5 Tips for a Great Tinder Date


So you’ve been chatting – and you’re ready to meet up. You want to impress your Tinder date and have a great time while doing it! But it can be a little intimidating to meet someone you haven’t met yet…, especially a potential love interest.

We’ve got 5 tips that’ll point you in the right direction. Stay on top of these, and you’ll be more likely to have an awesome time leading to more dates with that special person in the future! With the right footing, you can set your date up for success.

1.  Be Confident… but Not Cocky

We know you want to be AMPED before your date. Everything about yourself that might impress them is probably running through your head right now. You want to tell them all the best things that make you the best choice for them to lay their love on.

This isn’t bad either – your accomplishments will probably come up during your conversation. But if you go in headstrong with a list of wins you have to run through, that’s not a winning method.

You want to impress your date, not repel them away from you with WAY too much self-focus. Remember, they’re probably thinking the same way and want to talk about themselves too. This takes us to our next point: don’t one-up them.

So, you want to keep your accomplishments on the back burner and bring them up organically when related topics allow for it. So you let them talk about their accomplishments – because you’re genuinely interested. But then you see the “perfect” opportunity to bring up something about yourself that you just have to share.

STOP. That’s not your in. If you follow up every impressive thing they say with something about yourself, you’re sending the wrong message. They’re basically thinking, “Wow, this person doesn’t care about me – they’re desperate to talk about themself.” I mean, wouldn’t you?

That’s the difference between being confident and being cocky. Feel free to brag a little bit – but only if it fits into the conversation and doesn’t make your date feel like their boastful bits don’t matter. That way, you’ll send out self-assured messages that aren’t overbearing or make you seem like a narcissist.

Confidence, not cockiness, is key if you want to have a great time on your Tinder date!

2.  Dress Like Your Best Self

Having a great time on your Tinder date is you living your best life, so you want to dress like your best self. Trying to sell someone on a suit and tie when you usually wear sweatpants is not the best way to go. But showing up in sweatpants isn’t sending the right message, either.

You want to be yourself, so you don’t show up with a fresh dose of imposter syndrome. Cognitive dissonance is what happens when you try to fake it. It can make you confused about how to act, shaking your confidence in a noticeable way.

well dressed couple on a date drinking wine

With that being said, you want to put your best self forward. Say you work from home or have a hybrid job and can usually be found in your comfiest hoodie. That article of clothing makes you feel most like yourself. But is that really your best self?

Pick an outfit you love, and love to wear. Stick to something you’ll be comfortable weaning without compromising on style. Keep it casual, but don’t underdress, either. It’s all about balance when it comes to your date ‘fit.

Also – part of dressing is getting ready beforehand. Hygiene matters. If you show up unshowered with greasy hair and dirt under your nails, your date’s pretty much over from the get.

Last but not least – remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

3.  Pick a Fun Date that They’ll Love

Coming up with fun options that will make your date comfortable can be daunting. There are so many things to do, and you might be tempted to go above and beyond to make it an exceptional experience. But starting off outside of your comfort zone isn’t a recipe for success.

There are very few people who really want to go skydiving on their first Tinder date. Most people want a fun and exciting experience where they’re not overwhelmed by too much action.

Try looking at local places that you love to enjoy. If you love it, there’s a good chance they’ll love it too. And, if you choose an activity that falls into your comfort zone, you’ll be primed to make a good first impression.

With that in mind, you want to ensure it’s a date where they can have fun getting to know you. The movies are a no. Find somewhere you can talk and enjoy each other’s company without getting shushed.

Also, there might be a clue in your past conversation that’ll let you know what they’ll enjoy most. If they mention that they love to read, that cozy book cafe might be the ticket to their heart. Pay attention, scroll back through what they’ve said, and personalize the date if you can!

4.  Don’t Talk About Your Ex

Bringing up your ex puts you on the fast track to failure. Even one mention can make your date feel like they’re not special. Your date should be the center of attention; bringing up fizzled-out flames kicks them out of the circle.

Don’t bring your baggage to the date! Frankly, it’s heavy and unattractive. If you’re not ready to date, it’s okay to postpone – better that than ruin it with your ruminating ramblings.

It doesn’t matter if you still have a good relationship with your ex. There’s no way to make this type of topic positive to your new romantic interest. All they’re going to hear is that you’re not focusing on them – wouldn’t you if the tables were turned?

You want to let your date know you’re available and emotionally stable enough to be in a relationship. Bringing up the ex-factor is making the opposite statement. Avoid this faux pas at all costs – your date will be much better for it!

5.  Buff Up Your Body Language

Having a great body is one thing – but having excellent body language is actually more effective. Most of our communication is through body language, believe it or not. Brushing up on some quick strategies before your date can make a huge difference in getting them to see you how you want to be seen.

There’s a lot to learn, but some quick facts can go a long way. For starters, show your palms to your date every now and then when it’s comfortable. This shows you’re open to them and not closed off. As for what not to do in this case, don’t sit around making a fist. Even if you’re not angry, you’re just nervous; fists send off a message you don’t want them to get.

It can also help you read your date and how they’re feeling. For example, if they’re sitting bunched up with their arms crossed, they’re saying something with their body. They’re probably feeling nervous, closed off, or really anxious. Seeing that type of body language can be your cue to calm things down a bit. You can offer to take them somewhere quieter or ask if they’d like to go to some other place to hang out. You can start asking them gentler questions – they may feel like you are giving them the 3rd degree.

The point is, if you know even a little bit about body language, you’ll be much more in the know. This can allow you to PIVOT and save the date!

Have a Great Time on Your Tinder Date!

Your date is ready to meet you! That’s the most significant factor here. Be your best self: confident, dressed well, in the right place, with the right topics, and in a physically attractive way. If you play these cards right, you’ll probably have a winning hand.

Even if the romance doesn’t spark, you can still get a good experience out of your date. Dating is all about finding the right person – and this could be it! Put your expectations on having a great time rather than locking down the person, and you’ll be in better shape to handle whatever happens in terms of chemistry.

But these tips will help you get closer to sparking that flame. Get yourself in the best position to enhance that romance by keeping these tips in mind – and have a great time on your Tinder date!

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