Libra Relationship Compatibility: Sept 23rd – Oct 22nd


The shout echoes across the living room, your voice hoarse as you scream your opinion. You’ve landed the nail on the head; there is no coming back from this. You are right. End of story. But your friend has another thing up their sleeve. The insult they hurl at you lands, ripping a gasp out of your chest. Oh, hell no. Sure, you may be arguing about the difference between Marvel movies and the DC Universe at a birthday party your friend is throwing for their three-year-old chihuahua.

You’re being ridiculous, but you don’t care. This matters. This is important. And no, it has nothing to do with the three bottles of champagne you had at brunch on an empty stomach. You need to prove a point here, and your friend is refusing to understand this, and not only that but the rest of the group, all equally as drunk as you, are chiming in with their own opinions, which is only heating up this debate.

Don’t they get it? Wonder Woman from the DC universe is the best superhero alive, and she is better than all the Avengers from Marvel combined.

Black Woman Smiling - Balance - Libra

Only one of your friends has been quiet this entire time. And you know why. Not only does she hate confrontation, but she is a skilled mediator, one who speaks only when she’s ready to give an opinion — an opinion that often silences the debate, once and for all. Suddenly, your silent friend stands, and you immediately fall quiet because you know what’s coming.

Enter the Libra.

Libra Traits

Oh, Libra, you, like your symbol–the scales of justice–are all about balance. Balance in life, in friendship and love, in the weighing of your decisions. You strive for this internal harmony, convinced that once you master it within yourself, you can exude this peace outwardly and affect it in all aspects of your life. You’re not controlling in the slightest, but you strive for a semblance of peace and will make an effort to establish that vibe wherever you go.

You carefully weigh each option for every decision you make, studying every angle. Sometimes you stay in this in-between place, content to watch the world unfold from an unbiased perspective. But when you do make a decision, choosing the perspective you favor, you double down, settling like concrete. There’s no backing down once you, Libra, have made up your mind.

Libra’s Likes & Dislikes

While you are great at bringing balance and harmony into other people’s lives, your challenge comes in finding balance within your own life. It’s much easier for you to form opinions and make decisions when it comes to other people, but when the job falls on the choices in your own life, you hem and haw, becoming indecisive and uncertain about how to proceed. When it comes to the choices that will affect your own life, you often feel it’s safer to stay in the middle ground between options, where all possibilities exist as potential, and you don’t need to worry about making the wrong choice.


You love beauty in all its forms–nature, art, literature, mathematics, and even the human body (sometimes a bit too much.) Like most things in life, when you decide you like something, you don’t just dip your toe in the game. You’re all in, submerging yourself in the experience. If you like to cook, then you know you do it well, and you don’t hold back on adding all the possible flavors. You enjoy pleasant, harmonious surroundings in your work and home life, and you enjoy playing peacemaker, whether it be in the political debates with your family at Thanksgiving dinner or tossing around ideas at work with your peers. You’re an excellent strategist and understand the power of suggestion.


Although you’re courteous and naturally friendly, you’re definitely not a pushover, Libra. You know how to get what you want, but you go about it without confrontation, usually depending on diplomacy and your quick wit to weave your way into the ideal situations. While you are more moderate in your opinions on the matters of other people when it comes to your own personal interests, you know what you like. You adamantly refuse to put yourself in situations you dislike–usually anything crude, challenging, or downright obnoxious. And while you’re good at mediating arguments for other people, when it comes to the direct confrontation of conflict, a fight with a spouse, or someone blaming you for your actions, you tend to shut down. You’d rather walk around the personal issue to figure out how to solve it than confront it head-on.

How Libra’s Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

You, Libra, enjoy companionship and sharing your interest with others. Like the balance of scales, you need an equal amount of alone time and time with your partner, although you find you tend to work better as a team. Once someone has won your heart, however, you’re loyal and considerate, always attempting to keep the harmony to avoid hurt feelings that could lead to the confrontation you dislike. You’re a bit of a flirt and have fun with grand romantic gestures.

What to Watch Out for When Dating a Libra

If there’s one thing you know, Libra, it’s that people shouldn’t underestimate your propensity for harmony and peace. You’ve probably had your fair share of experiences where people attempt to take advantage of you, and from trial and error, much like weighing the balance on a scale, you’ve learned where your boundaries lie. This doesn’t mean you’re perfect–you still struggle with expressing yourself when someone is angry or upset by something you said or did–but you’ve come a long way.

You need a partner who is patient and understands that the key to getting you to open up and be vulnerable is not through aggression, but rather through kindness and understanding, and giving you the space to work through your thoughts. Your partner should also be aware that you will sometimes push for harmony to avoid fights, even if you don’t necessarily think you’re in the wrong.

Libra’s Relationships Preferences

You’re a loyal one, Libra, someone who prefers the balance of partnerships. You flourish in long-term relationships, and that’s always one of your goals. You’re quick to apologize if things get out of balance, and although you know how to take responsibility for your mistakes, this doesn’t make you a pushover. You’ll stand up for what you believe in, but you’re for balance will sometimes make it, so you have difficulty leaving a relationship even after it has run its course. This is especially more common if the person you’re seeing is kind-hearted, someone whose feelings you don’t want to hurt. If the person is attempting to take advantage of you, however, it may take you some time, but eventually, you will recognize it.

Whether it’s a friendship or romantic relationship, if someone mistakenly sees your desire for peace as a lack of self-respect, you will eventually learn how to close the door in their face before they attempt to walk all over you. And even better, you’ll do it calmly, acknowledging their actions like a judge giving a sentence on trial, because at the end of the day, you know that if it’s between harmony and being in a relationship, you will choose to be alone and be happy over being with someone and being miserable.

Tips for Keeping Libra Engaged and Interested

Libras like you enjoy the finer things in life. This means you crave a balance when it comes to dating. You want to be wooed, but you also enjoy the comfort of relaxing with your significant other. If it’s a date night, you expect to be treated or treat others with respect and kindness and have fun planning elaborate dates that may be on the pricey side. However, you’re totally fine just staying at home with your partner, but that doesn’t mean you’ll go on those dates half-hearted, either. You expect your love’s full attention on date nights, whether it’s watching movies with your phones off, or cooking a delicious meal together.

Libra’s Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

You’re a sociable one, Libra, and you can get along with just everyone. This is because you have a balanced mindset most zodiac signs lack. You can see things from other people’s perspectives without getting emotionally entangled in the issue. However, you find you jive best with people who reflect your refined tastes, and you enjoy dipping your toes in the nicer things in life. An earth sign can offer a grounding basis to keep you connected, while a water sign may represent the fluidity of emotions you sometimes struggle to express. Either way, you’ll find reasons to enjoy every sign you sync up with, although when it comes to love, fire signs may be a bit too intense for your more balanced perspective.

Most Compatible

Least Compatible

Libra – The Epilogue

Your ability to command a room’s attention is probably one of the reasons everyone in your life thinks you should have been an attorney. Granted, you’re a schoolteacher, and mediating five and six-year-olds is just as much work. In fact, that’s why you do so well with this friend group. When their drunken arguments devolve into the difference between Wonder Woman’s superpowers and Captain America’s shield, you’re pretty much dealing with children. Much like your attempts to resolve your arguments with your boyfriend, you take a step back, detach emotionally and repeat what everyone else has said back to them.

Something about this simple tactic immediately calms everyone down, and when you remind them that the superheroes are characters and not worth arguing about, everyone seems to agree. Granted, you know Wonder Woman is better–but you know better than to mention that when everyone is drunk. You’ll save your opinions for a time when they won’t create even more chaos.