Taurus Relationship Compatibility: April 20th-May 20th


It’s the summer, and you’re ready to get out in the heat–and show off the CrossFit body you’ve been working on for the last six months. For the Fourth of July, you and your friends rent the same lake house you’ve been staying at every year, but this time, instead of just a new bathing suit, you’re bringing a new sidepiece. FINALLY.

You love your friends, but as the perpetually single one, it can be exhausting being the asterisk, the afterthought, on the guest list of couples when you travel. Not only do you always get the couch–as if being single means you’re incapable of sleeping in a regular bed–but you can’t stand always being in the middle of your couple’s friends’ arguments.

And while arguments between your friends don’t always happen on these trips, when they do, you tend to find yourself smack dab in the middle, as if being alone automatically makes you an unbiased mediator. Alas, not anymore! Nuh, uh, no way. Because this time, you brought K.

And he’s unlike anyone you’ve ever dated.

Person Lying on Hammock - Mountain View - Taurus

Not only does he insist on going grocery shopping before you get to the house–something you didn’t even consider–he’s brought a handful of board games and brewed his own beer for when you go boating. But it doesn’t stop there. When your married friends start fighting, what does he do? Listens to them! And gives advice. Good advice, even. And when you wake up the following day, where do you find him? Out on the back porch, doing downward dog and meditating in the grass?

Who is this guy, and why does he make your anxiety feel like a bad dream you no longer have?

Enter the Taurus.

Taurus’ Traits

Whereas Aries is out pioneering new lands, you, Taurus, are settling and cultivating the land. As a Taurus, you are very much like Ferdinand, your symbol–the bull. You enjoy being in nature, napping whenever you can, and connecting to the world around you. Calm is your go-to nature, and people flock to you for your earthly vibes. But those who know you best are aware that your kindness doesn’t mean they can take advantage of you. Throw you in a ring, wave a red flag, and attempt to stab you with a spiked stick? Oh, no, you don’t. You have another thing coming.

Taurus’ Likes & Dislikes

As a Taurean (yes, that is a word because you say it is), your stability is matched only by your stubbornness. You play the long game in life; your endurance, perseverance, and determination make you the most grounded of the zodiac signs. You are loyal, not just in your relationships and professional goals but in your own interests. Not easily swayed by the opinions of others, you enjoy what you enjoy, and as long as it’s not hurting others, you couldn’t care much what they think about it. This balanced idealism is reflected in your mentality as well. While you keep your feet on the ground, you don’t hesitate to look to the stars to guide you where you want to go in life.


Whereas your opposite, Aries, is the most impatient sign, you possess every ounce they lack. Your perseverance makes you ideal at finishing projects others have started, and you give considerable thought to everything you do. You’re not quite as much of a perfectionist as a Virgo, but you pride yourself in your skills and like producing quality in your personal and professional life. You care about your body and are probably active, your interests leaning toward nature: rock climbing, yoga, camping. While you are frivolous and enjoy material security, you have refined tastes and won’t hesitate to spend money on specific things you appreciate.


You don’t like it when people play games with you, mainly because you can see right through to the heart of what they’re doing. And you know something they don’t. Not only are you stubborn, but you don’t like to lose, and this combination means that instead of walking away from drama, you’ll play the long game when it comes to getting the upper hand. It’s the bull in you, the part that won’t hold back if you’re provoked. While you don’t seek out confrontation, you’re not going to just let someone walk all over you, either. However, your methods are more careful and practiced. You sit back and wait for the perfect opportunity to point out someone’s inauthenticity because if there’s one thing you can stand, it’s disingenuous motives. And when someone stabs you in the back–they better watch out because you have two horns and four hooves, and you won’t hold back.

How Taurus’ Traits Apply to Romance and Dating

Words of affirmation are definitely not your love language. Like the silence of nature you enjoy spending time in, you show your affection in love in other ways. Gift giving, sometimes–but acts of service are definitely your go-to. You think before you speak; the same is said with your actions. You’re subtle in your affection, but what you see on the outside doesn’t always indicate everything you’re feeling because, Taurus, when you fall hard, there’s no getting up.

What to Watch Out for When Dating a Taurus

You don’t like it when people assume how you’re feeling, and it can be frustrating when people you’re dating question your feelings for them. Just because you’re not constantly reminding them that you love them doesn’t mean you’re considering a breakup. You express yourself in your actions, often making sex the best opportunity to express yourself. But when you’re not relying on your sensuality, you show your love in other ways by taking out their trash, cooking them dinner, and changing their oil. You need a partner who accepts that your occasional silence is not bad but a sign that you, Taurus, are extra comfortable in their presence.

Taurus Relationships Preferences

Like the grass you meditate on, you drop your roots deep when it comes to love, Taurus. Although you may be the least physically affectionate of the zodiac signs, you feel deeper than most. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, you dream of your soulmate when you’re single, and you can’t stop smiling when you meet them. You prefer genuine, long-term connections and often feel most grounded in the company of your partner. This isn’t bad for your significant other, as you’re not the kind to stray, but you need to be careful, Taurus. Your desire to settle down can often lead to just that–settling with the wrong match. Don’t stay just for the sake of being in a relationship, because at the end of the day, like Ferdinand the bull, you do know how to be alone.

Tips for Keeping a Taurus Engaged and Interested

As one of the more grounded signs, you, Taurus, don’t require much to stay engaged. As long as there is a connection, you’ll find satisfaction with your partner, whether taking a walk on a warm night, going to the movies or laying in bed and listening to music — conversation and company matter more than what you’re actually doing. But your ability to fall hard and long for your partner means you don’t have time for people willing to stray. What others may perceive as possessive, you see as self-respect. You don’t date multiple people simultaneously, and if you find your love is dipping their toes into an emotional affair, you won’t wait around to find out if it will become more. Consistency and honesty are imperative for you when it comes to love.

Taurus’ Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

As stable as a rock in a moving river, you attract all types of signs in the zodiac. Water flows to you, air skims your surface, and fire cannot burn you. Still, your groundedness means that the spark of fire signs may prove too much for your slower-paced, more relaxed mentality, and air signs, like Gemini, Libra, and Saggitarius may prove too back and forth your tempered, even nature.

Most Compatible

Least Compatible

Taurus’ in Love – The Epilogue

After finishing your sunrise yoga and meditation, you pick a handful of daisies growing in a nearby field and head into the lake house to make breakfast for the house before everyone wakes up. The couple you gave advice to last night must have made up because their late-night symphony kept you awake–but you don’t mind. You’re a light sleeper and a morning person anyway–the world is too beautiful to miss. You’re just happy to be in nature and even better than that, a pretty lady has invited you here, and as far as you can tell, it appears that she accepts you just the way you are. And what’s this? She’s already at the stove, cooking you breakfast. Uh-oh. She speaks your language. Now you know you’re in trouble.