The Best Dating Apps for Each Enneagram Type


There truly is a dating app for everything and everyone. No matter what you’re looking for online and who you are, it’s incredibly comforting to know that there is a perfect dating app out there for you. 

And honestly, we’re here for this dating app revolution and everything dating apps have done to promote love and make it easier to find someone.  

If you’re wondering how to find the best dating apps that will serve you well, we’re here to help.

How to Choose a Dating App for You

When you’re choosing which dating app you’d like to go on and which app will cater to who you are as a person and how you interact with the world, it’s essential that you know yourself and you know what will and won’t work for you. 

One of the best ways to know these details about yourself and how you will act in certain situations, especially surrounding dating, is to know your Enneagram type.  

The Enneagram is one of the most helpful personality tests anyone can take to better understand how their brains work, their deepest desires, and other aspects of their personality. 

While there is no end of different personality tests that people can go to in order to learn more about themselves, we love the Enneagram, specifically when it comes to dating and online dating. The Enneagram test results are highly insightful for how each Enneagram number reacts to certain situations and how they communicate with the world around them. 

When you’re wondering what dating app you should choose and which platform will make you feel the most comfortable, consider your Enneagram number. 

Knowing your Enneagram number will help you in nearly every aspect of your life, and it will help provide clarity for how you want to be treated and how best to interact with the world around you. 

While there are personality-based dating apps that you can explore and where your personality test results will be on full display, there is something to be said about applying what you know about your type to the dating app you choose. 

It’s true; there is an app for everything, and dating apps are wonderfully inclusive and brilliant when it comes to providing their users with everything they could possibly need to succeed with online dating. But there’s something to be said about the power of choosing a dating app that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle and will serve you well. 

If you’re curious about what dating app you should invest your time and energy into based on your Enneagram number, keep reading!

Enneagram One — eHarmony

Enneagram Ones are focused, detail-oriented, and perfectionists. This Enneagram type doesn’t beat around the bush, and they never do anything halfway. If an Enneagram One is going to start online dating, they’re going to go all in. 

That’s one of the reasons that eHarmony is the top choice for Enneagram Ones. 

Enneagram Ones strive to be perfect and to create an ideal environment around them. Because of this, they want perfection and attentiveness regarding how their dating app is run. 

eHarmony is one of the best and most trusted dating apps on the market. It is a reliable starting point for many long-term and serious relationships. Because the app has been around for a while, the creators know what works and what doesn’t, making it the perfect dating app.

If you’re an Enneagram One and looking for perfection, look at eHarmony. 

In the world of online dating, it can be challenging for users to find a dating app that reaches out past the screen and the algorithm and actually connects to its users. 

Enneagram Two — Bumble 

For relationship-based Enneagram Twos, connectivity and person-ability are imperative factors for their dating app experience. That’s why we suggest that Enneagram Twos should download Bumble

Bumble is one of the most influential dating apps on the market right now. Bumble goes further than most dating apps, asking its users to connect and love each other. 

The app was initially created to be a women-only compliments-based app, but it soon evolved into what it is today. That being said, the original point of Bumble still reigns true to all that the app is now, and many people who are on the app are met with more love and acceptance than they would be on any other app. 

Bumble users can create and cultivate deep connections with each other on the app, and caring relationships are the cornerstone of how Bumble functions, just like they are with Enneagram Twos.

Enneagram Three – Hinge

Enneagram Threes love to find success in everything they do; because of that, they should spend their time on one of the most successful dating apps. 

Hinge is the “dating app designed to be deleted,” and it lives up to that slogan. Hinge is one of the more fast-paced dating apps on the market right now because the creators know that their users want to get on the app, find success, and get off. 

If you’re an Enneagram Three, you’ll know that everything you do often has a purpose and value to it. You don’t want to waste your time or others’ time, especially with something as valuable and important as finding someone to date.

That’s why Hinge is the best app for Enneagram Threes. It’s proven successful, and it’s one of the best apps on the market. This success mirrors the Three, and it makes this pairing perfect. 

Enneagram Fours — OkayCupid

Enneagram Fours are the free spirits and the most romantic types on the Enneagram. Because of this, they might feel as though the epic love story that they deserve might be limited when they’re on a dating app. 

And while the classic epic love story might need to be updated a bit to involve a dating app romance, Enneagram Fours will be able to find the happily ever after they’ve always dreamed of with the help of OkCupid.

OkCupid is not like other dating apps. The interface is adorable and doesn’t look like any of the other dating apps people are familiar with, which is very important to an Enneagram Four. 

OkCupid is also an inclusive and artistic space for all different kinds of people with different sexual and gender identities to meet online. This inclusive and expressive space is perfect for the Enneagram Four to feel as though they can really connect with someone in this place. 

Although the app functions like most typical dating apps, it’s perfect for the individualist of the Enneagram. 

Enneagram Five — Kipppo

Enneagram Fives are some of the most interesting people online. Fives are naturally introverted and introspective people. Because of their nature, they often find themselves getting lost in their own worlds. 

Fives often get invested in fandoms, games, and other activities that take a lot of time and energy to get into. This type is usually referred to as the nerds of the world, and they love it. 

Because Fives don’t necessarily like to go out in order to find love and they’re so dedicated to the things that already have their interest, it’s wise for this type to try Kippo as their dating app. 

Kippo is one of the most unique dating apps on the market. The app promises to match people up based on their favorite games and interests. In short, it’s the perfect dating app for people who love fandoms and love being in a community with like-minded individuals. 

If you’re an Enneagram Five and you’re looking for the perfect dating app to express yourself on, try Kippo. 

Enneagram Six — Coffee Meets Bagel

Enneagram Sixes are people who are dedicated loyalists who crave connection with those they love. 

Sixes are anxious people who don’t do too well in high-stress environments, which is one of the reasons why typical dating apps might not work well with them.

Enter Coffee Meets Bagel. Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app where users don’t have to swipe on each other in order to connect. Instead, the app will provide you with new matches based on its algorithm, and you can choose whether you want to connect with those matches. 

This algorithm-based dating app is perfect for Sixes who might feel anxious about dating apps and about the thought of swiping right or left on certain people. 

Enneagram Seven — Fairytrail

Known for being highly adventurous risk-takers, Enneagram Sevens won’t be kept down, nor will they stay in one place. That’s why adventure and travel-based dating apps are the best bet for this Enneagram type. 

While many Enneagram Sevens would prefer casual dating apps, like Tinder because many Sevens don’t like being tied down to a commitment. Fairytrial works perfectly for this type. 

Fairytrail allows its users to meet one another while they’re on their own adventures and traveling through the world. This is one of the few dating apps that doesn’t require users to stay in one place in order to find the perfect match. Instead, it encourages them to go out and explore life for all that it’s worth. 

Enneagram Eight — Tinder

Enneagram Eights love a challenge and a fast-paced environment. That is just who they are and what keeps them motivated. If you want to get an Eight interested in anything, tell them that it’s a game or give them a challenge, and then they’ll do it. 

Because of this thrust for adventure that Eights have inside of them, Tinder is the perfect app that matches their needs.

Tinder is very similar to the Enneagram Eight. It was one of the first dating apps on the market, and it acknowledges that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. 

Finding a match on Tinder is fast-paced and high-stakes. You might match with someone one day, but if you aren’t forward with your feelings and don’t act on your match, the connection will fizzle away quickly. 

The main reason we recommend that Enneagram Eights give Tinder a shot is that it offers them the challenge they need to stay interested and invested. 

Enneagram Nine —

Enneagram Nines are notorious for being go-with-the-flow kinds of people. Nines are also called the peacemakers of the Enneagram and don’t like to rock the boat or do anything too out of the ordinary that might make them uncomfortable.

Nines are the stable pillars of society. And because of that, they need a stable and well-reputable dating app to find love on. 

That’s why is the top dating app choice for Enneagram Nines. has been around longer than almost every other dating app currently on the market, and it’s been proven to help millions of people fall in love. For a Nine who doesn’t appreciate having their day or their peace interrupted, is also available as a website, so your matches won’t constantly be blowing up your phone. also does a lot of work finding the perfect matches for their users. The app and the website are well known, always there, and not problematic, much like the easy-going Nines that we’re recommending the app for. 

If you’re an Enneagram Nine who hasn’t had success or hasn’t felt comfortable with the fast-paced environment of some other dating apps, try 

A Final Word of Encouragement

The good news about dating apps is that they are built and created for you. These apps are not self-serving, but instead, they’re made to be intelligent matchmakers that allow their users to find their happily ever after every time they log into a new dating app. 

Suppose you’re currently trying to figure out what kind of dating app you should invest your time into and haven’t thought about incorporating what you know about your Enneagram type into the decision-making process. In that case, you might want to think about it. 

If you’ve read this far and you’re not sure if our statements about which apps should go with which number work for you or if you think that you would do better on an app, even though, as a whole, other people who share your Enneagram number might thrive on a specific app, then go for it!

The entire point of the Enneagram is to provide you with a map you can use to navigate the world. You are still an individual; your entire personality cannot be bottled up into one paragraph or Enneagram number. 

We just encourage people to consider their numbers when they’re looking for a dating app that will fit their needs. 

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