Pisces and Gemini Compatibility: Good Match for Friendship and Love?


A planet rules every sign, and each planet has an angle on the zodiac wheel. The way these angles–called aspects–intersect will often represent the potential of compatibility between two signs. The square aspect is when two ruling planets form a ninety-degree angle or are separated by three signs, which is the case for Neptune ruled Pisces, and Mercury ruled Gemini.

Square aspects often represent an action-oriented dynamic capable of creating tension and conflict, mainly because they have the same modality but a different element. But not all square aspects show the same thing. So how do we break down which two signs with this aspect work and which don’t?

Every sign as a modality–cardinal, fixed, and mutable–and an element–earth, air, water, and fire. Modalities represent the way people express their feelings and react to external circumstances, while elements relate to unique personality traits. The depth of compatibility in a square aspect is based on which two modalities and elements you share. 

For example, Cancer and Aries, having a square aspect, are cardinal signs but are water and fire, respectively. These elements are so vastly different; these two signs are one of the worst pairings in the zodiac. Meanwhile, Taurus and Scorpio, both fixed signs with a square aspect, have elements of earth and water, respectively, an elemental bond that works well together, giving them a higher chance of compatibility. 

So how about you two, Pisces and Gemini? You two are mutable signs, which is a good thing in this setup! Mutable signs are the more flexible, offering the chance that you two will be more understanding and adaptable of your differences. However, Pisces, a water sign, can conflict with Gemini’s element of air. So where does that put you? Are you bound to fail, or does the potential for something positive exist?

Pisces Zodiac Symbol


Pisces, of all the astrological signs, you possess one of the more go-with-the-flow attitudes.

As a water sign, you’re emotional, intuitive, and passive, while your planet Neptune is all about dreams, inspiration, and compassion.

This combination reflects the struggle you face day to day, battling the divide between dreams and reality.

That dynamic is reflected in your symbol: two fish swimming in opposite directions.

You’re imaginative and a dreamer, using creativity to escape the problems that may surround you. If you don’t possess artistic talents, then you probably dream about all the places you can go and what you can be.

You set big goals for yourself but often struggle if you don’t complete them, and your sensitivity to your emotions often causes you to feel overwhelmed.

You see the best in others, and because you forgive easily and enjoy bringing joy to other people’s lives, you may get taken advantage of.

You’ll need to learn to set boundaries and also learn when to spend time alone to recharge and disconnect from the sometimes exhausting external stimulus that can weigh you down.

Gemini Zodiac Symbol


Gemini, you’re one of the most curious signs in the zodiac.

Ruled by Mercury, this planet is all about communication, and boy, do you love to talk. For you, it’s all about connecting to the people around you.

Sometimes this can come off like you just like to hear the sound of your own voice, but that’s far from the case.

You’re just a natural extrovert, eager to seek new experiences. That’s the mutable adaptable side of you, craving change and knowledge and making you comfortable wherever you go, no matter who you’re with. 

However, you can also be very indecisive, a trait represented by your symbol, the twins–a dual personality of conflicting decisions that sometimes paralyzes you from moving forward.

As an air sign, you’re action-oriented, a communicator who approaches life with an analytical mindset. You can sometimes spend too much considering all your options which can make you fickle and unreliable.

You’ll get bored quickly if you feel stuck in one place, so you can often resort to spontaneity, being impulsive in your search for new experiences.

You’re the super communicator of the zodiac, hungry for information.

Pisces and Gemini in Friendship

Pisces, you’re ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, which sparks an instant interest from Gemini, the social butterfly who seeks movement forward.

Gemini, while you often depend on communication through your ruling planet, Mercury, this planet offers a more groundedness to your personality than Pisces’ planet does, and it will be the trait that Pisces will gravitate towards.

You Gemini, will encourage Pisces to pursue their dreams and show them logical ways to do just that. Meanwhile, you Pisces will encourage Gemini to think outside the box and go after what they want.

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Because you both can be indecisive and struggle with decision-making, planning outings may be difficult for you two as friends.

Gemini, the more active of the two, will be out and about, ready to talk to strangers, go to museums, see movies, and learn everything there is to know about whatever they find interesting.

Pisces, while you crave genuine connection, you can often become overwhelmed by too much stimulation, especially when you fall into the habit of putting other people’s desires before your own. Sometimes you’re too empathetic for your own good.

Life of the party Gemini will encourage whimsical Pisces to try new things, and because you both adapt well to change, you’ll find that you Pisces, will be open to it, while you Gemini will learn from Pisces that it’s okay to slow down and breathe every once in a while.

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Communication will be the foundation of your friendship. You two will talk for hours on end, and because Gemini is nonjudgemental, you Pisces will feel comfortable opening up.

Gemini may find your sensitivity a bit much at times, but because they enjoy the balance you offer in this friendship–and because they crave communication in all forms–they will go out of their way to listen to what you have to say.

Extroverted Gemini will brighten the more reserved Pisces, and chatterbox Gemini will find comfort in the lending ear empathetic Pisces will offer.

Pisces, just make sure you know when it’s time to disconnect and recharge; otherwise, Gemini’s reliance on communication can overwhelm you.

Likewise, Gemini, make sure you understand that you are more logical than emotional Pisces, and that it’s okay to end the conversation when it’s necessary for your mental health.

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Gemini, dating for you is an experiment in connection and communication. You can become fascinated by anyone, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to hop into having feelings for them.

If anything, you cultivate connections effortlessly, which can sometimes give people mixed signals. It’s likely you may end up in a situation where someone thinks your friendship is more than what it actually is.

This is a similar problem, you Pisces may face; as a people pleaser, you struggle with knowing when to end things because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Yet Pisces, you’re more likely to fall faster than Gemini, your heart leading the way. And it’s for this reason, you’ll be quick to express your feelings about your new partner to your close friends.

Gemini, you’ll also talk about who you’re dating, not because you have feelings, however just because you like to express what you’ve experienced to the people closest to you.

Pisces and Gemini in Love

Introverted Pisces, you’ll immediately be attracted to Gemini’s extroverted nature, while you Gemini will find Pisces’ wild dreams intriguing.

However, it’s likely that what will initially bring you together won’t last forever. The foundation that creates a healthy friendship, one where you bring the best out of each other, will pose problems in a relationship. Gemini’s impulsive and spontaneous nature can overwhelm you Pisces, who at your core craves stability.

You both share dual symbols, Pisces, the two fish, and Gemini, the twins. These symbols represent your mutual tendencies to be pulled emotionally in separate directions. Your difference will create further problems when you both prefer the other to take the lead.

In the long run, this bond will be too changeable to solidify a deep connection. Gemini, you embrace freedom and want an open space to stretch your wings, while you, Pisces crave security and a stable connection. It’s unlikely once the honeymoon stage passes that, this relationship will find long-standing success.

First Date Icon

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Not only are you both indecisive, but you can both procrastinate when you feel overwhelmed.

There’s a high probability one or both of you will back out of this first date if you’re just not feeling up to it. If however, you make it here, you’ll find yourself falling quickly.

Emotional Pisces craves a listening ear, and Gemini is more than happy to supply that.

Gemini, you will embrace Pisces’ lust for dreams and will be relieved when Pisces is more than happy to go with the flow of new experiences. The conversation on this date will flourish, and if there’s a physical attraction here, a second date is probably right around the corner.

These early stages will be filled with fun adventures, but issues may arise sooner than you may think. Gemini, you may get annoyed with Pisces living in the clouds, their fantasies unable to keep up with your lust for action-oriented reality.

While you, Pisces, may struggle with Gemini’s fluidity and desire to constantly be out meeting new people, when what you prefer, Pisces, is something more consistent and stable.

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Because you both dislike grudges, it’s likely any disagreements you two have will fade quickly, and although you will both forgive each other, it won’t take long before another disagreement arrives.

Gemini, you need space, craving freedom and new experiences, while Pisces, you prefer the stability that comes with a partner who understands that you require a level of reassurance in your relationship.

Gemini may just be a bit too independent for you, Pisces. You’re more into quality time and your sensitive nature relying on love languages that can create a sense of peace in your soul.

Gemini, although you love to communicate, you can often be blunt when you get overwhelmed, and this may be too much for your Pisces partner, who will require a deeper level of connection than you can give.

Sexy Time Icon

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Gemini, you approach intimacy at a more casual pace and will be quick to become physically involved with anyone you feel a strong connection with, while you, Pisces are more emotional when it comes to the physical elements of a relationship.

Pisces, you prefer to be wooed and move slowly into the stage, craving romantic conversations, cuddles, and attention before and after the act.

Gemini, meanwhile, you’ll enjoy the conversation–to a point. This is the one place in your life where you’d rather not talk and instead let your actions speak for you. You’re more playful and experimental, and although Pisces may find this intriguing at first, it could be too much in the long run.

The Verdict?

Because you’re both mutable signs, you will have more success than other zodiac signs that share the square aspect, especially when it relates to your friendship.

As romantic partners, however, unless Gemini learns to embrace Pisces’ sensitivity and Pisces understands Gemini’s occasional need for independence and freedom, it’s unlikely this pairing will work in the long term.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

Friendship Compatibility

4.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

3.0 Gold Stars

What if I Love This Person?

This 3 in the love department has the potential to become a 4 if you two work on understanding each other’s different approaches to life and learning how to listen to what the other person needs.