Bumble Friendsgiving


Bumble is partnering up with Butterball (try saying that three times fast) for a Friendsgiving feast.

The #FindYourTable campaign helps those who want to celebrate Friendsgiving—a newish tradition where friends get together, hang out, and have a big meal akin to a Thanksgiving feast, usually before or after the real holiday.

No one’s really sure where Friendsgiving started, but it’s thought to have emerged as a means for those unable to travel home for Thanksgiving to still have a stuff-yourself-until-you-have-to-unbutton-your-pants meal with new friends and the people they care about.

A recent survey by Bumble shows that a majority of participants are eager to broaden their social networks, prompting the dating app to take action and make it happen. 

The app’s Bumble for Friends section, dedicated to creating platonic connections, is partnering with the turkey brand Butterball to introduce a Friendsgiving-planning feature.

  • The new feature enables users to connect with others in search of companions for Turkey Day celebrations.
  • Users have the option to join others’ Friendsgiving events, seek out friends for their own festive gatherings or team up to co-host a Friendsgiving with newfound buddies.
  • The feature will go live on November 1st.
  • In addition, Butterball and Bumble are organizing several on-site and online events leading up to the holiday, providing a venue for attendees to make new acquaintances and learn cooking techniques from Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line experts.

“Every year we help first-time and veteran cooks to present a meal that’s ‘chef’s kiss,'” says Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert Tyler Loranger. “And now, with Bumble For Friends, we’re helping people to expand their social networks, to integrate them into these settings, and celebrate togetherness around the holidays.”

Loranger adds that Friendsgiving is an excellent avenue for cultivating new friendships. Her own sister managed to build her circle of friends in a new city via Bumble For Friends. “She does Friendsgiving with this group every year,” she notes. “I’ve witnessed a success story emerge from a collaboration like this.”

You can find out every delicious detail about the upcoming events and helpful tips—everything from connecting with others to cooking tips at FindYourTable2023.com.