Pisces Compatibility for Love: Feb 19th – Mar 20th


After six months of what you thought was a perfect relationship, you wake up on the morning of Valentine’s day to a knock on your door. You hop out of bed and spot your significant other’s car reversing out of your driveway at full speed and veering down the street. There’s a pink handwritten letter on your front steps. She’s going to ask you to move in with her, you’re sure of it. Except…when you open the letter, your heart drops at the words: I can’t do this anymore. Sorry 🙁.

After your calls to her go to voicemail, you know you need to call one of your close friends. But who do you call? You already know how each of them will respond. The Scorpio in your life will get ready for battle with a revenge plan already outlined. The Leo will drag you to the bar to find a new beau to distract you.

But you’re just not feeling any of that.

You need someone who will listen to your every word, bring over ice cream and wine, and not judge the embarrassing depth of your word vomit.

Enter the Pisces.

Woman Sitting Close to a Window Looking Outside - Pisces

Pisces Traits

As a Pisces, you suffer from the debilitating problem of having a heart that’s just a bit too big for your own good. If other people’s emotions are the consistency of water, then you’re like a sponge, absorbing what they feel. Your overactive imagination means no dream is off the table, and you often pursue interests other more grounded signs would stray away from. It’s this loftiness that makes you likable, if not a bit eccentric, but it’s that same malleability that makes you a great listener and an easy shoulder to cry on.

Pisces Likes & Dislikes

You are one of the more emotional zodiac signs, but the sensitivity you experience is both a benefit and a detriment. Your openness and empathy allow you a space to connect with people on deeper levels than most signs, but that same connection can also bog you down. Solitude, and the opportunity for an emotional reset, are just as important to you as connecting with the people around you, and finding a balance between the internal and the external is an everyday challenge.


Your overactive imagination carries you off the ground and lifts you into the clouds where all your dreams can exist. The lofty side of you means you often lean toward the creative–art, literature, and music–drive you, although you’re more likely to work behind the scenes than be front and center. You crave companionship and deep connections with people and will always choose intimate conversations over shallow chatter. You’re more concerned with enjoying work than making money, as channeling compassion into your work fills you with a sense of purpose. A deep intuition stirs inside you, one that can manifest in the form of religious interests or more mystical hobbies.


While you enjoy conversation and giving advice to those closest to you, your kindness often means that you don’t know when to raise boundaries and turn yourself off. Your best-suited relationships–both in love and friendship–are the ones where your connection runs deep enough that the other person inherently knows when to stop pressing you for advice. Issues arise when people take advantage of your kindness and don’t know when to back off and give you the space to emotionally reset. You dislike too much rationality and logic, and as a result, you can lack self-discipline and become your own worst enemy. Confrontation is a struggle for you, and you dislike people who are aggressive or overly critical of you.

How Pisces’ Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

You’re driven by your heart, which makes relationships incredibly intimate experiences that can simultaneously uproot and change your life. When it comes to dating, you refuse to skim the surface. You’re not the kind of person to talk about the weather on a first date, but instead, jump head first and dive deep into the personal. Nothing is off the table for the Pisces. Big questions–politics, religion, the meaning of life–connect you to others, which, while fascinating to you, might be a bit heavy too early on for other signs.

What to Watch Out for When Dating a Pisces

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single adult with a few relationships under your belt or connected to a long-term relationship with a partner. As a Pisces, you’ve probably struggled with a common theme: your tendency toward idealism. This isn’t a negative, per se. You see the world through rose-colored glasses, and it’s one of the things people love about you. You bring out the best in people. However, this can backfire when issues arise, forcing you out of the clouds and back onto the ground, where reality sometimes feels like a smack in the face.

Pisces Relationships Preferences

Perfection doesn’t exist. You know this logically. Accepting it emotionally is a bit more of a struggle. Because you dislike confrontation and criticism, you tend to shut down when you disagree with your partner. It’s easier to think the best and harder to acknowledge the flaws–in your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. While you crave a deep connection with others, you’re quick to lose hope when you discover that relationships aren’t always carried by those initial butterflies. As a result, you sometimes assume the mentality that the grass is greener on the other side. Until you accept that all relationships have ups and downs, you may be keen on hopping from one relationship to another in search of a perfection you know doesn’t exist deep down.

Tips for Keeping Pisces Engaged and Interested

While you enjoy in-depth conversations about more abstract concepts like philosophy, art, and creativity, at the end of the day, Pisces value a genuine connection over anything else. You despise people who take advantage of others, and kindness and an open, honest spirit, goes a long way to keeping a Pisces in your life.

Pisces Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

As a water sign, you have a go-with-the-flow nature, but that doesn’t mean you connect with everyone. Like water rolling downhill, you jive effortlessly with earth signs–Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Although you’re capable of jiving with other water signs, like Cancer and Scorpio, sometimes more abrasive signs will find your open nature a bit too much to bear.

Most Compatible

Least Compatible

Pisces – The Epilogue

Half a pint of mint chocolate ice cream later, your friend is still spilling their heart out about their breakup. You’re used to this with most of your friends, especially during life-changing events. You’re the one people come to when they need a helping hand, a hug, or just someone to listen to them.

You really don’t mind because, as a Pisces, you love connecting with people on a deep level like this and seeing beneath the surface. The only downside is that you’re starting to feel exhausted, your heart straining, twisting with pain as you watch your friend cry.

You can feel her pain, and while understanding what she’s going through allows you the best opportunity to give the right advice, you still need to figure out how to find that balance of telling her when enough is enough…because the truth is, you have a new boyfriend. It’s Valentine’s Day, and you already have plans with him…but that’s the problem with being a Pisces. Sometimes you just care too much.