Libra and Libra: Is It a Compatible Relationship?


You’ve just bought your first home, and you hire an interior designer to come in and create the space exactly to your vision. As long as they don’t fire you. You’ve hired three other designers who got so frustrated with your indecisiveness that they ended up telling you they needed to move on to other projects.

It’s not your fault that you have an ever-changing mindset. This is your house, after all, you want this to be perfect! You’re just not entirely sure perfection exists. I mean… What if stone looks better than tile, but you will never know because you picked wood?

This new interior designer walks in, and immediately, you sense something is different. Every word out of their mouth is pulled straight from your brain. It’s like they’re inside your mind, understanding not only your vision but the dilemma that you don’t even know where to start.

Brainstorming with them is effortless–and this torturous process suddenly has new life. This is actually fun! Not only that, but the instant vibe with this person is pulsating between you. They’re finishing your sentences, and you theirs. After an hour, you’ve gotten further than any of the other designers before them.

And now you need a break. A drink, maybe? Or how about that new ice cream place on the corner? Before you can even ask if your designer would like to join you, they suggest taking a pause to grab some ice cream.

Did you just meet your new best friend? Or maybe you just met yourself, Libra, because, as it turns out, your new designer shares not only your sun sign, but also your values, interests, and communication style.

You’d never thought you’d want to hang out with yourself, but that’s because you’re not good at committing to plans in advance because you don’t know how you’ll be feeling when that time comes. But suddenly, just like designing your house, with Libra, making decisions just comes easy.

Libra Zodiac Symbol


As a cardinal sign, Libra, you love trying new things… Even if you have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew. It all ends up working out in the end. That’s kind of your motto with life.

As an air sign, you can be perceived as lofty to people who don’t understand that your indecisiveness is less about being non-committal and more about your deep-rooted desire to find harmony and balance. This is reflected in your symbol, the scales of justice.

You’re also the only sign that has an inanimate object as a symbol, which also correlates with your love for nice things. You’re not materialistic by any means, but you can definitely appreciate the luxury of creating a space filled with value.

You’re a social butterfly, constantly searching for new experiences to share with other people. A natural extrovert, you crave other’s company, and although you won’t admit it, you occasionally struggle with caring what other people think of you. It’s important for you to be perceived as having everything together, part of the reason you enjoy having nice things.

But you’re also a people pleaser, and this can become an issue when it comes to balancing your choices with the choices of those closest to you. Compromise is your middle name.

You take the initiative and the lead in your professional and personal life but often rely on other people to make the final decision. You perceive that as agreeing without realizing that you have less of a say than you think you do.

Your desire to connect with others will sometimes mean you sacrifice your well-being for the sake of being friends with everyone, and you don’t always realize that not all these people in your life actually aren’t your real friends.

Some people will take advantage of your kindness, but the good friends will see your nature as loyal, and you’re the person they’d be lucky to keep around.

Libra and Libra in Friendship

This friendship is one for the books.

You two have struggled to meet someone you simultaneously enjoy being around while also not feeling like there’s pressure to make up your mind or a risk of being taken advantage of.

You’re both people pleasers, and you won’t realize how difficult of a strain that’s put on you until you spend time with someone like you and realize you actually don’t have to try so hard to sustain a friendship.

A mutual respect will grow quickly between you two, and it will only be cemented by your shared interests and hobbies of experiencing new things. As air signs, you each crave freedom and won’t feel that there’s pressure on your friendship to be a certain way.

Friend Date - Calendar

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Life is a juggling act for you two, a balance you aim to achieve in everything in your life. If you’re already in a relationship, you won’t sacrifice your friendship for date night or vice versa. You give equal attention to the people who matter to you, even if you sometimes stretch yourself too thin in your pursuit of pleasing others.

This desire for harmony also applies to the balance between your home and work life. You will give your all to your work, even if it’s tiring, and somehow aim to muster the energy to stick to your plans and go out with your friends in the evening.

You don’t really care what you’re doing as long as the people around you are having a good time. You feed off the energy of others, not realizing that half the time, you’re the one uplifting them. You’re all in with everything you do and will always make sure you give one hundred percent of yourself to the things that matter to you.

For that reason, when two Libras arrive at the same event, they will gravitate towards each other, discovering an ease in one another’s presence where they don’t have to try so hard to be themself because the other person will be offering support they didn’t know they needed.

Friend-Fection Icon

Friend-Fection: Keep It on the Dl or Text ‘Love Ya Biatch?’

You both value respect above all else, but because you detest confrontation and conflict of any kind, you have a tendency to shut down when it comes to expressing yourself.

However, with your Libra friend, you’ll find this won’t be an issue. The closer you’ll become, the safer you’ll feel to talk about anything that is bothering you, and because you’re equally diplomatic, it will always unfold in a calm, easy manner.

Fortunately, for the two of you, you’ll click so effortlessly that it’s unlikely intense disagreements will arise. You’ll never feel taken advantage of, and you’ll never need to worry about your Libra friend getting frustrated when you can’t make up your mind.

If anything, they’ll be right there with you, unsure what to do, and you’ll learn how to work together to figure out what you should do.

Dating Advice Icon

Dating Advice: Send His Name or Send His Social?

Libra, you fall hard when it comes to love. You see the best in people and often bring out those qualities in others early on in a relationship. Relationships are the end goal when it comes to dating because although you’re capable of being alone, you prefer the company of others.

You thrive when you’re partnered up, giving your all to the ones you care about, even when they don’t always deserve it.

For that reason, when you first start dating, you’ll jump in head first, not aware the water is a bit shallow. Fortunately, you have enough friends who will attempt to keep you grounded, but your Libra friend will not be one of them.

They’re just as eager for love as you are, and if they’re single, they’ll be living vicariously through your rose-colored glasses, and if they’re already taken, they will encourage you to go for it as a double date with your bestie is always more fun than dating one on one.

Libra and Libra in Love

You may have started as friends, but if there’s even a mild level of physical attraction between you two, you won’t stay platonic long. The connection is undeniable, the spark of conversation keeping you up late at night.

Your comfort with each other will be instantaneous because, for once in your life, you will no longer feel like you need to put on a show in order to experience the world with someone.

Your mutual social nature will mean you will have no problem going on group dates and will enjoy planning outings with your friends. Unlike a lot of couples you know, you won’t hesitate to express your PDA.

When you’re unsure about something, you will no longer feel alone because your partner will be right beside you, understanding that it’s totally okay if you don’t know everything you want to do. Disagreements are unlikely to arise when you two get along so well.

First Date Icon

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It won’t make a difference where you two go because as long as you’re together, you’re going to have a good time.

Conversation between you two will make everything interesting, and your spontaneous nature means you won’t say no to trying new things.

Most importantly, you’ll discover that you won’t feel the need to say things you don’t mean just to appease them.

There’s an instant comfort between the two of you, one born out of a core understanding that balance and harmony is the most important facet you can create in life.

Although you both appear spontaneous in the beginning, deep down, you value stability and are looking for a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Love Language Icon

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You’re both romantic at heart and will foster your relationship through quality time and physical touch. With your mutual appreciation of the finer things in life, you’ll enjoy receiving and giving gifts to one another.

Communication has the potential to be a struggle between the two of you, and trust issues can arise from your mutual flirtatious nature.

Because you both detest confrontation, you will often opt to stay silent instead of bringing up any insecurities or issues, but your mutual love and respect for one another will ensure that tension between you two won’t last long.

You’ll always end up talking eventually and any disagreements you have will be squashed quickly when you realize that your love is more important than your ego.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

Intimacy is as important to you as the air you breathe, and although you’ve probably had your fair share of experiences, you prefer having a bond with someone you share yourself and your body with. Often, it will be through that intimacy that you get to know someone.

Because you prefer your partner to make the first move, with the union of two Libras, you two may be slow getting to this point unless you express your attraction for one another out loud.

And when that happens, world beware. Your sensuality, passion, and connection will round out your relationship in the perfect way.

The Verdict?

Finally, you’ve met someone who doesn’t get frustrated with you when you can’t make up your mind. Once you discover that you’ll never have to sacrifice your feelings in order to make them happy and that this is a complimentary, respectful bond–be it platonic or not–you two will realize that this is a bond that will last the rest of your life.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

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