Swipe Left on Thanos | How to Avoid Dating App Villains in the Marvel Universe


Navigating the dating scene in our reality can be tough, but imagine swiping right in the Marvel Universe! 

With the vast range of heroes, anti-heroes, and outright villains, how does one ensure they don’t end up on a date with someone like Thanos? Fear not, daters!

This guide will help you spot and sidestep dating disasters faster than The Flash.

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Tinder: Where Flame Matches Might Not Always Burn Bright

In the real world, Tinder has its fair share of trolls. In the Marvel Universe, however, there’s a chance you might stumble upon the literal fire-controlling Human Torch. While he might be hot (sorry, pun intended), be wary of potential hotheads. Swipe left on those who seem to flare up at the slightest provocation.

Thanos Tell: Profiles with menacing statements or claims of seeking the “ultimate power” are a clear giveaway. Remember, it’s a dating profile, not a quest for Infinity Stones.

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Bumble: Where Queens Buzz and Hive Minds Mingle

Bumble gives women the first move, an empowering feature for many. Still, it’s worth watching out for characters like the Hive, who might want to control more than just the conversation.

Thanos Giveaway: Beware of users who are too insistent or show signs of wanting to control the universe or, in this case, the conversation. Steer clear if they talk about “balancing the universe” on the first date.

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Hinge: Designed to Be Deleted, Not Destroyed

The Hinge app boasts about being intended for serious relationship seekers. But what if your potential match is seriously seeking world domination? Always ensure that their ambitions align with yours. 

Thanos Tell: Do their answers to prompts suggest they have a world-ending agenda? If someone says their ideal first date is “collecting gems across the universe,” it might be time to reconsider.

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Coffee Meets Bagel: Mornings Without Malice

With Coffee Meets Bagel, there are limited daily matches, so it’s vital to make each one count. Look for signs of genuine interest and shared hobbies, and avoid anyone who mentions a desire to rule Asgard over breakfast.

Spotting the Mad Titan: An obsession with time? Check. Discussing plans that involve erasing half of any population? Double check. Swipe left.

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eHarmony: Where Deep Connections Don’t Mean Deep Space Missions

eharmony is all about compatibility. The extensive questionnaire can be a boon as it may keep villains too impatient to finish. However, look out for users who might be more interested in conquering realms than hearts.

Spotting a Thanos: If someone mentions a detailed plan to bring “harmony” to the universe by erasing parts of it, or their compatibility factor leans heavily on “intergalactic dominance,” that’s your cue to bolt like Quicksilver himself.

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Zoosk: Don’t Let the Behavioral Matchmaking Match You with a Behemoth

With its unique algorithm, Zoosk learns from your actions to provide better matches. But in a universe where shapeshifters like Mystique exist, appearances can be deceptive. Make sure the behavior aligns with the profile!

Thanos Traits: Look out for users who adjust their preferences too often, trying to cast a wider net, perhaps for Infinity Stones? Consistency is key, not only in love but in ensuring you aren’t dating a power-hungry titan.

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OkCupid: It’s OK to Be Specific about Not Wanting to Date Villains

OkCupid’s myriad of questions means you can find out a lot about a potential match. This could be your best chance to identify any nefarious intentions before they reveal their master plan over dinner.

Signs of the Mad Titan: Take note of any user who strongly agrees with statements like “The ends justify the means” or “I often dream of ultimate power.” If they’re more interested in universal domination than your shared love of obscure punk bands, it might be time to move on.

Safety First, Even When Navigating the Nebula of Love

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Ask Friends

Much like getting advice from your pals in our reality, in the Marvel Universe, see if your potential match is known to Nick Fury or the X-Men. They have a vast network!

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Virtual First Dates

A video chat using Stark Tech or a holographic meeting via Wakandan technology can be a safe way to gauge your date before meeting in person.

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Always Have an Exit Strategy

Whether it’s calling on Doctor Strange for a portal or having Ant-Man on standby for a quick escape, be prepared.

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Do Your Research

Just like you’d Google a date or use software like Social Catfish IRL,  in the Marvel Universe, consult S.H.I.E.L.D.’s database or ask Jarvis for a quick background check.

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Public Places for First Dates

Meeting at the Avengers Tower might be overkill, but a bustling café in Manhattan or a public park in Wakanda ensures safety.

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Trust Your Instincts

If your Spidey-senses are a tinglin’, there’s probably a reason. Don’t ignore gut feelings.


Dating in the Marvel Universe offers a world of possibility and, yes, a galaxy of potential pitfalls. But with the right tools, knowledge, and a little bit of luck, you can avoid the Thanoses of the dating world and find your superhero match. 

Navigating dating apps in any world requires discernment, a sense of humor, and sometimes a backup plan involving a superhero or two. And no matter the platform, always prioritize your safety and well-being. 

Remember, it’s a universe filled with love, adventure, and endless possibilities. Just ensure your love story is more “Stark and Potts” and less “Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.”

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