9 Dating App Conversation Starters to Use During the Holidays


As the holiday season rolls around, bringing with it lots of merriment and cheer, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to create new romance!

And for those of you who are using dating apps to find connections, which, to be honest, is the majority of us, the holidays offer a cornucopia of conversation starters in the DMs. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a serious relationship or just someone to hang out with casually during the festive fun—we have some great icebreakers that can, well, help you break the ice! 

To make a good first impression, here are nine dating app conversation starters to use during the holidays.

christmas tree

1. Share Your Fav Holiday Tradition

Slide into their DMs with this gem: “Do you have a favorite tradition that you can’t wait to do during the holiday season?”

This question is a wonderful way to start a dialogue—it opens the door for the person on the receiving end to talk about personal stories and nostalgic childhood memories. It’s a soft opener that can lead to a deeper convo about family and culture!

holiday vacation

2. Ask About Their Perfect Holiday Getaway

“If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?”

Travel-related questions are always a no-brainer—plus, talking about dream destinations can say a lot about a person’s interests and future goals. It’s also a fun way to daydream about globetrotting. 

Maybe you can travel together if a potential match turns into something more! Who knows, next Christmas, the two of you could be feeding moss treats to a herd of reindeer in Finland.

holiday movies

3. Inquire About Their Go-To Holiday Movie

“What’s your go-to holiday movie that you could watch over and over?”

Movies are a big part of the holiday season, so asking about their fav holiday flick will for sure lead to a light-hearted conversation (or debate, depending on if you’re partial to A Christmas Story and they love It’s a Wonderful Life) and might even land you a cuddly movie date night for your first meetup.

holiday food

4. Talk About Holiday Food Favorites

“What’s the one holiday dish you absolutely can’t live without?”

Food is a universal connector, and everyone has their favorite holiday fare. This appetizing query can dig into discussions about what they love (and hate) in their stuffing, if they like turkey or ham, and where they fall in the divisive fruitcake debate. 

It’s also a great segue into possibly planning a date to cook or do a tasting of holiday foods together.

holiday game

5. Play a Fun Holiday ‘Would You Rather’ Game

“Would you rather build a snowman or go sledding?”

The game of “Would You Rather” never disappoints, and adding a holiday twist is not only fun but also offers a look at their personalities. It’s definitely a playful way to keep the conversation going.

holiday presents

6. Get Creative with Gift Ideas

“If you could give any gift in the world, what would you give and to whom?”

This question can lead to chats about hobbies, interests, and the people and issues they care about. It’s a thoughtful and subtle way to find out what matters most to them, and it can also provide some insight into their creative side.

new years resolution

7. Talk About New Year’s Resolutions

“What’s one thing you want to achieve or try in the new year?”

My real answer would be, “I don’t make them anymore because I never stick to them,” and even if that’s true of most people, New Year’s resolutions are an engaging topic. 

Talking about hopes and goals for the coming year can shine a light on what’s important to them and help gauge if you’re compatible in this area.

holiday wreath

8. Discuss Holiday Decor Preferences

“Do you go all out with holiday decorations, or do you prefer to keep it simple?”

This topic can lead to fun banter about aesthetic preferences, like do they go all out with the lights and displays you can see from space, have Santa and all the reindeer set up on the front lawn, or keep it simple with a few string lights? 

You can talk about family traditions and trade funny anecdotes about any past decorating disasters.

holiday music

9. Share Thoughts on Holiday Music

“What holiday song immediately puts you in a festive mood?”

Music is a commanding presence and mood setter, and everyone has that one holiday song that gets them into the holiday hullabaloo. 

This question can lead to deeper talks about their taste in music and musical genres. Maybe you both hate that one Mariah Carey song and will bond over your shared disdain!

Tips for Keeping the Conversation Going

After the conversation starters have been sufficiently started, you may need some help with keeping the convo going, and we have some guidelines for that as well!

  • Be Genuinely Curious: Show interest in their responses and ask follow-up questions to hear more about their experiences.
  • Share Your Own Stories: While it’s great to ask questions, don’t forget to share your own! It makes the conversation a two-way street.
  • Use Humor Wisely: A bit of humor can go a long way, but be mindful of the other person’s sensibilities. Keep it light and avoid controversial jokes.
  • Stay Positive: Keep the conversation upbeat and positive. The holidays are a time of happiness, so stay away from heavy or contentious topics in the early stages of getting to know someone—holiday season or not.
  • Plan an Actual Date: If the conversation is going well, don’t chicken out and suggest a holiday-themed date. Whether it’s a trip to a Christmas market or a hot chocolate meet-up in a cute cafe, taking things offline is the next logical step if you’re into each other.


As you traverse dating apps this holiday season, and any other time of the year, don’t forget that the most important thing is to always be yourself. 

Authenticity always shows brightest, just like the shiny star on top of a Christmas tree. 

Use these conversation starters to break the ice. and who knows? You could very likely find a special someone to celebrate the holiday cheer with.

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