Sagittarius and Pisces: Can This Match Work?


Have you ever been to one of those fun houses at the fair when the floor moves topsy-turvy? You’re running back and forth, trying to catch your balance and not fall over. If you’re in the room with another person, chances are you’ll zig while they zag, each of you attempting to catch your balance. You’ll probably bump into each other, grabbing each other’s arms, knees becoming tangled as you topple onto the ground. One moment you’re laughing, and the next, well, you’re pretty sure you’re going to vomit. 

If you have literally no idea what I’m talking about, then you’re probably a Gen Z (I said it!), and you’ve never been to your county fair. Okay, okay, even Gen Z’s can get off their phone long enough to ride a Ferris wheel–or can you? Yes, that’s a dare. And if you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, “This girl is a know-it-all millennial,” well, you’ve never spent way too much of your parent’s money eating pounds of cotton candy and then awkwardly sitting next to your crush on a rickety roller coaster while remembering that scene from Final Destination number thirteen. I know, I know–get to the point! 

Well, let me put it this way, Sagittarius and Pisces, you are those two people at the fair. The awkward duo riding the coaster, unsure if you should hold hands; the bolder of the two attempting to show off your skills by throwing ping-pong balls into fish bowls to win a goldfish (yes, this was a real thing I did, and Bubbles lived for a solid three weeks, thank you very much).

You’re most definitely the couple entering the fun house together, stumbling past each other inside, trying to find your balance and make this work, even though you’re pretty sure you’re not going to last much longer. Inevitably one of you will emerge on your own, and if you don’t vomit, then you’ll probably realize that fairs and funhouses? Well, they’re just not for you. 

Sorry to say you two, but that’s a snapshot of what will happen if you two come together. Let’s find out how this happens.

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol


You’re a fire sign, Sagittarius, ready to light up the world with your eternal flame. Wanderlust is your middle name, and if you don’t already travel, then you’re certainly trying to figure out what adventure you can get into so you can feel that same exciting adrenaline high.

Like Pisces, you’re a mutable sign, so you detest routine, constantly craving new experiences.

The fire in you fills you with a passion that guides your conversations, your hobbies, and your interests.

You’re action-oriented and always moving, understanding how to aim your target and blast off in the direction you want your life to go in.

But you’re also spontaneous and impulsive, and your decision may switch on a dime. You need people in your life who understand that you’re a wild free spirit who, while loyal to those you love, refuses to feel smothered by the routines of everyday life.

You’re lively and extroverted, always eager to start up conversations with strangers, and yet you won’t hesitate to branch off from the group and try something new on your own.

Your fierce independence is the spark that lights your fire. For some, it will be the guiding light that shows them the way to the manifestation of their desires. But for others, your heat will be enough to start a brush fire that will scare them away.

Pisces Zodiac Symbol


As a mutable water sign, Pisces, you enjoy going with the flow. You’re a social person and have a lot of friends, but mainly because you see the best in everyone and don’t always recognize when certain people are adding negatively to your life.

Because you’re empathetic and sensitive, you can easily get your feelings hurt, but you also don’t like rocking the boat or upsetting the people you love, so you’ll often keep your feelings to yourself to avoid creating conflict.

You’re compassionate, seeking genuine friendships with the people in your life, but you struggle with defining the balance between fantasy and reality, and especially with romantic relationships, you can sometimes build things up in your head as being something more than they actually are.

Still, you’re whimsical, always floating in the direction of your dreams.

You often use those dreams as an opportunity to escape reality, something some people will love about you and others will find strange. Some may see you as lofty, while others will see you as imaginative. And then there are those certain few who just don’t know what to make of you. Enter the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Pisces in Friendship

You both crave intellectual conversations that will breach barriers and keep the interest of everyone involved. It’s likely because you’re both solid orators that when you first meet, you’ll sync up quite nicely. The conversations you two will share will feel deep, but it’s likely that they won’t really breach below the surface level of personal topics. You’ll enjoy being acquaintances until you really get to spend time together, and then you’ll realize that you have vastly different approaches to life that will inevitably make you two clash instead of connect.

Friend Date - Calendar

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The beginning of your friendship will start with enjoyable talks about everything from dissecting movies to the meaning of life. Pisces, you’re a great listener, and Sagittarius is full of fire, their passion giving light to everything they discuss. Your opinions on subject matters may differ, but you’ll find that because you’re mutable signs, you’re flexible and understanding of these surface-level differences.

Pisces’ patience will change, however, when Sagittarius decides it’s time to switch up the plans and go on a spontaneous road trip. Pisces, you’ll find Sagittarius energy invigorating at first, but when they bail on you more than once to pursue more adventurous endeavors, you’ll eventually put some distance between the two of you. Pisces, you require a type of stability in your friendships that Sagittarius won’t be able to give, and you Sag, will seek a friend who is happy to drop everything and go on an overnight trip.

Friend-Fection Icon

Friend-Fection: Keep It on the Dl or Text ‘Love Ya Biatch?’

The real issue in your friendship will come when sensitive Pisces attempts to explain to Sagittarius how their feelings are hurt. Sagittarius, you’ll listen at first, but eventually, you’ll get distracted and seek more interesting topics of conversation. You’re not as emotional as Pisces, and although you’re loyal to your friends, Sagittarius, you prefer to show it by sharing new experiences with them instead of breaking down the issues in your friendship and figuring out how to fix them.

Plus, Sag, you won’t understand how Pisces can be so sensitive when you just speak your mind. You’re direct and honest, Sagittarius, but you never mean anything negative by it, and you don’t really understand how Pisces doesn’t get that about you. Pisces, you need a friend who will understand that you can easily get your feelings hurt if someone:

  • a) is abrupt in their expressions and
  • b) doesn’t give you the time of day to listen when you need to talk about how you feel.

Ultimately, your communication styles are just too different.

Dating Advice Icon

Dating Advice: Send His Name or Send His Social?

You both approach dating from completely different angles. Sagittarius, dating is fun for you, an opportunity to pick and choose your conversations and your adventures, much like a video game or, dare I say, a county fair. Intimacy is casual for you, and it takes a lot before you decide to settle down with someone, no less continue to go on multiple dates with them.

You’ll talk to your friends about your dating experiences, not because you’re falling for someone but more because you probably have more than one good story to tell. Pisces, you’re the opposite. You fall fast and hard for new partners, often guided by your heart and emotions instead of your logic.

You’re a people pleaser, and as a result, you can often end up in situations you don’t necessarily want to be in any longer, sometimes because you prefer a relationship over being alone, other times because you don’t like breaking up with someone and hurting their feelings.

You’ll probably talk to your closest friends about your dates, especially if you develop feelings for someone new. It’s unlikely that Sagittarius will be that person you’ll confide in, as Sagittarius just won’t be able to relate to how fast you’ve fallen or why you can’t seem to get back up.

Sagittarius and Pisces in Love

If you had high hopes that a romantic relationship would go better than your friendship, think again, my friends. If anything, you didn’t leave the fun house; you just went deeper inside, down the crooked corridors where the hallways of mirrors distort your perceptions of things. And distort them they will.

It’s likely that those same initial, engaging conversations you shared at the start of your friendship will be even stronger when it comes to the start of something romantic. And once intimacy enters the picture, things are only bound to get even more complicated, and most definitely from the perspective of the more emotional Pisces, who won’t understand why energetic Sag is suddenly backing away when things get serious.

First Date Icon

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Pisces, you’ll gravitate towards Sagittarius’ energy, and you will be eager to learn everything there is to know about this enigmatic person. Sag, you’ll find interest in Pisces, but mainly because you’re capable of having a good time with just about everyone. Still, there will be something about Pisces that will spark your flame. They’re a mutable sign just like you, after all, capable of going with the flow of your crazy ideas.

The honeymoon stage will be exciting, filled with fun adventures, interesting dates, and conversations that flow into the middle of the night. The problem will arise when you, Pisces are ready to settle down. It’s not that you, Sag, are incapable of commitment, as you do seek loyalty with a partner–you just need someone who isn’t going to weigh you down, a person who will encourage your free spirit and sail alongside you.

Pisces, you’ll need more stability than Sagittarius can offer, and what you see as building support and developing your bond by taking the next step will ultimately be the nail in the coffin that sends Sagittarius packing.

Love Language Icon

Love Language Do’s and Don’ts: A Dealbreaker?

Communication is key; isn’t that what they say? I’m not sure who they are, but I can tell you one thing: The way you two express yourself is similar to that game Telephone, where you tell one person a sentence, and they tell another, who whispers it down the line until by the time it gets back to you, it’s a completely different compilation of words.

Pisces, you’ll need someone you can be vulnerable with about your feelings; otherwise, you’ll be prone to shut down and won’t learn how to speak up. While you, Sagittarius, need someone who is less concerned about the conversation you’re sharing and the next adventure you’re hopping on. Pisces is all about words of affirmation while building stability, while you Sag, are about the quality time of exploring the world together.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

Like everything else in your relationship, your intimacy may mesh well for a short period. Sagittarius, it’s likely you’ll make the first move, and when you do, it’s not because you have feelings for Pisces–it’s because sex is lighthearted and fun for you.

You, Pisces, see intimacy as an extension of a developing bond. Because you’re a sensual person, you’ll seek physical connections and may give yourself too early when you mistake a fun time for mutual feelings, which is probably what will end up happening here.

And even if you end up in a relationship, Sagittarius’ desire to experiment may prove a bit much for Pisces, who needs sensuality and tenderness. And when Sag is already getting dressed and ready to go to a movie two minutes after the deed, Pisces will be left scratching their head, wishing they had someone to lay next to them and engage in pillow talk.

The Verdict?

You’ll have fun at the fair, but it’s likely you won’t go back.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

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3.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

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