Honoring Mom | How to Use Dating Apps to Find a Companion Who Shares Your Family Values


We all want to find someone who we can bring home to Mom. Isn’t that usually the end goal for any of the relationships we find ourselves in? As long as mom approves or likes the person we’re dating, everything will be okay. Because, like it or not, our mothers usually do know best, and they typically don’t beat around the bush when they’re telling you whether or not they like your new partner. 

This year, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to focus on what mom would like when you’re approaching your dating life. 

While it can be fun and exciting to see all of the options that are available for you to explore when you’re online dating, it’s also good to have a few boundaries and restrictions set in place when you’re on a dating app, just so you know that you’re not going to waste your time looking at people who will ultimately not be a match for you and who are not going to get past your mother’s approval.

Instead of wasting your time on people who are destined to fail when it comes to passing the mom test, it’s time to get serious about who you’re looking for in a partner, and it’s time to buckle down and find that special person. 

It’s not always easy to find someone who is the answer to all of your and your mother’s dreams, but online dating has made it easier than ever to find success and find the person who is perfect for both you and your mother this year.

How to Find the Best Matches on Dating Apps

Let’s face it, dating apps can be challenging to navigate if you’re not familiar with them and don’t know how to work the system. 

We suggest that people trying out dating apps for the first time make a list of all the qualities they want their future partner to have. 

This list will help you stay focused when you get started on a dating app and see all of the options and people who are ready and excited to date you. While it can be fun and exciting to try to explore something with as many people as you have the option to, it’s going to be a colossal waste of your time if you’re not focused and if you’re not sure about what you actually want to find when you’re on the dating apps. 

When you’re making your list of all of the features that you and your mama want to see in your future partner, make sure that you’re not going too crazy or too specific when building your dream relationship. You still want to leave some room for your dating app to do the work for you, and it’s always nice to be surprised by the power and possibilities these apps can bring you. 

Also, it’s never a good idea to have so much control over your potential matches that you end up limiting your options and are left with no one. We suggest you only use the search filters and the non-negotiables that matter to you rather than throwing together what you would imagine the perfect partner to look like and, as a result, hurting your chances of finding someone wonderful on the app.

Thankfully, as long as you’re clear about what you want and don’t want, whatever dating app you choose will help you find the perfect person online that both you and your mom will approve of. 

The use of your search filters and the ability to control what little you can when you start the online dating game are just a few bonuses that come when you choose from some of the best dating apps to help you find the next love of your life. 

The next step to guarantee that you’re finding someone special is to choose the best dating app.

The Best Dating Apps That Will Set You up for Success

One of the best ways to find someone easily is to get on a dating app and start swiping. It’s 2023, and love is at all of our fingertips. And it’s about time that we get used to it and start using the resources available for us to our advantage. 

Some of those resources are dating apps. These apps are some of our favorite inventions of the last few years. They are forward-thinking and advanced in their technology and the algorithm that they’re run by, and they can connect all kinds of people from all over the world in ways that were never possible before. 

That’s why, today, we’re going to suggest all of our favorite dating apps that will bring you matches that will make you and your momma proud. These are the kind of apps that are tailored to the elite, and they’re the ones that are created to help you find the next and the best love of your life. 

Christian Cafe

If you’ve had a difficult time trying to find a good Christian partner who you can bring home to your mom and who will make her proud, Christian Cafe is the app for you. 

Christian Cafe caters to predominantly Christian users trying to find love online. The app focuses on helping all of the singles on it find a solid and faith-based relationship that will last for a long time. 

The popular Christian dating app has some features that make finding love online more accessible than ever. Not only do you not have to worry about whether or not everyone you’re matching with shares your faith, but because it’s a Christian dating app, you won’t need to worry about that. But Christian Cafe also has several tools and features that will go ahead and tell you whether or not the app and its algorithm think that a particular profile will be a good match for you.

Christian Cafe uses a QuickMatch feature that provides a percentage figure of how much or little the app thinks that every profile aligns with your values and priorities. While you don’t have to use this feature, and there is something to be said about taking a chance on someone if you’re in a pinch, it will come in handy, and you won’t have to waste your time swiping on profiles that don’t meet your standard. 

You also don’t need to worry about Christian Cafe being too small or niche of a dating app. You’re sure to find the right person for you with ease. There are over 500,000 active users on the app, and the average age of Christian Cafe users is between 25-44 years old. 

If you and your momma have been waiting for you to bring home an eligible Christian partner, Christian Cafe is the dating app for you. 

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is another outstanding dating app you should try out if you’re looking to find a Christian partner online. 

Christian Mingle is one of the leading and most successful dating apps currently on the market. If you want to lead with your faith online and use a well-known and highly advanced dating app, Christian Mingle is the app you should choose.

Unlike Christian Cafe, which is a smaller online dating platform, Christian Mingle is one of the biggest and most successful dating apps out there. There are over 16 million users on this platform who are looking for love, and the average age is between 36-50 years old. 

Most people who use Christian Mingle are looking for something serious when it comes to online dating. They want to be in a long-term and committed relationship with someone who shares their values and beliefs. 

We love to recommend Christian Mingle because it’s one of the safest and most reliable dating apps for Christians out there. The app’s users have access to a number of filters and features that will make it easier than ever for them to find what they’ve been looking for when it comes to their online dating journey.

If you have big dreams of finding your perfect person online and you’re excited to meet them, download Christian Mingle and start your search off on the right foot!

Elite Singles

If you want to bring home someone who will impress your mom, it’s a good idea to aim for the stars. After all, anyone with a strict mother knows that she doesn’t think anyone will ever be good enough for her baby. 

So instead of trying to find someone on a random dating app and constantly hoping for the best out of your lackluster options, it’s time to go big so that you can go home and introduce your partner to your momma. 

One of the best dating apps that we like to suggest for people who have high standards and want to find the best of the best as a result of their online dating journey is Elite Singles

Elite Singles is one of the most reliable dating apps that provide their users with other highly educated and professional matches. 

It’s hard to date someone you know will never be on the same level as you are, and your mom will never be satisfied if you have to settle for someone. That’s why dating apps like Elite Singles are so helpful in pairing you up with like-minded individuals on the same life path as you are. 

Elite Singles caters to an elite group of singles looking to find other professionals to date. Nearly everyone on the app is a professional in their field, and they often are impressive and excellent at their job.

And even though Elite Singles is a very niche app that only caters to a specific audience, there are over 2 million active users who are excited to find love online. 

If you want to wow your mom with your partner, try Elite Singles and see the professional personnel you can attract on the app!


Although we’ve steered clear of some of the more basic and run-of-the-mill dating apps on this list so far, it’s time to go to one of the old classics. 

Hinge has always been regarded as one of the best dating apps for a reason. The brilliant app’s marketing slogan paints it as the app that is meant to be deleted, and we’re all for that idea.

Hinge uses a highly advanced algorithm to match its users up with the perfect person, and users can tell the app what their non-negotiables are when it comes to finding a partner. Once the app knows their preferences, it will not present them with anyone who fits into that category. 

We love suggesting Hinge because it’s incredibly accessible and very popular. The dating app is easy to use; it has over 500,000 active users and sees over 90,000 logins daily. If you’re ready to find love, Hinge is your app.

A Final Word of Encouragement

It can feel like you have a lot of pressure riding on you to find the perfect match while you’re online dating, and you might. You might have brought home a few too many duds, and you and your momma are hoping for a change of pace and an amazing future partner. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want that? 

But while you’re spending your time and energy online looking for the perfect match, it’s good to remember that your happiness and your preferences also matter a great deal in the grand scheme of everything. 

After all, even if your momma likes your partner, if you don’t see a future with them, it will all be a waste of time. 

So, while you’re trying to honor what your mom would want for you this Mother’s Day, don’t get too in your head about trying to find the perfect person online. Instead, put some filters in your search bar, start thinking about what qualities you would appreciate your future partner having, and leave the rest to the dating app fates. 

The dating apps we’ve suggested for you to try are some of the most reputable and successful dating apps, and you’re going to be sure to find the right kind of person on any of these apps. 

Don’t stress too much about the journey you’re going on while trying to find your person. Just have fun and enjoy yourself! Honestly, as long as you love your partner, your momma will probably love them too. 

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