Entrepreneur ESTP Personality Type

Right off the bat, you should know that an ESTP, or The Entrepreneur, isn’t exactly the kind to be yearning to walk down the aisle. They live in the now, enjoying the excitement and surprises that life always has in store—which ESTPs are especially good at providing—they are the life of the party.

While they don’t often spend much time (or any time) thinking about “someday,” their energy and spontaneity make them exciting dating prospects. So if you are content with casually dating and don’t go into a romantic relationship with an ESTP expecting it’ll end with a ring on your finger, the Entrepreneur is a good time.

To recap: casual dating an ESTP? Hell yes! A long-term relationship? Uh, we’ll have to see how their personality traits apply to serious commitments. It’s not looking good, but keep reading to see if we are right!

The Entrepreneur Overview

If you’re at a party and looking for an ESTP, watch for the rotating line of individuals that follows them as they bounce from group to group; it’s the easiest way to spot them. Entertaining others with their raucous, down-to-earth sense of humor, ESTPs bask in the spotlight.

Entrepreneurs are the first to raise their hands if a member of the audience is needed, and they make a beeline for the karaoke sign-up list–they flourish in the limelight.

ESTPs aren’t really interested in long talks of philosophy, complex ideas, or the global repercussions of any given issue. They keep things lively, sprinkle in some smarts, and focus on the here and now, but instead of talking about it, they’d rather experience it. They don’t sit around waiting for the right moment to act, instead opting to take big risks and fix their blunders as they go.

The personality type is made up of these four character traits:

  • (E)xtraverted
  • (S)ensing
  • (T)hinking
  • (P)erceiving

An ESTP is more likely than anybody else to make a habit out of reckless living. They don’t worry about the future or the past, instead choosing to be in the center of the action. ESTPs loooove drama and emotionally intense experiences not for the sake of emotional excitement but because it stimulates their cognitive faculties.

They are driven to make critical decisions through a quick logical stimulus reaction in light of clear, immediate facts. Because of this, being an ESTP in a structured setting like a school might be difficult. It’s not because they aren’t intelligent or capable; instead, it’s because academics’ regulated lecturing method is so dissimilar to the active learning they thrive in. Having the wisdom to view this approach as a way to achieve a goal that opens up more compelling opportunities is a rare and admirable trait for an ESTP.

How ESTP Characteristics Apply to Romance and Dating

Dates are exciting new experiences for ESTPs. They want to feel a rush of wonder and excitement every single day. They may be exciting partners but often only date for the short term since they don’t put much thought into their relationships.

ESTPS may have an extensive bucket list of things they want to do with their partners during the relationship. This Myers-Briggs personality type loves exploring novel concepts and engaging in thought-provoking discussions but believes that conversations of this kind should always end in meaningful action.

ESTPs don’t just chat to pass the time but rather to plot their next moves, and they do not consider sexual intimacy to be a sincere demonstration of romantic feelings. They could engage in sexual activity just for the sake of it, without intending to commit to anything serious, which might lead to problems in their romantic relationships. ESTPs pride themselves on being able to tell the difference between sex and love.

Relationship Preferences

Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to take their relationships to the next, more committed level. People with an ESTP mentality are often bored and will go to any lengths to keep themselves stimulated, even putting themselves in dangerous situations. And if their other halves are unable to keep up, ESTPS will look elsewhere.

It’s not that they intentionally want to cheat; instead, they may be thinking, “I’m not happy; why should I fake it?” ESTPs are logical and have the ability to restrain their impulses if they so choose, but their charming and attractive personalities might make it all too easy for them to move on to a new love interest.

While they are primarily casual daters, ESTPs can settle down for the long haul with the right person, but it takes a lot of effort on their part to sit still for a long time. They have ants in their pants but will make a concerted effort if they truly love someone!

Tips for Keeping Entrepreneurs Interested

As ESTPs have difficulty processing feelings, a partner who is always demanding validation could quickly wear them down. Moreover, those hoping to woo an ESTP personality should do so by adding an air of mystery to the connection. Don’t overshare or trauma dump on an ESTP–they will head for the hills.

When dating, ESTPs will look for someone who shares their passion for exploration—they want to be in relationships with people who can provide them with a steady stream of exciting new experiences. Don’t be dull or risk-averse; you won’t even get a second glance from an Entrepreneur.

Things to Consider When Dating an ESTP

The Entrepreneur is an extrovert adept at captivating an audience, and they find excitement and challenge in flirting, so when they set their minds to it, they can be incredibly charming.

The ESTP’s predisposition to overcommit themselves, though, might give the impression to others that they are interested in more than just a lighthearted fling when they are not, which can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

In actuality, even though it might be difficult for them, ESTPs tend to dial back on the flirting when they’re with someone they genuinely like.

If you’re dating someone with the ESTP personality type, you can be sure that your social calendar will be packed with fun outings. Those with the ESTP personality type are spontaneous, energetic, and fearless. They will go out of their way to make their companions feel special, whether it is surprising them with presents or inviting them to partake in something exciting.

ESTPs treat physical and emotional closeness differently—they are very attentive to their partner’s physical demands but may have difficulty expressing their emotions. They might fail to recognize the value of an emotional connection in a committed partnership. As a result, they risk coming off as unreliable partners.

ESTP Compatibility with Other Myers Briggs Personalities

Romantic compatibility for the ESTP type depends on the cognitive balance between the individuals, their shared temperament, and their similar approach to social interactions.

ESTP – The Persuader

Meeting another ESTP could prove to be a thrilling experience. When both partners have the same MBTI personality type, they may appreciate each other’s perspectives and thought processes. The two are able to communicate well and feel like they are on the same wavelength.

ENFJ – The Protagonist

Relationships between an ESTP and an ENFJ are passionate and full of energy, ranking these two personality types pretty high in terms of compatibility.

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INFJ – The Advocate

Compatibility between ESTPs and INFJs is unparalleled. Due to their low psychological barrier, partnerships between INFJs and ESTPs are seen as ideal. Because of this, they have excellent communication with little conflict.

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Least Compatible Personality Types

Compatibility between ESTPs and those who value different aspects of intelligence is the lowest. Conflict is inevitable when two individuals who don’t see things the same way get together.

ISFP – The Adventurer

Intimate connections might be challenging for those with the ESTP and ISFJ personality types, scoring the two personality types low in terms of romantic compatibility.

ISTJ – The Logistician

When an ESTP and an ISTJ get together, they form what is known as “shadow pairings” due to their shared strong and weak qualities but divergent worldviews, making them less compatible.

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ENFP – The Campaigner

Relationships between an ESTP and an ENFP may be dangerous since they bring out the worst in each other.

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Final Thoughts About Dating an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are one of the most appealing and charming MBTI personality types; they are excellent at discovering captivating new experiences to try since they are known for their capacity to adapt and concentrate fully on the present. Their ability to think outside the box and maintain an easygoing demeanor will benefit them in many areas of their lives.

Relationships need effort and patience, just like everything else in life. Every day can’t be action-packed, but ESTPs come close to keeping things lively 24/7 with their versatility, which keeps the spark burning.

They can put their skills in reading moods, behavior cues, and solving problems to good use in satisfying their partners’ wants and needs through the upkeep of happy relationships–if they can stick around long enough to see it through.