Leo Relationship Compatibility: July 23rd-August 22nd

Relationships with Leos can prove quite rewarding. Leo, the Lion, is a generous and kind Fire sign that loves being around others and making them happy. They aren’t afraid to express their affection for you; in fact, it’s what drives them. When you show your Leo the same affection, they will continue to stick by your side.

Whether you’re in a romance with a Leo, have your sights on one, or are a Lion yourself, we will tell you all about what it’s like to date this feisty fire zodiac sign!

Man Wearing Suit - Charismatic Man - Leo

Leo Traits

The confidence, generosity, and loyalty of those born under the sign of the Leo sun are well known. They also put on the best performances ever. They exude the charisma of a Hollywood star and the charm of a politician.

They are hard to resist due to their charismatic qualities. These fire sign lions possess exceptional verbal abilities, allowing them to converse intelligently and clearly on just about any topic, even if they are unfamiliar with it. Leos are typically ambitious individuals who bring that drive to every endeavor. Their emotions act as a guide. They are confident and courageous, and everything they do seems effortless and natural because they trust their instincts.

Leo’s Likes & Dislikes

A Leo can be extra as hell, as anyone who knows one will attest. There is no gray area when it comes to the feline zodiac sign, so it is not surprising that they have a very long list of likes and icks that are deal breakers.


Leos are naturally vivacious and passionate people. Most of the time, they find partners who share their enthusiasm. The things they like most about other people are the same things they like best about themselves. They favor romantic partners who take the initiative, are self-assured, and don’t hesitate to pursue their goals.

Bold displays of power tend to pique Leo’s interest. They want someone who exudes sophistication in addition to self-assurance. They believe that the ideal companions are those who can develop a strong argument and then articulate it clearly and effectively.


The Leo personality type is very resistant to authority. They have a lot of say in what happens to them. When a Leo is betrayed or left by someone, it leaves a deep emotional wound that never heals. They use their egotism as a weapon to safeguard their independence.

Leos have such a strong sense of honor that they expect a lot from themselves and everyone else. When someone abuses that standard, it can hurt them deeply. Leos have a deep-seated need to be acknowledged and validated, and this can cause them to act out in a way that borders on being narcissistic or absolutist.

Leos detest being told what to do, but if you can get them to listen, they may be swayed if you make them feel like it was their idea all along. But they’ll hold it against you and resent you for it.

How Leo’s Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

Leos like to daydream about relationships because their astrological sign is the one most linked to love. Their tendency toward independence, though, may mean they might benefit from learning how to work effectively with others. Leos must also learn to express their emotions for others without coming across as needy or afraid of losing them.

Leos might be hesitant to open up about their emotions at first. Because of their extreme sensitivity to criticism, they might choose to sit back and let their potential partner make the first move.

Early on in a relationship, Leos need a lot of reassurance and attention. They have very high standards and want to feel special, so you’ll need to start out strong and make reservations at an upscale restaurant. But once the lion is in, they are all in—lions are committed for the long term. If they’re in a relationship with someone, they’re likely to be utterly devoted to that person and can be possessive and demand the same energy in return.

What to Watch Out for When Dating a Leo

Leos tend to talk about themselves and their problems in conversations, often to the exclusion of the other person’s issues. In other words, they can be a bit selfish and self-absorbed.

Every topic of discussion eventually circles back to Leo’s and how it applies to their lives. Because of their dramatic nature, Leos can exaggerate minor issues or pout when they don’t get their way.

Leo’s Relationships Preferences

Leos prefer to be attached and are happiest when they are in a committed, long-term relationship. Because of their possessive nature, they can come across as clingy and jealous, but it stems from a place of fierce loyalty.

Fire signs value communication above all else, with trust coming in at a close second. If you aren’t into PDA (public displays of affection), do not date the lion. When they are physically attracted to their partners, they act on it—no matter the time or place.

Tips for Keeping a Leo Engaged and Interested

Although Leos enjoy the spotlight, they harbor deep-seated feelings of self-loathing. All of their attractive qualities are only a front for their underlying insecurities. As a result, Leos are often drawn to those who are freer and more outgoing than they are. To balance the order they impose on themselves, they seek out something slightly chaotic, so keep things interesting if you’re trying to date one. Don’t be boring—it’s the kiss of death when it comes to attracting this zodiac sign.

Leo’s Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Leos look for partners who can satisfy their needs in both the physical and emotional areas. They seek adoration and the limelight in order to feel important and special. Leos want to know you’d go to any lengths for them and that you wouldn’t feel obligated to do so. In other words, you need to worship them, and the signs below show the ones up to this task and the ones who shouldn’t even bother.

Most Compatible

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol


Leos have a soft spot for their Aquarius and Scorpio fixed-sign friends. Leo and Scorpio both yearn for a passionate relationship, and Scorpio can relate to Leo’s need for devotion. When it comes to who they choose to spend time with and get to know, Leo and Scorpio both have a tendency to be quite picky. A lack of passion discourages them from trying. It might be difficult to break this couple apart since both Leo and Scorpio have a tendency to be all-or-nothing in relationships.

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol


On the other hand, Aquarius might possess traits that Leo appreciates, such as the ability to make friends and be a good leader. Given the stark contrast between these two signs, a Leo who partners with an Aquarius might feel as though they have finally found their soul mate. Leo is encouraged by Aquarius to think about the future in the context of a larger picture and to divert their attention from their own problems.

Aries Zodiac Symbol


Finally, because both Leo and Aries have a strong desire for adventure, they get along well. The fire signs can support one another because they are both willing to try new things and take chances in life.

Least Compatible

Gemini Zodiac Symbol


Leos and Geminis might not go well together. Gemini is not really sure what they want, and it may take them a long time to decide on one person and settle down. A fire sign is too busy to play games and won’t stand for their crush talking to anybody else. The lack of focus in an air sign like Gemini might lead to frustration.

Taurus Zodiac Symbol


Taurus is another sign that might lead to trouble for Leo because of their strong personalities. Although both are fixed signs, they could find themselves in confrontation with one another fairly frequently. Leo and Taurus are both extremely set in their ways, and once they decide on something, they usually don’t change their minds. If there were problems between them, it might be hard for either of them to give in. They’re both stubborn and want to prove themselves correct, yet doing so may damage their relationship.

Leo in Love – The Epilogue

A Leo in love will feel the need to share their newfound happiness with the world. They will constantly talk about their significant other or share photos of them online. If you are around a lion sign in the honeymoon phase, you will not hear the end of it!

When they are actually in a relationship, they may be much more open and honest about how they feel. Though they may have been reserved initially, they might be ready to wear their emotions on their sleeves. Leos are known to put their partners first, going above and beyond to show them love.