Commander ENTJ Personality Type


Taking on any kind of challenge, regardless of how big or small, is something that ENTJs thrive on. They feel that with sufficient resources and time, they can achieve anything. They have the ability to plan strategically and have a laser-like focus while implementing each stage of their goals with dedication and accuracy, making them influential leaders.

Sounds intimidating, right? Let’s see if the ENTJs take the same no-prisoners approach when it comes to romance and dating!

The Commander Overview

ENTJs, or Commanders, have an innate ability to lead others. Charismatic and self-assured individuals exude an aura of power that inspires others to unite behind a common cause when they are in charge. In addition to their drive, tenacity, and quick wit, Commanders are also distinguished by a degree of reason that may be quite ruthless. Yikes.

Maybe it’s for the best that Commanders only make up three percent of the world’s population; otherwise, they would intimidate the more humble and sensitive types that make up the rest of the world.

But, many institutions and businesses we rely on daily owe their existence to Commanders. Less yikes!

Commanders are powerful, unrelenting, and uncompromising in any kind of negotiation, whether it’s a financial transaction or purchasing a new couch. This isn’t because they’re heartless or cruel; instead, Commander personalities thrive on the challenge, battle of wits, and banter afforded by such an arena; and if the opposing side can’t keep up, that’s no excuse for Commanders to back down on their core principle in total triumph.

The personality type is made up of these four character traits:

  • (E)xtraverted
  • (N)Intuitive
  • (T)hinking
  • (J)udging

How ENTJ Characteristics Apply to Romance and Dating

ENTJs tend to treat the individuals they care about honestly and straightforwardly, and they get energized by engaging in thoughtful discourse and intelligent debate with their acquaintances, family, and romantic partners. They are not very sentimental people, so you shouldn’t expect constant displays of emotion from them.

The ability to make a definitive choice gives Commanders a sense of power and independence. Their choice of a date or a romantic partner is a reflection of the importance they place on that person.

Relationship Preferences

Most ENTJs tend to concentrate on finding a compatible romantic partner who is both intelligent and compassionate. With their rational nature, they can seek out a partner who can soothe their souls and challenge them intellectually.

When it comes to dating and relationships, Commanders are just as driven and goal-oriented as they are in every other aspect of their life. Individuals with the ENTJ personality type want to win at all costs, so they take the initiative in relationships right from the start. They take complete ownership of the value of their relationships and work hard to ensure that they, and their partners, are happy and healthy.

Commanders are devoted to their partners and see relationships as long-term commitments. Because of their strong sense of duty, Commanders invest a great deal of time and effort into their romantic partnerships, and they are not afraid to be creative by coming up with fun date ideas. Yet, Commander personalities are long-term thinkers; if they feel that a relationship is going nowhere, they will end it quickly, even if it hurts their partner.

Tips for Keeping Commanders Interested

Confidence, charisma, and even a bit of playfulness are common traits among ENTJs. They express their interest by engaging in flirty conversation as well as the occasional jab or joke. They are attracted to those who can keep up with them since they find this kind of engagement appealing.

Something to Note:

If you are sensitive and your feelings are easily hurt, the way Commanders show their interest may not be for you!

ENTJs are observant of how other people act as well as what captures their interest. They want to help those they love and support them in any endeavor; they have a little bit of a “hero” complex, which can work in their favor if the object of their affection wants to be helped out of a sticky situation. Let them help you–they value this greatly.

Don’t ever try to get them to conform or try to make them see your side of things. No matter what it is, even if you are 100 percent in the right, they will resent you for it and probably walk away.

A possible partner who acts ditzy will turn off the Commander because of the ENTJ’s intolerance of superficial and shallow individuals. They look for partners that are smart and on the same level as them.

Things to Consider When Dating an ENTJ

If Commanders are not cautious, their reputations may suffer because of their frequent ruthlessness with personal relationships. Commanders must focus on developing their sensitivity to others’ emotions, if only for the benefit of their partners and so that they can healthily express their own emotions. If they don’t, they run the danger of controlling and smothering their partners, which is particularly damaging in the first stages of a relationship.

If things go well during the honeymoon stage and a future together is seen as promising, ENTJs will continue to impress with their spontaneity and energy. Because of their self-assurance, Commanders have an exciting sex life, and they aren’t afraid to try out innovative approaches to show their partners how much they care. Although Commanders are noted for their imaginative attitudes toward sex, they often prepare ahead for them, giving their sexual lives a degree of order and predictability.

ENTJs need to remember that their method is just one possible option among several.

Although Commanders are usually correct in thinking that criticism is the most effective method, they should be mindful that their romantic partners might be more concerned with emotional needs and self-improvement, two aspects that ENTJs frequently overlook.

ENTJ Compatibility with Other Myers Briggs Personalities

ENTJs are dominating personalities with a lot of charm and self-confidence, so they go out of their way to find partners and do what it takes to keep them. The following MBTI personality types are the most promising compatibility-wise!

INFP – The Mediator

When two INFPs or ENTJs meet, they frequently feel an immediate attraction and consider each other absolutely enthralling. They don’t fully understand one another, which keeps them interested in each other and draws them to each other with a magnetic force. To each person, the other seems to be acting mysteriously on purpose, which they find appealing.

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ISFP – The Adventurer

Due to their similar personality traits, ENTJs, and ISFPs are said to be the most compatible personality types. They are free to express themselves authentically and openly, and they have no trouble communicating with one another because of this. They realize they can be themselves with one another and that their partner doesn’t judge them for their flaws. This is why ENTJs and ISFPs can have deep, honest talks and feel comfortable being themselves with one another from the beginning.

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ENTJ – The Commander

The energy between two ENTJs can be electric. Partners with similar temperaments or characters can read and comprehend one another’s thoughts and feelings. They are able to communicate well and understand one another.

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Least Compatible Personality Types

The ENTJ is less compatible with the following personality types and is more likely to have personality conflicts with them.

ENFJ – The Protagonist

It is possible to think of the connection between ENTJs and ENFJs as one of equal cooperation rather than affection. They are able to get along well and identify their shared interests quickly, but since they are not interested in becoming close, they do not develop a deep understanding of one another.

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ISTP – The Virtuoso

Several objectives and tastes of ENTJs and ISTPs are similar and complement each other effectively. But in other respects, they oppose one another’s wants and needs. Typically, they don’t have much going on in the way of physical chemistry. They don’t see one another as interesting and have no urge to get acquainted; they consider each other attractive, but that’s about as far as it goes.

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ESTJ – The Executive

ESTJs and ENTJs first seem quite similar and connect quickly, and they can easily start a discussion but quickly realize that their connection does not go very far after that. While they like talking about the same subjects, they have completely different opinions on them and never sway one another’s judgment.

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Final Thoughts About Dating a Commander

An ENTJ needs a dependable and understanding partner who recognizes and values the unique gifts of a Commander. They need to find someone who is as smart and driven to be with them–in other words, match their energy. ENTJs are dependable partners because they put in the extra effort to maintain happy and healthy connections with their significant others.

Although ENTJs are full of excellent qualities, they are also prone to some difficulties in a romantic partnership, but who isn’t? If you can handle a Commander, they will serve you well.