Libra and Scorpio: How Compatible Are We?


You’ve made a mistake. And it’s not the first time. You invited your friends Libra and Scorpio to your housewarming party, and they’ve only had one drink each, and the tension is already building. Your head is pounding at the thought of how this will play out, and you’re wondering why you invited them both to the same function again. It always unfolds the same. The conversations between them start nicely enough… Until the alcohol starts flowing. But then the Scorpio mutters an opinion, it’s usually a passionate one laced with emotion.

That’s who Scoprio is, and no one has a problem with it… except Libra. And, of course, because Libra hates confrontation, they won’t be direct about their issue with it. They’ll play the devil’s advocate, offering an opposite but balanced perspective in pure Libra form. This is something they do, and everyone knows that and accepts it… Except Scorpio.

Scorpio’s aggression toward Libra will only continue to grow as the night goes on, enhancing Libra’s passive aggressiveness and creating the strangest argument you’ve ever seen. They’re obviously not getting along, and yet they’re both smiling like psychopaths, their voices barely above a whisper. It will evolve to the point where any lingering friends will have either wandered off or grabbed a pile of popcorn to watch the show. And the show always ends the same.

It’s like these two climb the mountain of disagreement, only to reach the peak, agree to disagree, and then hold hands and slide down the other side together. They’ll be best friends again before the night is over. And it is exhausting to ride this wave, only to end up back on shore. Isn’t it possible to just have peace without all the chaos? Not when these two are concerned.

Libra Zodiac Symbol


You seek balance in all things in Libra, and when you don’t find it, you have a bad habit of freaking the eff out a little. Not just a little. A lot. Sometimes you’re better at hiding it. Oftentimes, you’ll express it by counteracting it with the opposite perspective.

You’re an external processor, after all, so you need to hear yourself talk in order to understand why you’re feeling the way you are and how to make yourself feel better.

Not all of your friends can handle this about you, but they understand it’s what you need to return to a place of peace, and when you establish that harmony within yourself, then everyone around you benefits, even if it takes you a while to get there.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol


You’re more emotional than you’d like to admit, Scorpio, although everyone who knows you isn’t surprised when you have an outburst. And it’s not always anger that comes out of you. Sometimes you’re really happy too, it’s just more likely that people notice your negative emotions over your positive ones because those are the ones that affect them more.

Your symbol is the scorpion, after all, and your sting can bite when you’re pissed off. You can’t really help it. You feel everything very strongly, and that’s partially because you’re ruled by Mars, the planet of strength and communication. Pluto–the rule of psychic energy–also has an effect on you.

Even if you don’t believe in that stuff (and you probably do a little if you’re a Scorpio reading this), you’ve probably always had gut feelings about things. That’s your intuition, my friend. Listen to it. It will come in handy. Despite your intense feelings, you’re a water sign (despite often being mistaken for a fire sign), and you don’t like to fester in your negativity. You’ll bounce back eventually… usually after you’ve said your piece.

Libra and Scorpio in Friendship

If there’s one thing about this friendship, it’s that it won’t be boring, that’s for sure. From an outside perspective, no one will understand why you two continue to hang out. Hell, you two aren’t even sure why you do.

Libra’s desire for balance will constantly be tested by Scorpio’s intensity and honesty, and Scorpio, you will find yourself triggered by Libra’s need to keep harmony in literally everything they do. You’re drastically different in your approaches to life, and yet you find each other intriguing because of it.

You both hate arguments so you will work to avoid those even when you’re disagreeing with each other, and that’s bound to happen unless you two develop boundaries and accept that you’re both flawed. If not, Libra’s peacefulness will devolve into passive aggressiveness, and Scorpio’s passion will build into anger.

Yet, despite it all, there’s a foundation of respect here. You both go after the things you want and when you recognize your differences, you can realize the benefits in your friendship. Scorpio can help you be more decisive, Libra, and Libra can assist you, Scorpio, in being more logical. Your other friends may never understand your friendship, but you two will justify it because you’ll constantly be trying to figure each other out.

Friend Date - Calendar

Friend Date: Mani/Pedi or Streaking on the Beach at Midnight?

This is probably the first and only time I’m going to mention this as an activity that you two have in common. It’s sex. Sex is something you’d both excel at. And together, if I may add. It’s very likely that you two have a friend-with-benefits situation, and if you haven’t gotten there yet, it’s around the corner because half the reason you butt heads is probably due to some level of sexual tension.

If you are not attracted to each other, and this friendship is purely platonic, you’ll find that your interests won’t exactly align. Libra, as a cardinal sign, you’re eager to offer up ideas on what to do, but you’re more interested in going with the flow of the group mentality. While you, Scorpio, are a fixed sign who enjoys sticking to your routines.

You probably have an introverted and extroverted side to you, but what you express will unfold based on your routines, and whatever you do, you’ll do it with a passion that Libra, who often struggles to make decisions, will respect.

Friend-Fection Icon

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You two will probably spend most of your friendship solving problems. You’ll have different perspectives and opinions on pretty much everything and you’ll find your interactions will rely on dissecting these conversations. Deep down, Libra, will be doing this to establish harmony between you two, while you, Scorpio, will be trying to talk yourself off the ledge before you blow your top.

You’re both external processors so when you get frustrated you express yourself out loud. You’ll discuss topics as if the subject is the problem and not your differing personalities and opinions. And in the same manner, when you do actually get along, it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy the conversation instead of admitting that you actually had a good time and can possibly, maybe get along.

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In the early stages of dating, you both will discover your dark sides. Scorpio, you’ll have a guard up when you meet new people, and it may take you a while to trust a potential partner. Libra, you have a tendency to see the best in others to a fault, and you’ll discover that your need to be liked will often trump whether you actually like the person you’re talking to.

If, in some manner, you two end up in a situation where you’re discussing your new relationships, you’ll be surprised to find how easy it is to discuss your individual experiences, even if you aren’t the closest of friends. You may find that your shared struggles of dating are the things that bring you closer together as friends, and it’s that red herring of a connection that may lead you both to become something more.

Libra and Scorpio in Love

If your friendship suffered its difficulties, then imagine that doubled, especially if the intimacy between you two is solid, which it most likely will be. You’ll want to catapult on that connection, assuming that a physical bond means you two can have an emotional one as well. You’ll connect mentally, and your conversations keep things interesting, but when feelings get involved, things get complicated.

Libra, you’re a natural extrovert, and you won’t hesitate to put yourself out there and meet new people, even when you’re in a relationship. Scorpio, you may interpret Libra as being a flirt, and this has the potential to bring out your possessive, jealous side. This is when you need communication most, Scorpio, but your intensity will force Libra to shut down.

Spoiler alert: this isn’t going to end well.

First Date Icon

The First Date: Roses or KFC?

It will definitely be your conversations that will highlight the chemistry between you two. It will be an interesting date to see the least.

Scorpio might get worked up, Libra might become passive-aggressive, but you’ll see a benefit in your conversations, a mutual respect as you discover that you both desire loyalty and commitment in your partners.

This is where you should end it. You still have the potential to be friends!

But if there’s even a mild amount of attraction here, you’re screwed. The instant you two kiss, you’ll mistakenly assume this physical connection possesses the potential for a long-term bond. Oh, how mistaken you’ll be.

Love Language Icon

Love Language Do’s and Don’ts: A Dealbreaker?

Scorpio, when you finally decide to open yourself up to someone, you’ll need a certain level of attention to feel secure. And this will create a problem with Libra, who also requires your attention to their issues.

Neither of you are selfish people, but when you’re together, you both feel extra needy because, well, to put it bluntly, your needs aren’t being met.

Scorpio will desire quality time, and Libra will need words of reassurance and gifts. Neither of you will be able to communicate this. It’s more likely that Scorpio will get pissed off, and Libra will shut down. It will appear as if your nature is purely focused on your own needs.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

If you have a physical attraction to one another, the air will be simmering with sexual tension between you two. You’ll see your differences immediately, but you’ll ignore them, convincing yourselves that this will just be about doing the deed. Don’t be surprised if that happens the first night. And then the next night. And the night after.

Before you know it, you might end up in a relationship, and your intimacy will be the only positive thing keeping you together.

As your resentment towards each other grows, this will fade too, and one of you will need to be aware enough to recognize this isn’t going to work, and it’s better to walk away than attach yourself to fixing all your problems.

The Verdict?

This is the only time in these blogs I’ve chosen two numbers for your compatibility rating in both friendship and love.

You’ll see that the common number is 3 because, at the end of the day, you will tolerate each other, but the odds of you getting along will increase the more platonic you are.

Unfortunately, your attraction will be undeniable, and if you cross that line, it’s more likely that this connection between you two will crumble instead of improve.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

Friendship Compatibility

3.0 Gold Stars
4.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

2.0 Gold Stars
3.0 Gold Stars

What if I Love This Person?

Stop watching horror movies, and maybe let yourself watch some romantic comedies with happy endings, because this isn’t genuine love, my friend.