Pisces and Scorpio: Will This Relationship Work?


If you’re hungrily reading every blog on astrology to understand how your sun sign may relate to another person’s, I’ll give you one giant hint that will help you in your journey to understanding how the zodiac works. Every sign has an element–earth, air, water, fire–and signs that share elements work well together.

On the zodiac wheel, each sign and the planets that rule them are comprised of a thirty-degree angle. The angles between each sign have a correlation called aspects, and certain aspects between signs propose a better potential than others. A trine is an aspect that shows an angle of 120 degrees, or a distance of four signs apart, between two signs.

This aspect is considered incredibly beneficial in astrology and typically represents harmony, ease, and the manifestation of an effortless connection. So what does this mean for you two, Pisces and Scorpio? Well, as two water signs who share a trine aspect, things are looking pretty great between you two. But does that mean that all is perfect in paradise? Let’s find out!

Pisces Zodiac Symbol


Pisces, you are known as the artist of the zodiac. Even if you don’t possess any literal creative talents, it’s likely that you’re a dreamer, often lost in your fantasies and thoughts and constantly thinking about where and what could happen in your life.

The twelfth house of spirituality, where you sit, represents your connection to your emotions. You’re empathetic and sensitive, and you feel things deeply.

You’re ruled by Neptune, the planet of creativity, dreams, and imagination.

This planet can also represent illusions, and because you’re guided by your heart instead of your logic, you often use your dreams to escape reality. As a mutable water sign, you understand going with the flow more than most signs.

You’re adaptable, sometimes to a fault, and because you’re a people pleaser, you sometimes forget to stand up for what matters to you, your passivity becoming detrimental to your well-being if you don’t learn how to set healthy boundaries. Your sign, two fish swimming in opposite ways, represents your struggle with floating in different directions.

Yet because you feel your emotions so strongly, you understand how to channel them into things that are important to you, be it a love for art, travel, or just great conversation. You’re a loyal person who seeks trust and compassion in every relationship you build.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol


Another fellow water sign, you Scorpio sit on the opposite modality of Pisces. Modalities include mutable, cardinal, and fixed signs.

If mutable is the most flexible, then fixed is the most stiff. This doesn’t mean you’re boring by any means. It just means that you know what you like, and you’ll go out of your way to stick to the routines that you can trust.

Routines aren’t just schedules, though. This could extend to your profession, your friends, or your favorite restaurants. You detest appearing vulnerable and often have a guard up.

You understand that trust is built over time, and when you find something you like, you’ll continue to gravitate toward it, making you one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac.

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, you have a combination sign when it comes to how the planets affect you.

  • Mars, a ball of fire, represents your passion and intensity, often one of the reasons you’re confused as a fire sign instead of a water sign.
  • Pluto, meanwhile, represents transformation and rebirth, which indicates your ability to see things from a new perspective, often a subtle aspect of your personality that doesn’t come out until people fully get to know you.

Pisces and Scorpio in Friendship

The major difference between you two, Pisces and Scorpio, is the way others perceive you. Pisces, you’re seen as passive, a people pleaser who is incredibly kind and empathetic. Scorpio, you can come off as abrasive and impatient, someone who won’t hesitate to snap back if they feel disrespected. Yet at your core, you two are incredibly similar. You’re both emotional people, in tune with your feelings and incredibly sensitive. It’s this shared trait that enhances your mutual appreciation for loyalty in all of your relationships.

Still, you two have your differences. Pisces, you dislike conflict and can sometimes forgo standing up for yourself to avoid drama. Scorpio, drama is your middle name, especially if someone hurts you or someone you love. Pisces, you are also much more relaxed than fixed sign Pisces, and while your go-with-the-flow mentality is something Scorpio will understand because they are also a water sign, you will be the one to teach them how to become more lighthearted.

Friend Date - Calendar

Friend Date: Mani/Pedi or Streaking on the Beach at Midnight?

As two of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac, it’s likely that you two will connect early in your friendship. You won’t be able to pinpoint it, but there’s just something about each other’s personality that attracts you to them.

Your friends won’t get it either, mainly because, on the surface, you two are so different. But as you continue to spend time together, the harmony in your friendship will become more harmonious both to your other friends and to each other. You two are both less concerned about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

Conversations and the emotional connection you share with people have always been more important than what you’re actually doing, and because Pisces is mutable, you will be comfortable going along with Scorpio’s more stiff routine, except none of it will feel stiff because you two will be too busy connecting in conversation.

Friend-Fection Icon

Friend-Fection: Keep It on the Dl or Text ‘Love Ya Biatch?’

This is where your friendship will flourish. Pisces, not everyone in your life understands the depth of your emotional needs, and you rarely feel comfortable talking about how you feel for fear of upsetting someone. That won’t be the case with Scorpio.

Scorpio, you excel at listening, and although you may have a wall up, it’s because you fear feeling vulnerable and expressing those emotions, especially to people you don’t fully trust. Because of that, you gravitate toward people who are equally sensitive to you, and when you discover the depth of Pisces’ empathy and sensitivity, you will feel safe enough to open up in the same way they do with you.

It will truly be a unique bond, one you’ve both been searching for.

Dating Advice Icon

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You two are both quick to fall for new partners, allowing your hearts to drive your actions instead of your logic. Scorpio, you’ll pretend like this isn’t the case, and because you’re naturally private and secretive, you’ll go out of your way to hide this side of your personality.

Pisces, you enjoy connecting with your friends, you will express your feelings about dating from your hopes to your uncertainties–and you will most definitely open up to your Scorpio friend, who will never judge the depth of your emotions. Because of this, you, Scorpio, will be encouraged to open up about your own excitement and fears related to dating to your Pisces friend, something that is a newer experience for you. Usually, you wait until you’re official before you get too honest about your relationships, but Pisces will bring this out of you.

Pisces and Scorpio in Love

The flow you established in your friendship is only going to gain momentum in a romantic relationship. And it will probably happen quickly, too. Guided by your hearts, you will fall for each other fast, and neither of you will pause to question the stability of your relationship until your mutual water signs merge into a raging river.

Just remember, the faster the current flows, the more likely you are to run into rocks and slides over falls. Because of the strength of this passion, it’s likely issues will arise quickly, with Pisces becoming overwhelmed by Scorpio’s intensity and Scorpio getting frustrated with Pisces’ passiveness.

However, because you both value loyalty above all else, you will put in the effort to work through things, mainly because you have so much else in common. And once you, Scorpio, feel safe enough to become vulnerable with your Pisces partner, you’ll both understand how similar you actually are.

First Date Icon

The First Date: Roses or KFC?

Like the start of a friendship between you two, the beginning of your relationship will be flushed with butterflies, smiles, and hope. The location of your first date will probably be somewhere low-key where the crowd isn’t too large or the music too loud, as hearing each other talk is more important than what’s happening around you.

And talk you will, often late into the night. Your mutual empathy will create for a positive time, one where you give each other space to talk while the other listens. You’ll have an immediate connection, one derived from the sense that you’ve known this person for a long time.

There will be a natural ease to your conversations and an effortless connection that will most definitely turn into a second date.

Love Language Icon

Love Language Do’s and Don’ts: A Dealbreaker?

As friends, your differences complimented each other, but as partners, you’ll need to put in the effort to work through arguments.

  • You’re both romantic people who enjoy making the person you date feel loved.
  • You both value quality time and will make an effort to show your love and affection for each other through your actions. Words of affirmation are equally important to both of you, and this is where any hiccups can arise.

Because you’re both emotional individuals, you’ll feel any disagreements intensely, and you will find quickly that you will handle them in different ways.

Scorpio, initially, you’ll shut down, unsure of how you’re feeling. And then, when you figure it out, you’ll speak up, often abrasively. This intensity can be a lot for Pisces, who is likely to get their feelings hurt faster than you, Scorpio.

Pisces, you may struggle speaking up and standing up for yourself, especially when Scorpio comes off strong. It’s probably best that in the heat of the moment, you, Scorpio, give yourself some time alone to process your feelings before blurting them out to Pisces. And you, Pisces, can work on expressing your emotions and needs in a more direct and honest way to Scorpio.

The key here will be learning to listen to the other person when the time to talk comes. And once you do that, this relationship is only going to get stronger.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

You’re both emotional beings who enjoy expressing your feelings in physical ways. Intimacy is important to both of you, especially as your relationship progresses.

Early on, Scorpio will probably be the first one to make the move, and you, Pisces will be swept off your feet. As your bond grows and you experience the ups and downs that come with all relationships, you’ll both learn that reconnecting in a physical way is a healthy way to cement the resolution of any arguments.

Scorpio, you’ll bring the passion and Pisces, you’ll supply imaginative ideas. This bonding will be a positive connection of tenderness and heat; one intensified as each of you learn to open up about what you enjoy and eagerly give that to each other.

The Verdict?

Your platonic connection is a unique one defined by your shared values of loyalty and trust. As lovers, Scorpio, make sure to take space to process your thoughts before expressing them, and Pisces, work on speaking up. Once you have that down, there’s little that will hold you two back.

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