking for compatability
Active Members:16 million
Best Features:Profile Builder
Membership Cost:Starting at $35.90 per month

Many professionals want serious relationships with like-minded singles, making compatibility a critical factor in the process. And what better dating app for professionals in the arena of compatibility than eharmony? After all, they’re well-known for their 32 Dimensions of Compatibility, a patented testing system for ensuring compatible matches on all levels, including education and career.  

As mentioned before, eHarmony is a great way to find deep relationships. This is the wrong dating app to use if you’re looking for casual romance or dating. Not only does eHarmony cater to singles with a focus on meaningful connections, but it also offers excellent resources for professional singles, like dating blogs and relationship advice pages. They also provide helpful tools to their members, like the profile builder and interactive tips that help members construct and curate their personal profiles to attract professional singles.  

#3 The League: Best for Finding Academically Elite Singles

Best For:Singles who value success and ambition
Active Members:32,000
Best Features:The Power Move Feature
Cost of Membership:Starting at $66.66 per month

The League is a niche dating app that caters to the academically elite. It comprises singles who value success, ambition, and intelligence in their partner. Although this platform has grown to a point where the verification process to become a member can take days to weeks, this is one of the best professional dating apps due to its exclusivity and advanced screening process that ensures discretion. You can use The League knowing that all profiles are authentic.  

This is one of the best dating apps for professionals over 30 because The League has recently expanded its age requirements to include those over 40. The average age of users sits between 25 and 34 years, making this a great dating app for young professionals in their 20s or even more seasoned veterans who are anywhere from 40 to 50 years! The gender ratio of members is about even, and there are 10,000 daily logins, meaning there’s a well-balanced community that is also highly engaged on the platform.  

#4 Christian Mingle: Best for Christian Professionals

Best For:Professionals looking for a Christian relationship
Active Members:15+ million
Best Features:LookBook Feature
Cost of Membership:Starting at $24.99 per month

If you’re a professional who holds Christian values and faith, Christian Mingle will be a good choice for finding those who share similar beliefs in a religious, career, and educational sense. One of the best aspects of Christian Mingle is that there are a ton of users that reside in 7 different countries. Not only is the user base deep and wide, but there’s also a big focus on serious relationships and commitments that result in members being joined together in marriage or finding their soulmates.  

Christian Mingle has advanced search filters that help you to pinpoint the right singles beyond just denominational beliefs or religious worldviews. There are settings in the search filters that allow you to use criteria that pertain to career and education. You can find singles who share your faith, ideals, and values regarding success, education, and professionalism.  

#5 Zoosk: Best for Professionals Looking for a Large Pool

Best For:Professionals wanting casual relationships
Active Members:50 million
Best Features:Swipe Style Dating Feature
Cost of Membership:Starting at $12.50 per month

Zoosk is one of the better options for the professional man or woman looking for casual dating or something a little more serious and committed. There are about 154,000 premium members, but there are over 50 million users of the app worldwide! This is not so much a niche professional dating app as it is a solid mainstream dating app with many successful users!

There are several features and aspects of Zoosk that will really appeal to professional singles. Professionals’ time is precious to them. The great thing about Zoosk is that their sign-up process and personality testing only take about 5 or 10 minutes to complete. The vetting process at Zoosk is relatively decent compared to many other dating apps, which means professionals aren’t inundated with many fake profiles or scammers. And obviously, there’s the Carousel which allows professionals to enjoy the modern dating app feature of swipe-style dating.

Tips for Dating Professionals 

Before you begin developing relationships with professional singles online, there are a few good things that you should know about dating professionals and about using dating apps for professionals.  

Be On the Lookout for Scammers  

Any dating app that you end up using, you’re going to encounter a fake profile or scammers. Professionals are especially eagle-eyed when searching through dating apps’ daily match results. This is because they value discretion. They want to ensure that the money and possessions they’ve worked so hard to attain will remain safe from those looking to swindle them.  

If you are someone who wants to date a professional, know that building trust with them is essential. They want to know you can be trusted and that you’re not just interested in them for the money, the perks, or the toys. If you want a relationship to last with someone who is a highly successful, professional single, do your best to build that trust and show them that you value them for who they are, not what they have.  

Discretion is Important for Professionals  

Don’t be surprised if you begin dating a professional who is secretive about their finances or what they do with their money. Maybe they have something unsavory to hide. If that’s the case, that will come out in due time. But it’s not something you want to assume.  

More often than not, professionals are secretive with their money and cash flow because they want to ensure they can trust you before giving out any of that information. It’s important to not jump to conclusions and be willing to give them this benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. The best thing to do is focus on the relationship, not their income.  

Professionals Are Busy

If you’re dating a professional, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with someone with a busy calendar. Because of all the hustle and bustle of the busy professional’s life, you might not always feel like a priority. Just know that you might not be able to spend as much time as you would like with these types of singles because they’re out there taking care of business. But the great news is that many professionals work hard but play even harder. When your time comes, you might just get the full VIP treatment!  

Professional Dating Apps FAQ

Our dating app reviews leave no stone unturned. Still, there’s a chance we may not have addressed something or missed something altogether. Our FAQ section below can tie up loose ends or plug any gaps we might have left. These are common questions we’ve gotten from our readers and customers over time.

Is There a Dating App for Professionals?

Yes, there are dating apps specifically designed for professionals. Still, they are niche dating apps that typically have a smaller base of members. Plus, they usually come at a higher price than the mainstream apps (just look at The League). This is why we’ve recommended dating apps with better pricing that cater to other kinds of singles, including professionals! Mainstream dating apps have a much wider reach and provide more opportunities. 

Are These Online Dating Services for Young Professionals Safe to Use?

Yes, we have done a ton of research and found each of these dating apps to be completely safe and secure, the perfect apps for professionals who value discretion and privacy. Professional singles can rest assured that their personal and financial information will be kept secure via an encrypted connection. Any photos shared with these platforms will never show in Google search results, and private information will never be sold to a third party. 

Can I Use Professional Dating Apps for Free?  

Each of the dating apps we recommend comes with free trial opportunities that allow new members to test out the app without having the put any money down. These free trials are limited, though, only allowing new users to experience a handful of the features and benefits you would enjoy as a premium member. Free trials will enable the new user to see how the app works and what kind of singles are using the platform.  

What is the Cost of Professional Dating Apps? 

This will depend on which dating app you end up going with. Some are more affordable than others. For instance, professional dating apps like The League or Elite Singles will be more expensive than platforms like Zoosk or Christian Mingle. Create a free trial account at any one of these dating apps and access a complete list of premium membership plans and price points available.  

Why is Discretion Important to Professionals? 

As a professional, you’ve worked your entire career to build your empire and status. As someone who has earned a lot, there’s more to lose if your personal or financial information is jeopardized. Professionals need to use dating apps that are safe and secure in how they handle their customers’ sensitive information. Each of our recommended apps will never sell data to third parties. They keep everything safe and secure with an encrypted connection.

What Makes These the Best Professional Dating Apps?

There are several reasons, but we’ll just name a few. These dating apps have large membership bases, which ensure plenty of options for professional members. These dating apps have affordable membership prices that are great for anyone’s budget. Perhaps most importantly, our professional dating app recommendations value the safety and security of its members by using SSL-encrypted connections and thorough vetting procedures.

What is the Best Dating App for Professional Women?

Based on the gender ratios of each dating app featured in this review, we would have to go with eHarmony or Zoosk. The breakdown is 48% men to 52% women. It also helps that these huge platforms service millions of users worldwide.