Leo and Capricorn: Are They Meant to Be Together?


There are just certain people you meet in life where a friendship just makes sense. And the idea of dating them gives you a heart attack. That’s you two, Leo and Capricorn, bound for greatness in the platonic realm and doomed to fail when it comes to love. And are you really surprised?

Leo, ruled by the lion, and Capricorn, ruled by a goat. You both run forward, ready to take charge–and then you size up the competition, both of you craving respect but for different reasons. Yeah. If one doesn’t eat you, the other might stab you with their horns.

Fortunately, as friends, you respect each other’s differences and space. So if you were terrible as lovers, how can you work as friends? Spoiler alert: It’s not as uncommon as you may think [see Virgo and Virgo]. Let’s figure out why your friendship blossoms and why your love will ultimately crash and burn.

The Libra and the Leo are both concerned with leading the charge, but they have vastly different reasons. Both crave for others to respect them, but pragmatic Capricorn wants it for more realistic reasons, like a respectable profession, while flashy Leo craves attention to increase their self-confidence.

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Leo, you crave the dramatics, the flare, the validation of a job well done–even if that job is just you walking into a room and wanting to be noticed. You recognize your worth and want to be respected for what you deserve, and as a passionate fire sign, you’ll speak your truth loud and clear.

A fixed sign, you like doing things your way, and while this can come off as bossy to some people, other more shy signs will envy your ability to speak your truth and not back down.

While you’re not quite a people pleaser, you enjoy harmony and giving warmth to the people around you, which makes sense since you’re ruled by the brightest star in the solar system, the sun.

That’s pretty much your disposition: sunny with a zest for life and spunk that drives you to go after what you want.

Capricorn Zodiac Symbol


Capricorn, born between December 22nd and January 19th, you breach that gap between the end of the year and the start of something new. You close out the year with family, friends, and the comfort of spending time with the ones you love, but not long after the clock strikes midnight, your journal is out, and your New Year’s goals are in motion.

That’s you, Capricorn: a mix of comfort and focus. Time is precious for you. You’ll never waste it with people who drag you down, and you understand that the only way to get where you want to go in life is by pursuing your goals relentlessly. And if anyone distracts you from that, you have no problem cutting them out of your life.

Like Leo, you crave recognition, but unlike Leo, you’re driven by your head instead of your heart. You’re grounded like most earth signs, but unlike others like you, you understand how to control your emotions. Dreams are exciting and all, but you won’t let yourself feel the thrill until you’ve actually accomplished what you set out to do.

And because you’re a cardinal sign, it’s like you’ll take the initiative needed to get exactly where you want to be. Even then, you’ll never stop moving forward, only finding content in the chase of the next accomplishment.

Leo and Capricorn in Friendship

You two will probably butt heads upon meeting–after all, one of you fights with horns, and the other is the king of your pack. Because you’re ruled by logic, Capricorn, you’ll consider all of your options before making a conclusion, and as a result, you usually think you’re right.

Leo, absorbing the spotlight, will go out of their way to voice their opinion and fearing being called out–which Capricorn will most likely do–you’ll double down, Leo, your stubbornness irritating level-headed Capricorn. However, because you two probably share interests and friends, you’ll be forced into proximity, and it’s inevitable that you’ll end up spending time together.

One-on-one, without an audience, there will be less pressure to see eye to eye, and you’ll discover that your differences can actually be beneficial. Leo, you’ll respect Capricorn’s ability to approach things without letting their heart take over, while you, Capricorn, will learn a valuable lesson from Leo about speaking up and expressing the passion you rarely address but always ultimately feel.

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Leo, you’re more likely to be going out into the world where you can experience the company of people who you can uplift with your warmth and who can shower you with the praises you desire. You’re a natural extrovert and an optimist, skipping through life and always seeing the best in others, hoping they will help you see the best in yourself.

Capricorn, an introvert with muted emotions, you don’t need to be told you are great. You already know it.

And because you’re usually too busy improving and advancing the path toward your goals, you’ll not only cut out people who hold you back but will rarely bring new people into your friend group.

On the rare occasions you find yourself in the place, you’ll discover your conversation will keep you connected. Leo won’t leave you alone, Capricorn, eager to understand you, and you, Capricorn, while initially writing Leo off, will find their enthusiasm intriguing.

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This is probably the only reason you two will never become best friends. Leo, you need reassurance from your friends, either in the form of compliments and company.

Capricorn, always keeping your cards to your chest, you won’t give this to Leo, at least not in the frequency they’d like. Capricorn, you’ll also struggle to understand Leo’s need for reassurance when you’re adept at offering this to yourself.

However, there will be mutual respect between you two, and eventually, you’ll find a balance. Capricorn will learn how to give Leo reassurance, and Leo will learn how to give Capricorn space. It will ultimately become a friendship based on your mutual goals for self-improvement, something you both respect about the other.

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You two couldn’t be more different here, which is part of the reason you’re better off as friends. Leo, you’ll date for the attention, the compliments, and the experience, while you, Capricorn, will date only because it’s the logical thing to do if you’d like to get married or have children.

Leo will enjoy it, flaunting their dates and experiences to their friends, and Capricorn will bite their tongue, not understanding how anyone could fall for a complete stranger.

Capricorn, you’ll likely keep your dating life to yourself until you’ve decided you’re actually in a relationship with this person, and even then, it’s unlikely you’ll go into too many details. You’ll save that for the people you consider your closest allies.

Leo and Capricorn in Love

Just run for the hills while you’re ahead, friends. Even if your friendship is going to take work, what the hell do you expect from being in a relationship with this person?

You have drastically different values and expectations from your partners. Leo, you want to feel connected, intricately linked to the person you date, while you, Capricorn, would prefer someone more independent who can casually walk by your side, share life with you, but also have their own friends, interests, and hobbies.

You’re both incredibly self-aware, which is what will make this partnership even more difficult because you won’t be blind to the fact that you’re incompatible, but because you both like to succeed, you will probably give it a shot anyways–and take my word for it, you’ll regret it.

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Leo, you’ll light the fire of this date, coming up with ideas and flowing the energy to keep things moving. You may be surprised when the cardinal sign, Capricorn, takes the initiative and also has an input on your date, and you won’t be sure to react. You’re a fixed sign after all, and like doing things your way; however, you’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

You’ll end up carrying the conversation and date, Leo, and probably feeling like Capricorn is judging you the whole time, which will probably be the case. Capricorn, you don’t like dating anyway, and you’ll realize quite quickly that this is an exhausting match with zero potential. It will be surprising if you get past this point, but if you do, well, then good luck.

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Leo, you crave attention in all forms. You want to be showered with gifts, expect your partner to go out of their way to spend time with you, prefer home-cooked meals and extravagant signs of affection. You need words of affirmation from the one who loves you, and you expect acts of service as a natural part of life.

Fortunately, you’re also a lover and a giver, and you’ll show your love in the same way you expect it back. That won’t be enough for some Zodiac signs.

To the right person, they’ll love this about you; to the wrong, like Capricorn–who relies purely on acts of service and expects that back–you will come off as needy. And your fights will be just as toxic. Leo will do all the talking, and Capricorn will shut down. You’ll probably break up before you even truly begin.

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Intimacy with you two will be an interesting experience, to say the least. Leo will light a flame beneath Capricorn that will surprise them, and you, Capricorn, will enjoy this connection and will also offer Leo the stability in the bedroom you, Leo, need.

But eventually, when you build a fire on earth, it will go out, and when you discover your compatibility is low elsewhere, your intimacy, despite how charged, will eventually fade out.

The Verdict?

You two share an ambitious drive but have drastically different ways of going about getting your goals. As friends, these traits can come in handy in both of your journeys of self-expression, but as lovers, you’ll clash over your vastly different approaches to life.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

Friendship Compatibility

5.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

4.0 Gold Stars

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