The Pros and Cons of Women over 50 Using Dating Apps


Online dating not only helps singles meet one other, but it also helps debunk some common misconceptions about dating. It’s a widespread myth among the younger demographic that those who have reached middle age are no longer invested in romantic relationships.

However, the number of women over 50 using dating apps is rapidly increasing. In fact, some young men have grown weary of the superficial nature of dating women their age. They will avoid bars in favor of online dating services in an effort to meet eligible mature women, which is good news for women in this demographic!

If you’re a single, ready-to-mingle, middle-aged woman who’s never been married, divorced, or widowed, the dating app scene is the place to be.

We will review the pros and cons women over 50 using dating apps and why, no matter what brought you to online dating, it will change your love life for the better!

Let’s start off with the pros, shall we? We shall.

Pros of Women over 50 Using Dating Apps


There are a variety of dating apps to start exploring if you’re a more mature woman interested in meeting a significant other. There are dedicated dating apps for those seeking a serious commitment like eharmony, and there are apps for those seeking casual flings or no-strings-attached hookups.

The world is your oyster, and no matter what or who you are looking to meet, “May the odds be ever in your favor”–just like Effie Trinket stated in The Hunger Games. But you’re not battling for your life, so the stakes aren’t as high!

There is a multitude of online dating apps that embrace women of a more mature demographic, and the vast majority of them are free to join. It’s a great way to get a feel for the platform’s features and functionality.


Women over 50 using dating apps take the reins of their love life the moment they sign up for a mature dating app.

You get to decide which other members you want to develop a connection with and which ones you’d rather move on from, and how frequently you log in to check on the latest batch of eligible singles. 

You aren’t beholden to anyone at all, and if you decide you’d like to take a vacation from digital dating for a bit and go to singles bars or social activities instead, you are free to do so, and then you can pick it up right where you left off when you choose to come back.


It’s a frequent assumption, reinforced especially by today’s young adults, that individuals in their later years and beyond have trouble using technological devices. The idea is that older women who are more used to in-person interactions may feel uncomfortable in the virtual world of message boards, live chats, algorithms, and video chats. *Buzzer sound* WRONG.

One group that has embraced internet dating with full gusto is women in their later years of singlehood. There’s a good chance you’re ready to explore uncharted ground if you’ve gone through previous relationships, are divorced, or are widowed.

The best modern dating apps make it easy for users to do anything from browse profiles to communicate with one another, with features like built-in messaging, live chats, and customer support for those who are a little bit technologically challenged.

Do you think a dating app can defeat a woman with decades of relationship experience under her belt? Not likely.


Many single women over 50 using dating apps have discovered that making new acquaintances is another great benefit of online dating, even if it doesn’t lead to a romantic partnership. After realizing that a romantic relationship won’t work, some individuals choose to remain close friends instead.

And who knows–the friends you make through online dating may introduce you to someone you do connect with romantically!

Now that we’ve explored some of the pros, we have to do the same with the cons, although you should not be discouraged just because there are a few challenges–none of which are insurmountable by any means!

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Cons of Women over 50 Using Dating Apps

Differing Goals

When you start chatting with other users on a dating app, you’ll meet a diverse group of singles. Women over 50 using dating apps may find it challenging to match their long-term goals with those of an older potential partner since they are more likely to have established strong personalities and tend to know precisely what they are searching for in a partner and relationship.

If that happens and you’re open, or even excited to, dating a younger man, reset your search parameters and try again. With experience comes wisdom, and many younger men are looking to date an older woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out and get it!

But if you are looking to start a relationship with someone closer to your own age, the most important thing is to have an open line of communication with one another.

It helps to be on the lookout for common ground areas and approach things with a mature sense of compromise. This will help your relationship to develop instead of just fizzling out before it even starts.


It takes time and energy to date, whether in person or online. Although many women have found love via online dating, others have found that the competitive nature of the scene necessitates constant maintenance of one’s profile, and timely responses to messages is too much effort. This is a drawback that some women over 50 using dating apps have with online dating.

It can be overwhelming to be on a dating app with a ton of other women, many of them younger, and all looking for potential partners, but try to put this issue into perspective: there is a lid for every pot. Not all of the men on dating apps are looking for younger women, and taste is subjective. It’s easier said than done, but try not to waste your time comparing yourself to other females online.

Fake Profiles

This downside is by no means unique to women over 50 using dating apps to look for love. The chances are pretty good that everyone of any age who has partaken in online dating has been duped by a catfish or been a victim of a scammer. The trick here is to know what to look out for and recognize the glaring red flags so this doesn’t happen to you!

Before you sign up for a site that aids individuals in finding dates, you should be aware of the fact that you can’t always judge people based on their outward appearance.

You might run into a small number of people who have joined a dating app not because they want to build meaningful connections with others, but instead because they want to gain another person’s trust so that they can “phish” for their personal information.

Although these people are in the minority, they exist and can be dangerous. Do not give out personal information (such as bank account information, passwords, or other data that could compromise your financial or physical safety).

The encouraging news is that you can quickly block anybody who gives you the heebie-jeebies. You also can report their behavior to the administration of the dating app, and they’ll take a look into it. Remember, the block function is your friend—don’t be afraid to use it and use it often.

Final Thoughts

Dating is hard for everyone, no matter your age or experience. It takes time and effort, and it can be frustrating if you feel like you haven’t struck gold on a dating app. Our advice to you is to hang in here: patience is the name of the game. And we know that the one thing older women have in spades is a lot of patience!

So now that you are all caught up on both the pros and cons of dating apps for women over 50, go forth and find someone special to spend your hard-earned free time with. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many options are out there; after all, you deserve it!

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