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Are you interested in dating, relationships, or falling in love with someone with a Korean background or cultural heritage? If so, we know the best dating apps for finding Korean singles locally or overseas. A few are geared toward finding love with Korean singles specifically. In contrast, others feature broader user bases where members come from varying ethnic backgrounds, but there’s a great chance of meeting someone who is Korean or hails from Korea. 

Each dating app can be used on the go from the convenience of your mobile device, and they come at reasonable prices, making the search for Korean singles easy and affordable. Discover the perfect Korean dating apps for your relational goals and budget as we outline and highlight what these platforms offer to daters and singles who want to fall in love with Koreans.

Best Apps for Korean Dating

Our favorite Korean dating apps are online spaces with large dating pools, an even distribution of men to women, and various relationship types. Some dating apps might not appear like Korean dating apps on the surface, but you’ll soon see why we chose this mix.

Dating App Key Facts Free Trial
eharmony logo eharmony
  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Best For: Finding long-lasting, compatible relationships with Korean singles
  • Membership Price: Begins at $35.90/month
Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles
  • Active Members: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Best For:  Finding meaningful relationships with professional, highly educated Korean singles
  • Membership Price: Begins at $31.95/month
zoosk logo Zoosk
  • Active Members: 40+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Best For:  Flings, hookups, or casual romance with Korean singles
  • Membership Price: Begins at $10.00/month
AsianDating Logo AsianDating
  • Active Members: 2.5+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 60% men to 40% women
  • Best For: Interracial dating for singles over the age of 50
  • Membership Price: Begins at $12.50/month
KoreanCupid Logo KoreanCupid
  • Active Members: 50,000
  • Gender Ratio: 64% men to 36% women
  • Best For: Finding Korean singles interested in serious, long-term relationships
  • Membership Price: Begins at $14.17/month

Use the free trial links above to sign up as a free member. It costs you nothing and allows you to register as a free user, create a free profile, set search terms, and take any personality/compatibility quizzing used in the matching process. Becoming a free member lets you use and test the app to see if it fits your dating/relationship needs. 

Our Honest Rating/Review Process

How do we review and rate the best Korean dating apps? To determine which platforms made the cut for our list, we ran each app through our honest, unbiased review process, where we examined it along several important lines of criteria. These include the following factors:

  • Cost of Membership
  • App Features 
  • Ease of Use
  • Matchmaking Algorithm 
  • Safety and Security 
  • Customer Service 

Our expert team tested out each dating app for a week or longer to capture an accurate appraisal of each product/service. Each of the six categories above gets an individual score, and then the team pulls an average to assign the overall score. This keeps the entire process honest, unbiased, and, most importantly, accurate so readers can get a realistic picture of each dating app we bring up.

Why Should You Trust Our Recommendations?

What makes us a reputable voice regarding the best Korean dating apps? Why should you listen to our advice and recommendations on the subject? Great question. We don’t mind taking the time to go over this because we’d love to earn your trust.

Expert Reviews

Our team writes Korean dating app review that comes from a place of looking at each platform objectively. We don’t mindlessly plug the app for its benefits only and forget the rest. That does nothing to earn the trust of the reader. We focus on the pros and cons of each dating platform so our readers can begin using any of these apps with a realistic view of what they’re using.

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Firsthand Experience

Our writers must sign up for a free membership and use the dating app for a week or more to learn the ins and outs. We pride ourselves in having reviews for Korean dating apps from firsthand experience. The information you’re getting comes from someone who used the service for themselves and got a familiar, intimate knowledge of how dating apps work, their features, and the value of joining.

User Testimonials

We take an objective approach in writing our reviews, and our writers must become free members to write from firsthand experience. That should be good, right? Wrong. We’ve also gathered customer feedback from current or former members to give our take more dimension. These reviews aren’t just our writers spewing their opinions on the app that must be taken for gospel truth. We provide feedback from other voices that offer perspectives outside our own.

Free Membership Links

For an added layer of reputability and trust-building, we’ve included free trial links in all reviews and rundowns of the best Korean dating apps. If you want to discover if what we’re saying is accurate, we aren’t stopping you. Use the conveniently attached free trial links, sign up for a free, no-risk membership, and see what each dating app can offer you (and if it holds up to what we’re reporting).

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We Review the Best Products

We don’t want to waste your time by recommending obscure, niche dating apps or services that don’t yield the relationship results you’re looking for. With obscure dating products come smaller dating pools, higher membership rates, and little value regarding features, perks, or benefits. We only recommend mainstreaming dating apps or the top-shelf niche dating apps with larger bases of members.

Reviews of Our Favorite Korean Dating Apps

Now that we’ve gone over our rating and review methods and covered several reasons you can trust our recommendations let’s highlight our favorite Korean dating apps and review some of the key reasons these are the ideal online products for finding love with Korean singles.

eharmony Mobile

#1: eharmony – Find a Korean Marriage Partner or Soulmate

Active Members:16+ million
Gender Ratio:48% men to 52% women
Sign-up Time:30-45 minutes
Pricing:Starting at $35.90 per month
More Info:eharmony Review

eharmony is like knowing a professional matchmaker and letting them handle all the search details while you wait around to receive a handful of match suggestions each day. Due to its emphasis on compatible relationships and connections, eharmony is best for Korean singles looking for a marriage partner or someone interested in committed long-term relationships. 

New members must complete the 32 Dimensions of Compatibility test, the basis for the daily matching process. Singles can include preferences based on a potential partner’s appearance, age, cultural background, and location. Once your tastes and criteria are locked in, eharmony will suggest matches that are close by and have the Korean heritage or background you desire.

Membership Features

  • Compatibility Report and Score: All new members at eharmony must take the 32 Dimensions of Compatibility testing to inform the matching process. Not only will you get your own personal test results, but each match suggestion comes with a report detailing why you matched with them, as well as a score in the form of a percentage. 
  • View Profile Photos: Free members get daily match suggestions, but they won’t see what their potential partner looks like. Upgrading to a premium membership allows you to unlock all profile photos posted on the profiles that come your way.
  • Unlimited Communications: Send as many messages as possible to your match suggestions. There aren’t any limitations on how many messages you can send daily or when you can message your matches.
  • See Who Liked Your Profile: Know which matches have liked your eharmony profile. It’s an excellent way to find out who’s interested in you and who is worth taking the time to pursue. 
  • Video Dates: Talk with your eharmony matches face-to-face on a video chat. Get to know what they are like in person beyond online messaging. 
  • Wildcard Matches: Besides the three to seven daily matches you get per day, eharmony will also give you twenty extra suggestions that might not fall perfectly within your compatibility range. It’s additional possibilities for variety and could make up for any mistakes in the matching system.

Elite single app on iphone

#2: Elite Singles – Best for Meaningful, Long-Term Relationships with Highly Educated Koreans

Active Members:2+ million
Gender Ratio:44% men to 56% women
Sign-up Time:15-20 minutes
Pricing:Starting at $19.95 per month
More Info:Elite Singles Review

Perhaps you want to meet highly successful Korean singles with illustrious careers, high standards, and an impressive educational background. Elite Singles is the dating app you’ll want to use to meet Korean professionals, executives, or high society types. Like eharmony, Elite Singles has a patented compatibility test that informs members’ daily match suggestions, so here’s another instance where the platform does all the searching for you. 

Elite Singles is notable for being available in over 25 countries worldwide and boasts of helping 2,500 singles per month find love using their service. Whether you’re looking for love with well-to-do Korean singles in the United States or overseas, Elite Singles is a strong choice for finding a long-term, meaningful relationship with someone who shares your taste for the finer things in life.

Membership Features

  • The Five Factor Model Theory of Personality Traits: Elite Singles members get to take the personality quiz, which serves as the matching system for the app to find suitable partners. 
  • Get Daily Matches + Wildcard Suggestions: All match suggestions are curated for you automatically by the app, adhering to your preferences and criteria established when you took the personality test. For good measure, Elite Singles throws some wildcard suggestions your way, too. 
  • Compatibility Reports and Scores: Every match comes with a report outlining your compatibility and an overall compatibility score to show where each match falls against other match suggestions. 
  • Unlimited Messaging: Talk as much as you’d like with your daily matches. There are no limits or allotments on messages sent daily at Elite Singles.

zoosk mobile app on an iphone

#3: Zoosk – Find Casual Love, Romance, or Flings with Korean Singles

Active Members:40+ million
Gender Ratio:47% men to 53% women
Sign-up Time:10-15 minutes
Pricing:Starting at $10.00 per month
More Info:Zoosk Review

A top-notch swiping app that covers over 80 countries worldwide, Zoosk has millions of members, many of which come from Korea or have a Korean cultural heritage or ethnic background. This platform can connect you with singles from Seoul, Southern California, New York City, or a town near you. The swiping profiles on the Carousel and the easy-to-adjust distance or ethnic background filters can allow you to find tons of Korean singles using the app. 

Because Zoosk is set up more like Tinder or Bumble, the relationships from this service tend to be more casual: short-term romance, flings, casual dates, etc. It was our top recommendation for singles who want casual, short-term relationships with Koreans. But recent years have shown these swiping apps becoming more effective for finding true love or marriage partners. So, Zoosk could be an excellent alternative to eharmony to find a long-lasting connection with Korean singles, with the key difference being that Zoosk gives you more control over your search.

Membership Features

  • Unlimited Swiping: Loon through as many profiles on the Carousel as you’d like throughout the day. 
  • Unlimited Messages: Once you’ve established a mutual match with someone on the Carousel, you can send as many messages as you’d like to them daily.
  • SmartPicks: Once Zoosk learns about your preferences based on your Carousel swiping patterns, they’ll hone their matches to offer you better suggestions on the Carousel. The suggested profiles will align better with what you’re looking for. 
  • Great Dates: If you want to talk face-to-face with your matches, use the Great Dates video chatting system to see what your potential partners look like in person and get to know them beyond their profile and some online messages.
  • Profile Boosts:  Use Zoosk Coins to pursue temporary profile boosts to be featured higher in other members’ search results and more frequently.
  • Incognito Mode: Go into anonymous browsing mode, so certain members aren’t notified that you’ve viewed your profile.
  • Read Receipts: Know when your messages have been received and read by the recipient.

AsianDating.com Mobile

#4: AsianDating – Find Love or Romance with Korean Singles Around the World

Active Members:2.5+ million
Gender Ratio:60% men to 40% women
Sign-up Time:10-15 minutes
Pricing:Starting at $12.50 per month
More Info:AsianDating Review

A product of CupidMedia, AsianDating has members of various ethnic backgrounds but is designed to help people find love or romance with Korean singles. Most members are Korean, and the app has over 2.5 million regular members, offering some great dating and relationship possibilities. AsianDating is a long-standing name in the international dating market and serves countries like Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

AsianDating has super extensive profile pages that let you get to know your matches in great detail beyond their age or appearance. Discover your matches’ hobbies, interests, or passions as well as educational background, religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, income, and other important factors. The app’s extensive search filters make it easy to start a new search curated to your interests and preferences.

Membership Features

  • Create a Profile: CupidMedia dating apps have some of the most extensive member profiles of any online dating product. You can create a free profile as a new, non-paying member, getting your information onto the platform for others to see without paying.
  • Set-Up Searches: All search terms are based on each point of your profile, so the most specific criteria can break down your searches for potential partners. 
  • View All Photos and Profiles: Paying members can see all posted photos and access all profile bio information.
  • Send “Likes”: To any profile that catches your eye, you can senda like to show that member you’re interested in them.
  • Unlimited Communications: Once you’ve made a mutual match with another member, you can chat them up as much as you’d like. There are no limits or caps on daily messaging at AsianDating. 
  • Rank Over Lower Members: Because AsianDating is divided into membership tiers, anyone who’s a Diamond or Platinum member will appear in the searches over those in the Gold tier. The higher you climb, the better your matching becomes. 
  • Priority Messages: Members of higher tiers will appear at the top of each recipient’s inbox when they send a message. 
  • Instant Message Translation: This is the best feature if you want to date internationally. It helps to break down any communication barrier caused by couples who speak different languages.

KoreanCupid Mobile

#5: KoreanCupid – Best Overall for Finding Love with Korean Singles

Active Members:50,000
Gender Ratio:64% men to 36% women
Sign-up Time:10-15 minutes
Pricing:Starting at $14.17 per month
More Info:KoreanCupid Review

Another great niche Korean dating app, KoreanCupid is a CupidMedia product that focuses entirely on love and romance with Korean singles. However, anyone is free to join, regardless of race. We give AsianDating a leg up, though, because they have over 2 million regular members versus KoreanCupid’s 50,000 dedicated users. 

KoreanCupid is an excellent alternative to eharmony if you are seeking a Korean marriage partner or soulmate. KoreanCupid gives you more control over your search than eharmony, as you can adjust search settings and chat with anyone with whom you establish a mutual match. There’s also a wider variety of membership options, twelve subscription plans that cover one, three, or twelve months, that begin at around $14 per month.

Membership Features

  • Hide Profile or Photos: If you want to keep information private from certain members, there are privacy controls that let you conceal parts of your profile or hide entire photos completely. 
  • Instant Message Translators: In typical CupidMedia fashion, KoreanCupid has message translators to allow international relationships to thrive and for language barriers to be broken down.
  • Rank Higher: The higher KoreanCupid members climb in the membership tiers, the higher up and the more often they’re featured in the search results. 
  • Priority Messages: Higher tier members have their messages appear at the top of any inbox they send messages to.
  • Profile Highlights: KoreanCupid members can enjoy profile highlights profile boosts where they get featured higher up and more frequently in the search results for some time. 
  • Unlimited Messaging: Once you establish a mutual match with someone on KoreanCupid, you can message that member as much as you’d like. There aren’t any daily message caps.

What Makes These the Best Korean Dating Apps?

What was it about these apps that put them over the top over other Korean dating options in the market? Check out the five primary aspects that helped these apps eke out over more popular choices like Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble.

On-the-Go Dating

Every Korean dating app on our list has a dedicated mobile app that’s free to download and can be used on various devices like smartphones and tablets. You can meet Korean singles on the move and meet new prospects as your location changes.

Many Regular Members

We intentionally chose platforms that deal with many regular users (that’s one of the big reasons we pushed mainstream dating platforms, too) so our readers have a wide range of options. Our favorite Korean dating apps come with hundreds of millions of members to accommodate people who live in different regions of the country or other countries in general.

Top-Shelf Matching Algorithms

You need dating apps with a good matching algorithm to find singles who adhere to your criteria outside of looks and appearance. Platforms like eharmony and Elite Singles have you take a test and generate quality matches based on how you answered. Our other suggestions have top-rated search terms for finding a good match that ticks the boxes for other factors like values, beliefs, lifestyle, occupation, income, etc.

All Users Accepted

Even though you can find a host of Korean singles using these dating apps, you don’t have to be Korean or any specific ethnicity to become a members of these platforms. Apps like KoreanCupid and AsianDating take any customers because they know that there are non-Korean singles who’d like to fall in love with, date, or romance Korean or Asian singles.

Good Value for the Price

While eharmony comes at a higher membership price than the other, there’s still a lot of value to be had there, considering they do all the matching leg work for you and have an excellent track record of success. Every Korean dating app on our list comes at a relatively affordable price and contains a lot of value for the features you get.

Best Niche Korean Dating Apps

#1  Amanda

Amanda Dating App Logo

#2 Noondate

Noondate Logo

#3  Korean Social

Korean Social Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Our readers and customers have asked about the best Korean dating apps we’ve talked about in this review. Check out some of the most popular questions, along with our answers. If you want to learn about these platforms and get some highlights, we recommend reading this handy FAQ section.

What Is the Best Korean Dating App?

Choosing the best Korean dating app out of the choices on our list is a tough one. Each one will have its own unique, appealing advantage for each person. The best option that caters primarily to finding Korean singles would be AsianDating. But Zoosk has more regular members and covers a broader area of the globe, which could result in more match opportunities.

How Do I Find Korean Singles on Mainstream Dating Apps?

Dating apps use your location to find singles nearby. If you live somewhere like Southern California or a large metro like NYC or Philly, many of your match suggestions might naturally be Korean due to proximity. But if you live where it’s hard to find someone with Korean blood, you can always adjust your search filters by ethnic background or appearance to find singles who fit the bill.

Are Korean Dating Apps Free?

The Korean dating apps on our list come with free memberships, but they only allow free users to enjoy a small handful of free features. To communicate with other members and experience other valuable functions, free members must upgrade to a paid plan. The free trials with these apps are no substitute for membership but are an excellent way to test the app out.

Do I Need to Be Korean to Use These Apps?

You don’t have to come from any specific ethnic background to use any of the Korean dating apps included on our list. The only requirement to sign up is to be 18 or older. These apps can help Korean singles find relationships with other Koreans or help non-Korean singles find dating experiences or relationships with singles from a Korean cultural or ethnic background.

Which App Is Best for Meaningful Relationships with Koreans?

Most of our suggested dating apps are geared toward serious, long-term relationships, except Zoosk. If you’re looking for a marriage partner or soulmate, however, our top suggestion would be eharmony. However, international dating with the intention of marriage or a long-term relationship is best found at either AsianDating or KoreanCupid.

How Much Do Korean Dating Apps Cost?

eharmony memberships begin at $35.90 per month, Elite Singles memberships start at $19.95 per month, Zoosk memberships begin at $10.00 per month, AsianDating memberships start at $12.50 per month, and KoreanCupid memberships begin at $11.25 per month.