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If this is the first time you’ve heard of CaribbeanCupid, you’re in for a treat. Everyone wants to have fun when they’re online dating, and it’s always a good idea to add a bit of spice into your dating life, especially when you have a bit of free time and want to explore what’s out there for you.

CaribbeanCupid is one of the most unique dating apps on the market. The app seeks to help people find and match with singles throughout the Caribbean.

CaribbeanCupid offers several unique features and ways for people can explore all that the app has to provide them with when they’re online. Because of the progressive nature of the app, as well as the company that owns it, most of the people who join this dating app can find a new kind of love within a matter of seconds.

If you’re curious about how CaribbeanCupid works and how it’s operated, stay tuned for our in-depth review of all things CaribbeanCupid

CaribbeanCupid Homepage Screenshot
Sign-Up Time:5 minutes
Cost:$9.58 – $71.98 per month
Membership Pool:10,000

Our CaribbeanCupid App Rating

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Overall Rating 3.4 Rating Stars

CaribbeanCupid is coming in with an overall score of 3.4 out of 5!

We’re using our 6-point rating process for scoring the CaribbeanCupid dating app. Our experts aim to bring you the most honest and accurate CaribbeanCupid review that’s possible. Each of these categories gets its score, and we’ve taken an average to get to the overall CaribbeanCupid rating.

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Ease of Use 4.0 Rating Stars

One of the main things that we love about any dating app that Cupid Media owns is that the apps are sure to be easy to use. Cupid Media’s dating apps and websites look similar to each other, and they all have the same feel, algorithm, and setup process. While many might think that that makes them repetitive, more than likely, one person is only going to join one of their apps so that they won’t get too strong of a deja vu moment.

CaribbeanCupid is one of the most accessible and user-friendly dating apps on the market right now, and everything about it makes finding love online a breeze. But it also makes joining these apps so easy and accessible. When you log onto any of Cupid Media’s apps, you will know exactly what to do, where to go, and how to find your partner most quickly and easily imaginable.

features graphic

Features 2.5 Rating Stars

Although we love the dating apps that Cupid Media creates, their features are in desperate need of an upgrade. Most of the dating apps that Cupid Media runs were made in the early 2000s when dating apps were getting their start online, and people were beginning to decide what they liked when it came to dating apps.

Unfortunately, it feels like Cupid Media created a dating app algorithm and interface at the beginning of their online dating journey and hasn’t looked back since. The features are lacking, and we never love a dating app that doesn’t allow its free users to message other people. Not to mention, the prices for memberships on CaribbeanCupid are higher than some of Cupid Media’s other dating apps, even though this app seems more limited and less popular than some.

Cost Icon

2.0 Rating Stars

Along those lines, it’s worth mentioning that memberships on CaribbeanCupid are a bit more expensive than most dating apps. CaribbeanCupid offers three tiers to their memberships. There’s the Gold tier, the Platinum tier, and the Diamond tier. All of these tiers come with their benefits and drawbacks. Not to mention, users can choose to customize the amount of time they would like to pay for their membership, just in case they want to test the waters before they dive into the deep end with one of the membership plans.

But all in all, CaribbeanCupid’s membership plans are more expensive than they should be, especially considering the limitations placed on their customers when they join the dating app for free.

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Match Quality
2.9 Rating Stars

Although several people who join CaribbeanCupid end up finding the love of their lives in a matter of minutes because of the way that the app is set up and the resources and advanced algorithm that the app uses, there is a high probability that you’re going to find the exact kind of person that you’re looking for when you’re on CaribbeanCupid. But that being said, there are a few duds on the app, as is the case with nearly every dating app.

CaribbeanCupid is not known for having the best quality matches online. Still, most of the users you will see are compared with you based on your preferences, and you’re more than likely going to find several perfect matches that will fit your bill for your happily ever after.

Safety and Security Icon

Safety and Security
4.8 Rating Stars

One of the main things that CaribbeanCupid is known for, as well as any other app that Cupid Media owns and operates, is its safety. While you might not realize it at first, CaribbeanCupid is one of the safest dating apps on the market right now. Cupid Media ensures that every dating app they own is constantly being monitored.

The entire team that works for their dating apps makes sure that there are only real people online, and they will kick anyone out that shows signs of being a bot or a scammer.

Because dating apps are so popular and there are so many profiles, conversations, and issues that the security team for all of these dating apps has to monitor, it’s not typical that a dating app is as dedicated to their site’s safety as Cupid Media’s apps are, but they are.

Customer Service Icon

Customer Service
4.0 Rating Stars

Because Cupid Media owns CaribbeanCupid, the company is on it when it comes to customer service. There are many ways people can contact customer service when using CaribbeanCupid.

One way is to call Cupid Media itself. Because that company owns so many dating apps, if you’re calling in the big guns, you will need to have your membership number and reference the specific dating app you’re calling about.

But if you want to keep your call closer to home, you can call the number that CaribbeanCupid provides. The phone line is in operation from 9 am to 4 pm Queensland, Australia time.

You can also choose to send the company a letter, a fax, or an email if you would prefer any of these methods. Finding help and support when it comes to CaribbeanCupid is more accessible than on nearly any other dating app.

Overview of CaribbeanCupid

CaribbeanCupid Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2000
  • Cupid Media, the company that owns CaribbeanCupid, originally started as one dating site, Now the site has been divided into specific sections for all kinds of people groups to find love online.
  • Average User Age: 34-41 years
  • Gender Ratio: 45% men to 55% women

Premium Membership Subscriptions and Prices

While you may be overwhelmed when you see all of the membership options and tiers available for people joining CaribbeanCupid, we’re here to help you through it all. Thankfully, CaribbeanCupid makes it easy for members to choose a customized plan that will fit into their needs and lifestyles seamlessly when they’re approaching online dating.

PackageLengthPrice Per MonthTotal Cost


1 week




1 month




3 months




12 months




1 week




1 month




3 months




12 months




1 week




1 months




3 months




12 months



If you want to set yourself up for success when you’re online dating, we highly suggest you pay for a subscription. Not only is the accessible version of CaribbeanCupid extremely limited in the way that free users cannot even message people online, but CaribbeanCupid is set up to be a paid app, so all of the features that make it a real dating app are only available to paying members.

Certain features are available for specific membership plans when you’re on CaribbeanCupid. The Gold and Platinum members can message anyone they see online, and they can read all of the messages in their inboxes. Paying members will have a green checkmark next to their name on the app, so other users will be able to know and identify them before they choose to match with them.

Does the CaribbeanCupid Dating App Offer Free Trials?

There is a free version of CaribbeanCupid, but we suggest you don’t waste your time on it. In contrast, some dating apps allow their free users to have access to almost all of the primary perks on their dating apps; because there are three tiers of membership options on CaribbeanCupid, the team that created the app only allowed the most basic options for a dating app to be accessible on the free version of CaribbeanCupid.

If you choose to use the accessible version of CaribbeanCupid, you cannot message anyone back, read your messages, or do anything else that might help you find love online. This is one of the biggest reasons why we urge you to choose one of the membership plans when you’re looking for love on CaribbeanCupid.

Standard (Free) Features

  • Create a profile online
  • Upload your pictures to your profile
  • Match with people
  • Show interest in users on the app
  • Block and report users

Premium Membership Features

  • Send Messages to All Members
    If you want to find success or a relationship when you choose to use CaribbeanCupid as your dating app, then you’re going to need to message and communicate with people when you’re online. While this feature seems pretty basic, it’s also one of the most important features you can have, making it worth the money.
  • Go Incognito Mode
    Sometimes, you want to browse through all of your options when you’re on a dating app and not have anyone keep tabs on you. Incognito mode is one of the best ways that you can do this. Activate it and then poke around the app and all of your options until you’re ready to become visible again.
  • Comment on People’s Photos
    If you’re on a dating app, you’ll want to stand out as much as possible. Comment on people’s photos, tell them they look good, or do anything else that might make them remember you. This is your time to pull out all the stops, so don’t shy away from an opportunity to shine brightly.
  • Profile Highlights
    When you’re a member of CaribbeanCupid, your profile is automatically placed at the top of the deck, so everyone who logs onto the app will see your profile first. This is a huge bump because people won’t be tired by the time they get to you, and your photo will be one of their first impressions on the app, making it a good one!
  • No Ads
    No one wants to deal with ads when they’re on a dating app, and CaribbeanCupid knows that. Skip the ads and choose the premium membership.

Do CaribbeanCupid Memberships Renew Automatically?

Yes, CaribbeanCupid membership auto-renews. Many long-term members of CaribbeanCupid like this feature because it doesn’t force them to renew their subscription when it’s over manually. But if you don’t want your membership to auto-renew, or you’re ready to move on to another dating app, you can choose to opt out of your auto-renew window.

If you would like to opt out of the auto-renew option, you can go to the ‘Billing’ section on your app or website, then click the ‘No’ choice beside the area labeled ‘Auto Renew My Membership.’

We suggest that you opt out of the auto-renewal option for your membership one week before your membership ends so you can ensure you won’t get billed for the next pay period on your dating app.

Should You Join CaribbeanCupid?

Now that you have a good idea about what CaribbeanCupid is, how it works, and to whom it’s angled, you more than likely know if the dating app will serve you as well as you would like it to. No one wants to join a dating app that isn’t a good fit for them, just like they don’t want to find someone on that dating app that isn’t a good fit for them. And to avoid all of that, it’s good to know exactly what kind of a person and relationship CaribbeanCupid is known for creating.

Here are a few reasons why you might or might not want to join the CaribbeanCupid dating app.

Reasons to Join

CaribbeanCupid is one of the more successful dating apps online, and it’s owned by one of the most successful dating app companies. Because of all of the accolades and successes that CaribbeanCupid has, nearly everyone who joins CaribbeanCupid can find the kind of love they’ve been looking for. That being said, CaribbeanCupid is an extremely niche dating app, and if you’re not looking for exactly what the app is selling, then you’re not going to enjoy your time on the app as much as someone joining a tailored app for them.

Here are a few reasons why you should join CaribbeanCupid and see all that the app is about.

If You Want to Find a Long-Term Love Online

Everyone looks for something different when they’re joining a dating app, and we love that! There is genuinely a dating app for everyone, and most of the available apps vary enough so that everyone can find just what they’re looking for with the help of their dating app.

Cupid Media, the company that owns CaribbeanCupid, knows how to create a successful dating app. They’ve done it a hundred times with multiple dating apps, and they have it down to an art by now. Because of their successful dating apps and how people can meet each other on the app, most people can find and create long-term relationships as a result of their time on the dating app.

Not to mention, the advanced algorithm that all of Cupid Media’s dating apps have on their interface helps match people up with their dream person. If you want to find a love that’s going to last a lifetime when you’re on a dating app, then you need to check out CaribbeanCupid and see all that it has to offer its users.

If You Want to Date Someone Who Isn’t in Your Area

Let’s be honest; dating apps allow people to explore love and relationships with more people than they would have ever met if they stuck with the tedious and classic way that people date. We love dating apps because they often act as a travel passport for your love life, and CaribbeanCupid is no exception.

CaribbeanCupid is a dating app that allows people from all over the world to find love without having to worry about the typical borders and roadblocks that have come up in the past. Instead, people are now able to meet and talk to singles from all over the world with the help of Cupid Media’s inventions. If you’ve wanted to spice up your dating life for a bit, this app is a great way to do it.

If You Want to Join a Dating App that You Can Trust

Some dating apps feel sketchy and unsafe. Unfortunately, because there are so many dating apps on the market right now and so many people are producing new dating apps for different kinds of matches, they’re not necessarily making sure that their apps are safe. They’re not sticking with their apps once they’re out in the world.

But in the case of CaribbeanCupid, the dating app is owned and operated by Cupid Media, one of the more reputable dating app companies. Because Cupid Media is dedicated to making sure that their apps are safe and the people on them are excellent and real people, it’s no wonder that their dating apps are all very well-known for their dedication to safety and security for everyone on their apps.

If You Want to Communicate with Several People Online in Many Different Ways

When you’re approaching online dating, especially when looking at a dating app that promotes dating someone who might not be from your country or area, it’s essential to know how you can communicate with your matches once you’ve made them.

Thankfully, CaribbeanCupid is ten steps ahead of any of our worries, and they’ve made sure that anyone on the app won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to communication online. Platinum members can use the translation tool the entire time they’re on the app. Gold and standard members are also allowed to translate instant messages that platinum members send them. There’s no need for people’s love lives to be blocked by a language barrier, and CaribbeanCupid seeks to keep everyone in communication with each other.

Reasons Not to Join

If you’ve heard enough about CaribbeanCupid and you’re having some doubts as to whether or not it’s the perfect fit for your dating app, that’s okay! Thankfully, there are thousands of dating apps out there that are going to fit into your lifestyle perfectly. Finding the perfect dating app is just about knowing what you’re looking for when you’re searching for a partner and then seeing whether the app you’re looking at will provide that kind of love for you.

All that being said, here are a few reasons why CaribbeanCupid might not be the best dating app for you to find the love of your life.

If You Don’t Want a Serious Relationship

There is no shame in going on a dating app and not wanting to find something serious. Several dating apps have grown in popularity because they promote casual dating and relationships. Online dating is just an easier way to find your person, so it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; it just matters that you know your end goal.

If you’re not looking for a serious relationship due to your time on CaribbeanCupid, you might not want to join this app. While there is a dating app for everyone and everything, the way that CaribbeanCupid encourages most the users on CaribbeanCupid to find their forever person.

If You Need a Super Active Dating App

Again, everyone has different preferences when they’re approaching the idea of online dating. You might not want to join a dating app that constantly adds more users and gets a little overwhelming when it’s all said and done.

But one of the easiest and most successful ways you can succeed when you’re online dating is to play the numbers game. That means that you need to meet with, swipe on, and message as many people as possible when you’re on your dating app.

Unfortunately, CaribbeanCupid is not known for having the most active user base for their dating app, and you might not be able to match with as many people as you might like if you’re using this app.

If You Want to Download the App on Your iOS Device

This is a small matter, but some people care about it in the long run. CaribbeanCupid and most of Cupid Media’s dating apps are not available for download on iOS devices. Of course, you can always access the website on your web browser or even on your iPhone’s web app. But you cannot download the dating app when you’re using an iOS device.

This is more of an inconvenience than anything. Still, when you’re deciding what dating app is going to be the perfect fit for you, the fact that you can’t download the actual app version of CaribbeanCupid might be just inconvenient enough that you might not want to invest in it.

If You Do Not Want to Find Caribbean Singles

Although it might seem a bit obvious that CaribbeanCupid is a dating app geared toward helping people find love with Caribbean individuals, some people join this dating app without thinking about it too hard. They get disappointed or surprised when they find out that the app is centered around Caribbean dating.

If you’re not in the market for that kind of love, or you’re not sure if you want to jump into a long-distance relationship right away, then you might not want to join this dating app, as Caribbean love is its sole focus. That being said, if you feel as though your dating life has been a bit dry and you’re looking to spice it up a bit, then maybe you want to take your love global and try something new!

The Sign-up Process

We always say that one of the best ways to tell if you’re going to like the dating app you’re looking at is to go through the sign-up process online. There are a lot of pieces of information you can glean from going through this process on a dating app. Not to mention, it’s always nice to know how to get started when you’re on a dating app because they’re all so different, and they value so many different things. Here is how you can sign up for CaribbeanCupid.

CaribbeanCupid - Step 1

Step 1: Log onto CaribbeanCupid

Before you get too far in the process of creating your profile on CaribbeanCupid, you’ll need to log onto the site. You can access CaribbeanCupid by going onto your web browser or downloading the app.

It’s important to note that only Android users can download the app version of CaribbeanCupid, but if you’re an iPhone user and want to experience the magic, you can always access it on your web browser! Once you’re ready to create your account, simply click ‘View Singles,’ and you can get started!

Cupid Network - Step 2

Step 2: Fill Out Your Basic Information

Thankfully, it’s not too complicated to create an account on CaribbeanCupid. This is the only necessary step, and it only takes about 2 seconds. Fill out all the information you can, and then your account is created! Of course, there’s more to do once you’re on the website, but this is all you have to do to get an actual account.

Cupid Network - Step 3

Step 3: Upload Your Photos!

Once you’re on the website or app, it’s time to upload your photos! Start showing off and picking the best photos you have of yourself. Of course, always make sure that you’re following the photo guidelines and that you’re not doing anything that isn’t allowed on the app.

You also might be eligible to win a photo competition and get a boost on your profile, so make sure that you’re smiling pretty!

Cupid Network - Step 4

Steps 4 and 5: Fill Your Bio Out and Customize Your Overview

At some point, CaribbeanCupid will ask you to fill out your bio. This is the time when you’re allowed to shine the brightest. Write any personal antidotes that you’d like to in this section, and try to tell people who you are and what matters to you when you’re filling all of this out. If you feel like you need more space to truly be yourself, you can upgrade to a platinum membership at any point in your online dating journey and double the amount of space you have in this section.

Now that you’ve written your bio out, it’s time for people to see a quick overview of who you are and what matters to you. While this isn’t all of the information you need to fill out, it’s some of the most basic information that will help people get a good idea of whether or not you’re going to be a good fit for them.

Cupid Network - Step 4

Steps 6 – 8: Talk About Your Appearance, Lifestyle and Share Your Values

Even though you’ve posted all of the photos, it’s a good idea to fill out as much of this section as possible, especially because your answers are going to help people looking for someone just like you to find you! It’s extremely important that you stay truthful throughout this section and remain as true to yourself as possible.

Now we’re getting into it! It’s time to share a few tidbits about what makes you tick and the things that matter to you. Share anything that you’d like to in this section, but as always, we suggest that you fill this part out completely in order for CaribbeanCupid to be able to match you up with your perfect pair.

The next step is one of the most important steps. It’s time to share your values and tell people what matters most to you. This section is usually the one section people go into a profile looking for, so make sure that you’re answering all of the questions openly and honestly.

ThaiCupid - Step 8

Step 9: Start Searching!

Now that you’ve filled everything out, it’s time to find the love of your life! Start looking for your next match and start having fun!

Alternatives to CaribbeanCupid

If you think you like the idea of CaribbeanCupid, but you’re not sure if you want to take your dating life completely internationally, or you like the way that the app is set up but you want to choose a different app that focuses on relationships that aren’t based in the Caribbean, that’s okay! Thankfully, there is a dating app for everyone and every kind of relationship, and we’re here to help you find the perfect dating app to fit into your lifestyle. Here are a few alternatives to the best dating apps on the market.

Dating App Key Facts Review
eharmony logo eHarmony
  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Best For: All singles who want a serious relationship
  • Pricing: Begins at $35.90/month
zoosk logo Zoosk
  • Active Members: 40+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 47% men to 53% women
  • Best For: Casual dating and romance with Asian singles
  • Pricing: Begins at $10.00/month
Bumble Logo Bumble
  • Active Members: 11+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 57% men to 43% women
  • Best For: All singles seeking relationships, casual dating, or friendships
  • Pricing: Begins at $16.99/month
Hinge Logo Hinge
  • Active Members: 500,000
  • Gender Ratio: 55% men to 45% women
  • Best For: All singles seeking relationships and casual dating
  • Pricing: Begins at $4.99/month
CoffeeMeetsBagel Logo CoffeeMeetsBagel
  • Active Members: 10+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 55% men to 45% women
  • Best For: All singles who want a modern approach to dating
  • Pricing: Begins at $15.00/month

Frequently Asked Questions About CaribbeanCupid

Dating apps can be extremely complicated and scary to navigate. Even though you have a basic idea of what CaribbeanCupid is and how the popular dating app works now, you might still have a few questions that haven’t been answered yet. Even though CaribbeanCupid is owned by Cupid Media and, for the most part, all of the dating apps that the company owns and operates are similar, you might still have several questions about how to handle what the dating app throws at you.

And that’s where we come in! We never want anyone to leave one of our dating app reviews with more questions than when they started reading it, and we’re dedicated to answering as many questions as possible about all of these apps. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about CaribbeanCupid.

Does CaribbeanCupid Offer Its Customers Refunds?

If you choose to invest in a premium account on CaribbeanCupid and you do not like it, users are allowed to contact customer support, and they are ensured to get a money-back guarantee. While you will not be completely reimbursed for the membership plan you’ve chosen, you will get partial reimbursement for all of the days you decided not to use your subscription.

Of course, if you have any exceptional circumstances that you would like to share with customer support that might make you more likely to receive total compensation, we always suggest that you at least give it a try because it couldn’t hurt. That said, Cupid Media and all of the dating apps they own are one of the only dating app companies that allow any reimbursement, so you should take note of that.

How Do I Get the Information and Help I Need When I Contact Customer Service?

CaribbeanCupid and Cupid Media offer their users several ways to contact customer support and reach out if they need help. Cupid Media has a customer support hotline that’s always able to receive calls, but they also have the phones operated from Monday-Fridaty, 9 am to 4 pm, Queensland Australia time. Not to mention CaribbeanCupid has a customer support team for its website specifically.

Due to the vast number of users who are not only on CaribbeanCupid but also those who use any dating app owned by Cupid Media, if and when you contact customer support, you need to have your website name and your member ID ready so that the person can help you with any specific need that you have.

What Is the Profile Approval Process on CaribbeanCupid?

CaribbeanCupid and all of the dating apps that Cupid Media owns are dedicated to ensuring that everyone is safe when they’re on the dating app. One of the many ways that Cupid Media makes sure to protect everyone’s safety when they’re online is through their multiple verification processes. If you would like your CaribbeanCupid profile to be verified, you need to send it to the CaribbeanCupid team and ensure that everything on your profile is up to code with CaribbeanCupid’s rules and regulations for the app.

The verification process takes 24-48 hours, and once you’ve been verified, everyone on the app can see that your profile is accurate, and they will be more likely to match with you.

To get verified on CaribbeanCupid, you have to put your phone number in and connect your dating app account to that number.

How Long Does CaribbeanCupid Keep Messages Online?

CaribbeanCupid keeps messages for two months after they’re sent. If you do not reply to a message that someone has sent before those two months are out, even if you had a conversation with the person before, your messages will disappear.

To prevent that from happening, users are encouraged to use the ‘Message Filter’ feature on their app. Users can also use this feature only to allow certain people to message them.

Is CaribbeanCupid Available as an App?

CaribbeanCupid is available on the Google Play Store and any web browser, including on any mobile device. But the dating app is not available for download for iOS users.

Who is CaribbeanCupid Created For?

Although the audience that CaribbeanCupid is geared towards might seem a little obvious, it’s always a good idea to clear up any possible confusion before it goes too far. The main goal of CaribbeanCupid is to help singles from all over the world find and connect with other singles in Barbados, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and several other Caribbean locations.