Taurus and Libra: Are They a Good Match?


Imagine this: Two strangers visit an art museum on a quiet Saturday to see the Salvador Dali exhibit. Both appreciate art in all its forms and are eager to see the famous artist’s new painting. The two enter from either side of the room. Taurus, you are slow and steady, approaching the painting with your hands behind your back, your head cocked as you study the painting, considering everything from meaning to brushstrokes to what Dali wanted to convey with his distortions. Meanwhile, you Libra, aren’t looking at the painting. You’re studying Taurus. 

You two are the only people in the room, after all. Libra makes a lighthearted joke about this, but you Taurus, are so deep in thought you blur out their words, assuming they’re talking to someone else because, of course, you’re not looking at a stranger. When Taurus doesn’t respond, you Libra, shrug it off and look up at the painting. You ask Taurus how they interpret it. Taurus, now aware of Libra, hesitates and then gives a grounded, practical, and realistic review. Libra, you don’t understand a lick of what they said. You look at the painting and perceive something completely different. For you, it’s a representation of balance and harmony.

For two people who share the same interests, you two couldn’t be more different.

Taurus Zodiac Symbol


Taurus, of all the signs in the zodiac, you have your feet firmly planted on the ground. Like an ancient Oak with roots tangled deep into the earth, you’re stable, never swaying even when a severe storm comes your way.

You’re reliable, offering loved ones your shade when they need it. People flock to you to find comfort because they know exactly what to expect from your company.

You don’t play games–nor see the point. Life is too short, and your time too precious to waste it with the wrong people. Your abrasive no bull crap attitude about life can sometimes rub people the wrong way when you first meet them, and because it may take time for you to open up and let people in, not everyone will understand you right off the bat.

Libra Zodiac Symbol


Libra, your symbol is the scales, and this indicates your perspective on the world. You embrace harmony and balance in all things, and you genuinely want to believe that the world is a fair place.

You walk through life carrying this perspective and bringing it to all of your experiences. As a natural extrovert, you see the best in people but have a tendency to be a people pleaser at heart.

You won’t admit it, but you care deeply what people think about you. You’re a social butterfly, flying from one group to the next, but you’re also non-confrontational, eager to avoid conflict at any cost.

These traits can make some people perceive you as fake early on, but once you get comfortable and open with someone, they’ll discover that of all the signs in the zodiac, you are one of the more loyal signs, sometimes to a fault.

Taurus and Libra in Friendship

You two have completely different models for socializing, and for that reason, it’s rare you two will cross by accident. Libra, you prefer going out and meeting new people, engaging in activities that bring you out and into the world, while you, Taurus, crave your routines and prefer staying in and doing things at home with the people you already trust.

Taurus, you have a small circle of close friends, while you, Libra, tend to constantly be adding new friends to your group.

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Libra, when Friday hits, you’re out on the town, venturing to bars, movies, clubs, anything that brings you around people. As an extrovert, you gain your energy from other people, while you, Taurus, are the opposite. You get easily overwhelmed from big crowds and need to return home to recharge.

Despite the differences in the way you approach life, you both share an interest for the finer things in life and will often share the same hobbies. At first, Taurus, you may see Libra as a pushover, while you, Libra, will find Taurus’ bluntness rude. But if you can develop a little patience for one another, you’ll uncover that first impressions can often be misconstrued.

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Libra, you have a tendency to search for reassurance from your friends, something that may pose a difficulty with your Taurus buddy who prefers to express themself through actions rather than words. If the two of you can accept these differences, however, you will find that communication isn’t as much of a challenge as you think.

Libra, you will learn to accept that Taurus is expressing themselves, in just a different way than you do, and Taurus, you will discover that deep down, Libra is loyal, one quality you search for in the people you consider friends.

Dating Advice Icon

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You two definitely differ when it comes to dating. Libra, you fall quick and fast in love. You have a tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt before you’ve really gotten a chance to get to know them, while Taurus approaches relationships with a much more practical mindset.

However, if you two have gotten to the point of your friendship where you two have an open line of communication, Libra will openly express their feelings about their potential partner to their Taurus friend, who will most likely attempt to keep them grounded and remove their rose-colored glasses.

Yet, Libra isn’t easily swayed with love, and although they will appreciate their Taurus’ friend’s perspective, they will still express their thoughts–and although Taurus won’t admit it, Libra’s excitement towards love might actually instill some hope in Taurus for the same.

Taurus and Libra in Love

On paper, you two are searching for the same thing in a relationship: love, security, stability. At the core, you’re more alike in your values than you are different, but where your differences were beneficial in the eventual evolution of a friendship between the two of you, your similarities will be the wedge that will drive the two of you apart when it comes to love.

You both are resistant to change and struggle with making important decisions that could ultimately breed resentment if neither of you communicate your feelings, and because the two of you perceive the world so differently, you will have trouble figuring out how to understand where the other person is coming from.

First Date Icon

The First Date: Roses or KFC?

A first date between the two of you might unfold a bit awkwardly. Taurus will be sacrificing their security to go outside of their comfort zone to experience Libra’s love of new things. And Libra, you may take Taurus’ abrasiveness personally and counteract it by convincing yourself that your differences are not just tolerable but enjoyable and beneficial.

Like most relationships, a first date is more likely to lead to more if the two of you have a physical attraction to one another, but because you two both value loyalty and respect in a relationship, you will believe–wrongly–that your values are enough to keep the two of you developing a genuine bond.

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If your relationship develops to this place, you’ll both have believed you’ve invested enough time that you’ll attempt to continue to give it a go, even when your differences are both staring you down in the face.

Where your communication reached a place of understanding with your friendship, the lack of it will become exaggerated when it comes to disagreements. Libra, you need a partner who understands your desire for reassurance, and that requires a certain level of communication–words of affirmation–that Taurus just won’t be able to give you.

Sexy Time Icon

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Because you are both ruled by Venus, the planet of your love, when it comes to intimacy, this will be your biggest similarity in a relationship, and ultimately what will keep you together even when all of your other differences are driving you apart.

That being said, the sensualness of Taurus will merge well with Libra’s desire for physical affection. Even if Taurus doesn’t give you the words of affirmation you need, Libra, they will express their love for you through their touch, and while that might be enough for the short term, it ultimately won’t last forever.

The Verdict?

As friends, if you can look past your differences and recognize that you both value loyalty, there is the potential for a solid bond between the two of you. But with love, you’ll discover that you’re too similar for your own good, and a long-term commitment will be a struggle.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

Friendship Compatibility

4.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

3.0 Gold Stars

What if I Love This Person?

You may want to redefine your definition of that word, my friend. Spoiler alert: Tolerating someone isn’t what it means to be in love.