The Best Dating Apps for Athletes in 2024


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It’s 2024, and we’re all done settling when it comes to our dating lives. With all of this new technology and a plethora of dating app platforms that appeal to anyone and everyone who could want to find love online, finding your partner has never been easier.

And the people who make dating apps know that many singles out there want to find a certain kind of person to spend their lives with. These requirements and hopes could be about anything or anyone. But they’re all valid, and they have the ability to come true now more than ever before.

If you’re an athlete, you know the importance of dating someone who matches your energy and dedication. If you’re going to go all in on your training and your lifestyle is that of an athlete, then you’re going to need to date someone who is also an athlete.

And while that idea and hope might sound good in theory, and it ought to be easy to find your person at the gym or on your team, or somewhere else, we can all agree that dating apps and having a communal place where everyone on your platform wants the same thing makes the entire idea of finding someone you’ll get along much more manageable.

Dating is challenging, and if you are putting restrictions on who you date or if you’re looking for a specific kind of person in the online dating world, it can be easy to get disheartened about finding someone and think about giving up before you find your person.

But if you’re an athlete looking to date another one, you’re in luck. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dating app platforms created to connect athletes with one another and supply them with the kind of love they’ve been looking for.

If you’re curious about what some of these dating apps are, keep reading!

5 Top Dating Apps for Athletes

There is something so wonderful and exciting about being in a relationship with someone who will match your energy and your zest for life.

When you’re an athlete, your sport and how you train are two of the most time-consuming and important parts of your daily activities. If you get into a relationship with someone who doesn’t work the same way you do and who cannot understand what you’re spending all of your days doing, it’s going to cause some conflict.

That’s why it can be healthy for an athlete to get into a relationship with another athlete rather than someone who might not be on the same page as they are when it comes to their work or passion.

If you wonder how you can find another eligible athlete that you share chemistry with and whom you would be interested in dating, all while you’re juggling your busy schedule, the answer is easy — use dating apps!

Here are the top recommended dating apps where athletes can meet one another online.

Dating App Key Facts Free Trial
eharmony logo Eharmony
  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Membership Price: Begins at $35.90 per month
Tinder Logo Tinder
  • Active Members: 8+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 61% men to 39% women
  • Membership Price: Begins at $4.50 per month
Bumble Logo Bumble
  • Active Members: 11+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 57% men to 43% women
  • Membership Price: Begins at $16.99 per month
zoosk logo Zoosk
  • Active Members: 40+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 47% men to 53% women
  • Membership Price: Begins at $10.00 per month
Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles
  • Active Members: 2+million
  • Gender Ratio: 51% men and 49% women
  • Membership Price: Begins at $31.95 per month

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Online dating can be difficult, and there are thousands of dating apps that appeal to different audiences, preferences, and relationship goals. While all of these choices are nice and can help you find your person, it can also be an extremely overwhelming decision to figure out which dating app will be the best for what you want and need online. That’s why we’re here to help answer all of your questions about dating apps!

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It’s not going to do anyone any good if we suggest that you try a dating app that we know isn’t going to fit your needs or provide the results you want.

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We know that there’s nothing worse than reading an outdated dating app review and then logging onto the dating app in question and realizing that the review was false or just too old to matter.

That’s why we’re constantly updating our posts and reviews and staying in tune with all of the newest features that each dating app comes out with. There’s no need for you to read an old assessment that won’t do you any good, and that isn’t going to give you an accurate description of what all the dating apps look like now, and we don’t want to waste your time making you do that.

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We can talk about numbers and success stories all day long, and those factors matter a great deal when you’re trying to figure out which app, at a glance, is better. But there is something that numbers and statistics can’t provide, and that’s first-hand experience. And thankfully, we have that in buckets when it comes to dating apps.

So instead of a removed and uneducated dating app review, we’re going to give you a personalized and in-depth rundown of all of the recommended dating apps that we know will help you find love online.

Breakdown of the Top Recommended Dating Apps for Athletes

If you’re an athlete looking to find love or a relationship with another athlete, you’ve come to the right place! There are some fantastic and resourceful dating apps that will help you find the kind of love with the exact person you’ve been looking for quickly and easily.

We’re here to help you decide which dating app will serve you best as efficiently as possible. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you’re faced with all of the possibilities for your future dating app, so we’re going to break down the most successful apps for you and help you in this process!

#1: Eharmony

Active Members:16 million
Gender Ratio:48% men to 52% women
Sign-up Time:45 Minutes
Pricing:Starting at $35.90 per month
More Info:eharmony Review

If you’re ever looking for a specific kind of person when it comes to your time on dating apps, eHarmony is always going to be the best and most reliable dating app where you can find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

One of the reasons that we love eHarmony, and we often suggest it is because the app is not only proven to be successful and highly frequented by eligible singles, over 16 million to be exact, but eHarmony goes above and beyond in the matchmaking business and makes sure that all of its users are paired with their perfect matches.

eHarmony was actually created by the clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren. Warren knew that people looking to find love with each other first needed to have a number of the essential things in common with each other, so they created an online dating website where that could become a possibility.

The sign-up process for eHarmony takes some time to do because the website asks all of its users a series of questions, and then it matches them up with the most like-minded individuals who are also on the app.

Because of the emphasis that eHarmony puts on pairing up like-minded and similar individuals, it’s no wonder that we suggest this app as one of the top dating apps for athletes to find other athletes.

eHarmony is also easy to use and navigate. The app will tell you the users who you’re most likely to get along with because they know that you’re busy and just want to find love. All of this is perfect for an active athlete to connect with another online!

#2: Tinder

Active Members:8+ million
Gender Ratio:61% men to 39% women
Sign-up Time:5 minutes or less
Pricing:Starting at $4.50 per month
More Info:Tinder Review

Sometimes, you need to go back to the tried and true dating apps to get what you want. Tinder is absolutely the place to do that. While some of the busier athletes might not have time to swipe through thousands of eligible singles on their dating apps, there are a number of ways that Tinder has become one of the best and easiest dating apps to navigate right now.

While you’re not going to find a complicated algorithm or interface when you sign up for any of these popular dating apps, that’s one of their many perks; there is something to be said about the ease of use that happens when you sign up for such a well-known dating app as Tinder.

More than likely, you already know exactly what you need to do to get a date on this dating app, and you might have a profile on it as well. Tinder is one of the most intuitive, algorithm-driven, and easy-to-use dating apps on the market right now, so you don’t have to worry about its performance.

Not to mention, over 57 million people have trusted Tinder to be their matchmaking app.

But if you’re not too sure about how successful the app will be or how much time you’ll have to put into it, you can also look into some of Tinder’s premium and paid subscription features.

Tinder has a feature called Tinder Select, where the best of the best go. If you’re a well-known or successful athlete looking to match up with another celebrity athlete, you might want to give Tinder Select a chance. This way, you’re also not going to waste your valuable time swiping on users who aren’t going to be what you’re looking for.

#3: Bumble

Active Members:11+ million
Gender Ratio:57% men to 43% women
Sign-up Time:5 minutes or less
Pricing:Starting at $16.99 per month
More Info:Bumble Review

Bumble is arguably one of the best, busiest, and most accessible dating apps that people can use when trying to find love on a dating app. Bumble takes some of the core designs and takeaways that Tinder provides for its users and then elevates them to provide its customers with a clean and easy online dating experience.

If you don’t want to download a dating app that will waste your time, Bumble is going to be one of your best bets to find success when you’re online dating.

Bumble is a highly successful platform with over 11 million users on its database. The app also has some brilliant search filters that make it easier than ever to find the exact kind of love you’re looking for online.

If you want to date an athlete, you’ll be able to find one with ease when you choose to use Bumble as your dating app. All you have to do is work with the filters and use the prompts that Bumble supplies for you in your dating app profile, and you’ll attract all of the athletes on the app.

Bumble is also a dating app that will give you more results and help you find your person with more ease when you choose a premium subscription on the app, so that’s always worth looking into.

When you choose a premium Bumble subscription, you’ll be able to look at the profiles that are most likely to be the kinds of people you’re looking for, in this case, athletes. And you won’t have to waste your time wading through profiles that you know there will be no future with.

#4: Zoosk

Active Members:40+ million
Gender Ratio:47% men to 53% women
Sign-up Time:5 minutes
Pricing:Starting at $10.00 per month
More Info:Zoosk Review

One of the best and most updated dating apps on the market right now is Zoosk. We love to recommend Zoosk to singles looking for a long-term relationship.

Zoosk is an extremely reputable and reliable dating app where stable relationships are established and created effortlessly. One of the reasons we love to recommend Zoosk is because it’s owned by one of the most reputable dating app companies, Spark Network, which also owns Christian Mingle and Elite Singles. With that company backing the app, it’s no wonder why Zoosk is such a great dating app. Currently, there are over 400 million members on Zoosk, and that number is only growing.

We recommend that athletes give Zoosk a try because the app provides its users with many unique search filters and abilities to find the exact kind of person they’re looking for. Zoosk is home to millions of active singles, whether they’re athletes, personal trainers, coaches, or anything else that has to do with the fitness world.

The fast-paced and somewhat competitive environment that Zoosk also provides for its users is a great way to shake up what online dating can be and rework it to be more fun and engaging for its users.

Not to mention, when you choose Zoosk as your dating app, you will be able to access more singles than you would if you chose a more niche and smaller dating app.

#5: Elite Singles

Active Members:2+ million
Gender Ratio:51% men to 49% women
Sign-up Time:15-25 minutes
Pricing:Starting at $31.95 per month
More Info:Elite Singles Review

If you’re looking to date a professional athlete or you’re a professional yourself, you don’t want to waste your time on a dating app that caters to everyone else; you want a dating app that is (almost) as elite as you are. Enter Elite Singles, the dating app for the people who stand above the rest.

If you’re a professional athlete, you know what it’s like to feel the pressure of having to keep up in the world of your sport and how much time you have to dedicate to being your best self and giving your job your all. Because of the specific requirements that come with your job and the amount of effort you have to put into your everyday life to keep up with them, you’re going to need to date someone who understands where you’re coming from.

That’s one of the many reasons why we would like to recommend Elite Singles as one of the top dating apps for professional athletes. There are over 2 million elite users actively looking for love with the help of Elite Singles. While that number is enormous compared to some of the more niche dating apps on the market, it’s just big enough to allow you to meet as many singles with whom you would have something in common and try to explore a relationship with all of them.

If you’re an athlete looking for a relationship with someone who can meet you at your level, you need to try out Elite Singles.

What Makes These the Recommended Dating Apps for Athletes?

Now that you’ve seen some of the dating app options, you might be wondering why we chose these apps, primarily because none of them are specifically geared toward helping athletes find love.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to go on an athlete-only dating app to find love with an athlete. There are athletes, physical trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and more athletically-oriented people on every single dating app. You just need to be able to find them!

We recommend the most popular and successful dating apps to you so that you’ll be able to find success online, just like so many people who have been on these apps before have been able to do.

If you’re wondering why we chose to highlight these dating apps and why we think they’ll bring you success in finding your athlete, keep reading!

The Largest Selection of Singles

When it comes to dating apps, finding your person online and walking away from your time on the apps rely heavily on a numbers game. The more people you are able to match with and talk to, the more likely you are to find success with online dating and enjoy your time on the apps.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, online dating is a numbers game. If you choose to go on one of these dating apps, you will be able to meet and match with more singles than you would on any other platform, making your chances of finding love better on all these apps.

Even though these apps don’t necessarily cater to athletes only, and you might have to work with the search filters a bit more rigorously to find the kind of people that you’re looking for, as long as you’re on one of these prominent dating apps, you’re going to be able to find lots of eligible people who will fit into what you’re looking for.

Because these dating apps are all reputable and well-known, they all have thousands, if not millions, of users looking to find love. And that’s one of the ways you can set yourself up for success with online dating.

Constantly Updated Features

We mentioned before that the most popular dating apps are always updating their features and trying to provide their users with the best online dating experience possible. One of the benefits of downloading these apps is that they have the resources, the team, and the companies that allow them to have the best updates.

You’re never going to see one of the highest-performing dating apps with outdated features or an algorithm that doesn’t work. Instead, because these apps are competing with the best of the best in the dating app market, they’re constantly improving their apps and working to provide the best online experience for their users.

When you choose a dating app that is smaller and appeals to a more niche demographic, they are not going provide as many updates or as elevated of an experience as some of the more well-known and downloaded dating apps because they don’t have as big of an audience as the more prominent apps do. Thus, they also don’t have as many resources.

When you’re deciding which dating app you want to spend your time and energy scrolling on, it’s always nice to choose a dating app that you know will give its customers its all and make sure that they have the best online dating experience possible.

Affordable Prices and Free Options

Another reason why we love to recommend these aforementioned dating apps is that we know that they’re not only affordable, if not completely free to use with limitations, but these apps also provide a great deal for users who want to use a premium account, but maybe not pay an arm and a leg for one.

These high-performing dating apps are all amazing, and their premium memberships make their users’ time on the app more than worth it. In fact, most memberships go above and beyond what a dating app can and should do and transform their user’s experience on the app, as well as upgrade it.

And because these memberships are so intuitive and bring an elevated version of the app to life, one would assume that they would cost a ton of money. Not to mention, these apps in and of themselves are huge, and they have resources that no other dating apps have.

But all of the premium memberships these apps provide are affordable and accessible for anyone who wants to upgrade their love lives and make their time on the dating apps easier and more successful than they ever were before.

Great Matchmaking

As we said above, we’re not suggesting these dating apps just so that we can present you with more options. Instead, we’re showing you the best of the best. One of the reasons these popular dating apps are so successful is that they have a great algorithm that pairs you up with the exact kind of people you’re looking for.

The creators of the most successful dating apps know that when you want to date someone, you need to be able to find that person on your dating app, and you don’t want to waste your time looking for them.

Because of this, most of the successful dating apps we’ve discussed above work hard to pair you up with like-minded individuals with whom you will have a shared interest. If you want to date an athlete or an athletic person, tell your dating app that and fill out the appropriate boxes when making your profile, and the app will more than likely match you with athletes that will be perfect for you.

These apps have excellent matchmaking skills and a vast number of users, so they will be able to help you find just the person you’re looking for.

Simple Designs

No one, especially busy and successful athletes, has the time to go on their dating apps and get confused about the layout, features, or anything else online. There is absolutely no reason that your dating app should be more complicated than online dating itself, and no one needs to waste their time trying to figure out their dating apps when they could be spending that time exploring their app.

The popular dating apps that we’re suggesting you use are all extremely simple in their design, but they get the job done. The companies that made these apps know that they don’t need bells and whistles to attract people to their apps; they just need success stories and a solid, reliable dating app.

And while a number of these apps have advanced features that only improve people’s experience, they are not confusing or complicated. Instead, everything on these apps is simple and easy to use. No one benefits from an over-complicated dating app, and these companies know it.

Best Niche Dating Apps for Athletes

Now that you’ve seen the best of the recommended dating apps, you might have made up your mind that you want to choose one of them for your dating app due to all of the benefits mentioned above and the large user pool that these dating apps often provide for their users.

If you’re already sold on these dating apps, go for it! But if you’re still not sure if these large dating apps will supply you with the kind of partner you want, in this case, an athlete, that’s okay too.

Thankfully, the people who create dating apps understand that everyone has a certain kind of partner in mind when they’re looking to date someone new and that there ought to be a dating app for everyone’s niche interests.

#1 Playoff

Playoff Dating App Logo

#2 Fitafy

Fitafy Logo

#3 Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles Logo

If you’re an athlete, it’s understood that you need to date another athlete who can stay on your level and keep up with you when it comes to your energy and activity levels. While the two of you don’t necessarily need to be into the same sport or even on the same professional level, it’s likely going to be best if both of you are similar in how you care about your goals and your sport.

When you’re looking for a dating app with this in mind, and you’re spending so much time and energy trying to find the perfect athlete partner for you, then you’re going to want to make your job much easier by deciding on a dating app that supplies you with only athletes.

These niche and athlete-centered dating apps are all geared toward the hard workers in the world and the best of the best. All of the dating apps below are unique in that they help establish online connections with athletes from all over your area.

And, even if nothing romantic comes out of your time spent on one of these niche dating apps, you’ll at least get a workout buddy out of it!

If you’re curious about what these niche athlete-centered dating apps are, here are the best ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a few questions about the dating apps we’ve talked about or how they work, that’s completely normal! Online dating is complicated, and it can often feel like you’re alone in trying to figure everything out about these apps.

Thankfully, that’s why we’re here.

If you still have any questions about any of these dating apps or how they work, keep reading!

How do You Find an Athlete on a Dating App?

If you’re looking to find a relationship with an athlete during your time on dating apps, the best thing you can do to find one is to use your search filters and fill your profile out correctly.

The people who have created dating apps know that everyone is looking for someone specific when it comes to their partner in life. And instead of making everyone search through thousands of profiles that aren’t going to help them find what they’re looking for, dating apps have created a search filter where you can put in your preferences from everything to your partner’s preferred height to how active they are in their lifestyle.

Dating apps that aren’t specifically geared towards athletes will ask you to fill out a questionnaire in your bio where you can tell other members exactly what you’re looking for and what matters to you when it comes to finding your partner.

They usually ask you to fill out a sliding scale of how important some aspects are to you and whether or not they’re dealbreakers if your partner doesn’t have these features. If you’re looking for an athlete specifically, you can paint that picture for your dating app algorithm and make sure that you’re only going to be matched with athletes.

You can also use the algorithm and make it easier for you to find an athlete if you put things in your bio about the sports that you like to play, your activity level, or something else that hints at the fact that you’re looking to date an athlete.

Of course, if you choose one of the more niche dating apps that only appeals to athletes, you don’t have to worry about using the filters to find your athlete. But they’re relatively easy to use, and you will find success when you get used to them.

Are Dating Apps for Athletes Safe?

There isn’t a straightforward answer where one can answer 100 percent to this question. While most dating apps are safe, there is always a level of awareness that everyone needs to have when they’re talking to someone online.

Although many of the more prominent dating apps work hard to ensure that bots and scammers are off their platforms, there is only so much that they can do, especially when there are millions of users online all of the time.

And suppose you do choose to go for a smaller and more niche dating app. While you might have an easier time finding what you need, those dating apps will be more susceptible to bots, scammers, catfishers, and other dangerous people online because they will have a smaller team and resources that cannot protect their platforms from these hackers.

But, no matter what dating app platform you choose, you should always lead with safety. Do not share any of your personal information online, never meet someone at their house until you’ve met them in a public place, and never pay someone or give them access to your money in any way.

While all of this sounds like common sense, it’s always good to reiterate it whenever you can.

Which Is Better, the Bigger Dating Apps or the More Niche Ones?

If you’re hoping to find a specific person while you’re online dating, it might be tempting to go with a smaller app that caters to just those kinds of people. Still, you’re going to be able to find more variety and options when you choose to go with one of the bigger dating apps in the game.

Yes, you might have to work the system a bit more, and you might have a more challenging time finding precisely what you’re looking for. But you’re going to be able to meet more people, have an easier and safer time on your dating app, and enjoy yourself a bit more with all of the advanced technology and matchmaking abilities that your app offers you when you choose a more well-known dating app.

Are Dating Apps for Athletes Legit?

There are always going to be a few outliers when it comes to dating apps, and you’re going to run into some apps that might seem cheap or unreliable to you. Thankfully, the more popular and well-known apps will always be dependable, and you shouldn’t have to worry about them. Still, if one of the niche dating apps for athletes seems off or you don’t feel safe, you can always delete them and choose a more reliable app.

That being said, there’s no issue with any of the apps we suggested, and they’re all great platforms on which you can meet your athlete!