Dating Apps for the Farming Lifestyle


After the end of a very long day, you collapse on your couch, pop open a beer and look over at your dog. All you can think about is one thing: I really need a new hoe. You open your laptop, type it in, and immediately your face flushes with warmth. Not that kind of hoe! The kind you use to turn soil out on your farm. How embarrassing. Could you imagine if you said that to one of your hopefully future dates? This is why you need to be as clear as possible on your profile for your new dating site. You open your word document and chew over the description you’ve started typing up. 

“Looking for a partner who’s down to earth? I’m a farmer with a heart as big as a ripe watermelon and hands as rough as potato skin. I can plow through any challenge and I know how to sow the seeds of a good relationship. So if you’re looking for someone who’s hard working, honest, and knows how to milk a cow, then let’s start growing something fresh.” You take a sip of beer and then hesitate and quickly add something new. “I know this is corny as hell–but considering I grow corn, I figured it’s appropriate.”   

Not bad for a day’s work. 

There’s no way around it: Farmers live a different type of life, and it can also be an isolating one. Long days alone, nothing but you, the sun, the seeds, and the soil. If you’re looking for love but unsure how to find someone who understands your farming lifestyle, don’t lose hope. With the right mindset and perspective, it can be easier than you think.

Use Niche Dating Apps

There are several niche dating apps that cater specifically to farmers who live in rural areas. These dating apps can be a great way to connect with other individuals who at the best, share your lifestyle and values, and at worst, respect and understand that the drum you beat is a hard-working, yet relaxed lifestyle. 


FarmersOnly is a dating app designed specifically for farmers and ranchers. It has a simple interface and focuses on connecting people who share similar rural lifestyles and values.

FarmersOnly Review


Zoosk has one of the biggest user bases out there, which means you’ll never experience a drought in matches! While it’s not made just for farmers, as it’s not a niche app, that doesn’t mean you can’t find your people there! All you need to do is specify your lifestyle in your profile, and people will know you’re down with the farmer’s life!

Zoosk Review


Known for its extensive profiles, sophisticated personality tests, and scientific-backed matching algorithms. eharmony is a solid choice for all daters–farmers included. It’s a little more expensive in terms of membership prices, but it’s worth it if you are searching for a serious, committed romantic relationship.

eHarmony Review


We didn’t forget about you, mature farmers! If you are 50 or older, the SilverSingles dating app is a great choice. With a pretty big membership, you’ll have lots of options for hopefully connecting with a special fellow farmer.

SilverSingles Review

Social Catfish

For those of you who are new to dating apps and maybe a little nervous about putting yourself out there and connecting with someone with shady intents or who isn’t who they say they are on their dating profile, we have a solution to allay your fears! There is a great way to check out and verify that any potential matches are legit: It’s called Social Catfish, and this service does the detective work for you when it comes to your matches!

Social Catfish Review

In this day and age, there are countless resources to find love, even if your lifestyle is a little non-traditional. If niche dating apps aren’t your preference and you want something more general, check out these dating apps for both men and women

Whether you’re looking for a casual relationship or just someone to share your rural lifestyle with, these apps can help you find compatible partners who, at the least, understand and appreciate the specific lifestyle that comes with being a farmer.

So what’s the best way to improve your profile for this purpose?

Showcase Your Farming Lifestyle

Honesty and communication are key to the success of online dating and every relationship, but especially when there’s something specific or niche about you as a person or your lifestyle. 


Be Upfront and Honest

In your profile description, be honest about your rural lifestyle and the values that are important to you. This will help attract like-minded individuals who share similar values or will turn away people who prefer urban environments over the countryside. The last thing you want is to fall in love with someone who can’t stand getting a little dirt under their fingernails, because let’s be real, even if you date someone who isn’t a farmer, your date will get dust on them just by walking up your driveway. To be extra clear about this, discuss your work and daily routine to help others understand your lifestyle, the demands of your job, and what dating you would be like. The faster expectations are set, the more likely you’ll meet someone who clicks with who you are without judgment. 


Update Your Photos

Include photos in your dating profile that showcase your lifestyle and the activities you enjoy on your farm. Illustrate your personality by showing you riding horses, gardening, hiking, or harvesting whatever crop you grow. A 2018 study of Tinder users found that men were more likely to include photos of themselves doing physical activity than women, and there’s a reason for this. Not only will this allow you to attract women who also enjoy getting outside and being physical, but it’s a nice excuse to show off your skills or your body. 


Highlight Your Values

As a farmer, you likely have strong values around hard work, self-sufficiency, and sustainability and if it’s important that you date someone who shares this perspective, then make it known what you’re looking for in a partner. There’s nothing wrong with being honest. And you can take it a step further by sharing your long-term goals with potential matches so they know where you’re headed in life and better understand your priorities.


Express Your Interests and Hobbies 

Farming probably takes up a lot of your life, but I’m sure you have interests outside of this, and this is almost as important as saying you’re a farmer. Unless you’re dating another farmer, your free time is how your potential partner will share their life with you outside of work. If you hunt, fish, and hike and are looking for someone to experience that with you, then say it! But this leads us to our next point. 

Be Open to Different Lifestyles

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date someone who also works in your field, but try not to limit yourself. Be willing to try new things and learn from your partner, even if they have different interests than you. And keep in mind, just because you may be looking for someone who understands and appreciates the farming lifestyle, you may close yourself off from positive matches if you shut your door in the face of anyone who’s different from you. Of course you want someone who can respect your life, but no two people are identical, and you’re not the only one who feels that way. Try being open to individuals from different backgrounds and lifestyles, even the non farmers in the world. You never know how good it may get.


Seek Shared Interests 

When browsing through potential matches, look for individuals who share your interests and values. This doesn’t have to be limited to farming. It can include a fondness for outdoor activities, gardening, and raising animals. By looking for keywords related to your interests or farming and rural lifestyles, in general, you can use these interests to initiate conversations. Icebreakers related to shared interests can help establish common ground and start a conversation about topics that are important to both of you.

If you’re nervous about this, do a little extra research on these dating apps. Many dating apps offer groups or communities you can join to help you connect with individuals who share your interests and values.

Pressure from Proximity?

Okay, but what if you live in the middle of nowhere?

The answer sounds scarier than it is. Be open to long-distance relationships! I’m speaking from experience when I say they’re not as bad as you think. There are a lot of pros to this type of relationship, and if it’s that between no connection at all then what would you choose?

If you live in a rural area, there’s a chance your closest neighbor is miles away. Finding a partner may seem impossible if you can’t even walk down the street with an hour to get sugar. Be open to the possibility of a long-distance relationship and consider using video chat or phone calls to get to know each other better before meeting in person.

Beside having an unconventional profession, farmers have busy schedules and work long hours, aspects that make a traditional lifestyle difficult. Not only do long-distance relationships provide more flexibility in communication and scheduling, they can also allow farmers to focus on their work. This is essential during busy seasons, when farmers need to devote their full attention to their crops or livestock.

Long-distance relationships often require more intentional communication and effort to maintain, which can lead to stronger emotional connections between partners. This can encourage you to spend your free time expanding your personal growth and self-discovery by exploring new hobbies or interests.

Long-distance relationships can increase appreciation and gratitude for the time spent together and also encourage you to gain your independence.


Use Video Chat to Connect

If you’re not able to meet in person right away, consider using video chat to connect with potential matches. There are several video chat platforms available like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. 

Once you’ve found a potential partner and exchanged messages, set up a time and date for the video chat. Choose a time that works for both of you and test your equipment beforehand to ensure a smooth connection for your first date.

Pick a quiet, well-lit space for the video chat and eliminate any distractions or background noise. Even though you may have just stumbled off the field, it’s important to dress appropriately for your video chat date, as you would for an in-person date.

Be open and engaging during the video chat, and attempt to show your personality and interests. Ask your potential partner questions and listen actively to their responses. Follow up with a message or call after the video chat to express your interest and continue the conversation. If there is mutual interest, set up a date for a future video chat or in-person meeting.

Use Location-Based Search Features 

If long distance isn’t your thing, many dating apps offer location-based search features that can help you find potential matches in your area. You can also use filters to narrow your search by age, location, and interests distance from their location. Choose a dating app that offers this feature to increase your chances of finding compatible matches nearby.

When you use location-based search features, adjust your search radius to include nearby towns or cities. This can expand your pool of matches and increase your chances of finding someone who is open to the unique lifestyle you live. Besides using location-based search features, attend local events and gatherings to meet potential partners in person. 

Be Patient 

Finding a partner who understands and appreciates your farming lifestyle may take time, but be patient and don’t give up hope. Keep using the app, and eventually, you’ll likely connect with someone who shares your values and interests or is understanding and appreciative of the unique way you live.

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