Virgo and Aquarius: Lovers or Enemies?


If Aquarius is an alien dropping from space, then Virgo is the earthling ready to greet them. It’s an appropriate comparison, considering you Virgo are an earth sign, and you Aquarius are air. But how does this initial meeting play out? Is this the version where Will Smith must save the world in “Independence Day,” or is this “Guardians of the Galaxy” where the aliens and humans decide to work together to battle evil? Friends or foes, or lovers and enemies? It’s an interesting combination, that’s for sure. Let’s explore how and why this pairing between a Virgo and an Aquarius may or may not work.

Virgo Zodiac Symbol


You have your two feet square on the ground, Virgo, but you often look up at the sky, wondering what’s going to come next. You’re grounded, but you’re also a dreamer, and this aspect of you can be beneficial when it comes to your goals and detrimental when it’s connected to your fears.

Your mind will spiral, and you’ll need to learn how to reign that in. You’re a perfectionist, and although you don’t outright tell people what to do, you rely on communication to get through your life, and this may be perceived as bossiness by some of your friends, although the ones who know you well understand it’s just you trying to process your feelings.

Your head and heart are in a constant battle as you attempt to use logic to understand why you feel the things you do.

You enjoy understanding how things work, including figuring out the people in your life. Although you can be a social butterfly, you much prefer sitting back and watching from the sidelines to understand why people do the things they do. In a sense, you aim to understand other people because you really want to understand yourself.

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol


As much as Virgo tends to think about things, you, Aquarius, prefer to act. Life is full of experiences, after all, why not experience all of them? It’s a cliche, a motto, and yet most of the people who speak it don’t actually do anything about it. It’s more of a future what-if, but not for you. You don’t talk about what you want to do. You just do it, and this surprises some people.

You approach life differently than others, and that’s where you get this alien-esque perspective.

But although you are often on the outside of the norm of society, it doesn’t bother you. If anything, you wouldn’t have it any other way. You could care less what other people think of you. You’re a social person, but you also have no issue being alone. You’ll talk to anyone about anything, but you don’t often go deep about personal issues until you really know someone, and that can take a while for you.

Some people will perceive you as aloof as a result, but if they hang around long enough, they’ll realize you’re anything but. You’re unique for a fixed sign in that the only thing predictable about you is your unpredictability. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

Virgo and Aquarius in Friendship

Virgo, when you meet Aquarius, you’ll definitely not be able to look away… Although you may scratch your head a bit. Aquarius is so free-spirited, you’re not really sure what’s hit you, Virgo, but you like it. You’re adaptable after all, Virgo, and although you enjoy routine, there’s a spontaneous part of you that Aquarius will inevitably bring out of you. Aquarius, you’ll see in Virgo a practicality and groundedness that you crave. Although most people perceive you as out there, you’re practical at heart and enjoy the analytical mindset of Virgo. However, it’s those exact positive traits–Aquarius’ spontaneity and Virgo’s overthinking–that could also negatively affect your friendship if your impatience gets the best of either of you.

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Aquarius, you’ll be the friend in the group who will be more than happy to do things on your own. Half the time, you’ll invite your friends to come along, but the things you like to do may be a bit out of there for some of your friends. Your brain just works differently, Aquarius, and you can’t really do anything normal. If you go to a quiet restaurant, you’ll end up meeting the owner and learning how they make the beer.

If you instead decide to hop on a random road trip, you’ll definitely end up changing directions five times and probably choosing a new destination while you’re at it. Virgo, you’ll love this about Aquarius and will join in on the adventures from time to time. However, eventually, you’ll need to return home to reset and recharge, Virgo, and your Aquarius friend will need to understand that you’re more of a homebody and that they Virgo offer a stability you didn’t know you really needed, Aquarius.

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You two can struggle here a bit, especially early on in your friendship. It may be like you’re speaking a different language at first until you understand that your differences in communication styles aren’t really a bad thing. Virgo, you’ll need to be direct with Aquarius about your desire to slow down sometimes and have a quiet night at home, and Aquarius, you’ll need to learn that Virgo’s need to express themselves and their feelings is something that, while you may not understand, is necessary if you two are going to have a good friendship.

Virgo, you may be frustrated by Aquarius’ lack of communication, but they can also teach you how to get out of your head and just live in the moment. Only by being aware of your differences can you benefit from your friendship.

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Aquarius, you’re a free-spirit, and you don’t really want to be tied down. When it comes to dating, you prefer the experience of the date over the actual ending goal of a relationship. You may tell your friends about your dates, but not because you’re excited about the potential of a new partner. If anything, first dates are a thrill for you, and you find that people are more likely to accept your eccentric nature in the beginning before they get to know that this is actually who you really are.

You won’t commit to a relationship until you trust that the other person accepts you for your are and vice versa, and that can take a while. And only then do you begin describing your dates to your friends by their name instead of the experience.

Virgos, you’re the exact opposite in this regard. If you decide you like someone, you’ll tell your friends everything, and you’ll want to know everything there is to know about this person and ask for all of your friend’s input. Aquarius will find this behavior of yours odd, Virgo, if not amusing. This will be one of those differences about yourselves you’ll both find entertaining more than problematic and will probably be one of the first experiences where you realize that your friendship will be better if you accept you’re different people. 

Virgo and Aquarius in Love

The zodiac signs that influence your personalities have the potential to enhance your friendship, are the exact things that will create a divide between you when you find love. It’s more likely that you will fight about your differences instead of accepting them because needs are different when it comes to love versus friendships. Aquarius, you will crave your independence, and although Virgo will also enjoy their alone time, you two will just see dating differently.

Aquarius, you’re spontaneous, forget to bring your phone, meet new people on the regular and forget to touch base with your partner–usually because they’re with you. And when Virgo is with you, you two will have a blast. But when Virgo needs to return home to recharge, the physical separation will feel vast to Virgo because of Aquarius’ lack of communication. 

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It’s likely you two will love the beginning stages of your relationship. Virgo will love Aquarius’ independent nature and will enjoy exploring the world by their side. You’re adaptable, after all, Virgo, and it will be fun to see the world in a new way through Aquarius’ unique perspective of life. Virgo, you’ll also teach Aquarius how to be more grounded, and you’ll offer a stability that Aquarius will enjoy… At first.

Love Language Icon

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This is where you two will begin to differ in your relationship. Virgo, you need communication to feel connected to your partner, and although Aquarius will be committed to you, they won’t know how to stay in contact in the way you need, Virgo. Words of affirmation are important to you, and expressing yourself is imperative in all of your relationships.

Aquarius, you express your love through experiences instead of words, and you’ll struggle with Virgo’s need to talk about their feelings since you Aquarius would rather let things go and move forward than break down why they happened. You respect each other, though, and will attempt to get past this, but it’s unlikely that will happen in the long run.

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It’s likely that you two will connect on an emotional and mental level before you evolve to a physical place in your relationship, but when you eventually get to this place, you’ll both be brought outside your comfort zone. Aquarius is more adventurous in the bedroom than Virgo, and although you’re open to new experiences, Virgo, you also know what you like.

Because of this, Virgo, you’ll teach Aquarius the value of predictability and that when it comes to intimacy, it’s not a bad thing to stick to the positions and affection that work. This balance will create a deeper connection between you two, and it will probably keep you in your relationship despite the other issues, but it ultimately won’t be enough to keep you together.

The Verdict?

As friends, if you learn how to appreciate your differences, you can create a beneficial bond that will be engaging, interesting, and fun. As lovers, you’re better off sticking to a friend-with-benefits situation over a relationship, as your differences will eventually drive a wedge between the connections you created.

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  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
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  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

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What if I Love This Person?

Try not being romantic with them for a little while and then reevaluate if the love you’re feeling is more about a connection as friends or a bond as partners.