Holy App Review: Find Christians for Dating and Friendship


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There are many Christian-based dating apps on the market, but one stands out to the partially devout–the Holy dating app. Why? Well, for one thing, the entire platform revolves around the word of Jesus and God.

The creators of the app believe that unless those seeking meaningful romantic connections are focused on what really matters, relationships will falter in their strength. The Holy dating app walks the walk when it comes to the Bible and its teachings and applies it to making compatible matches among its members.

But how does it fare when it comes to pairing up those wanting a long-term commitment with others who share their faith? Let’s find out in our complete review of the Holy dating app for 2024!

HOLY Homepage Screenshot
Sign-Up Time:15 minutes
Cost:$8.99 – $19.99 per month
Membership Pool:N/A

Our Holy Dating App Rating

Rating Icon

Overall Rating 4.9 Rating Stars

Holy is coming in with an overall score of 4.5 out of 5!

All of our comprehensive dating reviews rate each category you see in the table below on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=Poor, 5=Excellent) in order to let our readers know what they can’t expect from the platform if they are considering signing up.

We can’t tell you everything about the Holy dating app since our dating profile is currently under review, and we don’t have complete access to the platform as of this review; there are some things we can share that will help you decide if this is the place your want to be!

What we can say definitively about the Holy dating app is laid out in the following sections.

Usability Icon

Ease of Use 5.0 Rating Stars

The sign-up process for the Holy dating app was extremely easy and straightforward, albeit a little more time-consuming than some platforms. We don’t mind the extra work–it shows that the platform is deeply committed to everyone filling out their dating profile and that means the matches are sure to be compatible!

Cost Icon

3.5 Rating Stars

There is a free version of the Holy dating app where users can accomplish beneficial things, like messaging and interacting with other members, but you have the option to upgrade to being a “Supporter,” which is a premium membership, and it’s a little higher-priced than we usually see with other platforms.

But we will give the app the grace it deserves because it is totally community-supported; that means no ads, even for basic users.

Safety and Security Icon

Safety and Security
5.0 Rating Stars

We have never seen three, yes, THREE, verification steps when signing up for a dating app until we registered with the Holy dating app. Users have to verify their phone number, and email, and do a selfie verification before they can even submit an application to be a member, and we love that. As far as safety and security go, the Holy dating app scored a perfect 5 out of 5.

Here is why they take these steps, according to the website: “At Holy, we deeply care about creating a safe, Christlike space for our community. While we do our best to manually review every profile, we cannot ensure the integrity and honesty of every profile. We do not conduct background checks.

“For your safety and that of others in our Holy community, we ask you to be cautious when communicating with someone you are just getting to know. Keep in mind that it is always possible for people to misrepresent themselves. Assessing someone’s integrity and honesty is ultimately your responsibility. Be alert when you feel something is strange or not right, and take appropriate action.”

Overview of the Holy Dating App

Husband-and-wife team Kathleen and Jonathan created the Holy dating app–they’ve been married for eight years after meeting during a Bible study in New York City. They wanted to provide a way for Christians to connect and encourage one another in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ–so they did it by means of technology.

Unlike the majority of dating apps, Holy was created and is maintained by just the two of them without funding from any outside investors–Kathleen and Jonathan handle everything from coding and design to marketing approvals and support with the aid of close companions. A “Supporter” membership, which is completely optional, covers part of the app’s running costs and promotion to help share the word.

“We believe it’s more important than ever to share an uplifting word, a prayer, or testimony with one another,” the couple says, “May we remind each other of the eternal hope we have found in Jesus. That’s the mission of this app, and we pray you may find encouragement in meeting fellow believers!”

Holy Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Average User Age: N/A
  • Gender Ratio: N/A

The Holy dating app started out as United Young, but community suggestions led to a makeover of the app, which now features stunning images meant to motivate and uplift you.

To stand out in the crowded field of dating apps, they felt a strong need to give it a unique moniker: Holy. When Christians get together, they have a special chance to encourage and uplift one another–alternative dating methods exist and they have the potential to be upbeat, inspiring, and Christ-honoring. The goal of uniting Christians and strengthening their shared religion remains unchanged.

Holy Dating App Cost and Premium Memberships

Those who are committed to this ministry and wish to see it flourish can do so by upgrading to the Supporter tier (formerly called Premium). They decided to change the name since it does neither denigrate nor exalt any one group–everyone here is a creation of God.

There are a number of Supporter packages listed below:

PackageLengthPrice Per MonthTotal Cost

Holy Supporter



Holy Supporter

1 month



Holy Supporter

3 months



Holy Supporter

6 months



Holy Supporter

12 Months



Does the Holy Dating App Offer Free Trials?

As far as traditional “free trials” go, new users can sign up and use all of the premium features for a limited time, but that won’t be a problem here because you can become part of the Holy dating app community and use the app for free!

Free features include profile creation, daily compatible matches, and chatting with connections. Every day, you can browse profiles and send a wave to those you’re interested in getting to know. The maximum number of profiles you can view in a 6-hour period is 40, and you can send a wave to 15 profiles.

An optional Supporter membership with added benefits is available. With this, the founders can offset some of the app’s maintenance costs and invest in marketing to get the word out and attract additional users.

Standard (Free) Features

  • Profile Creation
  • Upload 6 photos
  • Send “Waves” and comments
  • Chat with other members.
  • Browse and View Profiles
  • Discover Tab

Premium Membership Features

  • Chat
    In order to keep talking to someone you’ve matched with, a chat is created if you both express a desire to get to know each other.
  • Wave/Comment
    They wanted to make it easier for people to meet and establish a connection with each other, so they changed the way to connect so that all you have to do is “wave” at someone. If you’re in the Discover tab and see a person you’d like to learn more about, just tap the Wave button to say “hi” and let the person know you’d like to talk.
  • See Your Waves/Comments
    In the Discover section, you can see who has waved at you and commented on your dating profile (those profiles will have a black comment bubble if they have).
  • Discover Tab
    The first tab in the app, previously known as the UY tab, still displays daily profiles. The founders want you to take your time reading the profiles and looking for common ground–the point is to meet new individuals, listen to their stories, and get inspired by them before deciding to match.
  • A Supporter subscription offers these additional perks and features:
    • See and wave at unlimited dating profiles
    • See all received waves
    • See history from the last 48 hours
    • Additional advanced search filters
    • Send waves and messages with priority
    • Chats read receipts

Do Holy Memberships Renew Automatically?

Yes! Unless auto-renew is switched off at least 24 hours before the conclusion of the current term, your membership will renew automatically.

Should You Join the Holy Dating App?

If you are already a devout Christian or are interested in connecting with others who share your deep faith, we have no doubt you should join the Holy dating app!

Reasons to Join

There are a lot of reasons to join the Holy dating app, and we’ve picked out the highlights and listed them below.

Shared Values

One of the primary benefits is the shared set of religious and moral values. This common ground can be important for building a strong and lasting relationship.

Faith-Centered Relationships

A faith-based dating app like Holy provides an environment where individuals prioritize their spiritual journey, possibly making it easier to find a partner who is equally committed to the faith.

Strong Community Support

Christian platforms, like the Holy dating app, offer forums, blogs, and other community features that allow members to share experiences and advice, offering a super supportive network.

Focused Intentions

Users of a faith-based dating app such as the Holy dating app are mostly looking for serious, long-term relationships rather than casual dating, aligning with Christian principles of commitment and family.

Reasons Not to Join

And while there are lots of compelling reasons why you should join the Holy dating app, there are a few reasons why some may want to look elsewhere for their dating goals.

Smaller Dating Pool

Although we don’t have the details of how many members are on the Holy dating app since it is a specialized platform, it tends to have a smaller user base compared to mainstream dating apps, which may limit options for potential partners, especially for those living in less densely populated areas.

Less Diversity

While shared faith is definitely a strength, it may also lead to a lack of diversity in beliefs, backgrounds, and perspectives, potentially limiting personal growth and understanding.

Pressure for Serious Relationship Commitment

The focus on long-term relationships might not align with someone’s current life stage or needs, possibly leading to unnecessary pressure to commit before they’re ready.

Dogmatic Expectations

Some faith-based apps may attract users who have very rigid or dogmatic views on faith and life, which could be limiting for individuals looking for a more open or nuanced discussion about religion–we aren’t saying this is the case with the Holy dating app or any other faith-based platform, but it is something to consider.

The Sign-up Process

We signed up for a Holy dating app account using an iOS device, and it took us about 15 minutes—it’s got in-depth questions and lots of verification procedures (we aren’t mad, that’s great for security).

If you want to sign up for this faith-based dating platform, follow the step-by-step guide below!

Holy - Step 1

Step 1: Download the Holy Dating App and Create Your Account

Go to the App Store and search for the Holy dating app—when it comes up, click on the blue “GET” button to begin the installation onto your device.

Click on the “Get Started” button to begin and then click on “Create account” to start your Holy dating app journey.

Holy - Step 3

Step 2: Verify Your Mobile Number

Enter your mobile phone number, and when you receive the text with the six-digit code, input it into the provided space.

Holy - Step 4

Step 3: What Are You Here For?

Why are you joining the Holy dating app? You can choose dating or friends to connect with and which gender you are looking to meet!

Holy - Step 5

Step 4: Enter Your Basic Info

Type in your first name, birthdate, and your gender

Holy - Step 6

Step 5: Enter Religious Details

Select which ones apply to you regarding your faith and your church attendance.

Holy - Step 7

Step 6: Enter Relationship Status

Tell the Holy dating app your relationship status and enable your location so you can be matched with other Christians in your area!

Holy - Step 8

Step 7: Lifestyle Details

This step is all about your lifestyle—if you have kids, if you want kids, and if you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

Holy - Step 9

Step 8: Enter Basic Details

Specify your ethnicity, height, occupation, and where you work (optional). Then click on the “‘Next” button to move on.

Holy - Step 10

Step 9: Build Your Holy Dating App Profile

This is the good part—you get to share the things that make you who you are! Talk about your dreams, passions, interests, faith, Bible readings, your perfect Sunday, and why Jesus matters to you.

Holy - Step 11

Step 10: Upload Profile Photos

It’s time to upload your profile photos—you are required to upload at least four clear pics of your face but can add a total of six.

Holy - Step 12

Step 11: Verify Your Email and Do the Selfie Profile Verification

The Holy dating app requires you to verify not only your phone number but your email as well. Enter your email and then click on the link they send to your inbox.

The final verification step is to verify you are who you say you are with a selfie verification. Simply allow the app to access your camera and follow the instructions.

Holy - Step 13

Step 12: Submit Your Holy Application

You’re all done! Once you click on “Submit my application,” the team at the Holy dating app will review your profile and, if accepted, you can begin browsing for other faithful followers that could be your soulmate!

Alternatives to Holy

If the Holy dating app isn’t exactly what you’re looking for in terms of a dating platform, do not fear; there are other top-quality mainstream and niche Christian dating apps that may better fit your needs!

Dating App Key Facts Review
Christian Mingle Logo Christian Mingle
  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Best For: Christian singles looking for committed relationships
  • Pricing: Begins at $14.99/month
eharmony logo eharmony
  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Best For: All singles who want a serious relationship
  • Pricing: Begins at $35.90/month
Christian Cafe logo Christian Cafe
  • Active Members: 44,000
  • Gender Ratio: 46% men to 54% women
  • Best For: Finding serious relationships with Christian singles in a more intimate setting
  • Pricing: Begins at $12.50/month
SilverSingles logo SilverSingles
  • Active Members: 800,000
  • Gender Ratio: 53% men to 47% women
  • Best For: People over 50 looking for relationships
  • Pricing: Begins at $24.95/month
zoosk logo Zoosk
  • Active Members: 40+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 47% men to 53% women
  • Best For: All singles – Flirting, finding love, and getting dates
  • Pricing: Begins at $10.00/month

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we’ve shined some light on the most important aspects of the Holy dating app–we know we are missing a few things due to the platform’s rigorous screening process, but we hit the high points and the basics.

Just in case you want a refresher of what we covered in our complete review of the Holy dating app for 2024, we compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions our readers have sent us regarding this Christian platform, and you can check them out below!

Where Is the Holy Dating App Available?

Right now, you can get Holy from the Apple App Store in the United States on your iPhone, but you must have a U.S. phone number to sign up. As soon as the team at Holy dating app feels confident in their ability to meet the needs of members in these locations, they plan to broaden the operations!

What Sets the Holy Dating App Apart from Similar Platforms?

According to the founders, the reasons listed below are what makes the Holy dating app stand out when it comes to dating:

Christ before all things
Intentional people only: Goodbye trolls. We manually review every single profile and selfie-verify all photos. Yes, that’s a ridiculous amount of work, but it’s worth it so that you can talk to real people.
Culture of encouragement: The profile prompts are designed for intentional connections, allowing people to express the love of Christ in their lives. How can we uplift one another with the hope we were given?
Ethical design: No swiping here. We believe that each human is made in the image of God and that technology can have a big impact on how we see and treat others. That’s why we designed things quite differently.
Meaningfully paced: Have you ever met 150 people by name in 15 minutes? That sounds overwhelming. That’s why we pace our app for meaningful interactions with intentional breaks and scripture reminders.
Community-supported: We are independent and fully community-supported. No ads, no selling of data, no corporate a

Who Created the Holy Dating App?

The Holy dating app, previously known as United Young, was created by Kathleen and Jonathan Tamboer, an experienced husband and wife duo who have a strong passion for using technology to support the growth and development of Christian communities, drawing from their backgrounds in design and software engineering.

United Young started in the Netherlands as a teenage project initiated by Jonathan in the early 2000s–its purpose was to foster connections among young individuals who shared a common faith in Jesus. Nearly two decades have passed, and now Kathleen has joined the mission of connecting followers of Jesus. The commitment to this mission remains unwavering.

Is the Holy Dating App Free?

Yes! The Holy dating app is available for free download and use–this is only possible thanks to the generous members who sign up for the “Supporter” plan. By supporting Holy, you are able to advance the dating app and its mission, while also gaining access to extra features and perks.

What Features Do You Get With a Supporter Membership?

Supporter features include:

• See all of your received waves in one place.
• Go back to the 48-hour history.
• The ability to send priority messages.
• See when your chats are read.

How Do I Cancel My Supporter Subscription?

The Holy dating app clearly displays the cost and duration of the Supporter subscriptions. After making a purchase, you are able to manage and cancel your memberships by accessing the account’s settings in the App Store.

• Find a friend within the Christian community.
• Read why people say Jesus matters.
• Share your testimony and Bible inspiration.
• Find inspiration in the faith journey of people near you.
• Discover people in similar seasons of life.

Who Can Join the Holy Dating App?

Only people who are unmarried and at least 18 years old are eligible for Christ-honoring dating. The app welcomes anybody who believes in the Nicene Creed and acknowledges Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The app welcomes people from various Christian denominations, including Catholic, Nondenominational, Evangelical, Anglican, Baptist, Reformed, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, and those who are new to their faith in Jesus. The community is inclusive and diverse, embracing believers from all walks of life.

Why Does the Holy Dating App Accept Different Denominations?

According to the Holy dating app website, the founders say “We created this app for all Christians to find encouragement in sharing the life-changing work of Jesus with one another. We think it’s beneficial for believers to share their walk of faith and learn from one other, as Jesus gave us the call of unity. We figured that as long as we could agree on the Nicene Creed, we wanted to invite anybody in and not be held back by the borders of denominations.”

They also list these resources on denominations:

What Forms of Payment Can Be Used to Subscribe?

You can become a Supporter if you’re interested in helping the community and app and can do so using any forms of payment that Apple accepts, such as debit or credit cards, gift cards, etc., for all billing transactions.

How Can I Delete My Holy Dating App Account?

Open the app and select the Profile option to delete your account, then scroll to the bottom of the page after selecting “Account” from the menu.
• Select “Delete Account.”
• Share your decision to leave before tapping the “Delete” button.

FYI: Deleting your Holy dating app account is permanent and cannot be reversed–you will have to wait 30 days before applying again if you want to re-join. Instead of canceling your account, you can opt to put it on hold if all you want to do is take a break from the Holy dating app! You can quickly reactivate your account when you’re ready to return.

How Will I Know if My Holy Dating Profile Application is Approved?

You will be notified via push notification once your Holy dating app application has been reviewed, so make sure you have enabled notifications from the dating app! Here’s how to enable push notifications:

• Navigate to the settings on your iPhone to enable notifications.
• Choose Holy from the list of apps on your phone by scrolling down.
• In the “Notifications” menu, click “Allow Notifications.”

You can always open the Holy dating app to check the status of your application if you missed the push message!