Taurus and Aquarius: Will Their Love Last?


On to the age-old question: Do opposites attract? It doesn’t get any more different from the two of you, Taurus and Aquarius. Your perspectives, your values, hell, and even your communication styles are different. About the only thing you two do have in common is that you’re both fixed signs–which means you both fall in the middle of a season–and this makes you both stabilizing signs of the zodiac. Neither of you craves change, and because you’re creatures of habit, you know how you like things done, and you will do it according to your plan. This can cause issues when it comes to friendships and love, your mutual lack of flexibility making things difficult.

Taurus Zodiac Symbol


If someone asked you Taurus, if you were stubborn, you would adamantly tell them ‘absolutely not.’ You’re patient, after all. Understanding. Grounded. You see things how they are, and you’re going to let people know that. Does that make you stubborn? It probably depends on who’s asking. Most of your friends flock to you for your honest perception of the world, and they know that you’ll not only double down on your opinions, but you’ll stand up for what you believe, and you won’t back down if provoked. You’re probably more likely to call yourself determined or, like your symbol, the bull, hard-headed. And you’re just fine with that.

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Aquarius, you’re an interesting one. For a fixed sign who prefers the reliability of their habits, you crave freedom and detest anyone telling you what to do. You want to be your own boss, and you’re an independent thinker who will not stand for someone telling them what to do. In fact, the only thing that makes you consistent and predictable is your unpredictability. You prefer to stand out in a crowd and won’t hesitate to express your opinions if questioned. When you first meet someone, you’re not great with one-on-one interactions, mainly because you’re always searching for the bigger picture in life, and sometimes this can appear insensitive. That doesn’t bother you, though. Life is way too expansive to dwell on the minute details.

Taurus and Aquarius in Friendship

Taurus, you care deeply about your interactions with people. You will take your time getting to know someone, and once you do, you’ll buckle down in your loyalty just like you’ll double down in your opinions if pushed over the edge. Aquarius, on the other hand, you could care less what someone thinks about you, and this could come across as cold and harsh, especially to someone like Taurus, who is searching for loyalty and stability in their friendships. As an air sign, Aquarius, you can be lofty in your mindsets and often don’t feel like you fit into your friend groups.

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When it comes to the two of you hanging out, you have drastically different ideas of how you’d spend your time. Taurus, you’re a homebody who prefers developing connections with your friends, while you, Aquarius, are totally happy doing your own thing and exploring the world around you. You don’t mind if friends tag along, but you’ll leave them if they can’t keep up.

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You’re both genuine people with expressing your thoughts on things, but you have completely different approaches. Taurus, you will consider all of your thoughts and how they may be perceived before expressing yourself. Aquarius, on the other hand, you say things without worrying about how it may affect other people. But both of you can agree on one thing: you’ll say things exactly how you see them, and because you both value different things in friendships, this will often unfold like an argument instead of a conversation. Taurus, for you, stability is important in your friendships, while you, Aquarius, prefer freedom in all forms.

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Taurus, you don’t talk about dating, especially when you’re first attempting to get to know someone–and if you did decide to open up to your friends about any potential new partners, you’d only confide in the ones you fully trust. And to trust someone, you need to have experienced life with them, shared secrets, opened up with them, and you only do that with people you want to get to know. Aquarius is not one of those people. You’re capable of being friends with different kinds of people, Taurus, but the differences you see in Aquarius are just too much for you to decide to open up with them.

Aquarius, to no one’s surprise, you approach dating completely differently. Life is an experiment for you, and dating is definitely a game. Not because you need a relationship or crave life but more because you enjoy spontaneous, adventurous, and intellectual conversations. Your predictability lies in your unpredictability, and you’re eager to find someone who wants to have just as much fun as you do. Still, if you find that, you’re unlikely to open up to your friends about it, more because they just don’t have the same lighthearted perspective on dating as you do.

Taurus and Aquarius in Love

Good luck. You two are from two completely separate worlds when it comes to what you value in love and relationships. Taurus, you’re searching for reliability, loyalty, and predictability. Stability is a core value you search for in everything you do in life. And if you’re a tree rooted to the ground, then Aquarius is the bird who might rest on your branches before taking flight to search for the next best thing. Aquarius, you never know what’s going to happen next in your life, and that’s just how you prefer it, while you, Taurus, are seeking someone to share in your routines so you know exactly what to expect.

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You’ll notice your differences before you even speak one word to each other. If Taurus prefers muted colors in their outfits, Aquarius will choose eccentricities, bright colors, and accessories that stand out. At first, you’ll find these differences interesting, but as the conversation unfolds, Taurus, you will discover that everything that comes out of Aquarius’ mouth is random, and you don’t know what to expect them to say or do next. Aquarius, you’ll find the opposite situation with Taurus, and you will be amazed and how excited Taurus will get talking about their hobbies and interests, things they have cultivated over time, while you, Aquarius, have an ever-changing interest in life, and know that what you liked yesterday, you won’t necessarily like tomorrow.

Taurus, you may be initially intrigued by Aquarius’ charm and talkative spirit, but at the end of the day, you’re more interested in how things work, while Aquarius, you want to understand how people work. You won’t have a terrible time, but it won’t be great either. The likelihood of a second date is low, but if you decide to take that chance, you might be scratching your head about how you ended up spending time with someone who is drastically different than you.

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Taurus, while you prefer expressing your affection through your actions, you will ultimately learn to expand your communication styles based on what your partner needs. With love languages, the main thing you need is an understanding of what the other person expects from you. You need predictability in your relationships so you understand how to give your partner what they want. That’s where the problem will arise between the two of you if you ever make it to this point in your relationship.

Aquarius’s needs will change based on their mood and time of day. One moment they might need you to reassure them; the next, they might need you to hold their hand. The only thing you can be sure of is that you won’t know what Aquarius wants, and you’ll never be able to predict their needs, Taurus. This will make Aquarius appear like they’re having drastic mood swings, when in reality, Aquarius, you’re just trying to be true and honest to your feelings. Taurus’s frustration with your ever-changing perspectives will come off as smothering to you, Aquarius, and for someone who desires freedom, you will refuse to be locked down.

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Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

It’s unlikely you two will get to this point. Taurus will appear boring in regard to intimacy, while Aquarius will come off as chaotic. But let’s pretend that you both have a strong physical attraction to each other and can look past your emotional and mental differences in your approach to life. Taurus, you’re sensual enough to satisfy Aquarius’ sexual needs, but you’ll draw the line when Aquarius tries to push the boundaries of your intimacy outside your comfort zone. And Aquarius, eventually, you’ll find sex with Taurus to be repetitive and not enough to satisfy your ever-changing needs.

The Verdict?

You’re better off staying parallel to each other in life, but if your paths intersect, don’t try to make this connection something it’s not.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

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3.0 Gold Stars

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What if I Love This Person?

Then I’d recommend therapy. Just because you don’t hate someone doesn’t make it love.