Connect with Your Match Through Music: How Bumble and Spotify Make this Happen


Everyone has a different type they go for when they’re online dating. Some people want to be matched with users who share the same beliefs and values as they do. Others only want to meet users who are close to them so they can get off the app as soon as possible. And others want to meet people who have the same music taste as they do. 

No matter what you’re looking for when you get into a relationship, Bumble has your back, and with the latest feature that the dating app rolled out, users can meet their next match based on their shared musical interests. 

With Bumble’s update, users can scroll through their dating app and match with people who have shared the same Top Artists on Spotify. 

How to See Your Matches’ Top Artists

Music has always been a unifying factor in every relationship. From making mixtapes for your girl to creating a shared Spotify playlist, it’s no secret that music is essential to every relationship, and Bumble knows that.

That’s why Tinder allows users to link their Spotify accounts to their dating apps. 

Bumble users have been able to link their Spotify accounts to their profiles for a while now. Bumble even offered users the option of adding their anthem to their dating app profiles. But this new update lets users see other profiles with the same Top Artist as they do when scrolling through their swipe deck. 

Not only does connecting over something as integral to your life as music help you know a little bit about the person you’re swiping right on, but it also gives you a little leg up when sending the first message. 

If the person you’re matching with happens to like the same small indie artist as you do, you might as well call it fate and get married right then and there. 

Finding matches top artists on bumble

If your top artist is someone as big as Taylor Swift or Noah Kahan right now, then you might be able to persuade your date to get tickets to see them like and in person, and you’ll already have a date planned!

The one drawback to this update is that if you and your matches’ Top Artists aren’t the same, you don’t get to see who they’re interested in unless they’ve linked their Spotify account and potentially their anthem to their profile already. If they have linked their Spotify account to their profile, you can scroll down a bit and see their top 10 artists. 

How to Share Your Top Artist with Bumble and Spotify

If you love the idea of connecting with someone on your dating app over your shared love of music, then you’ll need to connect your Spotify account to your Bumble

Connecting Spotify to Bumble

Connecting your Spotify account to your dating profile is always a good idea because it lets people see who you’re listening to and allows them to get a peek into your life. 

You can connect your Spotify account by clicking the ‘Complete my Profile’ button on your profile page and scrolling down to select ‘Connect my Spotify.’ Once you’ve connected your Spotify account, your top 10 artists will appear at the bottom of your profile. 

Bumble will naturally show you your top 50 artists, but if you’re embarrassed about some of the artists or want to cut your list down a bit, you can hide any artists you don’t like to highlight or get matched by. If you’re going to hide an artist from your top 50 list, scroll through the list and choose the eye icon on the top right corner of the artist’s picture. 

And if you were excited about linking your Spotify, but you’re not impressed with your top 50 artists, or all of this seems a little too hands-on at the moment, you can always unlink your Spotify account and opt out of this feature whenever you want. 

While Bumble will only show other users your top 10 artists, the Spotify matching system works by taking your top 50 artists and other users’ top 50 artists and seeing if there’s a match. So, if you want to make a match over any of your top artists, feel free to keep them in there. 

The Power of Music

We love that Bumble is redefining how people can make matches while using dating apps and what can connect people. While several different factors and features should matter when you’re online dating, this Spotify update is light-hearted and creates a new avenue for connection. 

Bumble has always been revolutionary in how the app approaches online dating, and this update is no exception. We are so excited to see how the new Top Artist feature helps users find the new love of their life through the power of music. 

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