Have an Extra $500/Month? Tinder Is Developing Tinder Vault for Big-Time Spenders!


If you have an extra $500 lying around, you can swipe right and find your perfect match on Tinder Vault. This monthly cost breaks down to $6000 yearly, so what exactly is in the exclusive membership? For most singles, it would need to be something truly delicious for them to come out of pocket for an online dating app they’ve been using for free or at the low cost of $4.99 monthly. If they had a few extra bucks, may they’d spring for Tinder Plus, but even that’s well below the asking price for this new feature.

Earlier this month, Marky Van Ryswyk, Tinder’s chief product officer, announced the online power player is developing a brand-new subscription for the cost of $500 monthly, catered to those singles intent on finding potential partners. 

The model is in its early stages but has been tentatively named Tinder Vault, according to Fast Company reports. As of late, there has yet to be a word on when it will launch officially.

Why a New Dating App Catered toward Big-Spending Singles?

It’s reported that the concept originated amid information that Match Group—the parent company to top-rated online dating apps like Match, Hinge, and Tinder—saw its first quarterly decline in their fourth quarter in 2022. The dip was partly due to Tinder’s weak production execution, according to Bernard Kim, Match Group’s CEO.

Currently, Tinder Vault’s annual fee would set you back $6,000. So, what features are included in that whopping fee? Van Ryswyk was not forthcoming with that information and has declined to share its exact components in the new subscription model. But he stated that the brand is really looking into a vast range of additional value-added services for Tinder overall.” 

He went on to explain that the company is figuring out how the higher monthly fee would benefit the app while still being worth the hefty price tag—without disrupting the experiences of those already using the app for free. Vault would be an upgrade of Tinder instead of a brand-new segment.

The good news is that the brand’s fourth-quarter decline has turned around, and Tinder is currently focused on keeping up the product’s momentum. This impetus may also include the new Vault option. 

Thanks to Match Group’s acquisition of the exclusive dating app, The League, it’s apparent that dating hopefuls will scrounge up $1000 per week to meet their perfect match. This information has helped Tinder realize that a unique audience is willing to pay extra for a higher-quality experience. 

Does this mean everyone is chomping at the bit? Not exactly. While Tinder Vault may be better suited for some users, there’s no way to tell how those price-conscious swipers will view the “upgrade.”

Be hopeful, but don’t hold your breath. This new exclusive feature may never see the light of day. In the meantime, there’s always the option to upgrade your Tinder profile to include features like

  • prioritized likes
  • unlimited swipes
  • profile boosts

Additionally, if you’re a Tinder Plus member and may not want to pay for a month or a year’s worth of access, the app is currently discussing a new weekly subscription model. 

Are you willing to pay $500 monthly to find your perfect match? Let us know in the comments. 

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