Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: Good Astology Match?


All right, folks, I’ll be honest with you. I’m here for the exact same reason you are. Friendship, fun, and good old genuine love. Yes, I’m a sap; it’s true. Like a true Virgo, I struggle with gaining control of my thoughts, especially when it comes to love. Overthinking is my nature, and although I’ve had my fair share of ups and down with friends and partners, I’m not completely hopeless, and if you’re a Virgo, you’re probably not either.

As an Earth sign, you’re most likely grounded in reality. You know that in order to accomplish the things you want in life–be it in love, work, or friendship–you have to put in the effort, yet as a mutable sign, you’re also a dreamer, and it’s that very aspect of you that makes you well-paired with other imaginative free-spirits. And I say all this because if you’re a Virgo, like me, well, I have some good news for us, friend. I think I found us a pretty good match. Looking at you, Pisces! Let’s find out how friendship and love could evolve between these two hopeful signs.

Virgo Zodiac Symbol


Let’s look first at our symbol, Virgo, the pious woman, the virgin. No, that does not mean you’re destined to be celibate for the rest of your life. It’s a lot less literal than that.

If anything, ‘she’ is a maiden, a lady-in-waiting, who retains her composure and sense of self while balancing her naivety with her conscientious nature.

That doesn’t mean every person with a Virgo sun sign will share those traits, but it’s likely that if you’re a Virgo, you enjoy creating deep connections with people.

You’re a natural problem solver and a good listener, a combination which makes you a good friend when it comes to your loyalty.

At your core, you enjoy understanding how things work, and that includes understanding the people in your life, including yourself.

If you’re a perfectionist, you’re probably hardest on yourself and hold yourself to the highest of expectations, and when you don’t meet them, you have a tendency to ruminate on your flaws and your mistakes.

As long as you can remember to treat yourself with the same respect you treat your friends, you’ll be okay, Virgo.

Pisces Zodiac Symbol


You’re incredibly empathetic, Pisces, and you always want to make sure the people around you are having a good time. Part of that is because you’re a bit like a sponge when it comes to your interactions with people.

You will absorb your friend’s emotions, feeling what they’re feeling, usually to the same intensity. It can be hard for you to create boundaries and know when you need to return home to recharge and reset yourself, but when you eventually learn how to practice that, you’ll find that you not only have more to offer the people who matter to you but that you enjoy yourself that much more.

You definitely lead with your heart instead of your logic, and you can get lost in the world of dreams because you’re a water sign, possessing a go-with-the-flow mentality; you will sometimes struggle with the reality that’s required to accomplish those goals, but eventually, you’ll arrive at your destination, because the more something matters to you, the more you’ll gravitate towards it.

It’s that aspect that makes you a loyal friend who will keep the good ones when they find it.

Your hobbies are also probably creative in nature, and you find that it’s often easier to communicate yourself through art forms like painting and writing.

You’re happiest when you spend time with people who understand your kind nature but know not to take advantage of it.

Virgo and Pisces in Friendship

When you two meet, you’ll instantly know that this friendship is different. Pisces, you have big dreams but struggle with finding the path to accomplishing them.

You, Virgo, understand this. As a perfectionist, you’re constantly working to better yourself and strive to become the best in all things you do, including pursuing your dreams. Because you’re an earth sign, you’re a little more grounded than Pisces, and you understand the work involved in achieving your goals. You’ll inspire Pisces in this sense, showing them it is possible to create the life of your dreams.

Virgo, while you do feel things intensely, like your Pisces friend, you often struggle with a battle between your head and your heart. Your thoughts have a tendency to spiral into negative places if they go uncontrolled, and you may talk yourself out of opportunities because you listen to your head instead of your gut. Your Pisces friend will encourage the dreamer in you and teach you how to connect to your emotions and the power of listening to the way you feel. This will be a truly beneficial pairing.

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Since you two are both mutable signs, you’re adaptable and flexible by nature, meaning you tend to go with the flow of whatever the group wants to do.

That doesn’t mean you’re incapable of making decisions, and if anything, if it’s just the two of you hanging out, you’ll crave an activity that allows your communication to flourish.

It’s less likely you’ll find these two at a club and more common that you’ll discover them sitting in a brewery deep in conversation. If you’re athletic, you’ll probably both gravitate to some type of activity that brings you out on the water.

You mutually enjoy the lure of new experiences, yet the activity matters less than who you’re doing it with. Connection and communication are important to creating a sense of loyalty in your friendships, and sharing that core value will mean that you two will have no problem being friends.

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The conversation will thrive effortlessly in this friendship. Pisces, you’re emotional and sensitive, while you Virgo, are an external processor, needing to express your thoughts in order to understand them.

You get this, Pisces, and prefer it. Depending on who you’re friends with Pisces, you may have struggled with talking about your feelings in the past. Some zodiac signs prefer to sweep things under the rug, but not you two. And when you discover this about each other, you’ll create an instant safe space that will allow your thoughts to come forth, even when you have disagreements.

It may take some time to get to this point, but once you understand that Pisces’ loftiness and Virgo’s groundedness can benefit the other, then you’ll be able to learn and grow during your conversations.

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Pisces, you fall head first when it comes to love, and you, Virgo, understand what that’s like. You’ve definitely been guilty of this once or twice in your life. Unlike Pisces, however, if you have been scorned, Virgo, then you’ll be careful with new partners moving forward.

You may have a guard up, Virgo, and be a little more cautious than Pisces, but you haven’t lost hope when it comes to love. And although you may see Pices’s ability to fall quickly as maybe a little reckless, you also admire their ability to see the best in everyone.

If anything, Pisces will inspire you, Virgo, to reconnect with your romantic side and encourage you to give love a chance.

Virgo and Pisces in Love

It’s likely you two started as friends before you got to this point, but even if you were strangers, you’ll discover an instant connection, one that creates trust and security between you.

Pisces will probably be the first to fall, and although Virgo will resist it at first, it’s inevitable that you two will end up sharing mutual feelings for one another.

Virgo will instill a sense of security in Pisces, while Pisces, you will teach Virgo how to connect with the deepest emotions. You’re both people pleasers and have been guilty of sacrificing your own happiness for others in the past, but you’ll find in this relationship you won’t lose your sense of self to make someone else happy because the happiness you develop will be mutual, and easy.

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While you two may not be the couple that will be out skydiving on your first date, it will be an enthralling experience nonetheless.

Time will fly by when you guys are together, your conversations lasting well into the middle of the night. If there’s an attraction here, you’re pretty much screwed before you even order dinner because, deep down, you’ll sense that you’ve just met someone who does things a little bit differently than you’re used to.

Gone are the days when you need to justify your quirks. Virgo will no longer have to defend their overanalyzing nature, and Pisces, you’ll no longer be worried about losing your sense of identity to choose what your partner prefers. This will be a respectful connection, one that breeds honesty and trust.

Love Language Icon

Love Language Do’s and Don’ts: A Dealbreaker?

It may take some time to adapt to your communication styles and could create some issues early on in your relationship.

Virgo, you’re much more of an overthinker and analyze every situation that arises from all perspectives.

Pisces, you speak purely from your heart and have a tendency to get lost in your emotions and let them control how you communicate. The key to this relationship will be listening to the other person.

Virgo, you’ll need to listen, even when you think Pisces may be overreacting, and Pisces, you’ll need to listen even when Virgo appears cold in the midst of overanalyzing your disagreements.

Figuring out how to communicate is what will bind this relationship for the long term, as words of affirmation are imperative to feeling connected to your partner.

Sexy Time Icon

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There won’t be any problems here. You will two have matching values with love, and this is where you truly show that to one another.

The best physical intimacy you could both experience is with someone you have built a connection with, and because you will develop that quickly, you’ll discover a safe space where you can truly be yourself with someone.

Getting to know this side of your partner will only advance the depth of your relationship and make it that much more meaningful.

The Verdict?

At your core, you both share a desire for a loving partnership where you can truly be yourself with someone. You’ll find this bond effortlessly, regardless of whether this is a platonic relationship or someone you’re interested in dating.

Your shared interests and ability to pursue your dreams will make this a match that will encourage and uplift one another instead of bringing you down.

As long as you learn the key to communication is listening to the other’s concerns while understanding that Virgo can be more logical and Pisces more a dreamer, then you will establish a balance that can make this partnership one that will last a lifetime.

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