Beyond the Bio | Making the Most of Tinder Prompts and Multimedia Features


Tinder’s been around for almost 10 years now. And in this time, it’s become a total fave dating app for countless singles all over the world. 

Because of the platform’s popularity, communicating with individuals who share a wide range of interests is as simple as picking up your phone. And the Tinder team has added intriguing features to make connecting and socializing with other singles more fun.

These innovative features, such as “Explore” and “Prompts,” allow users who lean to the shy side or don’t want to spend time creating a witty bio designed to reel others into their dating pond to work smarter, not harder. 

This is why we love Tinder, and today we are going to explore (pun intended) how to make the most out of the dating app’s multimedia features!

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While attractive individuals may have an advantage on dating apps, appearances can only carry you so far. Finding a match may not be difficult, even for slacker swipers, but if a mutual attraction develops, it will likely lead to small talk through texts.

Those who are more reserved in nature or who choose to have a low-profile dating profile are at a disadvantage. 

In 2020, Tinder announced a new tool called Prompts, which allowed users to add questions or comments to their profiles as a way to highlight their interests to potential partners better and spark conversations. 

Tinder prompts like “Two truths and a lie” and “I’m talking to my pet about…” provide a glimpse into the user’s life and provide the other person a jumping-off point for discussion; they can also be used to assess compatibility. The blanks must be filled in and added to the user’s profile through the icon in the top-right area of the mobile dating app. 

Like other media, the Tinder Prompts appear as cards that can be rearranged under a user’s profile picture. 

Tinder’s Prompts feature, which is updated periodically to keep the app fresh and relevant to its vast user base, has proven popular among users who either don’t have much to say or don’t want to say anything at all.

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Tinder’s Explore is a feature that lets users search for potential matches in the immediate area. The Explore page of Tinder displays interest-based categories for users, referred to as “Passions,” which is a great tool for meeting compatible singles who have the same interests. Here, audiophiles can easily connect and share playlists, while outdoor enthusiasts can chat about their favorite hiking or biking spots and perhaps arrange a meetup. 

Tinder’s social networking capabilities are greatly enhanced by this new feature–when it comes to Tinder updates, Explore is the most notable update since the swipe function was introduced. 

Tinder users send each other over 4.2 million GIFs per week, indicating a desire for more meaningful interactions and relationships rather than brief sexual encounters via the dating app. And Tinder’s Explore function may be the ideal answer to meet that demand.

People who have used dating apps have compared the Explore section to a social media platform, and since Tinder has shifted somewhat from its image as a place to find casual hookups to that of a community forum for a wide range of non-dating-related issues, this characterization isn’t far from reality. When two people have a similar interest, it’s an ideal conversation starter all by itself. And when you have a dozen ideas and subjects prepared to talk about, it’s easier to reach out to someone you want to connect with!

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Hot Takes

If users are having trouble finding the “right person,” it’s possible that they need more than the usual right/left swiping system to kick off chats with potential matches. And this is where  Hot Takes, a whole new kind of multimedia feature, rides to the rescue!

Hot Takes on Tinder is a kind of speed dating that users can participate in before committing to a match. It’s referred to as an “in-app game” users can play between the hours of 6 p.m. and 12 a.m. every day.

You won’t view the other player’s profile until after the game is over, but you’ll both be asked a question designed to spark an intense flirtation. After that, you’re given 30 seconds to choose whether you want to match with that person or go on to the next. 

As soon as you activate the feature, Tinder will provide you with a multiple-choice question about an issue it believes will provoke a powerful emotional reaction from you. After choosing an answer, you will participate in a timed chat about the topic with another (hopefully hot) user. 

When the 30 seconds is up, it’s down to you to determine whether you and the person make a compatible match. You’ll match if both of you are interested in continuing the conversation. It’s similar to speed dating, but there’s a catch: you won’t be able to see each other’s photos until after you’ve chosen whether you want to match.

Final Thoughts

The dating app is capitalizing on the success of “Swipe Night,” a virtual miniseries that featured a choose-your-own-adventure format and took over 20 million users on an “Apocalyptic adventure” in which they made choices at key points in the story, such as whether or not to cover up for a bestie who’d been cheating on their partner. 

Tinder reported a 26% increase in matches as a direct result of users adding their “Swipe Night” decisions to their profiles. The dating app’s multimedia features do more than just introduce singles to one another; they also help people find more compatible matches and build meaningful matches. 

They make it easier to find compatible users more quickly and provide them with the tools to increase the odds that a connection will last. So be sure to make the most out of these features–Tinder may have started off as a simple swipe app, but it’s since grown into something much more effective, diverse, and enjoyable for its users.

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