Aquarius Love Compatibility: Jan 20th – Feb 18th


It’s a Sunday morning, and you wake up thinking about your first date the night before. He took you to Joe’s Crab Shack. He was not Kobe by any means, but he did look nicer than in his photos. And at least he wasn’t wearing crocs like the last dude. While he didn’t walk you to your car, he kissed you in front of a lobster statue, his hand grazing your left butt cheek and giving it a tiny squeeze. Not terrible in the whole scheme of things.

The following day he sends a text: morning, v. ur cute?

You bolt up in bed. He texted you and called you cute, except… Did he mean to add the question mark? And your name starts with a J. Stupid iPhone. ‘V’ was obviously an autocorrect mistake. Or was it?

Okay, you need outside advice. You screenshot the text and scroll through your phone, searching for the perfect friend to send it to. You crave a good balance when you seek advice. Someone honest, but not someone who will tell you to run straight out the gate. Someone who can be direct without fear of how their words may hurt you but still wears their rose-colored glasses when looking out at the world.

Enter the Aquarius.

Colourful Woman - Eccentric - Aquarius

Aquarius Traits

You are one of the most eccentric signs of the zodiac. You beat to the sound of your own drum–but not a drum bought from a store; hell no, that’s too predictable. Your drums are made from the barks of trees and the tennis balls your neighbor’s kids tossed in your yard. Only after the third noise complaint do you stop playing, but even then, you don’t stop dancing. Because you see what the rest of the world doesn’t. Life is too interesting to not have fun. And that’s why friends like J flock to you. When it comes to advice, they crave your directness but also your spunk–and you’re more than happy to give it.

Aquarius Likes & Dislikes

The odd and the bizarre are as equally fascinating as they are frustrating to you, Aquarius. Your inventive mind craves an understanding of how things work, but your impatience and constant need for growth make it so that moving toward a goal is a necessity for you.


You enjoy giving advice, but you tend to offer it even if you’re not asked your opinion. You’re an external processor, a natural idealist who works through problems out loud. You read between the lines and sometimes squint into the margins, understanding aspects of human behavior that others don’t even notice. You like giving advice and tips, but you’re skilled at remaining detached and understanding how to provide support without losing your emotional stability. While your interests lean toward nature or the creative, every project you take on needs to have a goal, an impact that drives you. Making a difference is more important to you than monetary gain.


Your intense desire for freedom makes you opposed to most restrictions. Strict rules are oppressive, and your eccentric nature refuses to have the confinement of society’s traditional box. When it comes to your personal and professional life, you back away if others attempt to control you. Although your ideas are endless, not everyone is receptive to your unique way of viewing the world, and you dislike it when people don’t understand you.

How Aquarius’ Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

It’s impossible to have your cake and eat it too.’ You know the saying because you’ve heard it your whole life, and yet, like clockwork, every single time, your response is the same: Watch me.

What to Watch Out for When Dating an Aquarius

You believe it’s one-hundred-percent possible to have a healthy balance of freedom and independence inside a well-developed relationship. Your perspective on dating mirrors how you see the world. You’re fascinated by deep connections with others but quick to get frustrated if people cross your boundaries, and you’re not afraid to speak your mind

Aquarius Relationships Preferences

As a visionary, you prefer a mental connection over a physical one. You’ve discovered that the deeper your conversations can go with your partner, the more you’re attracted to them. You’re all about the strange and the weird, and when it comes to choosing partners, your motto is the quirkier, the better. You’re less concerned about the type of person or relationship and more about seeking freedom inside whatever connection you develop. For this reason, you tend to thrive in more casual, short-term relationships, but when you find a special someone who can respect your desire for space and freedom and still keep you up all night with questions about the nature of the universe, you know you’ve found your match.

Tips for Keeping Aquarius Engaged and Interested

While conversations are vital to you, you’re equally as interested in getting out in the world and seeing what it offers. You prefer dates that keep your interests sparked and teach you new things, and you love people who keep you on your toes. Last minute skydiving for a second date? Uh, yes, please. Sneaking into a speakeasy and dancing in a silent disco? What are we waiting for? Do you want to march in a protest for a good cause? Marry me, now.

Aquarius Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

You’re a bit like an alien arriving on Earth when it comes to dating. Everyone looks the same to you, and when it comes to getting to know someone, you’re more concerned with the freedom they offer you than choosing someone based on specific traits. For you, Aquarius, barriers just don’t exist, meaning you’re capable of compatibility with just about anyone, no matter what their sign. However, those who can keep up with you in conversation tend to get a bit more of your time, and you do manage to jive with certain signs over others.

Most Compatible

Least Compatible

Aquarius – The Epilogue

You’re just waking up when you get the screenshot of a text from J. You bide your time, making coffee, brainstorming what exactly you’re going to tell her, and just as you lift your first cup to your lips, inspiration hits.

J-it sounds to me like he is probably seeing other people, but so should you because you’re just getting back out there. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you risk them cracking, and no one likes raw eggs except weasels. And if he’s a weasel, you definitely don’t want to be around him anyway.

It’s a perfect response. Probably one of your best. But you don’t wait around to hear what J has to say about it because you’re already up and moving, the wheels turning for the day. There are things to do, concepts to break down, and freedom to find.

And if you stumble along and discover love on the way, you’ll know how to handle it. With an outstretched arm and a smile on your face.

Just another day in the life of an Aquarius.