The Great Dating App Experiment: I Tried 7 Apps in 7 Days and Here’s What Happened


You did what? I know what you’re thinking. Why would you ever put yourself through such torture? Or maybe you’re thinking, how fun! I guess it depends on where you stand when it comes to dating and how you feel about meeting up with strangers on apps. 

That’s not to say I actually met up with a date every single one of these days. Or did I? And which apps did I choose? Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? For the allure of the story. The fun. The tea! So grab your popcorn and get ready for a rollercoaster ride as I take you on my journey of ‘The Great Dating App Experiment!’ 

Cue dramatic music. Picture this: a brave soul armed with a smartphone and a thirst for adventure, free drinks, and maybe a little smoochy smoochy. Yep, I did it. I dove headfirst into the wild and wacky world of online dating apps, doing the research and hard work so you don’t have to. 

So which app takes the cake? Which do I recommend? And which one got me a second date? Let’s find out.

But first, the ground rules. The foundation and skeleton necessary before making any decisions. In order for this to work, I needed to make a profile for each of these apps or sites, and let me tell you–that can be time-consuming on its own. Girl’s gotta eat, and I was not taking a full week off of work for this. 

So the week prior, in my free time, I downloaded all the apps, signed up for the sites–and made the necessary profile. That way, I already had things set up come the day I was ready to try out each app.

And to make it easy, each day correlated with a specific app. Any messages I received post that particular day, I had to ignore. Meaning I only had twenty-four hours (and let’s be real, more like eight) to play around on the app and see what I could find. 

Now a disclaimer: Other than setting up my profile ahead of time, I wanted to get the full experience of what someone may experience upon first using each app, which is why I limited it to one day each. 

woman smiling inside heart

For that reason, individual experiences may differ based on the allocated time you give to each. Obviously, the more you use an app, the more likely you’ll have matches. So this was just my experience–specifically the experience of what you might expect from using a dating app for one day. 

Which dating apps are more likely to get you matches the day the of? 

Did I strike up conversations on each? Which app landed me a date? 

Where did I find the most chemistry? 

These were just some of my anthropologic questions I asked myself at the end of each day. So get ready to see the world of online dating in one week through my eyes. 

And while I will be listing my experience as the day of, I’ll also be discussing any special features with the sign-up process, which technically I did the week before. 

Also, spoiler alert: I’m a skeptical optimist, so don’t be surprised if I come into each day with doubtful hope on the menu. Doesn’t make sense. Well, then, you clearly haven’t dated enough. Here you go, friend, one week, seven dating apps. Let’s dig in. 

Dating App Experiment Day 1: Zoosk–Where Robots Come in Handy

Once upon a time in the kingdom of online dating, I decided to embark on an adventure that maybe I’d regret, maybe I’d enjoy. Who knows? I decided to make Zoosk the dating app for Day one, because it starts with Z, the last letter of the alphabet. Don’t question my tactics! 

Zoosk was an interesting one to start with, and I have to admit, it left the bar quite high. However, I’ll admit, I did sign up for the paid subscription so I could see everything this puppy can really do. And boy, was it a lot.

When you sign up for Zoosk, you’re prompted to fill out a questionnaire that helps the app gather information about you and your preferences. This questionnaire is designed to gather insights into your personality, interests, relationship goals, and preferences in a potential partner. 

zoosk app icon

The cool thing about Zoosk–the paid version at least–is its SmartPick feature, a unique behavioral matchmaking system that gets to know you as an individual. It tracks your interactions and behavior on the app, studying your conversations, your profile likes, and your interactions with other users. 

It then collects this information to send you compatible matches–and the more you use the app, the more refined and ideally compatible these users become. So yeah, obviously this is challenging since I only had one day to use the app. 

To get the best matches, I’d want to continue to use it. But let me tell you, in one short day, the app suggested a handful of individuals that immediately sparked my interest. 

It’s like it absorbed my questionnaire into an invisible database and connected me with people who had also written similar answers. This personalized dating experience is all because of their AI matchmaking algorithm. Yep, a robot in your pocket.

Zoosk also offered a Carousel feature, that was like a merry-go-round of potential matches, each profile appearing like a magical creature waiting to be discovered. But unlike normal swiping apps, I could click yes, no, or maybe–and each time I did this, I essentially clarified to the algorithm more of what I was looking for in a partner. 

I matched with three people on my first day on Zoosk, and each resulted in genuinely interesting conversations I thoroughly enjoyed. With the ability to send virtual gifts and playful emojis, my conversations turned into a whimsical dance of entertainment and interest. 

While I didn’t meet up with anyone on my first day on Zoosk, one of my matches asked me out. And although I did not reveal to him why I was busy for the next week, the app, and our conversation, sparked my interest enough that I agreed to meet up in the future. 

the verdict

The Verdict? 

Engaging, personalized, and full of potential–if you continue to use it.

Dating App Experiment Day 2: eHarmony – Where Compatibility Takes Center Stage

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for eharmony. It’s been around a long time, and I guess I just had a preconceived notion about it. But as I ventured into the realm of eharmony, I’ll admit, I was immediately captivated by its unique compatibility-based matching system. 

Similar to Zoosk, eharmony offered a detailed questionnaire that delved into my personality traits, values, and relationship preferences. It felt like a journey of self-discovery as I answered thought-provoking questions that aimed to uncover the essence of who I am and what I sought in a partner.

eharmony app icon

With great anticipation, I eagerly awaited my matches on eharmony. And when they arrived, the app presented me with a curated selection of profiles that aligned closely with my values, interests, and relationship goals. 

It was as if eharmony had cracked the code to finding meaningful connections based on true compatibility.

As I engaged in conversations with my matches, I quickly discovered that eharmony’s matching system had indeed worked its magic. 

However, my one hesitation about the app? Everyone was very vocal about wanting to be in a committed relationship right from the start. This app is definitely about finding long-term relationships, and while it was a necessary app to try out for the purpose of this blog, I’m still in the process of figuring out exactly what I want in the dating sphere, so I did not agree to go on any dates. 

the verdict

The Verdict? 

With its focus on building lasting connections rooted in compatibility, shared values, and mutual understanding, eharmony prioritizes meaningful bonds. If a long-term committed relationship is what you’re looking for, then eharmony is for you. 

Dating App Experiment Day 3: SugarDaddie – Oh so Sweet?

Similarly to how I tried out eharmony without necessarily wanting a long-term relationship, I decided to I needed to give a try, even though I’m not actually looking for a sugar daddy (there are sugar mommas ,too!). 

So with a mix of curiosity and intrigue, I embarked on Day 3 of my dating adventure, delving into the world of sugar dating. This unique dating app caters to a specific niche, bringing together individuals seeking mutually beneficial relationships. 

It was definitely unlike any other app I had encountered thus far. Its target audience consisted of successful and generous individuals (typically older, wealthier men) looking to support and pamper their partners (usually younger, attractive women). 

Essentially, it’s companionship in exchange for financial stability. It was a world that challenged traditional dating dynamics, where both parties were transparent about their expectations from the beginning.

The conversations I experienced were, how do I put it? Definitely the most honest and transparent ones I’ve had on any dating app. That’s not to say it was inappropriate. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

The app encourages users to outline their boundaries, set their expectations and rely on honesty, first and foremost, even before meeting in person. But be prepared: there’s a wealth verification system, meaning if you want to sign up as a sugar daddy, you’ll need to prove you make X amount to be able to have a profile. 

And if you’d like to be a Sugar baby, then make sure you know what you’re looking for and the kind of relationship you’d like to foster. It encouraged individuals to challenge societal norms and embrace unconventional relationships that were built on mutual respect and understanding.  

the verdict

The Verdict? 

It was essential to navigate sugar dating conversations with sensitivity and respect to ensure a genuine connection based on mutual consent and understanding. 

While it may not be a fit for everyone, provides a unique space for individuals seeking alternative connections of companionship and fulfillment. 

Dating App Experiment Day 4: Hinge – Where Meaningful Connections Just Connect

As I ventured into Day 4 of my dating escapades, I found myself immersed in the captivating world of Hinge. I’ll be transparent, I didn’t expect to actually go out with anyone after a single day of talking to someone. 

But Hinge changed that for me. This unique app stood out with its focus on building meaningful connections and fostering genuine relationships. It’s incredibly user-friendly and gives you a good idea of the people you’re talking to before you even embark on conversation. 

Hinge Logo

I encountered individuals who were genuinely interested in getting to know me beyond surface-level conversations. The app’s design encouraged users to engage with each other’s prompts and spark conversations based on shared interests and intriguing responses. 

It felt like a breath of fresh air, a combination of genuine conversation without the pressure of wondering what it needed to be. Long story short, I ended up grabbing drinks at the local brewery by my house and had a great night of playing Battleship. And yes, there may have been some smoochy smoochy involved.

the verdict

The Verdict?

Tinder meets eharmony. Enough said.

Dating App Experiment Day 5: Tinder – Unleashing the World of Casual Connections

Oh, Tinder, the OG, but also the app of reputation. On Day 5 of my dating expedition, I found myself in the thrilling realm of this popular app, known for its vast user base and casual nature. 

It promised not only an abundance of potential matches but also exciting encounters. With a mix of curiosity and suspicion, I delved into the vibrant world to see what the fuss was all about.

Tinder’s popularity was clear from the start. It seemed like everyone I knew had a story or two to share about their experiences on the app prior to me using it, and I recognized at least half a dozen people on the app. 

Tinder Icon

Its effortless swiping nature puts the emphasis on superficial attraction (and fish pics), making it easy to waste time and also find matches. And matches I found. Out of the seven men I matched with, four said ‘hey,’ two didn’t respond to me, and the one guy I matched with, well, our conversation went like this: 


Him: Hey, how’s it going? (Step up from hey, atleast.)

Me: I’m good! Your dog’s adorable. 

Him: Thanks

Me:  So what do you do for work?

Him: The usual. 

And that was it. I wish I was joking. I waited to see if he would say more, but he didn’t, and I lost interest pretty quickly. 

the verdict

The Verdict?

Maybe my experience was just because I only used the app for a day. Or maybe it speaks to a larger outlook on the casual nature of Tinder. Jury’s still out on this one.

Dating App Experiment Day 6: Bumble – Empowering Women to Take the Lead

As I embarked on Day 6 of my dating expedition, I found myself immersed in the empowering realm of Bumble, and this one I was excited for. 

This unique app flipped the traditional dating dynamic on its head by giving women the power to make the first move. The woman who created it used to work for Tinder, believe it or not. 

With a newfound sense of confidence, I dove into the world of Bumble, eager to explore the possibilities that awaited. It was a little intimidating having to send the first message, but also kind of cool. 

Bumble Icon

In one day, I matched with four people, but of those four, three never responded. Men have twenty-four hours to respond back to you, the woman, reaching out, otherwise the match with disappear and the men won’t be able to communicate with you again. 

The guy who did respond was pretty cool. The conversation was easy; I liked his profile, and we chatted for almost an hour. However, he didn’t ask me out. And maybe this mistake was on me. 

On an app that gives women the power to make the first move, maybe I should have made the first move to ask him out, too. 

the verdict

The Verdict?

Definitely potential! As a woman, don’t be afraid to take the first move all the way through. And for men? Just because the woman starts the conversation, you can still ask them out.

Dating App Experiment Day 7: OkCupid – Where Personalization Meets Deep Connections

My final day on my Great Dating App Experiment arrived! And there was a part of me that was actually sad it was ending. 

It was definitely not as scary as I’d expected, that’s for sure. I had no expectations for this last dating app, OkCupid, as I didn’t know anyone who had used it, and had never tried it out before. 

As I embarked on the final day of my dating adventure, I found myself diving into the next dating app. So, with an open mind, I delved straight into OkCupid, eager to explore the possibilities that lie ahead. 

This unique app stood out immediately with its extensive profile customization options and in-depth matching system. The app allowed users to express their personalities and preferences through detailed profile sections and a wide range of prompts. It was a playground for self-expression, where I could curate a profile that truly reflected who I am. 

The app’s in-depth matching system was equally impressive. OkCupid analyzed my responses to thought-provoking questions and used them to generate compatibility ratings with other users. It went beyond superficial characteristics, aiming to match individuals based on shared interests, beliefs, and values.

the verdict

The Verdict?

While I had a few matches and some nice conversations, I didn’t feel any spark. However, I got the vibe that this is the kind of app that takes more time to get to know people, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

The potential exists if you invest the time. But isn’t that true with all things in life? 


Well, there you have it, folks! “The Great Dating App Experiment” was seven very interesting days, some more interesting than others. 

It was an exhilarating journey through the diverse and captivating world of online dating that truly showed me not all apps are made equal. It’s just about your preference. 

dating app takeaways

Throughout this experiment, I witnessed the power of Zoosk’s Artificial Intelligence behavioral matchmaking algorithm, which rivaled eharmony’s compatibility-based matching system. 

With SugarDaddie, I discovered that mutually beneficial relationships are boldly blunt, in a uniquely refreshing way. My Hinge date bought me drinks, beat me at Battleship, kissed me goodnight, and then never messaged me again. 

Tinder proved a lot more boring than I expected, while Bumble and OKCupid had some solid potential.

So what do you think, friends? Which dating app would you try out? And which one would like me to do next so you don’t have to?

If you want to take a look at several of the options available, head over to our dating app reviews page.

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