Gemini and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility


Do you know that song “Blurred Lines”? Apparently, the singer, Robin Thicke, said the song is about the blurred lines between a good girl and a bad girl because, you know, for a woman to be attractive, she needs to be a perfect balance of an angel with a little bit of a devil. If you can’t tell by my tone, I find a lot of those lyrics, that music video, and the surrounding drama–IYKYK–a bit much. Where am I going with this? Not where you think. I’m going to add a new meaning to this song, one that is better suited for you two, Gemini and Aquarius. 

In this universe, you two belong in a world where the only blurred lines are those between your friendship and a future relationship. With you two, my friends, if there is a physical attraction simmering in the air, then it may be hard for you to tell the difference. You might try to be friends, but there will be an undeniable chemistry. Some people may toss around the word soulmate. I’m not entirely sure I fully believe in that term, but I can definitely tell you that at least where astrology is concerned, genuine compatibility exists. And you two have it so much so that neither of you will need to have that balance between halo and horns to feel that the other person is just right for you.

Gemini Zodiac Symbol


Oh, my Gemini, you’re the only sign I can drop letters, and your nickname actually makes sense as it relates to your personality because aren’t you just a GEM. Yeah, and I’m corny, but we know this already. Moving on. You’re truly a unique spirit, Gem, mainly because you’re not only extra-spirited, but you have so many spirits–aka personalities–inside you. And I mean that in the nicest way, I swear! One day you’re an extrovert eager to learn everything about the world around you by asking questions, and the next, you’re stubborn as can be, standing up for what you believe in by saying it loudly. You’re a mutable sign, after all. 

Change is everything to you–and not just in your day-to-day life but in the way you perceive things around you. Routine is your enemy, and for that reason you seek spontaneity and crave new experiences. If chatty Cathy isn’t your middle name, then you’re probably a monk making a vow of silence… That was a joke because, let’s be real, Gemini, you have way too much on your mind not to speak it out loud. You love talking to your friends, to strangers at the store, to the dogs in your kitchen. You’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so technically it’s not your fault. 

And this is coming from someone whose mother is a Gemini and one of my favorite people ever. Not only can she make friends with literally anyone, but she is also a writer and uses her communication skills in more than just the spoken word. Every book she writes reflects her feelings and beliefs, something she loves expressing to the world. She’s also the best astrologer I know and explained to me that astrology is fun because it gets strangers talking about their deepest secrets. In her words: everyone loves talking about themselves. And if there’s one thing about you, Gemini, as an air sign, you love absorbing information from the world around you. You’re not just a skilled listener; you’re the person who sparks up the conversation that creates the debate, and then finds the solutions. It’s what those who know you best love about you; the energy in your soul is truly one of a kind. 

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol


Don’t worry, Aquarius (yeah, see Aqu does not work as a nickname). I didn’t forget about you. And I know, I know, if you’ve been reading posts about yourself, you’re probably thinking: gasp! How dare she say Gemini is one of a kind. She definitely said that about me like five posts back. Okay, Aquarius, you’re right. I did. But you’re so independent, eccentric, and unique that I highly doubt you’re even reading this. You’re too busy losing yourself in nature, writing a novel on a plane, bungee jumping in Africa–or whatever other crazy thing you planned at midnight last night.

Like Gemini, you’re also an air sign, but unlike Gemini’s mutability, you are a fixed sign, and usually, I would say, you two are wayyyyy too different to see eye to eye. Fixed signs are normally all about schedules and repetition, which a mutable sign like Gemini is terrified of. But that’s where you’re truly unique, Aquarius. The only thing predictable about you is your unpredictability. Being a fixed sign for you is less about repetition and more about striking out on your own. You’re accustomed to your independence and your freedom of thought, and those are things you won’t jeopardize for anyone. Authority is icky, and you detest being told what to do.

For that reason, committing to an actual relationship is usually a question mark in your mind…

Unless you meet that special someone who not only shares your spontaneous spirit but blossoms with their own unique energy and spurs your innate desire for innovation and knowledge. Annnnd they’re down to go on a road trip to the beach at midnight? Who is this person? Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long. Gemini is more than happy to introduce themselves. And once you two link up, therein lies the question: Are we just friends, or were we always destined for something more?

Gemini and Aquarius in Friendship

Aquarius, you’re particular about the friends you keep because you understand that life is too interesting to be weighed down by people who don’t add to your life in a positive way. You’re the rebel of the zodiac, someone who craves independence and freedom, but that doesn’t mean you’re against friends joining you on your adventures. You just want to be surrounded by friendships that are engaging and fun to be part of. You need people who encourage your free spirit instead of trying to squash it. When Gemini arrives in your life, you immediately realize something is different. Not only are they open to adventures, but they’re engaging and full of conversation you’re not accustomed to. And, of course, while you Gemini could talk to anyone, you’re relieved when you find that Aquarius can actually talk back. They’re the sign of innovation, knowledge, and growth, after all, and if there’s something you seek with the people in your life, Gemini, it’s exactly that. 

Friend Date - Calendar

Friend Date: Mani/Pedi or Streaking on the Beach at Midnight?

Aquarius, you’re ruled by the planet of Uranus, the planet of change and rebellions, which is the main reason why even though you’re a fixed sign, you’re more flexible and open-minded than most mutable signs. Not Gemini, though. Gemini, you’re down for the adventure, the fun, the new experience, anything that expands your mindset. When you two meet, your conversations will draw you together, but your sense of adventure will bond you. It’s likely that you two will hop on the next train to who knows where, and because neither of you likes knowing what to expect, it’s sure to be the kind of trip you won’t forget, and before it’s even over, you’ll be planning for what you’re going to do next.

Friend-Fection Icon

Friend-Fection: Keep It on the Dl or Text ‘Love Ya Biatch?’

Both of you value trust and connection in your friendships and relationships, and you’ll find that your conversations will range from the personal to the mundane, but it will never be boring or difficult to communicate. You both crave insightful conversations that force you to change the way you think. Remember, static anything is your nemesis, so the more you’re surprised by what you talk about, the more engaged you’ll both become. Aquarius, you do tend to be more stubborn than Gemini, and you may get frustrated sometimes by Gemini’s constant need to verbally explore everything–but it’s not because you’re incompatible. It’s mainly because you, Aquarius, are just used to spending your time alone. If you work on listening to them and Gemini, you accept that Aquarius is more introverted than you are, then this can develop into a very healthy bond.

Dating Advice Icon

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Gemini, you see dating as an experiment, an opportunity to learn things you previously didn’t and expand your perspective through learning something new about people. Despite the fact that you’re naturally talkative nature, you understand how to separate your emotions from general conversations, and even if you’re attracted to someone, you won’t fall hard until you’re sure you’ve spent enough time with them to get an idea of who they are. Either way, you’ll definitely tell your friends about your experiences, not to vent about your feelings for your new partners, but just because you enjoy keeping your friends updated on your life.

Aquarius, you’ll be one of the friends that Gemini will tell everything to, including their romantic experiences. You won’t really be able to relate, mainly because you don’t enjoy dating as much as they do. That’s not to say you won’t date; you just see it as a way to share new experiences with people, but because you’re more independent than Gemini, you’re more than happy to go off on your own to experience the same things Gemini seeks to share with other people. The problems in your friendship may arrive when the two of you get uncomfortable at listening to the other’s stories. And if that happens, it’s probably for one reason and one reason only. Those previously unspoken lines that divided your friendship are steadily becoming more and more blurred. Yep. You know where this is going to go.

Gemini and Aquarius in Love

If you two started as friends, it’s likely it won’t take long for you to get here. The amount of fun you’ll be having will make it so you won’t want to stay away from each other. And add in physical attraction; well, you two will eagerly fall into this place without effort. And once you get here, all the fun you shared in your friendship will only be enhanced by the fact that now you get to do all of that and more, except this time you can party in your birthday suits

First Date Icon

The First Date: Roses or KFC?

If you two didn’t start as friends, it’s probably because you not only clicked faster than expected but there were no reasons to talk yourself out of what you already know to be true. There’s something different here, and you’ll feel it as soon as you meet. Not only will this date be engaging with conversation, but it will be spontaneous in your action. It’s likely the world around you will fade away, and all you’ll see is the person beside you. Don’t be surprised if you feel you’ve known this person for years. And definitely don’t be surprised if you end up taking it home before the second date.

Love Language Icon

Love Language Do’s and Don’ts: A Dealbreaker?

This relationship will flourish because of your mutual desire to have your own life outside of a relationship. Aquarius, you need freedom even when you’re committed to someone, and Gemini, as social as you are, you crave time with your friends, even when you have a partner. If they come along great. If not, you don’t mind, mainly because you two have shared values of loyalty, which won’t fade when you’re not together. Those mindsets will make the time you do share that much more valuable. You two won’t have just one love language, you’ll have a little of everything, and it will change every day. And that’s just the way you both like it.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

As air signs, you both value intellect and communication above all else. And when you experience that type of connection, which is likely inevitable with the depth of your conversations, physical intimacy won’t be a matter of it, but how fast you can get back to your house. Hell, or how fast you can get back to your car… Or any place that’s semi-private. The adventure you both seek in your day-to-day life is mirrored in the bedroom. Because you both crave new experiences and change, your physical connection will be exciting, refreshing, and one thousand percent full of mutual satisfaction.

The Verdict?

Does it get much better than this? Not only do you share a desire for independence and freedom, but Gemini will carry the unique conversation you crave, Aquarius. You, Aquarius, will supply Gemini with new and innovative things to talk about. That will be the case in both friendship and love.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

Friendship Compatibility

5.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

5.0 Gold Stars

What if I Love This Person?

If I was more cynical, I’d roll my eyes. But unfortunately, I still believe in love. So I’ll keep my astrological sign on my dating app profile because after all, yours is the kind I hope to find someday!