Gemini and Capricorn: Should These Zodiac Signs Date?


You’ve probably heard the tropes of this story: A small country town where everyone knows everyone. Two kids whose parents are best friends. They grow up as neighbors doing everything together. Best friends to the end of the time. Puberty hits, and they realize they actually have very little in common. Once school starts, Gemini is a natural extrovert, commanding attention wherever they go. Capricorn, you’re an introvert who sits in the corner at lunch and reads.

Gemini is fickle and indecisive, switching moods, friends, interests–even personalities it seems–on a dime. Capricorn is logical and level-headed, with goals already outlined for their future. As teenagers, they’re forced to spend time together during family gatherings, but everything is different. That effortless bond that defined their childhood has devolved into pointless bickering, as if these two enjoy the argument as much as they once enjoyed the friendship.

Graduation happens. You two awkwardly shake hands and as your family throws you both a going away party you find yourself enjoying their company, probably because you never expect to see each other again. College comes and goes and before you know it, you’re adults back home for the holidays, and your paths cross again. This time you’re older, experiences tucked under your belt, and now your old friend is suddenly looking a little different to you. You used to bathe with this person as a baby. Are you seriously considering dating them? And will it work out if you can barely even be friends? Let’s find out!

Gemini Zodiac Symbol


You’re ruled by Mercury, Gemini, the planet that controls communication… and if that’s not your personality to a tee. You’re a natural extrovert, a wordsmith capable of talking your way out of and into any situation. That situation will depend on your mood, as your emotions are as up and down as your ever-changing interests.

There’s a reason your symbol is called the twins, after all. More than one person has probably accused you of having dual personalities, and some days you find that amusing, others annoying. It’s not like you’re overly emotional; you’re just in tune with the way you feel and don’t really care what other people think. You’re not going to hold back from expressing yourself, both when you like someone and when you don’t. That’s just the passion in you.

As an air sign, you’re a go-getter, an intellectual, someone who knows how to communicate their feelings to pursue their dreams. As the information gatherer of the Zodiac, you understand that the relationships you cultivate are as important to your life as the goals you go after.

And as a mutable sign, capable of adapting to changing circumstances and going with the flow, a trait has helped you get to where you are in life. Your thirst for information drives you to your friends and dreams, but because you sometimes get distracted based on what’s interesting you at the moment, you occasionally lack the rationality to get things done. Fortunately, you have so many friends they’re likely to take your hand and guide you in the right direction, and you’re a-okay with that.

Capricorn Zodiac Symbol


You’re the most grounded sign in the Zodiac, Capricorn. Some may consider your organizational skills and predictable routine boring, but those are usually the people you try to avoid. The more wild and unpredictable someone is, the less likely you will be to enjoy their time.

That’s mainly because you’re driven by logic. You have a very clear path toward your goals, and every step you take has a purpose. Professional success is incredibly important to you, and although you’re not super materialistic, you crave the stability that comes with a job that pays well and offers you security, something that gives you peace. Because of this, you’ll avoid drama at all costs, often straying away from anything or anyone that puts a wrench in your plan and tries to knock you off your path.

Still, you do enjoy having good friends–you’re just very particular about who you invite into your inner circle. You may come off as abrasive and cold to strangers and acquaintances, but once you lower your guard, you’re incredibly warm and inviting and a fun time to be around.

Only once you’ve let someone into your life will you reveal the vulnerable aspects of your personality and express your emotions. Still, as an earth sign, you’re grounded and logical, and because you’re a cardinal sign, you won’t let anything stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

Gemini and Capricorn in Friendship

If your paths have crossed later in life, it’s likely that you have mutual friends or maybe met through work because, chances are, your interests, hobbies, and the way you interact with the world are vastly different. Or, like the intro, you met as kids and have now grown up and randomly reconnected.

The point being, it’s unlikely you two would just randomly link up at a party or a game night. If you end up in the same space by accident, odds are you two will be like the opposite sides of magnets repelling each other. Gemini, you will command attention with your effervescent, easy personality and talkative charm.

Capricorn, you’re the observer standing in the corner, deep in conversation with one particular person who either shares your interests or is interested in talking about your goals and desires. While you, Gemini, are more interested in connecting with other people just for the sake of it, you, Cap, create relationships only if they add something to your life.

For this reason, Gemini may try to befriend you, and you, Cap, will find their energy erratic and maybe a bit odd. But let’s pretend you give them a chance and let them into your life, Capricorn. Will this bond flourish or flounder?

Friend Date - Calendar

Friend Date: Mani/Pedi or Streaking on the Beach at Midnight?

Gemini, you want to be out in the world experiencing everything it has to offer. Mainly, you want to be interacting with people. As an extrovert, you gain your energy by being surrounded by people you love.

Capricorn, you’re the opposite. You will only hang out with people when you’re fully recharged and reset, with your mind in the right place. Capricorn, you much prefer quiet atmospheres over wild ones, and although you enjoy spending time with quality friends, you won’t go out of your way to meet new people. You’re not going to turn away conversation, as you’re a cardinal sign, after all, someone who seeks newness in experiences.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll invite this person, job, or hobby into your life for good. You’re particular about what you keep around you, while you Gemini are open to all of it: the good, the bad, the ugly. You crave conversation, and you won’t back down if those talks turn into arguments. If anything, debates interest you. The only thing you two really have in common about how you spend your time is that you both are less concerned about what you’re doing and more concerned about who you’re doing it with.

Friend-Fection Icon

Friend-Fection: Keep It on the Dl or Text ‘Love Ya Biatch?’

This is where you two couldn’t be more different. Gemini, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you’re not going to hold back in expressing your discontent with someone. Meanwhile, Capricorn, you are the pragmatic thinker of the Zodiac, who analyzes problems and breaks them down to find a solution instead of feeling your way through them.

Still, you, Cap, will find Gemini’s investment interesting, and it’s likely that even when Gemini is upset, they’re still charming, and you’ll be drawn to understand where they’re coming from. Gemini, you’ll gravitate to Capricorn’s logical mindset and appreciate their consistency in pursuing their goals.

As an air sign, you sometimes float into the clouds, getting distracted and stepping off your path. If you allow them, Capricorn will keep you grounded, gently guiding you in the right direction, and as a mutable sign, Gemini, you’re more than happy to let them take the lead–as long as they allow you to talk their ear off in the process.

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Gemini, you’d be the first person hired for a dating show. Not only can you talk to anyone, you have a healthy, engaging, and fun mindset when it comes to meeting new people. For you, it’s all about the conversation, and you’re eager to learn new things about people.

You also don’t like routine, so going out and sharing fresh experiences with people you don’t know interests you. It doesn’t mean you’re going to fall after the first date. Mainly because while you crave connection, you don’t particularly like commitment, especially if it’s going to hinder your life.

Still, you’ll tell your friends about your dates, just for fun. And then you’ll tell their friends. And that Capricorn in the corner of the room who never asked what kind of soup you got at that hipster restaurant–but you’ll tell them anyway because why not?

Unlike Gemini, you Capricorn don’t talk for the sake of talking–especially as it relates to dating. You’re a private person in all areas of your life, and even your closest friends may not know the intimate things about you, but dating, in general, is just something you’re mum about. You’re not super into it, and if you do date, it’s for a purpose, for loyalty and commitment, not to just meet new people. You have a very solid group of close friends; you don’t need to invite random people into your life if they’re not going to add anything positive to it.

Gemini and Capricorn in Love

Oh, that thing called love. The whirlwind power it has over us. Well, most of us. Not you two, Gemini and Capricorn.

Cap, you’re way too pragmatic and realistic to own any rose-colored glasses. And you, Gemini, you’re indecisive about what you want for breakfast. How are you supposed to decide who you’re going to date for the rest of your life?

Still, while it’s unlikely that you two will link up, you’ll have one thing in common. Capricorn, you search for a partner to find someone to be loyal to. Gemini, you won’t search for a partner, but if you find one, your loyalty is equally as great.

But keep in mind, sustaining your friendship is a stretch. Do you really think it’s going to get better just because you become romantically involved?

First Date Icon

The First Date: Roses or KFC?

Whereas your friendship was probably brought together through mutual interests, friends, or shared childhood experiences, your first date is likely to be a totally different experience.

Most likely, you two met on a dating app, and physical chemistry drew you together above any other attraction. You’ll probably meet somewhere low-key, Capricorn’s preference.

Gemini, you won’t mind. You could talk to a wall and get it to talk back, so you’ll have fun no matter where you are. At first glance, this will be a fun date, one you both will walk away from hopeful about. And that is more likely to be the case if you’re attracted to each other.

Don’t worry; it won’t take long before you two figure out that this is just not going to work.

Love Language Icon

Love Language Do’s and Don’ts: A Dealbreaker?

Gemini, your planet Mercury is all about those long talks and not just about your interests and dreams. You need to be able to communicate your feelings and thoughts, and if you end up with someone who isn’t as in tune with their emotion, that other side of your personality is going to come out. If the happy-go-lucky, friendly Gemini feels smothered and not heard, you’ll flip a switch and turn into the loud, heated Gemini who demands to be understood.

Capricorn, you’ll find this energy way too much, mainly because you are the exact person who will bring out this other, darker side of them. Vulnerability is foreign to you, Cap. You don’t think with your heart like Gemini does, and you definitely don’t express it like they do. You’ll approach problems too analytically and this will just make Gemini feel cut off.

Your love language, Capricorn, is acts of service, while theirs is words of reassurance, and because you two won’t see eye to eye, it’s likely your different communication styles will just create issues that will ultimately drive you apart.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

While you often prefer a connection before you’re intimate, Gemini will have a charming spirit about them, something that allows you Capricorn, to leave your logic at the door and follow them inside.

Gemini, you’re adventurous in the bedroom, and at first, this will appeal to Capricorn, who enjoys taking the initiative in the bedroom.

But eventually, you Capricorn will crave something more stable and will prefer that you two either become official or you put your intimacy on a schedule and a routine, a restriction and predictability that Gemini will hate.

The Verdict?

Yeah, so you grew up together, and what happened next? You’re adults now, and when you reconnect. The romance will interest you both for a while.

But let’s be real. A relationship will be a challenge, not only with your vastly different communication style but in the way you, Capricorn, prefer predictability and you, Gemini, crave the opposite.

And while your friendship has much stronger potential, even that will take work.

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