Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility: The Perfect Match?


Every sign in the zodiac has an element: earth, air, water, fire, and a modality: cardinal, fixed, mutable. Now just because every person who is an Aquarius will share the same element and modality doesn’t mean they’re going to be the same person.

I’m never going to sit here and say that astrology dominates every aspect of your life. It’s likely you’ve met an Aquarius you love, and you met one you hated.

If you believe in astrology–and even if you don’t, you’re probably curious if you’re here–then on some level, you accept the concept of nature versus nurture. Nature connects to something like astrology–the circumstances of your birth and nature are preordained, if you will. At the same time, nurture relates to the aspects of your external environment that help shape your personality. 

Personally, I believe people are products of their environment, and their personalities are shaped based on experiences. Everyone develops unique mindsets based on the experiences in their life.

Still, there is something to be said about astrology–a snapshot of the layout of the sky on the day you were born. Certain generalities can be made based on things like elements, modalities, and ruling planets. This doesn’t mean every Pisces will lean toward a creative career. But it’s likely that most Pisces will appreciate art, music, or some other form of creativity.

Keep in mind everyone also has a rising and moon sign that shapes their personality. But if we hone in on sun signs, specifically Pisces and Aquarius, we can pinpoint certain specifics–and similarities between identical signs–that can be identified regardless of how you were raised. 

Pisces are compassionate. Aquarius’ are independent. Pisces are intuitive and empathetic. Aquarius’ detest authority and crave their freedom. This doesn’t mean that other Zodiac signs can’t have these qualities; it just means that certain sun signs will have specific traits that highlight their personalities. 

So what does this mean for you two, Pisces and Aquarius? Are these generalized traits destined to align, or will a collision be inevitable?

Pisces Zodiac Symbol


You’re a mutable water sign, Pisces, which makes you one of the most flexible signs in the zodiac. It also makes you a people pleaser.

You’re compassionate, sometimes to a fault, and have probably put other people’s feelings above your own.

Without realizing it, you’re like a sponge and can absorb the emotions of the people around you.

This often makes you overwhelmed, but because you don’t like to rock the boat, you won’t always express your dissatisfaction.

You’re ruled by Neptune, the planet that controls creativity, dreams, and illusions.

Because of this, you struggle with a balance between reality and fantasy and will often float into the clouds to avoid the struggle reality can bring.

Often the problem with reality is less about the drama in your life and more that you haven’t learned how to create boundaries and learn when to separate yourself from the people around you for an opportunity to recharge.

Some of your friends will take advantage of your kindness, and others will teach you how to find your independence.

Those are the ones you want in your life.

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol


You’re the freedom seeker of the zodiac, Aquarius, someone who is eager for freedom and understands that you’re just fine on your own.

You’re a social person, so you will have a close group of friends in your life, but you’re picky about who you surround yourself with.

You never want to feel smothered by anything in your life–friends, work life, partners–so you will go out of your way to hone your independence so you’re living a life you’re happy with.

As a fixed sign, you know what makes you happy, and you’ll stick to the routines that give you satisfaction, but you’re also unpredictable in your pursuit of new experiences.

Change is attractive to you, and strict schedules are smothering.

Your planet is Uranus, which represents innovation, discovery, and progressiveness.

As an air sign, you’re a doer, the go-getter of the zodiac who isn’t going to wait for permission to go after the things you want.

Some people consider you an outcast, and you find that amusing mainly because you don’t care what anyone thinks. But also because you know people who see you like that are the ones who have fallen prey to the struggles of traditional convention.

You prefer to go against the grain, and this is something that your good friends love about you.

Pisces and Aquarius in Friendship

Aquarius, you’re in the tenth house of friendship, so while you appreciate your freedom and independence, you enjoy having good people around you. Specifically, the friends who allow you to be you in all your quirky, unique glory.

You don’t have time for disrespect in your friendships, and you’ll easily let go of anyone who drags you down, yet because you value fairness, you’ll also stand up for the less fortunate and make sure people get the respect they deserve.

Pisces, you’re in the 12th house of the unconscious, a spiritual place based out of empathy and intuition. Genuine friendships and good people are everything to you. And although you’ve spread yourself too thin in the past with the wrong people, if you’ve learned to create boundaries, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your ability to surround yourself with the kind of people you’ve always been looking for–people like Aquarius.

On paper, you two are quite different. Aquarius, the air sign; Pisces, the water sign, one fixed, the other mutable, respectively. And yet you share core values of trust and loyalty, and it’s that similarity that will draw you two together.

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Progressive and quirky, Aquarius, you’re always seeking new information on things you’re passionate about. You can talk to just about anyone, but you won’t have any problem moving on to the next thing that interests you, especially if someone disrespects you.

Pisces, when Aquarius meets you, they will recognize a sensitivity to your spirit that will draw them to you.

Aquarius, you want friends who are compassionate, and Pisces is that and so much more.

Pisces, meanwhile, you want friends who don’t judge you, who are open to new experiences, and who dream big, as you do.

When you meet Aquarius, you’ll see the friend who has excelled at the things you sometimes struggle with. They’ll go after their dreams logically, outlining a path you couldn’t find.

Aquarius, you’ll see in Pisces a person connected to their emotions, something you crave to find.

Your time together will be full of interesting conversations, and because you’re very go-with-the-flow, Pisces, you’ll take Aquarius up on the interesting adventures that will bring you two to concerts, museums, anywhere where you both can learn more about the world and each other.

This growing bond will be less about what you do and the way it feels when you’re together.

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You’re both dreamers, constantly wondering how you can improve your life and the world around you. Because you care about people, you’ll go out of your way to be loyal to those you consider your friends.

Pisces, you’ll be relieved by Aquarius’ lack of judgment. You’ve often struggled to admit your dreams to your friends in the past for fear of being laughed at. Aquarius not only won’t laugh but will encourage you to pursue your goals and give you suggestions on how to get there.

Aquarius’ although you have great friends, you often struggle with opening up your feelings in a vulnerable way–that’s the fixed part of you.

Pisces, meanwhile, being mutable, has no problem word vomiting their feelings, especially if they feel like they’re in a safe place to do it. You’ll find this fascinating Aquarius, and you’ll learn as much as you can, even if you don’t tell Pisces everything you’re feeling.

Pisces may struggle with this, and there’s a chance they will need more out of this friendship than freedom-seeking Aquarius can provide, but as long as you two learn to communicate, this friendship can flourish.

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Aquarius, you’re not a huge fan of dating, and if you do, you’ll keep most of your feelings to yourself.

Vulnerability is something you avoid, and as a result, even if you have feelings for someone, it’s unlikely you’ll tell your friends.

Pisces, on the other hand, you crave connection with other people, and while you may be hesitant about first dates, if there’s an attraction, you’ll fall fast and hard and definitely tell your friends like Aquarius about what you’re experiencing.

Aquarius may have pragmatic advice for you, Pisces, but you, Aquarius, will also be taking notes. You like Pisces’ vulnerability; you’re just not sure you’re capable of giving it back.

Pisces and Aquarius in Love

There’s a high chance that you two started as friends–or perhaps friends with benefits. But even if you’re strangers meeting at a bar, you’ll feel an instant connection to this person. The same thing that brought you together as friends will draw you as lovers–Pisces’ emotional sensitivity and Aquarius’ free spirit.

Pisces, you’re always down for an adventure, and Aquarius is ready to supply them. You’ll enjoy it, Pisces, because this is someone you genuinely enjoy as a person.

You’ll be able to open up if you feel overwhelmed and need a moment to yourself, and although Aquarius will encourage your emotional honesty, they won’t always give it back.

This could pose problems later on, as you, Pisces need reassurance long-term to hear your partner express their vulnerability and feelings for you, while you, Aquarius may see this need as smothering, and it may create distance between you two if you don’t feel like you’re getting the freedom you need.

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Like your friend date, you two will thrive on romantic dates that allow you to explore your city while still giving you the opportunity to bond.

Aquarius, you want the freedom to do random things, and Pisces will be more than happy to hop in for the joyride.

You’ll like this about each other, and it’s likely your honeymoon stage will be full of butterflies, adventures, and brewing love.

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This real test to your relationship will come around the time of your first fight. Pisces will get real, raw, and honest, and Aquarius, since you’re the more logical of you two, you will try to analyze the problem instead of feeling your way through it.

This could work for a little while, but it will eventually backfire if Pisces doesn’t think you care as much as they do.

Pisces, you’re more emotional, and up to this point, as friends and lovers, you’ve felt safe to express yourself. Aquarius will still encourage that, but now, Pisces, you’re realizing you need someone who can be just as vulnerable with you.

Because you both value quality time above all else, it’s likely you’ll both work through this, and eventually, you’ll come to the heart of the issue–Aquarius, you need freedom, and Pisces, you need reassurance.

You’re both capable of giving this to each other, and you just need to talk about it out loud.

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This connection between you two will flourish without effort. You both love expressing yourself in physical ways, and although you Aquarius are more lighthearted when it comes to sex, you will respect Pisces’ desire for sensuality in the bedroom.

And Pisces, while you normally prefer emotions to be linked to intimacy and may hesitate to give yourself to new partners, you’ll feel safe to do this with non-judgemental, open-minded Aquarius.

Pisces, you’re open-minded to try new things, and you, Aquarius, will love this. You hate routine even in the bedroom, and not only is Pisces flexible to new experiences, but they’re imaginative and will come up with one or two ideas of their own. This will be a healthy bond.

The Verdict?

As friends and lovers, you can both learn a lot from your differences. Aquarius, Pisces will teach you how to connect with your emotions, and Pisces, Aquarius will show you how to find your independence.

This will be a positive bond that will flourish as long as you two talk about what you’re mutual expectations are.

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