Top 5 Dating Apps for Women


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When it comes to meeting the right person online, women need dating apps that they can count on to provide suitable daily matches and a large enough dating pool to have the luxury of diverse options. The last thing women want is a dating app overrun with scammers, creepy men, or singles who don’t fit their criteria. They want an app that will give them a great experience and connect them with the right singles!

We encourage you to look no further than our top five dating apps for women in 2024! These female-focused platforms offer women a shot at anything from serious, compatible relationships or romance to casual dates or friendships.

Dating App Key Facts Check Your Free Trial
eharmony logo eharmony
  • Best For: finding a compatible connection with a man that will lead to marriage
  • Active Members: 16 million (4 million visitors per month)
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Daily Matching Process: 32 Dimensions of Compatibility
elite singles logo Elite Singles
  • Best For: finding men who want casual relationships, romance, or friendship
  • Active Members: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Daily Matching Process: Five Factor Model theory of personality traits
CatholicMatch Logo
  • Number of Users: 1.5 million
  • Gender Ratio: 50% men and 50% women
  • Best For: Finding singles in the Catholic faith
  • Daily Matching Process: Match Portrait compatibility questionnaire results evaluated using a Likert scale
Christian Mingle Logo Christian Mingle
  • Best For: finding Christian women who desire serious, committed relationships with Christian men
  • Active Members: 16+ million (3.5 million visitors per month)
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Daily Matching Process: Personality and compatibility testing; Christian Mingles hones its recommendation based on preferences for the LookBook
zoosk logo Zoosk
  • Best For: finding men who want casual relationships, romance, or friendship
  • Active Members: 40 million
  • Gender Ratio: 47% men to 53% women
  • Daily Matching Process: Members set up their search filters and dating preferences; Zoosk then establishes a “type” based on Carousel results

What Makes These the Top Dating Apps for Women?

Here’s our rationale for why these are the best dating apps for women looking for serious relationships and connections or casual dates. Many of these factors are because online dating tends to be a number game (active users and vast dating pool). Still, there are a lot of other factors that focus on a quality experience as well. 

A Variety of Markets

We chose five dating apps that cover a wide variety of online dating markets for women. eHarmony focuses on serious relationships with men centered around compatibility. Elite Singles is for finding highly educated and financially successful men. is excellent for Catholic women looking for someone who shares their faith. Zoosk is the ultimate casual dating app, and Christian Mingle focuses on serious relationships with Christian men.

A Wide Reach and Large Dating Pool

Each of these dating apps for women comes with a large, active membership base and solid monthly visitor numbers. The higher the number of active members, the better and more diverse the dating pool. This means that women who use these dating apps will have great options and the resources to perform an exhaustive, all-encompassing search. 

An Even Breakdown of Men to Women

If you’re a woman looking to date a man, why would you waste time with a dating app dominated by men or women? Ideally, you want close to a 50/50 split to guarantee that both sexes are being drawn into using the platform. We promote dating apps with a near-even (or at least a well-balanced) gender ratio to ensure that women can find good, quality singles on either side of the gender aisle.

A Great Daily Match Process

The top dating apps for women take quality matching seriously. These dating apps use a variety of methods for generating daily matches. These include top-rated compatibility testing, personal dating preferences, search settings, and personal tastes based on the singles they “liked” or “passed” on while swiping through catalogs of singles.

A Free Trial Opportunity

These dating apps offer the user the chance to try the app to see if it’ll be a good fit. We recommend only dating apps that come with a free trial. Sure, they’re limited as far as app features go, but they let you see what the app is like, create a profile, and allow you to view the singles who use the platform.

Top 5 Dating Apps for Women

What is it about these 5 dating apps that are so ideal for single women? We’ll look at each of these platforms in-depth, and we’ll do a detailed breakdown of what they offer new users in 2022. We’ll take a look at the dating pool, what kind of daily matches are currently available, and the membership features and cost.

eharmony Mobile - Step 1

#1 eharmony: Develop a Serious Relationship that’s Rooted in Compatibility

Best For:Compatible relationships with a man that leads to marriage and commitment
Active Members:16 million
Matching Process:32 Dimensions of Compatibility
Free Trial:Start Your eharmony Free Trial!

Women looking for their soulmate or someone they’d be happy to call their partner will find precisely that at eharmony. This world-renowned dating app boasts over 16 million active members and has been responsible for over 600,000 married couples since its inception in 2000 (eharmony is ultimately responsible for over 29% of all marriages that got their start online)!

The key to eharmony’s success lies in its top-rated compatibility testing: the 32 Dimensions of Compatibility. This makes eharmony a perfect dating app for women who want to develop serious relationships that are made to stand the test of time and that are grounded in a compatible connection! Those looking to use eHarmony to score casual dates are barred from using the app. That’s how committed they are to fostering and growing serious, compatible relationships between singles on the platform.

Elite single app on iphone
Elite Singles

#2 Elite Singles: Meet Men Who Are Successful and Highly Educated

Best For:Finding men who are highly educated and enjoy the finer things in life
Active Members:2+ million (1.7 million visitors per month)
Matching Process:Personality and compatibility testing
Free Trial:Start Your Elite Singles Free Trial!

Many women are highly educated, employed in high-paying career fields, and can be personally or professionally successful (or both)! There’s no limit to what women can accomplish, but having a serious partner who sees eye to eye on career, education, and success can undoubtedly bring things full circle!

Elite Singles is our top recommendation for women looking for a serious partner who values education, status, wealth, or personal and professional advancement just as much as they do. 85% of the men and women you’ll find on Elite Singles have gone on to complete some form of higher education which means this app is comprised of singles who work in elite career fields like medicine, law, business, and more. 


#3: CatholicMatch: Meet Men Who have the Same Faith

Best For:Finding good Catholic matches that could lead to something serious
Active Members:1.5 Million
Matching Process:Thorough personality and compatibility testing
Free Trial:Start Your Free Trial!

We were not about to forget all of our Catholic readers out there. This is a great Christian dating app just for you! CatholicMatch blends the tight-knit community feel of ChristianCafe with some of the modern features you’d find with a dating app like eHarmony or The Photo Wall, in particular, is a fantastic modern feature that allows you to find singles based on factors like recent birthdays, newest photos, last login, and so on and so forth.

There are only about 1.5 million active users, and we have found that women using this app who live in urban areas have better luck than those living out in more rural areas. Although there is that downside to the app, CatholicMatch more than makes up for it with tons of resources on the Catholic dating scene. They feature articles and blogs on the app for matters such as single living, dating and relationships, prayer and spirituality, dating tips for the online user, and marriage and wedding planning!

Christian Mingle

#4 Christian Mingle: Find God-Centered Relationships with Christian Men

Best For:Women looking for a Christian relationship
Active Members:15+ million (3.5 million visitors per month)
Matching Process:Personality and compatibility testing; Christian Mingles hones its recommendation based on preferences for the LookBook
Free Trial:Start Your Christian Mingle Free Trial!

Seeing eye to eye on matters of personal faith is important to many Christian singles in general and can create a harmonious outcome down the road regarding marriage. Christian women typically look for serious, God-centered relationships with other Christian men. Christian Mingle is, by far, the best option for women who seek just such a relationship and do so using a modern and well-established brand.

Christian Mingle is available in multiple countries around the world, boasting over 15 million active members and over 3.5 million visitors to the app each and every month. Its dating pool is strong! On top of the high volume, Christian Mingle is also appealing when it comes to modern features, most notably the LookBook, which allows members to browse through catalogs of quality singles and either “like” or “pass.”

zoosk mobile app on an iphone

#5 Zoosk: Find Men Who Prefer Casual Relationships or Romance

Best For:Finding men who want casual relationships, romance, or friendship
Active Members:35+ million
Matching Process:Members set up their search filters and dating preferences; Zoosk then establishes a “type” based on Carousel results
Free Trial:Start Your Zoosk Free Trial!

Some women don’t want to settle down just yet with their soulmate or marriage partner and far prefer casual dating and romance to commitment or serious relationships. Zoosk is ideal for a more relaxed approach to online dating for women. With over 12 million visitors per month and over 50 million users across the globe, Zoosk is a great dating app for enjoying an immense pool of candidates interested in a more carefree form of dating.

Zoosk is a newer dating app for women, founded in 2007, and contains many more modern features than other dating apps. The Zoosk Carousel feature offers members the chance to browse through a catalog of eligible singles using the swipe style! Zoosk will develop a “type” for each member based on their Carousel activity and choices. These are combined with the user’s dating preferences and search settings to become the basis for ideal daily matches.

Our Recommended Dating Apps for Women Compared

Do you need help narrowing down the best dating app for your personal needs? For your convenience, we’ve included a comparison chart to clearly display the main differences between these dating platforms. Maybe it’s hard for you to make decisions, or you struggle with the fear of missing out. Take a look at this chart, and that will all be put to bed. You might just find your ideal fit.

Dating AppYear FoundedPrice RangeIOS/Android
eharmony logo2000$35.90-65.90/monthYes
1999$9.99 – 29.99/monthYes

Top Reasons to Trust Our Dating App Recommendations

What is so special about what we have to say about our recommeded dating apps for women?

We can be trusted because we are great at presenting accurate facts to the reader and then delivering options to them where they can do risk-free research of their own to make a decision that is best for what they need. There are several good reasons to trust our judgment, recommendations, and opinions regarding online dating apps, but we’ll narrow them down to our top five.

Free Trial Links Abound

If there’s one thing we’ll never deprive our readers of, it’s free trial links. You’ll find them posted all around our dating app reviews. We want our readers to have access to a trial version of the dating apps we recommend so they can see firsthand how the app operates, what kind of singles are there, and how they can build their profiles and upload photos.

Our Honest Review Process

Our team looks at five key categories to determine overall ratings for the dating apps we recommend: ease of use, dating app features, the cost of membership, the number of active members, and the quality of daily matches. With each of these points, we consider all pros and cons to determine an honest and unbiased rating.

Up to Date Information

Each review we conduct is kept up to date and in line with whatever information can be found on each of these dating apps. We update any changes that might occur with membership pricing or app features. You can rely on our reviews to have the most accurate and current information for any dating app we cover.

Our Experts Actually Use the Apps

Our writers have actually tried the product out for themselves and craft reviews based on what they’ve seen. Our writers go through the sign-up process, create their own free trial account, establish their personal profile, and set up the search filters. They even view and communicate with singles using the app. We speak from experience!

Promote the Latest and Best Apps

We focus on pushing mainstream dating apps with a high volume of users that are proven to get the best results for customers. We also promote niche dating apps, but we ensure these are the best that the more obscure markets offer. We don’t want to waste your time with products that have low volume or no proven track record of success.

Tips for Women Using Dating Apps

If you’re concerned about your safety or want the best results for what you pay, check out some of our quick tips for using these dating apps for women. Use some of these tricks or strategies, and you can enhance your overall search results when it comes to finding the right man. Some can even help you to avoid unnecessary headaches like being scammed!

Use More than One
Dating App at a Time

By joining more than one online dating app, you're increasing your search volume and opening yourself up to more opportunities. You'll ultimately pay more money, but you’ll have more daily matches coming in and, therefore, more possibilities. There are no rules against this. 

Adjust Your Search Filters and Dating Preferences

If you want to be matched with the right singles, take the time to tweak your search filters to the correct settings for your ideal match to be generated. If you don't thoroughly review your personal dating preferences and criteria with the dating app, they send you daily matches that will be less than ideal.  

Use Profile Info to Develop and Grow the Relationship

Meeting new people can be challenging, and developing a relationship can be even more complicated. If you're trying to get to know someone, it helps to talk about what they have posted on their profile page. You can use things like careers, interests, lifestyle choices, or habits to get the conversation going. 

You’re Responsible for Your Own Safety at a Certain Point

These dating apps aren't responsible for keeping you safe from every angle. In fact, customers are responsible for their own safety when dealing with other singles. Fake profiles do make their way onto these platforms, so customers must be eagle-eyed in spotting scammers or spam accounts when they see them.  

Use Free Trials to FInd the Right Dating App

Free trials are a perfect way to narrow down your search for the right dating app. They allow you to test out the platform, create a free profile, and view the singles using the app. What better way is there to shop around for a dating app that is right for you?   


Hopefully, we can wrap up anything we might have missed in our review of the best women dating apps. Our FAQ features some of the most common questions posed to us by our readers and customers

Can I Find Quality Singles on These Apps?

Yes, there are plenty of men who also use these dating apps and are looking for similar relationships and connections, be it a compatible relationship, a casual romance, a strong friendship, a God-centered marriage, a serious commitment with a focus on a high level of education, or finding true love again at an older age.

Are These Dating Apps Safe and Secure for Women to Use?

Yes, these are safe dating apps that vet all new members who join and keep all personal and financial information confidential and discreet. Women can meet many singles, all from the safety and security of their mobile devices (iOS and Android) or desktop PC.

Can I Use Women Dating Apps for Free?

While women cannot use all the features of these dating apps completely free of charge, they can look into the free trial offers that allow them to use these dating apps in a limited capacity. Free trials will enable users to set up their profile, establish their search settings or dating preferences, view singles using the app, and get a feel for where everything is located.

What Are the Best Older Women Dating Apps?

The best older woman dating app has to be eHarmony. It’s one of the best apps for women over 40 and one of the best for women over 50. Most eHarmony users are over 30, with the bulk of the user base within the 30-45 age range.

What is the Best Dating App For Finding Serious Relationships?

eHarmony, Elite Singles, and Christian Mingle are the best dating apps for women and focus much more on serious relationships and commitments. Our top recommendation, though, is definitely eHarmony.

How Long is the Sign-Up Process?

This will vary from one dating app to the next. The longest will be eHarmony, due to its highly detailed compatibility quiz. It can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete. However, most of the women dating apps on our list have sign-up procedures that don’t take much more than 15 minutes of your time.

How Much Do These Dating Apps Cost?

This will vary from one dating app to the next. The longest will be eHarmony, due to its highly detailed compatibility quiz. It can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete. However, most of the women dating apps on our list have sign-up procedures that don’t take much more than 15 minutes of your time.

Which Dating Apps Should I Use for Casual Dating or Romance?

Our most enthusiastic recommendations for casual dating or romance would be Zoosk. Zoosk, especially, is a dating app for a more relaxed approach to dating, complete with the Carousel feature that provides a Tinder-like swipe style of online dating. Most relationships that come from Zoosk revolve around low commitment.

What’s the Best Way to Meet the Most Men?

There’s no rule saying you are restricted to using one dating app alone. We encourage you to join as many platforms out there as you can to maximize the scope of your search. We’d also advise using platforms with the best overall traffic based on the active number of users, the monthly visit rate, and daily logins.