Beyond the Basics: Crafting an Enneagram Dating Profile That Stands Out


Personality tests are some of the cornerstones that dating apps are built on. 

If you think about it, most dating apps lead with your personality to properly match their users up with the perfect people for them, and we love the idea. 

Sometimes. Everyone loves a good personality test. We need to go back to our personality test results to remind us about who we are and what matters to us. 

Of course, the results of your personality test shouldn’t dictate your life. 

The thing that we love about personality tests is that they provide a snapshot of everyone’s lives, and you can learn a lot about a person based on the results they share with you. 

That’s one of the reasons we suggest using your Enneagram number to guide your decisions when filling out your profile. 

If you’re familiar with your Enneagram number, you’ll know that you can get a lot of information just from knowing which number you identify with. 

And when you use your Enneagram results and put them in your dating app profile, people will see a glimpse of who you are as well.

If you’re curious about how to incorporate your Enneagram number into your dating app profile, keep reading!

The Enneagram Dating App Profiles

In case you’ve never heard of the Enneagram before, let us tell you about one of our favorite personality tests that we believe everyone should take and study as much as they can when learning about themselves and their partner. 

The Enneagram is a personality test. It’s most often compared to the Meyers-Briggs test because of how intuitive it is and how in-depth the results one can glean from it are. 

But I like all of the information that the Enneagram provides for its users more than the Myers-Briggs. One of the best ways you can get to know someone is to talk about their Enneagram number and explore what that means for them. 

The Enneagram consists of nine different personality types. Each type has its own goals, flavors, and a myriad of other parts of its personality that come together to form one type. 

This isn’t just a little personality test you can find on the internet; it’s something you can choose to study for days and weeks and still find out something new about your personality and Enneagram number. 

Just like with every other personality test, just because two people have the same results doesn’t mean they’re the same person or will view everything they approach in the same way. 

But that being said, one of the reasons why we love the idea of incorporating your Enneagram number into your dating app profile, or at least nodding to it, is because anyone who knows the Enneagram will be able to get a good idea of who you are and how you operate based on knowing what your number is. 

If you love the Enneagram as much as we do and you’re excited about incorporating it into your dating app profile, here are a few of our favorite ideas!

enneagram 1

Enneagram Ones

If you’re an Enneagram One, you more than likely already have your entire dating life planned out; you’re just waiting for it to start. You’ve probably already crafted the perfect blurb that you can insert into your dating profile and are ready to use it. 

The important thing about your profile blurb is that you don’t have to come off too strong, mainly because you’re an Enneagram One, and your tendency might be to intimidate people a little bit more than it is to go with the flow. But we also want you to feel the freedom to be yourself, so if coming off a bit solid works for you, then do that!

Here is some inspiration for what you can put in your profile when you’re an Enneagram One. 

  • Passionate about making everything as perfect as possible. I’ve never met a problem I can’t solve or an issue that can’t be fixed. 
  • If I don’t do it, who will? 
  • Some people think I’m a perfectionist. I prefer everyone to know that I’m a perfectionist. 
  • I’ll put my all into anything you want to do. I’m highly competitive but extremely introspective. I want to make life as beautiful as it can be. If that sounds interesting, swipe right. 
enneagram 2

Enneagram Twos

If you’re an Enneagram Two on a dating app, we’re proud of you. We know how difficult it can be not to get too attached to everyone you meet online, and we understand that you might want to pour your entire heart and soul into every connection you’re about to make. 

Instead of letting your emotions get the better of you and getting caught up in everything, we hope you can take this time on your dating app and come back to yourself a bit.

That being said, your pure heart and willingness to love everyone around you and care for anyone you meet are one of the best qualities about yourself, especially when you’re on a dating app. 

Here are some ways you can nod to your soft side in your profile.

  • I’ll more than likely fall in love with you; just a warning.
  • I’m always labeled the mom of the group. I’m the one to go to when you’re out, and you forgot a sweater or need a hug. If that makes you feel safe, swipe right.
  • I’m ready for a long-term relationship with someone who will care for me as much as I care for them. I know that’s a tall order, but here’s to hoping!
  • Let me cook dinner for you and be your biggest cheerleader.
enneagram 3

Enneagram Threes

Enneagram Threes thrive when they’re on dating apps. Maybe it’s because they know how to market themselves, and maybe it’s because they’re all very well known for being incredibly charming, sometimes to a fault. 

If you’re an Enneagram Three, we want to encourage you to get to know as many people as possible when you’re on your dating app adventure, but we also want to enable you to get to know them.

Often, when you’re on a dating app and are goal-oriented, you need to remember the people behind the profiles. But you’re still able to turn up the charm and let people know you’re here for a good time.

If you’re ready to find love online, here are some openers you can put in your profile. 

  • I’m the person who puts their all into everything they do. If that interests you, swipe right. 
  • I’m a goal-getter, and I am always up for a challenge. Life with me will be anything but boring, and I’m always trying to make it bigger and better. 
  • I promise I will charm your socks off; just let me try. 
enneagram 4

Enneagram Fours

Enneagram Fours know they have to have the best profile blurb on their dating app. As soon as they see someone who is more creative or witty than they are, they’ll scrap their original plan and come up with something different.

Thankfully, the Enneagram Four is one of the most exciting and unique numbers on the Enneagram, so it’s easy to make you all stand out from the crowd. 

Because of that, we want to give you all the attention and respect you deserve. Here’s a few ways that you can start to encapsulate the gems that you are in the few words on your profile. 

  • I’m a hopeless romantic who still believes in fairytales. Let’s make our wildest wishes come true. 
  • I’ll do anything for love and a great story. Distance means nothing when love is on the line, and I’m ready to create an epic love story. 
  • I promise you that I’m the most [insert your passion] that you’ll meet on this app today. 
enneagram 5

Enneagram Fives

Enneagram Fives often face a challenge when approaching dating apps because the type is naturally introverted and introspective. 

You’re also experts on many different things, and you might draw people in by talking about some of the things that interest you. Let your true colors shine when you’re on your dating app, and you’ll more than likely attract people like you!

  • I can talk about [topic] for hours; let me prove it to you. 
  • I’m your guy if you love quiet nights, giant cups of tea, and a good Jeopardy marathon!
  • A self-proclaimed expert in [topic]. If that interests you, swipe right!
enneagram 6

Enneagram Sixes

Enneagram Sixes are one of the most interesting types of the Enneagram. The type is both loyal and an expert to a fault. If you want someone to lean on when you’re in a crisis, go to an Enneagram Six because they’ve probably been planning for a problem for years. 

Sixes are one of the most loyal types on the Enneagram. You’re a sought-after type, and you’re going to turn heads with your dedication to anyone you meet when you’re online dating. 

  • Loyal, steadfast, and true. I’m a Hufflepuff and an Enneagram Six; you’ll be in good hands when you swipe right on me.
  • I promise that I will follow you to the ends of the Earth. But really, let me love you more than you’ve ever been loved before.
  • I’m the person you want to have around in times of panic and emergency. Ironically, everyday life is also a time of crisis. 
enneagram 7

Enneagram Sevens

Enneagram Sevens are created on being on dating apps. This type loves the idea of a fast-paced life and as much entertainment and excitement as they can squeeze into every day.

If you’re an Enneagram Seven, hold onto the spark you bring to every situation and let people see the magic you get to everything.

  • I’m the most interesting person that you’ll ever meet. Let me blow your mind when you swipe right on me. 
  • I hate the boring and mundane. Let’s match, and I’ll show you more of an adventure than you’ve ever known. 
  • Life’s short; let’s make some memories!
enneagram 8

Enneagram Eights

Enneagram eights are always up for a challenge, so they might view dating apps as a bit of a competition. While that might be one way to approach online dating, it’s also good for you to highlight some of your better qualities. 

When you’re on a dating app, talk about the amazing qualities you bring to any relationships you’re in and let people know what a catch you are. 

  • While I might not be the most talkative, I promise you’ll always feel safe in this relationship. 
  • Champion of board games. Truly, in any board game you have, I’ll win. 
  • Always down for a friendly competition to spice things up a bit. 
enneagram 9

Enneagram Nines

Last but not least, Enneagram Nines are the chameleons of the Enneagram. When you’re on a dating app and getting to know many different people online, you might be tempted to become someone you’re not because you see what everyone is looking for. 

Instead of losing yourself in the process, hold onto the things that make you unique and that cause you to be the amazing human you are. Here are some things to lead with when you’re on your dating app. 

  • If you’re excited about a lot of cuddles and low-key evenings, swipe right. 
  • Things that excite me: you, me, and a couch full of blankets. 
  • I promise to listen to you, even when you’ve stopped listening to yourself. 

A Final Word of Encouragement

If you’ve been looking for a great idea to spice your favorite dating app up a bit and you think that adding in some information about your Enneagram number will help people get to know who you are and what matters to you, then we hope some of these profile blurbs inspired you a bit. 

Of course, you don’t have to add anything to your dating app profile that you’re uncomfortable with, and if you want to change or modify anything that we’ve said, go for it.

One of the most amazing things about the Enneagram numbers is that you can’t pin down one thing that everyone who identifies with one number will say. That all comes down to your individuality.

But we hope that some of our ideas have inspired you and you know what you’re going to write in your profile now!

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