Travel Buddies and Beyond | Finding Love with Location Based Dating Apps during Spring Break


When you travel, you should challenge yourself to try new things and be open to experiences that are different from what you’re used to at home. And since spring break is upon us, college students heading abroad for a much-needed study break means meeting new people in the places they’re traveling to! 

Whether you’re staying in the states or headed out of the country to some far-away beach paradise, you can find love and romance with the assistance of location-based dating apps during spring break. You could return home with a savage tan and a new romance! 

It’s easy to find out more about a place and its people by forming relationships with those who live there. There are lots of opportunities to meet interesting people, have exciting experiences, and even discover true love in a foreign country; all you need is a passion for adventure, an openness to new ideas, some guidelines, and a willingness to try something (or someone) new.

If you want to be successful as soon as you get to your destination, it’s better to choose the dating app that works best for you and download it before you get on that plane. So, what are the best location based dating apps to meet that special someone while lounging in the sun with your friends? We’ll explain how to choose the best dating app for your specific needs.


Tinder is one of the most widely used dating apps, with subscribers in over 190 countries. Tinder’s “Passport” function, accessible through a paid upgrade to “Tinder Plus,” allows users to alter their location temporarily, so they can search and swipe in any city. With this feature, you can start swiping before you’ve even packed your suitcase, allowing you to start conversations with matches and kick things off before you’ve even packed your bag. This feature is well worth the money, costing $9.99 per month for the under-30 crowd and $19.99 per month for everyone 30 and older. 


Many women find the constant barrage of creepy overtures too much to bear and give up on dating entirely. With Bumble, the power is in the hands of the women, who have only 24 hours to make first contact with their potential suitors before they are permanently erased from the system. What makes Bumble unique amongst location based dating apps is this feature. When a match is found between two women or non-binary persons, any party may make the first move in making contact. If you’re simply seeking to hang out and not hook up, you can download an app called BumbleBFF to help you meet new friends. 

Bumble isn’t designed to be a hookup app, yet it serves that purpose for students on spring break, as well as forging love connections that will last beyond your mid-March vacation!


Others feel that finding love online requires more than just a few photographs and a short bio. OkCupid has more in-depth questions that feed into an algorithm that creates a percentage-based compatibility rating between matches, more detailed profiles, and a categorized search function (you can adjust your location to the place you’re traveling to).


Hinge is another international dating app you can use regardless of location. You can utilize the “I’m searching for…” prompt on Hinge to let prospective matches know that you’re just in town for spring break and that you probably won’t see one other again any time soon unless fireworks fly and you start thinking about a long-distance relationship.

Hone Your Profile to Perfection

To get the most out of your profile, say where you’re from, when you’ll be there, and what kinds of things—food, activities, etc.—you’re interested in. If you’re not interested in a sexual encounter, be sure to say so; individuals possess a sense of entitlement no matter where they are located.

Do your best to keep the writing short, engaging, and easy to read. Make sure your images are up-to-date and give potential matches a good idea of who you are and what you’re interested in; a pose in front of the Eiffel Tower will get you more messages than a blurry group shot at the bar.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

To get the most out of this experience, you should have clear goals in mind beforehand. Do you want a translator, a dinner date, a tour guide, or an international love story? Communicate your needs clearly, as many locals will go out of their way to showcase their area to foreigners!

People will probably be interested in you since you’re a mystery foreigner with an exotic accent, and they won’t mind the idea of a casual hookup–they may even be looking for love as well. 

Strategically Swipe

Keep your location on a dating app inside a five-mile radius if you’re staying in a major metropolis. You can refine your search by selecting a smaller age range that contains just the candidates that best match your requirements. If a potential partner swiped right on you with the knowledge that you’d only be available for a limited time, don’t be shocked if they want to get down to business immediately. 

If that’s what you’re after, make sure to keep things moving and not let the chat drag on for too long; ideally, you should be exchanging contact information within a few messages. 

Move It to Text

If you don’t already use it, you should download WhatsApp since it is the most popular messaging application worldwide and works on every operating system and Wi-Fi. Be open and honest with a potential partner, but also clear and firm in your communication.

If you want to learn more about someone, don’t be afraid to ask for their last name, more photos, or links to their social media profiles–the person who refuses could be shady, so steer clear of them (on vacation and at home!). You can also Initiate a phone conversation or video call before meeting up with a match if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

Follow Customs

In many parts of the globe, dating is conducted in different ways. Respect local norms about public shows of love and demonstrate cultural awareness while pursuing a partner. As homosexuality is illegal in nearly 70 countries, this is particularly true for the LGBTQIA+ population. Educate yourself about its laws before entering a foreign nation.

A travel notice informs Tinder users that they are in a nation where being LGBTQIA+ is illegal, and users must check in to be visible in these countries. Warnings are sent to Grindr users, and the app is outright banned in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Lebanon, and Indonesia.

Final Thoughts

Don’t limit yourself by focusing on just one individual or occasion, but instead cast a wide net. It’s OK to provide a few ideas from your own list of potential outings, but remember to be flexible and open to your date’s ideas as well.

To return home with happy memories of companions, steamy tales to tell your sorority sisters or frat buddies, and potentially a real long-distance love to entice you back to where you vacationed, you should concentrate on building genuine relationships, having playful fun, and enjoying the ride! 

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