5 Ways to Dominate “Dating Sunday”


It’s 2024: New year, new you, new potential matches? You bet, according to the statistics.

This Sunday kicks off the busiest day of the year for dating apps—and it’s been dubbed “Dating Sunday” by clever marketers.

According to Tinder, the first Sunday in January is always the most happening day of the year for online dating. It’s Dating Sunday 2024!

“Ramping up from the start of January, through till Valentine’s Day (on 14th Feb), on Tinder alone, there are 11.4 million more messages sent globally during this period compared with the rest of the year. As well as an impressive 58.7 million more likes sent compared to the rest of the year,” says Tinder’s Press Room.


This Sunday, January 7, 519 Tinder profiles are edited and 2,263 photos are added every minute.

On “Dating Sunday,” the number of messages sent on Tinder increases by 22%, users respond 19.4 minutes faster than on any other Sunday of the year, and the number of likes on the app increases by 18.2%.

Tinder added that as people update their profiles, the number of likes sent on the app is likely to increase by about 58.7 million, up 11.4 million from the rest of 2023. That’s a lot of swipes!

And the fun doesn’t end on Monday, oh no. Tinder shared that the app typically sees a spike in activity from the first Sunday of the year until Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. So there is plenty of time for you to find a romantic connection before Cupid starts shooting his love arrows!

Dating App Tips

Need some dating advice or tips to make a great profile? Well, Tinder’s Global Relationship Insights Expert, Paul C. Brunson, gifted his top tips for buffing up your profile in tip-top shape for this peak dating season:

man with strong heart

Be Yourself

“People want to see you for who you are and authenticity is important above all else to young singles. Focus on images that capture your true personality at different times, in different scenarios – from social situations with friends, to a selfie that shows off your smile. The golden rule is to have at least five photos, and don’t forget to use photo verification. For Tinder users in the 18-25 age group, being photo-verified may increase the number of Tinder matches by 10%”

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More Words, More Possibilities

“Data reveals that the optimal amount of words in a Tinder bio is between 15- 45, and it is important to make these 15-45 words count as research from Tinder shows that more than two in five (45%) of single 18-24 year olds prefer when their potential match is clear about what they want in their dating app bio. During peak season there are 519 Tinder bios edited a minute. Remember that the best dates happen when you have time to get to know each other on the app before meeting IRL.”

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Show Your Interests

“Common ground can reveal a lot about your compatibility with a potential match—and a simple icebreaker for your first interaction. Your interests are what make you, you and by sharing them you’ll be more likely to meet people who match your energy.  You can even use one of Tinder’s newest features, Profile Quiz to check your compatibility with potential Tinder matches through a fun and enlightening quiz about yourself.”

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Express Your Personality

“First impressions are everything and so I suggest you get creative, and personal, with yours! Ask questions you really want to know the answer to, or light a spark with asking your match about their favorite place to rave, or the name of their pet. You never know what you might learn…”

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Be Open about What You’re Looking For

“Be clear with your intentions. Being straightforward and honest about what you are looking for from a match will go a long way. Tinder’s Relationship Goals feature, where Tinder users can share what they are looking for in a relationship, reveals that 40% of global Tinder users are looking for a serious relationship, while 13% of users are looking for something more “casual.” So embrace what it is you really want, honesty really is the best policy…”


On this “Dating Sunday,” spruce up your profile on whatever platform you use—and if you aren’t on one or aren’t sure which one is best for you, check out our reviews of the best dating apps for 2024! We break down everything about every dating app. So if Tinder isn’t the app for you,  you can read our dating app reviews and pick the one that will help you get to your “new year, new you” dating goals!

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