Cancer and Pisces Compatibility: Perfect Match?


Cancer and Pisces, imagine a creek in a quiet forest, and it’s a gradual flow of water curving through the soil. The future of this creek depends on its surroundings. In a drought, the heat will dry up every drop of water until it completely evaporates into the soil. But given the right circumstances, aka steady rainfall, over time, this creek will gain momentum, strengthening into a raging river, its speed and power, carving itself a path into the ground until it’s flourishing. You’re probably thinking, and so what?

Well, what if I told you that you two, Cancer and Pisces, are both water signs, and like the analogy above, this is what happens when you two collide? You build each other up, fueling each other’s power, until your creek is full and you’re spilling over the edge. One day you’re the rain, the other, you’re the river. But as you two blend and become one, what happens when you become a raging river? Do you spiral out of control, developing into a dangerous waterfall, or do you continue to flow, enjoying the ride? Let’s find out!

Cancer Zodiac Symbol


It’s appropriate you’re a water sign, Cancer since your symbol is the crab. This is representative of your tendency to avoid conflict at all costs–you’ll skirt sideways, avoiding the oncoming tide of drama so you can keep a peaceful state.

Harmony is important to you, but because you’re also a cardinal sign, you’re inclined to start plans and ideas, and this is where you step forward instead of skittering out of the way.

As the fourth sign in the zodiac, born between June and July, you’re representative of the four weeks of summer, those relaxing months where everything just moves a bit slower and sunshine and smiles are everywhere you look. That’s what you strive for, Cancer.

You’re also ruled by the moon–another symbolism connected to being a water sign. This is the planet that controls the tides–and your ever-changing moods. Although you aim for happiness, you can get easily overstimulated and often need to return home to your shell to relax and recharge.

Still, you’re a natural caregiver, always seeking to connect to people, even if you occasionally need space and time to yourself.

Pisces Zodiac Symbol


Not only do you go with the flow, like most water signs, but you’re also a mutable sign, Pisces, which adds an extra level of adaptability to your personality.

Born between February and March, you mark the end of winter, a season where many people hibernate, turning into themselves, an introspective, dreamy mindset you understand quite well.

Not only are you a daydreamer, Pisces, but it’s like you have a creative spirit, and even if you don’t dabble in the arts, you’re a visual person, capable of seeing patterns and beauty in everything you do.

Neptune, your ruling planet, is representative of escapism–dreams, magic, and spirituality. That’s you, Pisces, always searching for meaning while allowing the world around you to take you where it wants you to go. You have a trusting nature, sometimes to a fault, and because of your kindness, the wrong people will take advantage of this nature of yours.

At your core, you’re a compassionate, empathic person. Represented by a symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, you struggle with staying true to yourself while having pleasing tendencies.

Cancer and Pisces in Friendship

You two imaginative spirits share a deep understanding of empathy, compassion, and loyalty, values that are incredibly important to you in your friendships. You both have introverted tendencies that can be broken up by your desire for new experiences,

Cancer, and your ability, Pisces, to go with the flow of the situations around you. Neither of you is really fixed on repetitive routines, but you crave the solitude that comes with recharging at home alone. Not all signs understand this about you, and because you’ve found a friend who does, this is someone you won’t want to let go. Gone are the days of defending or explaining yourself with this friend.

Friend Date - Calendar

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The downside to your friendship will come in your individual need for privacy and your similar ways of handling your emotions when you get overwhelmed.

Cancer, when you get overstimulated, you return inside yourself, pulling into the shell like the crab that symbolizes your sign. And sometimes you won’t come out for days.

Meanwhile, you Pisces, don’t always know when to remove yourself from situations to find space for yourself. Because you’re a people pleaser and have a tendency to adapt your feelings and mold into the scenarios around you, you won’t even realize you’re tired until you’re down the river, approaching the falls.

And once you have this realization, like Cancer, you’ll disappear for a while to give yourself time to recuperate. This won’t be an issue in your friendship if you’re good friends, but if you’re still getting to know each other, you both may have a tendency to take this mutual silence personal, even though neither of you are reaching out to the other.

Friend-Fection Icon

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You two understand your emotions probably more than anyone else in the zodiac. Pisces, you’re incredibly sensitive–which, despite what some other signs may say, is not a negative thing! You have great intuition and self-awareness and understand the importance of approaching your emotions.

Likewise, Cancer, you know yourself pretty well, and you’re always searching for new ways to understand who you are. Although confrontation intimidates you, this won’t end up being a problem with your Pisces friends. They have a calming nature, and so when things gets personal and serious between you two, you’ll find that your conversations will evolve naturally and effortlessly, and neither of you will have to hold back.

You don’t have to pretend you’re fine, and even better, you know you won’t be judged when you express yourself; instead, you’ll both reach out to comfort one another.

Dating Advice Icon

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Cancer, you seek stability, compassion, and love, and although you don’t necessarily like dating because it can overwhelm you, it doesn’t stop you from trying. And once you meet someone you like, you’re all in–sometimes to a fault.

You won’t just jump in feet first; you’ll backflip triple twist into the deep end. Your heart can get the best of you, and more than once, it’s probably bitten you in the behind when your logical mind finally catches up with you.

Fortunately, you have friends like Pisces to keep you sane, mainly because they’re just as dreamy and idealistic when it comes to love, and they’ll not only understand where you’re coming from, but they’ll be there to give you a hug if it doesn’t work out.

And for that reason, Cancer, you know that Pisces is the type of friend who will have your back, and you will make sure to go out of your way when they ultimately fall for someone to trust and end up getting hurt.

Cancer and Pisces in Love

Of course, just because you two fall hard and fast for new partners doesn’t mean it’s always doomed to fail–especially if you’re listening to your gut feelings. Intuition is real, friends, so don’t ignore the voice in your head that screams ‘red flags’ or, in this case: ‘Green flags all the way!’

If you two started as friends, you’ll likely end up as a serious couple much faster than it took you to bond as friends. But even if you just met, you’ll sense something is different with this one. You both allow your heart to guide you, creating for a very open, loving, and sensual relationship, one that will grow and strengthen as long as you learn to stay open about your feelings, worries, and concerns.

First Date Icon

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There will be a harmony in this relationship that will show itself on your first date. You both understand the balance of speaking and listening, of being the teacher and the student, of leading and following. It’s a gradual motion that switches back and forth effortlessly between you two, and you’ll notice it in your conversations, your decisions on choosing dates, and your mutual ability to relax at home as often as you enjoy going out in public. Cancer, you’ll probably take the lead when it comes to picking dates, and Pisces, you’ll have no problem with that.

You, Pisces, can get overwhelmed when you go with the flow with a rowdy crowd of friends or a more extroverted partner, and Cancer will be that perfect balance of calm and excitement. Cancer, it will be a relief to find a partner like Pisces who is completely fine with you spending time alone or relaxing at home with them but who will still be open to new experiences. There will be few dull moments here because even the moments’ other signs may call boring, you two will call enjoyable, especially when you’re together.

Love Language Icon

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The trick to finding success in your relationship will come down to your mutual ability to express your needs, something that can be challenging for you two. As friends, you found it easier, but now there’s more at stake. Cancer, you’ll be afraid of lighting a fuse and starting a fight, and Pisces, your desire to keep the peace, will also keep you away from expressing yourself when you’re upset.

However, because you’re both sensitive and in tune, you won’t be able to ignore it when your partner is upset. As a result, you’ll end up reconnecting and opening up, and when you do, the floodgates will open, and you guys will be as honest–in an incredibly healthy way–as two signs can possibly be. Besides communication, you two will share your affection in quality time and physical touch–something that will be very easy to enjoy.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

Sensuality and intimacy are everything to the both of you, and when you breach this barrier, you’re in for a pleasant experience. Cancer, you’re incredibly loyal, and by the time you commit to someone, you’re not going anywhere. And you will always show your affection to your partner when you’re in the bedroom.

It’s an effortless way to express yourself, and Pisces will appreciate it. Pisces, you enjoy when someone takes the lead in the bedroom, but because of your adaptable nature, you’re also open to experimenting, and Cancer will be more than happy to discover new sides of this with you.

At your core, you both will be turned on because of the emotional connection you share and if you have that, then the physical bond will be effortless and exciting.

The Verdict?

As friends, you’ll need to remember to reach out to each other to hang out; just like as partners, you’ll need to know it’s okay to be direct about your feelings. If you two can master that–which is likely–then this will be a healthy, positive bond that will last a long time.

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  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

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What if I Love This Person?

Then when you go over the waterfall, it won’t be scary. You’ll be holding hands and screaming with joy because it’s sure to be a fun, happy time.