The Best-Suited Dating App According to Your MBTI Personality Type


It is no secret by now that personality tests are some of the most advanced and helpful ways to learn more about themselves and their partners. 

While these little quizzes were not always as popular as they are in today’s modern society, they’ve been around for a while. The good news about these personality tests and traits is that, even though they’re popular now and everyone seems to be taking them and swearing by them, they aren’t new by any means, but backed up by years of research and observation. 

The most probable reason that people take these personality tests is not only to help the individual learn more about their everyday life, but also to allow them to learn and see how they react to certain situations, what they want out of life, and how they might be perceived by everyone around them. These are the traits that are extremely integral to someone, especially when they’re trying to learn more about themselves. But they’re also the things that might be difficult for someone to see about themselves.

Personality tests are now not only excellent tools that people are using every day to dive deeper into their relationship with themselves, but they’re also amazing ways to learn how they want to connect with the world and what works and doesn’t work for them. 

Once many people take their personality tests, they are able to realize why their brains work the way they do. Most of the results also allow for the individual taking the test to understand how best to approach the world and how to make the world work for them. 

One of the most popular personality tests that we like to talk about in regard to self-growth and gaining a deeper understanding of oneself is the MBTI Personality Type Indicator Test. 

This personality test is made up of eight different variations of a personality, resulting in 16 different personality types. 

While many people can see the MBTI Personality Type test as a cop-out and an over-simplified way to think about life and how the individual’s brain reacts when faced with certain scenarios, we love to use this test when it comes to all things dating. 

From figuring out how to best communicate with those around you, to understand how you receive love, to even knowing which dating app is the best fit for your personality, the MBTI test is one of the most reliable personality tests that anyone can take. 

What is the MBTI Personality Test?

Now that we’ve talked it up enough, it’s time to actually get into what the Myers-Briggs test is and how it can help every individual through every step of their online dating journey. 

Different personalities

The MBTI Type Indicator is one of the most advanced and intuitive personality tests out there. While one could argue that all of the personality tests that are currently available are helpful to take in order to learn more about how you act and react when you’re faced with the world, the Myers-Briggs is the most commonly praised test out of the rest. 

The test chooses one of the two opposing traits from the four provided sections and assigns each individual a letter that corresponds to those traits. The choices are extroversion (E) or introversion (I), sensing (S) or intuition (N), thinking (T) or feeling (F), and judging (J) or perceiving (P). 

Each of the traits that the individual connects the most with is then chosen based on the results of the personality test and then the letters are rearranged into an amalgamation that shows the individual’s personality type. 

The interesting thing about the process is that none of the personality types are too similar to each other and you can’t really predict how each type will act, think, respond, and feel just based on their different letters. 

Instead, each type is assigned a personality trait and most test results will provide a pretty hefty guide for how the individual experiences the world. While many people are experts can automatically know what all of the personality traits indicate, it is worth it to do your own bit of research in order to get to know yourself a bit better. 

We love to suggest couples and those who are thinking about trying out online dating and dating, in general, to take the Myers-Briggs test and see how their results compare with their partner’s, or even how the results might dictate how they ought to approach the world of dating apps. 

Something we love about the Myers-Briggs is that, unlike other personality tests, like the Enneagram, which often focuses on each individual’s innermost needs, desires, and yearnings. The MBTI personality type test is also all about the individual, but it’s more about how they approach and view the world. 

Because of the differences in the test results, we like to suggest that people use MBTI as a stepping stone for getting introduced to the world of personality tests and how having the knowledge that these tests provide for you can help you navigate the world of dating in a comfortable and knowledgeable way. 

MBTI Personality Type and Online Dating

Although we never will suggest that anyone should lean on the results of their personality test results for the rest of their lives or allow something like that to dictate their actions or their choices, there is a great deal to be said about all that one can stand to learn because of their personality types.

As a result of the tests, many people will automatically unlock new information about themselves that they might not have known before or that they might never have seen being put into words. 

Knowing these key personality factors and features about yourself and how you act in situations is one of the best ways that you can succeed when you’re approaching online dating. 

The world of online dating is hectic and it can be extremely overwhelming and even unhealthy for someone to enter into that world without knowing who they are or how they might react to all of the situations with which they’ll be faced. 

And while there are many different dating apps that are currently on the market and all of the different functions they serve, it’s good to know what you want out of life and how your personality type approaches certain situations when you’re exploring all of the different options you might have to choose from.

World of dating

There’s a reason for all of these apps and different people and couples are drawn to different styles, but in order for the individual to know which app they’ll most likely succeed on, they need to know themselves first and go from there. 

It’s also good to take advantage of as much as you can when it comes to dating apps. Not a lot of things on dating apps are in your control, so when you’re choosing which dating app you are more than likely to succeed on, you’re taking your dating life into your own hands and choosing which dating app you’ll succeed the most with!

Dating apps are amazing tools that people are using every single day to find their true love and romance stories with. And one of the many reasons why these dating apps are so wonderful and successful at doing what they do is that there are so many different apps that serve different purposes!

I know that that sentence might sound a little confusing — isn’t the entire point of a dating app to help the users on it find dates? And while that is the point of a dating app, just like with the different MBTI personality types, there are different flavorings and ways to approach getting dates. 

Two people dating

Some people might thrive in high-stress environments and know that the only way that they’ll ever message someone is if their matches run out in 24 hours. Others might just want a few casual dates, nothing serious.

No matter what you want when it comes to your dating app, the market has the ability to pair you with the app that will make your journey to finding love the easiest and most enjoyable, you just need to know what you want before you can start on it. 

Now, you may be asking, “How does my Myers-Briggs personality type fit into all of this?” Your personality type actually fits into your dating life perfectly, that’s why we’re so adamant about the importance of it. 

When you’re thinking about how you approach the world and what matters to you when you’re interacting with someone, you’re learning about yourself and what you want out of life. These are important factors to take note of when you’re deciding which dating app to invest your time and energy into. 

Dr. Sam Zand, a psychiatrist and the co-founder and chief medical officer of Better U is an expert in all things Myers-Briggs. 

He tells Bustle, “The key [to succeeding with dating] is to raise self-awareness, communicate authentically with our partners, and help strengthen or balance each other.” 

He then separates the 16 different MBTI personality types into four overarching categories: the analysts, the diplomats, the sentinels, and the explorers.

Sam Zand from Better U

If you’re curious about what category your type fits into and what that might mean for your dating app experience, keep reading!

The Sentinels


These are the practical people on the MBTI personality scale. The sentinels are made up of ISTJs, ESFJs, ESTJs, and ISFJs. In case you couldn’t see a commonality among these types, these are often the more judgemental personalities on the scale. 

The sentinels don’t want to mess around when they’re looking to form a relationship. But instead, the personality types in this section are going to buckle down and look for something extremely serious and long-term. 

Don’t waste a sentinel’s time when it comes to such a serious matter as dating, they’re not here to play any games. 

People who fall into these types often like order and structure to guide them throughout their lives and they hate when things are out of alignment or cause more confusion than they ought to. 

Because sentinels crave order and success so much, they need to invest their time in reputable dating apps that are known for creating strong and long-term relationships. 

Sentinels will succeed the best with dating apps like and eHarmony. These are the apps that might require a little bit of extra time and money than the other apps, but they’re also some of the most successful apps on the market to date. 

Sentinels don’t really care if they have to put in the extra effort or go the extra mile when it comes to the subject of them getting what they want, they just want their future partner to be putting in that same amount of effort. 

It’s also good to note that apps like and eHarmony don’t usually host the people that one might find on any other regular dating app. Instead, these apps are usually full of people who are all equally dedicated to finding their person and their partner, no matter what it takes. 

That is a very comforting notion for the sentinels who want a partner who is as ready to find love as they are. 

The Analysts


The analysts of the Myers-Briggs are the personality types that often operate from head knowledge and logic more than any of the other personality types. 

The analyst category is made up of INTJs, INTPs, ENTJs, and ENTPs. These types often lead with their gut and like to make quick and focused decisions when it comes to the big things in life. 

Because of their personality, analysts often want to get answers to their questions quickly and not waste any time when it comes to making important decisions. This is why a fast-paced and algorithm-driven dating app like Hinge is the best for these MBTI personality types. 

Hinge is one of the most popular dating apps for a reason. The app asks all of its users a few simple questions about what they’re looking for on the app and what their hard no’s are. Hinge users can also take all of this a step further and add to their deal-breakers section if they know what will or won’t work for them when they’re thinking about a partner. 

This dating app also provides an option for its users to utilize advanced filters in order to ensure that the people they’re swiping on and whom they see on the apps meet their qualifications.

Hinge also relies heavily on the algorithm and provides all of its users with the best options first, usually making the decision of whom to talk to easier than it would be on any other app, where they might have to sift through a number of potential matches before they found their person.

The Explorers


As within life, everyone needs a bright ball of energy that will light up everything around them and search for the fun and the joy that is interwoven throughout the mundane. 

The explorers of the Myers-Briggs are the ISTPs, ISFPs, ESTPs, and ESFPs. The commonality between all of these types is that they’re all great at perceiving and sensing, so they rely on their feelings more than logic in most situations. 

Because of this, these are the types that want to have fun and not get too bogged down with the logistics of the apps. They love to express themselves and feel through all of their options before they make a decision. 

Due to the free will and the casual nature that the explorers often lead with, Bumble is often the best option for these personality types. 

Bumble allows its users to be fully themselves and express who they are in their profiles, but the app also doesn’t put too much pressure on what happens next. It does require some structure, which can be good for the explorers to get their heads in the game and message the people with whom they’re interested within 24 hours of matching. 

The Diplomats


Last but certainly not least, especially when it comes to dating, are the charmers of the Myers-Briggs.

The diplomats are the INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, and ENFPs of the world. These are the intuitive and feeling types who will often be kind and charming to a fault. 

Because of their flirty nature, the diplomats often like to go on dating apps that allow them to experiment with as many different people as possible. 

Tinder and the casual, yet fun environment that it creates is often the go-to app for diplomats. This app allows anyone to message first and it allows the personality types to flex their charming nature on the app. 

Tinder is definitely the best dating app for diplomatic types and they will provide just what these types need when they’re looking for romance. And if they’re successful, these types might just lead to something more serious.

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