Cancer and Libra: Are They Compatible or Not?


Cancer, you’re ruled by the moon, the planet of emotions. Libra, you’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Seems like a solid match, right?

Not so quick. If there’s one thing you should know about astrology, not everything is how it seems from the outside. Oftentimes, because there’s much more stirring under the surface. Every sun sign, the one associated with your birthday, has an element, a modality, a planet, and a symbol, and each of these shapes who you are as a person.

Then there is the aspect–the angle, or degree–between your respective planets. For you two, this aspect is ninety degrees, called a square. This aspect between signs is an action-oriented connection, but can also be hot-headed, especially if you share a modality–cardinal, fixed, or mutable.

And you two, Cancer and Libra, are both cardinals. Let’s see how this goes.

Cancer Zodiac Symbol


You’re a water sign Cancer, ruled by the moon, the planet that controls emotions. This means that like the tide, your emotions can drastically change depending on the time of day.

Some people consider you moody because of this, but you know it’s because you have a tendency to get overstimulated when you push yourself too far.

You detest conflict, so will often rely on a people-pleasing nature to keep the peace, sacrificing your own mental health in the process.

Like your symbol, the crab, you’re a homebody, and resorting into your shell is the recipe for calming your overstimulation.

You’re incredibly sensitive and lead with your heart, something that people love about you, but also something that can get you into difficult situations, when you shove logic to the back burner and let your feelings take control.

Despite this, you’re loyal, craving a genuine connection with those you decide to share your life with.

Libra Zodiac Symbol


Libra, balance, and harmony are everything to you, indicative of your symbol, the scales of justice. Like Cancer, you dislike conflict, and you will go out of your way to keep things peaceful in every aspect of your life.

For this reason, you don’t really enjoy talking about your feelings, especially if it’s going to rock the boat in any of your friendships or relationships. You’d rather sweep things under the rug and continue having fun than actually discussing the issues.

You love nice things, and if you don’t have creative or artistic tendencies, you probably have a good style or a house that’s expertly decorated.

Your search for balance extends between your internal and external life. The calmer and nicer your external circumstances, the better you feel on the inside.

Like Cancer, you’re a cardinal sign, meaning you’re one of the go-getters of the Zodiac, taking the initiative to get things moving. And because you’re an air sign, you’re always dreaming about where you could go next, and while some may consider you lofty and a bit of an airhead, others see you as a visionary, an innovator who prefers to create new things.

True to your balanced nature, you’re probably a bit of both, capable of creating and inventing ideas, while also being indecisive in following through with them.

Cancer and Libra in Friendship

Because you’re both cardinal signs, you enjoy seeking new experiences and will bond over an endless array of things to talk about.

Cancer, you crave emotional closeness with the people in your life, and you seek genuine connections. Stability is of utmost importance to you.

Libra, although you seek balance in your friendship, you also need novelty to feel stimulated in your friendships. Cancer’s need to talk about things can irritate you, Libra, mainly because you’d rather be doing things than talking about your friendship.

Likewise Cancer, Libra will strike you as someone who tries too hard to control their external environment by avoiding talking about things to keep peace. This will strike you as disingenuous, Cancer, while your desire to create stability will come off as something for adventure-seeking Libra, who’d rather be out doing things than sitting at home and talking.

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Your interactions together are best at the surface level, that delicate balance between acquaintance and genuine friend.

You share similar interests and enjoy trying new things, and you’ll have plenty of interesting things to talk about. It’s when things start to get deep that you’ll see your differences will make it so it’s unlikely you’ll ever become very close.

Libra, you thrive in large groups, while Cancer, you do better at home with a core group of people you trust. Cancer, you’re more direct about your feelings, while Libra aims to pretend that everything is fine even when it’s not. Cancer, this will appear fake to you, while Libra, you’ll see Cancer’s openness as just a bit too needy for your taste.

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Because you both struggle with speaking your truth and like to avoid confrontation, together you’ll lean toward passive aggressiveness when disagreements arise.

Cancer, you need a friend who at best will open up with you about personal things and at worst, respect your need to talk and listen to you when you open up.

Libra, always craving balance in their friendships, will struggle with your need to talk about things, but because you are happiest when your friends are happy, Libra, you’ll do your best to open up and talk to Cancer, but you won’t like it.

In fact, you’ll be resisting the urge to run out the door through the whole conversation.

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Dating is an interesting experience for you, Cancer. You crave connection with the people around you, but you also struggle with stepping outside your comfort zone.

You have to be in the mindset to take the initiative to date, but when you do, you’re quite good at it, especially if you like someone. You’ll make an extra effort to show your partner you like them, but because you lead with your heart, you’re a hopeless romantic, often letting the butterflies sweep you away before you logically consider if this is something you’re even ready for.

And because you’re private, you won’t talk to a lot of your friends about this, especially one’s like Libra, who always seems to know what they’re doing with dating.

That’s something you’re practiced at Libra: cultivating an appearance of balance and harmony even when you’re freaking out inside. And with dating, that’s where you struggle. You want a relationship, but you know all too well that love can be a battleground, and it’s unlikely that relationships will always have the harmony that you crave. You’re much more likely to pretend issues don’t exist than to confront them, and for that reason, you may think your new relationship is going well, and you’ll be telling all of your friends that, but in reality, you’re just ignoring all the red flags in front of you.

Cancer and Libra in Love

When two people who don’t like conflict decide to put themselves in a situation that could create conflict, it will probably not go well. But unfortunately, you two won’t notice this huge difference until it’s too late.

At the beginning stages of your relationship, you’ll have too much in common to realize that you share core differences in your perception of how relationships should work. Cancer, you seek stability in your partnerships, especially with lovers who you invite into the safe space of your home. Meanwhile, you, Libra, are always seeking fun and new adventures, craving the novelty of fresh experiences.

This will intrigue you, Cancer, because you sometimes struggle with stepping outside your comfort zone. But when you need to return home to recharge, Cancer, you’ll be dismayed to find that Libra won’t be coming home with you. Cancer’s traditionalism and introverted personality is too stiff for your extrovert self, Libra, and eventually, you’ll both realize this isn’t going to work.

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Like I said, it will probably take a while to realize there’s no future here.

As friends, it doesn’t need to be said. You both just know that you’re better at walking that line of having pleasant conversations without diving deep into the personal elements of what makes friendships genuine and real.

But when you add in physical attraction, everything gets turned on its head. The early stages of dating are all about surface-level conversations, and this is something you both will excel at.

And it won’t help if you share a kiss at the end of the night, because if there’s a spark physically, oxytocin will definitely get in the way, clouding reality and the clarity that this is not going to go smoothly over time.

Love Language Icon

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It’s likely you’ll get to this point. You haven’t fought yet. Nothing has happened to give you doubt.

But then Libra goes out when you want to stay in Cancer, breaking your plans.

Or Cancer wants to discuss how something you said bothered them, Libra, and you realize they need more from you than you’re capable of giving.

You’ll do great when you’re together with quality time and physical touch, but your communication styles are drastically different. Libra, you prefer showing your affection rather than talking about your feelings.

Cancer, you’re the opposite. You need a partner who can respect the depth and intensity of your emotions, Cancer, while you, Libra need someone who can forgive and forget and move forward through action instead of conversation. This is where the problems will arise.

Sexy Time Icon

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If you get to this point, you’ll be mistaken in believing that the physical connection means more than it is–especially you, Cancer. You crave emotional bonds with people you sleep with, usually before you even take it to this level.

Libra, you’re the opposite, building physical connections first and creating emotional bonds later. But because you’re both people pleasers, you’ll go out of your way to make each other feel good. It will create a solid spark physically, but eventually, when your emotional connection doesn’t develop, the physical bond will break down.

The Verdict?

In friendship, you’re better off sticking to the surface-level bond. In love, you’ll do better as friends with benefits than as partners, but even that won’t last.

You two have drastically different perspectives on love and relationships to make this work.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

Friendship Compatibility

3.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

3.0 Gold Stars

What if I Love This Person?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Oxytocin will create all kinds of confusion.