Digital Egg Hunt | Using Online Dating Platforms to Find Your Perfect Match This Easter


It’s almost time for Easter! That means the world is ready for new beginnings, resurrections, and renewals. And one of those aspects of life that could experience a new birth is your love life! 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet someone new that you could spend Easter with? Whether you’re headed to church, ready to hang out with the family, or embarking on an epic Easter egg hunt this holiday, it’s time to engage in a digital egg hunt to find your perfect match for Easter weekend! Make sure you have the high-quality company you’re looking for by using the best online dating platforms out there right now!

But which online dating platform is best suited to help you find an Easter match that suits you best? Let’s take a look at all the front runners so you can spend your time looking for your perfect match rather than looking for the perfect platform! Read this article, and you’ll be well on your way to revitalizing your love life this Easter!


eharmony app on an iphone

Easter makes us think of bringing new life into parts of our lives that could use a complete overhaul. If you’re looking to start taking your love life seriously and get yourself on the track to marriage, eHarmony is the app for you! And if that’s your goal, inviting them to church or to chill with your family on Easter weekend is a great way to kick off your new, budding relationship!

There are over 10 million users on eHarmony, giving you a pool of online daters that are likely to be compatible with you and in your area. On this online dating platform, you’ll be far from dealing with slim pickings!

There’s almost an even split between men and women users on this platform, with a slight advantage for men due to a few more women on the site. It’s got a great division that sets people up to find the high-quality matches they’re looking for.

If you’re ready for a serious, long-lasting, committed relationship, eHarmony’s got the matches you’re looking for this Easter! That’s because it prioritizes compatibility above all else, so you can start your relationship with the odds of success already being in your favor. 

Neil Clark Warren founded eHarmony in 2000 as a clinical psychologist on a mission to set people up with highly compatible matches. His original compatibility pairing system has been so effective that the platform’s still using it today!

If you’re willing to pay about $40 per month and spend a bit of time on the sign-up process, you’ll be able to yield the extensive dividends eHarmony has to offer in the form of successful matches. With so many success stories to boast about, eHarmony’s almost a sure bet that you’ll find someone special that you can bring to Easter dinner!


zoosk mobile app on an iphone

Zoosk is a top-rated app with over 35 million users! So if you want to find someone literally in your neighborhood, chances are there are matches for you on Zoosk. And with matches literally everywhere, you might even find someone who already goes to your church or can meet you and your family at your favorite restaurant in town this Easter!

Zoosk has a pretty even gender breakdown as well, with a slight advantage for men – but pretty much anyone can find high-quality matches on this online dating platform with such a wealth of singles in the dating pool.

Zoosk takes an approach to dating that is more casual in nature. Do you want to get back into flirting to help rejuvenate your love life? Zoosk is for you! Looking to get an Easter date to ignite your passion again? The odds are you’ll find one here!

Zoosk is pretty cost-effective, with plans starting at just $12.50 a month, which makes it a financially savvy user’s choice as well. Its price is one of the attractive factors that have brought so many daters on board and part of the reason why 3 million messages are sent over this platform every day!

Zoosk is also fun to use. It’s got the carousel swipe style that makes online dating like a game for users, keeping people actively looking for love. It also provides you with SmartPicks to provide users with curated matches every day that they don’t even have to look for! These matches are based on your preferences, and the platform figures out your “type” with your use of the system over time. So, the more you get in the game, the better your SmartPicks will be. So there’s no time to get started like the present!

Also, with Zoosk, you can meet people over video chat before you meet them in person. That way, you can be sure that the person you’re hanging out with on Easter weekend is a perfect choice!

Elite Singles

Elite single app on iphone

Elite Singles is an excellent choice if you want to ensure your Easter date is impressive! This online dating platform prides itself on matching singles that have found professional success or are highly educated, at the very least. While it’s got more women on the app than there are men, there are over 2 million users to make sure you can find the match you’re looking for. And while it has fewer users than other online dating platforms, there’s a reason for that – this is more of a niche platform that’s pickier about the professional qualifications your matches will have!

Elite Singles is ready to set you up with matches looking for meaningful relationships. It’s priced at around $30 or more per month, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze – especially if you want someone with credentials to take you out this Easter!

If you want someone who knows how to navigate an expensive restaurant for Easter, you’ll find matches with refined tastes on Elite Singles. Table manners come with the territory in this online dating pool!

So if you’re sick of settling and want to find an Easter date that’ll meet your standards, Elite Singles is the online dating platform for you! There’s a “Have You Met?” swipe-style feature that keeps things fun, fresh, and new, just like the Easter season should be. So hop on now, and you can do the bunny hop with a perfect date on Easter weekend!

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle - Step 1

If the most important part of Easter weekend isn’t the traditions or family time, but it’s your Christian faith, check out Christian Mingle! This is our best-reviewed app for Christian singles who are looking for love. It’s got over 15 million users on there waiting to meet you. And although there are a few more women on the platform, there are plenty of people to choose from – you won’t be left wanting more matches!

With this many users, the likelihood of you being able to find matches in your area is pretty high too! Which is essential if you’re looking for someone to bring to church this Easter!

Prices start at about $25 per month, which makes this a popular choice of online dating platform for Christian singles everywhere. The daters on this site are looking for serious relationships, so if you’re ready to foster a long-term committed relationship with someone who shares your faith, Christian Mingle is the right platform for you!

Christian Mingle keeps things fun with a swipe-style LookBook – but all of the matches are high-quality, and share your faith! Approximately 70% of users go to church every week, so if you really want to bring someone to share your Easter service at the church you love, this is where you’ll find them. Also, 90% of users want to marry someone that’s Christian – so your Easter date could lead to something much more significant given some time!

So hop on Christian Mingle, take advantage of their unlimited messaging, and invite your newfound special someone to church this Easter – it’s that easy!

Christian Cafe

iphone displaying christian cafe home page

If you’re looking for a more intimate way to connect with someone over your faith this Easter, Christian Cafe might be an even better online dating platform for you! It’s got 44,000 users – a smaller dating pool with more options to filter matches based on factors that have to do with faith! Essentially, this platform narrows down the dating pool for you so you can find your Easter date as quickly as possible – and so that you can really find the perfect Easter date for you!

You can get right to work finding your romantic prospects for Easter by checking our Christian Cafe’s community forum, prayer board, and advanced search filters. 

You won’t have to worry about running into a match that doesn’t share your faith – everyone on there is Christian! But we all know that there are degrees of faith as well – and you can search for matches based on the depth of their faith on Christian Cafe. From “It defines who I am” to “Still trying to figure it out,” you can find someone who doesn’t just share your faith – but someone who shares your level of dedication as well! 

These advanced search features also let you search for matches based on church attendance, denomination, and if they’ve been active on the platform, so you can really find exactly what you’re looking for in an Easter match. 

If you’re running short on time before Easter weekend, the platform’s also got you covered there! They provide you with QuickMatches that take the working of searching out of the equation. You can find people who fit your profile preferences in your area without having to browse at all. 

Christian Cafe is full of Christian singles who want to build a relationship on a foundation of faith. And there’s no better time to start that process than on Easter! And if you love the concept, but you’re still not sure which Christian online dating platform is for you, you can learn about all of the best Christian Dating Apps on our review page!

Single Parent Meet

SingleParentMeet Mobile

If your favorite part of Easter is holding an Easter Egg Hunt for your little one(s), Single Parent Meet might be the online dating platform you’re looking for! With 77,000 users, there are plenty of matches waiting to meet you. And this dating pool is full of single parents looking for serious relationships. So if you want an Easter date that’ll be around to spend time with you and your kid(s) next Easter, Single Parent Meet’s got what you’re looking for!

This online dating platform is also super cost-effective! Plans start at about $6 a month, with the cheapest ones being for the longest amounts of time. That way, you can make sure you’re set up for success in the long run. If you’re a single parent looking for a serious relationship, this platform is a great and easy choice to decide on. 

There are more women on here than there are men, which gives men a slight advantage on this platform. Still, if you’re a single mom who wants to find a single dad, there’s no better platform out there. If you do want to check out other platforms with different gender ratios, we’ve got the best Dating Apps for Single Parents for you to read too!

Single Parent Meet takes a comprehensive approach to matching based on location, personal details, and preferences. It’s one of the most affordable choices on the web for single parents to use, which any single parent can appreciate! You’ll be clued in on your matches, past relationships, and children from the start, so it takes worrying and wondering out of the equation for you. And if you really want to find a friend who’s also a single parent who can enjoy Easter with you and your kid(s), then you can find them on Single Parent Meet as well!

Silver Singles

SilverSingles Mobile

If you’ve come to love Easter over the years and you’re looking for someone to share the rest of your Easters with, Silver Singles may be the best choice for you! With 800,000 users, most of whom are over the age of 50, the wise and caring matches you’re looking for are waiting for you on this platform. While there are more women than men on this site, there are plenty of fish in this dating pool that are great catches. And with a price starting at about $30 per month, this is an investment worth making!

Silver Singles is meant for people looking for serious and committed relationships. And Easter is the perfect time to start this type of long-lasting relationship with its focus on new beginnings that revitalize life itself!

This online dating platform makes matches based on personality traits, finding people the compatible matches they want to connect with. They get this information during your sign-up process, which is thorough but still takes less than half an hour to complete. 

If you’re ready to meet up with someone special for Easter, it’s time to get on Silver Singles! They only cater to paid users, so you know that everyone on this platform is committed and dedicated to finding a partner. Start looking through your matches today, and be paired up and hoppingly happy come Easter!


CatholicMatch Mobile

If you’re someone who’s of the Catholic faith in particular, you may have already heard of CatholicMatch! This online dating platform is backed by Catholic leaders and is full of singles with meaningful religious practices. That’s the main reason CatholicMatch is the perfect online dating platform for you to find the Easter date you’ll want to bring to mass!

This platform has 1.5 million users and an even gender ratio that makes it perfect for anyone to find a match in their area. Membership starts at about $10 a month, making it easily accessible for Catholics everywhere. 

If you’re looking for a Catholic partner who shares your values, customs, and beliefs, this is where you can find them this Easter season. Make sure to put your best photo forward when you sign up – there’s a Photo Wall feature that shows users the newest pictures that have been posted! Get a gorgeous pic up there, and your Easter dates will be messaging YOU!

With 500,000 visitors every week, CatholicMatch will have plenty of matches ready for you to connect with before Easter comes around. Get started now, so you’re set to have the romantic Easter weekend of your dreams!

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