New to Online Dating? Here are the Best Dating Apps for You!


Okay, so you’ve finally decided to try online dating and are going to make a profile on a dating app.

Why have you waited for so long? You could be young and just getting started in the dating world, older and technologically challenged, or simply resistant to the new way of meeting people because you’d rather find a romantic interest the “old-fashioned” way.

Whatever your reasons were, you’ve taken the plunge and need to know the best dating apps for people new to online dating; this is where our dating experts truly shine.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the dating pool, we’ll tell you which apps are the best and why so you can stay afloat.


eHarmony is the dating app for you if you are looking for a long-term relationship that will hopefully lead to marriage. It’s an excellent option for those new to online dating but tired of one-night stands or casual hookups. When it comes to connecting people who are in relationships that are healthy, happy, and long-term, this platform is not only simple to use, but it also boasts a large number of success stories.

When you sign up with eHarmony, you’ll be asked to complete a lengthy assessment that will be used to match you with other singles based on shared interests and other compatibility factors. Combined with the screening procedure, this makes dating less risky and reduces the number of pesky catfishers.

Matches can be viewed without cost, but a subscription is required to access the service’s other premium features. One of the benefits is a guarantee that you will get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the service after speaking with five potential partners.


Because of its swipe left or right feature, Bumble can be considered a Tinder variant. But women have the upper hand in this dating app because they get to send the first message. When a woman on Bumble sends a message to a person, that person has one day to respond to the message; if they don’t, the connection is lost. You snooze, you lose! Even though this motivates conversation, it may discourage those who want to mull over their responses before hitting the “send” button.

To tell you the truth, we adore this women-first strategy. Not only is it a creative method for women to meet potential matches online, but it’s also a helpful resource for people who are new to the dating app scene.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a great option for people who are just getting started with online dating and might need some help getting started. Every day, Coffee Meets Bagel will give you hand-picked potential matches, which are labeled bagels, and users have an entire day to decide whether they are into them or to pass.

“Beans” are the in-app currency that can be purchased if you prefer to initiate contact with others and are too impatient to wait for daily matches. Some will see this as a downside due to the added cost of “beans,” but if you see someone you want to connect with, can you really put a price of “beans” on that?


OkCupid is one of the real OGs of online dating. It’s been given a Tinder-style makeover hoping to attract newer users, but it’s still popular with all demographics who are either new to dating or looking to get back into it.

In contrast to some other dating apps, this one takes the time to really get to know its users via an extensive survey and personality assessment, which is a massive benefit for those who are serious about finding a compatible partner. For those who prioritize character in a companion more than looks, OkCupid is an excellent first online dating app.


Tinder will always be the first choice for people new to online dating for a few reasons. One is that it’s the most popular, and the other is that it’s easy to use and has a swiping interface. Tinder does not discriminate and is used by both newcomers and seasoned online dating pros.

Although people will warn you that Tinder is not for singles looking for a serious relationship and has a rep for its casual hookup vibe, we beg to differ. We know a fair number of people in long-term, committed relationships after connecting on Tinder. Is it the exception and not the rule? Probably, but it’s possible!

One word of advice from us, and we know what we are talking about: the swiping feature is fun, and if you are a little too fast with your swiping finger, you can accidentally swipe left (meaning a hard pass) on someone you would want to connect with. While there is a rewind feature, you need a paid subscription to access it, and if you have the basic version, that potential match disappears for good poof. So swipe to your heart’s content, but don’t be overzealous. And slow your swipe.


Hinge’s slogan is “Designed to be deleted.” The word on the street about this dating app is that it has a more serious vibe than other dating apps. As an alternative to swiping, users are asked to respond to a series of questions shown alongside the photos on their profile page.

A fun feature on Hinge is the ability to post a comment on another user’s photo, and users can write “three random facts I love” on their profile, which often sparks conversation. There are a couple of un-Hinged prompts that make us wonder about the app (not in a bad way, just in a “huh?” way), but you’ll have to sign up and see for yourselves if you agree. We are not posting spoiler alerts here!

Because each dating app has its own distinct personality, downloading one may seem like a major and even intimidating step. If you’re ready to take your app dating game to the next level, Hinge is your best bet.

If you want to go on a bunch of dates, Bumble is the app for you. Bumble doesn’t provide many details about its users, but it makes it simple to swipe through potential matches and begin a conversation with them. And there’s an excellent reason why Tinder is the gold standard for online dating apps: it’s easy, and it works.

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