Pisces and Pisces: Is This Relationship Destined to Succeed?


Most signs who partner up with people who share their own sun sign often have a pretty good chance of success. The main reason for this has to do with the elements. Every astrological sign is earth, air, fire, or like the case of Pisces–water.

And when two signs share the same element, the likelihood of this bond unfolding positively increases. Water signs also are the most passive and patient of all the elements in the zodiac. They’re incredibly in tune with their feelings and are sensitive people who take great care to cultivate positive relationships with their friends and family. 

Pisces is a mutable sign, making them adaptable and flexible. Combine that with the fluidity of being a water sign, and you can see how understanding and go-with-the-flow this person might be. But does that mean this pairing is destined for success as friends and lovers?

Well, imagine two creeks merging into one. Do they dilute each other or gain momentum, picking up pace? Let’s find out what happens when two water signs blend.

Pisces Zodiac Symbol


As much as I started this blog post by announcing that matching elements tend to blend well together, it’s important to note that there are a lot of factors that make up a Pisces other than them just being a water sign.

Also, keep in mind that while someone may share a sun sign, every person has a rising and a moon sign, and those can be different and also affect their compatibility. Rising signs represent your external personality, the energy you give to the world, and moon signs govern your emotional output.

Sun signs are the most dominant of the trio, not only because they connect to the day you were born (while the other two are related more specifically to your time of birth) but because your sun sign defines your motivations, the reasons why you do the things you do. 

You could say it’s the dominant part of your personality, the aspect that’s connected to your thoughts. And in this case, with Pisces, even with varying rising or moon signs, you’re looking at a high chance of compatibility, mainly because these sun signs have a reputation for being incredibly compassionate people.

You, Pisces, put other people before yourself because, as a people pleaser, you care about keeping the peace in all of your relationships. You detest conflict of all kinds, which can backfire when you sacrifice your own desires for someone else’s needs

You’re a creative person who craves expressing your inner thoughts into the outer world without having to directly tell someone how you’re feeling–one of your flaws. Sometimes you’re so frightened of rocking the boat you’ll keep your fears and concerns to yourself, which has the potential to breed resentment.

You often drift into the clouds, consumed by your dreams and often striving to break the tethered rope of reality that keeps you locked down. Not everyone in your life understands this about you; assuming your dreams make you loft and unreliable, you really just prefer to peace of your dream world of the occasional drama of reality.

Pisces and Pisces in Friendship

Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune, which represents ideals, intuition, and compassion. This planet is also responsible for the illusions of dreams, which Pisces will often use as a way to escape from reality.

As a sensitive person, Pisces, you will seek a genuine connection with your friends and family, but you can often be misunderstood by more pragmatic people in your life who don’t understand why you always have your head in the clouds. And because you enjoy having friends, you will often see the best in others and make excuses for people’s negative behavior just to keep them in your life.

Occasionally, you will sacrifice your own needs to keep the people around you happy, and until you learn how to create and set boundaries, you will often find your naturally optimistic moods becomes weighed down by the feelings of other people.

This is mainly because of how empathetic you are. Often, your emotions are a mixed bag, influenced by the people around you, sometimes not even your own emotions, but instead feelings you’ve absorbed from others in your life. You’re a bit like a sponge in that sense. And it’s often because of this that you will lose yourselves to your dreams, a safe place where you will have full control of how you feel. 

This is where your Pisces friend is a breath of fresh air in your life. Let’s see what happens when you meet someone who not only understands your struggles but will offer you the patient attention you rarely get from your other friends.

Friend Date - Calendar

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Because you both are flexible people, you’re often open to going with the flow of whatever your friend group is open to, and as a result, you won’t always speak up if this isn’t something you want to do.

Fortunately, when you meet a Pisces, you both will have developed a silent understanding that it’s okay to hang back while everyone else goes to do their own thing.

Because you’re both sensitive, you’ll be able to feel each other’s emotions, something that can come in handy when you struggle with expressing your thoughts in words.

It can often feel like you and your Pisces friend are reading each other’s minds, and for that reason, you’re more than happy to stick together and do your own thing.

Friend-Fection Icon

Friend-Fection: Keep It on the Dl or Text ‘Love Ya Biatch?’

A conversation about emotional topics can be hard for you, Pisces. Some of your friends are more abrasive than you and can get annoyed by your sensitivity.

Even the emotional ones will not understand how empathetic you are, but because you don’t like to upset the people you love, you will often sacrifice expressing your concerns or worries with your friends to maintain the peace in your friendship.

This can sometimes lead to resentment and create passive-aggressive behaviors in you, which will ultimately create more problems in your friendships in the long run.

So when you combine two Pisces, who both share this mentality, you’d probably think it would be difficult for you two to communicate. That may be the case at first, but because you are both so intuitive, you will feel any speed bumps in your friendship early on, and neither of you will be able to deny it.

Eventually, you’ll both take a risk to open up and when that happens, this will just cement the bond of your friendship even further.

Dating Advice Icon

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Dating is not always something you look forward to, Pisces. While you often seek connection and intimacy, it can be intimidating to open yourself to someone, as vulnerability is difficult for you.

You’re also susceptible to feeling your date’s emotions, and that can be confusing when you’re trying to sort out what you’re feeling is a genuine attraction to them or their interest in you.

Perhaps both, but that is something you may not know for a while. Because you’re hesitant about speaking your thoughts out loud, you may keep new feelings to yourself, but it’s likely that if you’re going to open up to anyone, it will be your Pisces friend who understands exactly what you’re going through.

Pisces and Pisces in Love

A romantic relationship between you two will have a lot of the same commonalities as your friendship. You will understand each other because of your mutual sensitivity and intuitive natures. Still, you may also become paralyzed with indecisiveness when you struggle with pleasing your partner and putting yourself first.

Your symbol–two fish swimming in opposite directions–represents this tug and pull you both often suffer from. One moment, you’re in reality spending date night with your partner; the next, you’re drifting into a fantasy world.

This can cause issues in your relationship if you allow your imagined concerns to infiltrate your thoughts. Learning to communicate and speak will be the key to making this bond lifelong.

First Date Icon

The First Date: Roses or KFC?

You two will be less concerned with where you go on your first date and more interested in the effortless connection you’re sharing. You’ll feel like you can read each other’s thoughts, but what you’ll really be experiencing is the depth of their emotions. And because you’re both people pleasers, you’ll be adept at listening to each other.

As things develop between you, you both may struggle with the influx of attention your partner is funneling your way. You’re used to being the giver in a relationship, and it will be an adjustment to be the one giving the attention. Fortunately, because you both like giving, there will be a balance here and a healthy one, as the connection you’re sharing is a positive one not based on sacrificing your needs but genuinely sharing yourself with someone else.

Love Language Icon

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Because you both struggle with a desire for peace, it’s likely your fights will develop from you both having a fear of upsetting the other person. It’s likely that this can make you both shut down, and your silence and avoidance can lead to passive-aggressive tendencies if you don’t both try to confront the simmering tension.

Fortunately, you two respect each other, and kindness and compassion dominate your relationship more than your struggle with expressing yourself. You both will probably depend on quality time and physical touch to show your affection before you learn how to talk your thoughts out loud, but eventually, with a little work, that will come too.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

Intimacy between you two will be an incredibly sensual experience, a bond that feels off this earth. This is the place where you two don’t have to fight the struggle between dreams and reality, where your indecisiveness will give way to certainty.

Intimacy with both of you is about being wooed with romantic gestures, and even when you’re finished, it’s likely you’ll stay up late into the night staring into each other’s eyes and pouring your heart out. Through your physical intimacy, you both will learn how to speak your mind and tell your innermost secrets to your Pisces partner.

The Verdict?

Two water signs merging, like you two, Pisces, are bound to create a pleasant stream with no waterfalls and few bumps in the current. As friends, you will finally feel understood, and as lovers, as long as you learn that it’s okay to speak your mind, your bond will be one that Hallmark movies are made of.

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